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September 11, 2020

September 2020

Sept diary

Sept 30th Wednesday

Covid 20158 mild and grey, no power, mow sculpture garden and across rd ,M helps K with kids tummy bug back, went to dr bit of shopping, M did snitzel for tea I brought most of it back, bookclub power went out watched vera and sc

Sept 29th Tuesday

Covid 20149 fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers, M takes kids to playgrounds and traralgon with K I finished echidna and girl, did small face piece, added to birds, dropped off julies tiger visited Frank and got back crunched in warragul did fish and pasta for tea,watched cats and dogs and sc. M helped caleb with tax

Sept 28th Monday

Covid 20145 grey and mild, fined up to nice spring day, M went and took kids to playground, the boys worked on bender, archway and sunflower and lion, I cut out pieces for flowers and  about 5 small pieces but nothing all together, went to pick up metal, back a bit sore reading did pork chops in casserole for tea, Mtalked to em, watched wire in the blood and sc.

Sept 27th Sunday

Covid 20129 grey and mild, still a bit heady,worked down shed on panels for Cyndi, mostly attached man came and asked about plasma cutting Coralie and Noel came did demo of casting, cast 4 bronze flowers, M did tea spaghetti, M worked on Calebs tax most of day , watched wallander

Sept 26th Saturday

Covid 20118 grey and showery still poorly but better, did a bit in shed on panel for Cyndi but mainly spent the day reading, silver by chris hammer, finished people came and picked up kangaroos,lady came and bought small dog plasmacut, , went to chiropractor and got back better, had scrambled eggs for tea, watched

Sept 25th Friday

Covid 20105 grey and mild became cold and rainy, started off feeling better than yesterday then went backward, did a bit in shed but came up to house and read by the fire, back has now seized up too, Finished Wyatt and started new book, Caf tea, I at veges only, watched wilty vera  and hard quiz

Sept 24th Thursday

Covid 20100 cool and grey, breezy, have gastro,stayed in the house finished the silkworm Sue dropped in M off to mind kids Caleb went to help, they had pizza for tea watched wilty,schitts creek and Murdoch and the good fight

Sept 23rd Wednesday

Covid 20076 sunny and breezy showers? M brings home kids after maes speech therapy I work on Cyndi most of skin covered and 2 pieces of dress done,family group of 8 visited  leg of lamb for tea watched trip to Greece,murder call, slow, and enola holmes ok

Sept 22nd Tuesday

Covid 20051 sunny and breezy nth, Belinda did 3 flowers I add to Cyndi assemble small pieces from yesterday and did 3 of Janes plant stands and made jig to allow it to be done easily Guy dropped in,M worked with kids all day, did chicken tacos for tea, watched schitts creek, wilty and Wallander

Sept 21 Monday

Covid 20042  mild rain to begin, fined up in arvo tidy shed, the boys did more on the deer, bender and sunflower M went to K and play with kids shopped most of day , I worked on Cyndi and got some covering on arms and legs then, small works including feathered flight, sorceress and uphill ride, Pauline brought money, nap, rissoles for tea watched 2 men and a play, vera,and Murdoch dynasty

Sept 20th Sunday

Covid 20034 mild to warm add to Cyndi Lauper attach Pauline rowburys frames with help from Peter Deegan, nap read in sun, talked to N sth lady green curry for tea watched the long kiss goodnight and wilty,

Sept 19th Saturday

Covid 20012,mild to warm day and grey to begin, school holidays and end lockdown for regions, painted diamond  and reoriented it ,cut out dalek, did frame of Cyndi Lauper delivered cutouts shopped at Bunnings and aldi and coles, home for nap home made pizzas for tea, watched wire in the blood criminal and wilty

Sept 18th Friday

Covid 19970 fine and mild breezy, kids here til midday finished ring and painted one coat on assembled diamond, Wayne called in for a chat in the sun, bought 10mm rod and shopped in drouin, caf tea  parmas and hamburger, watched james bond quantum of solace, and cats and dogs

Sept 17th Thursday

Covid 19943 grey, very light showers, mild, theo and mae here all day, M took theo to speech therapy at Longwarry,do a bit on ring then play with kids .did sausages and potato for tea, watched hard quiz, started to watch kill joys, mediocre and then watched wallander

Sept 16th Wednesday

Covid 19911 misty and mild cool, work in shed started circle for ring and finished  diamond until 2 kids dropped off, M minds Eleanor and mae most of day K takes theo to leongatha,mowed rest of sculpture garden, did Spanish rice prawns for tea, mediocre, watched last war of worlds and Wallander and wilty.

