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April 9, 2021

February 2021 Blog

,Feb diary

Feb 28th Sunday

Fine and sunny, Marians 68th birthday, M goes swimming with K and kids, Opening by warragul art Group,about 25 people there,inc Danny Burton, finished painting seat and bases for other pieces did a horseshoe elephant, printed off some labels, scrambled eggs for tea.

Feb 27th Saturday

Fine and grey, write up some pieces , uploaded video, moved it to memory stick, finish welding seat,and painted also made bases for wire pieces and did mum and daughter elephant piece, M reading book and housework, did tacos for tea 8 people over day, m talked to em on phone, watched Ma Raineys black bottom

Feb 26th Friday

Fine and grey, add to website, pick up theo  took theo to Nangara reserve for walk,M takes mae and Eleanor to dance then back here,Julie anne gardening.played all day and made cupcakes,shopped for cereal caf tea, watched news of the world, morse

Feb 25th Thursday

Fine and mild, Hayden worked on rhino birdbath, I did 4 small dogs and finished a plane plane, started a seat, 5 people visited, lady bought 2 sculptures, art group put on labels, do video, M minds mae and theo with K, delivered sculptures to warragul shopped dropped off whipper snipper to be fixed, home to talk to joan price, did silverside for tea, caleb has volleyball, added pictures to website, watched bones,rod gilbert and QI

Feb 24th Wednesday ( 100 people saw julies show)

Mild and grey, noel finished giraffe started on frill necked lizard, I finished dirt racer and started biplane and sitting cat, warragul art group setting up,12 people over day  man coming for flying man, took away 2 others, M minds mae  I played with mae in arvo, helped set up and space exhibition, did sausages for tea, caleb here for tea, watched hard quiz, cats and adam hills

Feb 23rd Tuesday

Mild and grey, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did some more work on car but also did another scottie using the gasless mig 3 people came and,Margie Hodge came to pick up cycle cross,M to help with kids, I played with Mae from about 12, shopped for plasma cut tube and mig tip, some of paintings taken down, general shopping, dropped off 2nd scottie to shellys work, roast beef for tea,set up gallery for incoming group, watched bump, the expanse,lupin and quiz show

Feb 22nd Monday

Fine and grey, M to mind mae, assembled seat, the boys worked on dancing girl, cutlery bird and plant stand, did superheroes from ballbearing cage, started on small car, delivered rabbit to narre warren, played with Mae for a bit, did chicken skewers for tea, pilates bed, home to watch silent witness and aftertaste.

Feb 21st  Sunday

Misty and showery cool,painted seat, finished handpiece one called offering, started finish line, about 20 people over day including sales of shaggy dog story, social isolation, giraffe, dancing girls, M went to help kids swim, talked to em on phone, did fish and veges for tea, watched Longmire, some of archeology program medieval dead, then watched the gulf and wilty

Feb 20th Saturday

Fine and sunny ,worked on seat order, mostly welded, painted wood, dropped off bird to warragul bought wood at Drouin, finished dick francis book,5 people visited,  M to op shop and minding kids,did meatballs for tea,watched vera, caleb came through and talked a lot

Feb 19th Friday

Fine and sunny to become hot,Picked up Theo while M takes Mae to ot and speech, julieanne to garden,took theo to jindi community garden, came home played trains, cleaned out wading pools, tony and mel came and made dragonflies, theo played in one filling it up,did puzzles M home with mae , did monsters and puzzles, shopped read some of first fleet and dick francis, caf tea, watched 1 really do care and the expanse

Feb 18th Thursday

Fine and sunny to become hot, m to pick up Ralph then chase kids with K from 11.00, Hayden to do dragon wings , new work for me, I did horse in horseshoe ring, another horse in horseshoe ring in circle, more on intertwined hands and assembled the hand holding the heart, delivered dragon to Longwarry and got hasp and staple for letterbox,finished fens book Daryl came and did video in arvo from 2 to 3.30. Barry picked up train seat, minding Ralpf for a bit, did savory mince and rice for tea watched bones,and cats and rest of science of sleep, fine cool night

Feb 17th Wednesday

Cool and mild to become hot, m chases kids today with David, lockdown over at midnight,  I do penguins, 2 done and joined to box, started handpieces, reading fens book stopped at 4 and put out wheel piece in yard, did frittata for tea watched the expanse and hard quiz, aftertaste and science of sleep.

Feb 16th Tuesday

Fine and mild,became warm 30, Belinda did 2 butterflies and a spider I did a circle of leaves and flowers, and another piece of a bird in the clouds, I started on one penguin then up to play with mae, have a quick nap.went and bought 10mm rod photographed a bit read book a bit another nap, salmon mornay for tea, watched Zoe, Bump and wire in the blood

Feb 15th Monday

Fine and mild to begin, another lockdown day, worked on doing holder for wheel of wheel of industry and cleaning up stand, had norm and peter of the boys finishing off ballerina and cutting heavy pipe, I did a seat frame for Kirsty and then 2 love cats and a heart bearer. Lovely sunny day with a breeze, finished Bruny, started another fens book, did chops and potato for tea watched Lupin and winx and wilty

Feb 14th Sunday

Valentines day,fine and mild cool at times, warm at others M started tax for last year, I work in shed on base for wheel of industry,put together going forward together, and reinvigorated abstract face, mowed house and sculpture garden,did chicken pasta for tea, watched endeavour and the gulf.