,Sept 15th Tuesday

Covid 19872 mild Belinda did 3 flowers and started a spider, M to help K and then mind mae most of day, I added to coverage of diamond, mowed across rd and part of sculpture garden, did meatballs for tea watched end game 1 and vera off you tube.

Sept 14th Monday

Covid 19835 Mild to cool, M minds mae all day, The boys. Worked on sunflower, deer and robot, I started diamond frame done and started covering, played with mae a bit, 3 naps, did mustard chicken and rice for tea, watched Freeman, war of worlds and cats and dogs.

Sept 13th Sunday

Covid 19800 grey,and fine, M did stocks and financial stuff, I finish wire circle, a fish on board, did piano man,started big face, fish and chip tea from shop watched the good liar, good,

Sept 12th Saturday

Covid 19767, grey and maybe rain everywhere else but not here until evening, did earring piece, girl with copper bird and started wire circle, 8 people through sold big footed bird, pot holder, 3 flowers,some jewellery,worked on plasmacuts and wire circle piece,did tacos in boats for tea, watched name show, wire in the blood and 60s folksingers.

Sept 11th Friday

Covid 19728 fine ,sunny cloudy, maybe rain at end of day( not here), mae and theo all morning, mae played with pepper pig and theo with the red train set, hide and seek and swings outside, shop for wheels in arvo attached to chair and stools, reading Jack Irish, Caf tea, watched tomorrow land doco and james Bond

Sept 10th Thursday

Covid 19688 fine and sunny,kids all day played with mae, theo had ot and speech at longwarry, M took them home about 3.00, did slowcooker mushroom thing for tea watched last Luther and cats and dogs.

Sept 9th Wednesday

Covid 19615 fine and mild no wind, Julieanne to garden Jenna to play with Eleanor, M minds mae, cut out mini minor and frog and rabbit, moved sheets into shed,1 visitor 3 naps made mustard chicken with noodles, noodles overpowered chicken, watched luther, name show

Sept 8th Tuesday

Covid 19574 Windy all night, warm, grey and breezy, Belinda did 2 flowers, start big footed bird and gold leaf tree,M has mae all day, 3 naps, went to theos pizza birthday party M made a wonderful Godzilla cake, home to watch luther , cats and dogs and wilty.

Sept 7th Monday,

Covid 19538 fine and sunny the boys worked on bender, deer and sunflower, M minds mae all day, I did base and then assemble whale,started cleaning up leaves from yesterdays casting, 2 people visited had a haircut, shopped, did butterbeans and chicken, M and Caleb made theos dinosaur cake, I watched the fifth element

Sept 6th Sunday

Covid 19479 fine and sunny, worked on covering whale did casting,of leaves and feet, mowed sculpture garden, 2 people visited went to K for visit, kebabs for tea, watched coupling, Luther, name show

Sept 5th Saturday

Covid 19415, fine and mild, worked on whale most welded, Ryan and Cody called in, and Johnnie Mac and wife re Cyndi Lauper, did zucchini slice for tea with cauliflower fritters, watched 25 bridges and coupling and the sound, restless night re legs

, Sept 4th Friday

Covid 19336 fine and sunny but cooled later, kids til 1.00, buy corten sheets and hardware, shop,caf tea fish and chips watched wilty, movie line of duty, good,and coupling showered overnight. Reading white dog ( jack irish)

Sept 3rd Thursday

Covid 19224 fine and mild, kids all day,2 naps, did spaghetti for tea watched hard quiz, young Wallander coupling and rosehaven

Sept 2nd Wednesday

Covid 19138 grey and mild fine and sunny later, julieanne gardened, no kids til 12 started on whale assembled plasmacuts played with kids in arvo, frittata for tea watched 2 luther and 1 coupling

Sept 1st Tuesday

Covid 19080 Fine and sunny Belinda did another small spider and web Wayne visited I did a chook feeder and finished 2 plasmacuts,M has mae til 3.00 I Help after 11.00 did slow cooker lamb chops for tea watched Australia refound, war of the worlds and Luther and coupling

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