Feb 13 Saturday

fine and mild one set of showers through the day, 1st day of 5 day lockdown, tidy shed more start new work, did 2 love chooks, 2 small scrap boxes, 1 bull head and most of 2 small characters as well as sorting some more punchings, did saveloys and pasta for tea, watched aftertaste, vera and wilty and the expanse

Feb 12th Friday

Rained overnight cooler today, chasing theo and Mae around til 3, shopped,went to Bhutan pine avenue with theo, was covered with pillows by mae, did floor puzzle, drilled holes on uprights for vickis screen, mick came and got screen and swapped for a collection of welding gear,2 girls visited, I did more tidying of shed, caf tea of fish and chips, watched Greenland and wilty and the monkees doco..

Feb 11th Thursday

Fine and sunny, hot later, Hayden to weld,wings for dragon M to chase kids with K after 11,I cut out 6 kookas and did stands and flowers for them, load up scrap and take to metal recycler, stared cleaning up around metal scrap bins, started coin sorted and did shelf for plastic drawers,jessie and crew visited(3) Helen dropped off new flyers( 1) did rissoles for tea, watched the expanse, rest of Wallander and wilty,

Feb 10th Wednesday

Fine and sunny hot later, M off chasing Mae and Theo, Noel here to do giraffe, I finished character isolated and painted this piece once, did horse on fork ( country horse), got computer restarted by Jon, shopped for drawers for punchings, and another sleeper and cut off wheels, Fixed side step chicken skewers for tea,watched the gulf, and some of Wallander. Early night

Feb 9th Tuesday

Fine and sunny glorious day, Belinda did 3 flowers, gave one away, Julieanne gardened, I finished character in seat, did vickis panel, finished second piglet, lady visited, I dropped off perch to lady,, 2 people came to see rabbit dancer,started fixing side step, m had day off from kids, enchiladas for tea,watched bump, zoe and cats does

Feb 8th Monday

Cool and cloudy,fined up to nice day, assemble dandelion and do wood for base, do character for seat ( bend) and finish scribble dogs, The boys did spoon birds, ballet dancer and other small projects, M takes Mae to pakenham to get dance outfit. I bought metal at Martin and a wire brush kit at hardware,started girl and piglets fish and chip tea Pilates watched bones and sc behind the scenes

Feb 7th Sunday

Cool and cloudy, did small scibble dog and cut out character for dandelion also character for chair, shop bunnings fof lights for bedroom and welding wire shopped at Drouin, M went to visit Caleb and help buy a vaccuum, added birds to  finishing rock piece and base for dandelion, corey and sandy came and picked up hook, kevin came and paid for ship, about 13 people from when I got back from shopping, did silverside for tea watched last sc then endeavour and Vienna blood.

Feb 6th Saturday

Rained heavily overnight cooler and not so humid, worked on finishing scribble dog did a nail bird and most of a nail dandelion clock, Julie students exhibition opening by Cr anne Marie McCabe about 25 people lovely afternoon, eggs and bacon for tea, watched vera and cats countdown and sc

Feb 5th Friday

Showery, humid, m takes mae to dance, I bring theo home and we mind kids til 3,seemed a long day,was buried in pillows twice, played monster zombie once, hide and seek for a bit puzzles on the floor with theo and then Mae, wrote up 6 small pieces, caf tea, reading Bruny watched hard quiz, wilty and oeahu movie on netflix

Feb 4th Thursday

Fine and sunny, hot later 30, Hayden to weld,dragon progresses  m goes to tumble gym with K and then swims, M helps with kids, I finished lost robot 2, started fuzzy dog assembled absorbed, family circle and modified ermakova, went to Pakenham to receive Calebs tv, shopped, sausages for tea  watched fishermens friends, sent out email re exhibition opening, caleb to valleyball and stayin overnight,.rained overnight

Feb 3rd Wednesday

Fine and mild, m helps with kids all day, Noel here to weld did bird bath and circles for small bird from last week, I, finished rock base  cut out birds to circle it did absorbed piece and sphinx cat, also family circle , 2 people visited and bought small robot and echidna, contacted trish jones and jasmin, did green curry for tea, watched Vienna blood,the expanse and sc

Feb 2nd Tuesday

Cool maybe showers, Belindas car wouldn’t start grumpy mood, did 3 flowers and gave a flower to Julie anne, Ja gardened, M minds mae all day, Theo has full day of Kinder.I started on base for a rock, played with Mae after lunch shopped and got more tablets, brought home mower and mowed across rd and sculpture garden, chicken parcels and pad thai for tea,watched bump, zoe and wilty and sc

Feb 1st Monday

Fine and mild sort of cool most of day, added to website, the boys  worked on cutlery birds, a bending tool more on granddaughter sculpture, bus 1 from scope came and took away viv seat, I added base to shaggy dog,cut out more silver flowers, made hook and ermakovas winter scene ,M looking after kids all day david takes 2 to swimming lessons. M looks after mae, did frankfurts and chips for tea.watched vera sc and walker

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