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March 11, 2021

January 2021

Jan Diary 2021

Jan 31st Sunday

Grey and mild did video had to go to Pakenham and drop off pieces for fires exhibition, called in on Caleb, shopped home to see 2 families m had dealt with sold 1 belinda spiral, 1 captured covid and 1, I worked on tidying scottie, made base for Ralph, did shaggy dog story, 2 more people in arvo Brian Grist and ann-louise, talked to them did a bit of mowing til belt broke, read last of wyatt 3 book did chicken pieces and rice cakes for tea, added to website, endeavour,

Jan 30th Saturday

Grey and showery M went to melb to see and spend time with em,I photographed exhibition, do small pieces including hiding cat ,perch 2, Ralph, another scottie, assemble seat, 6 people visited and bought free dive, scottie fly me to the moon, deluivered pelican to lady from sues ex dropped off seal, shopped pizza for tea, watched The dig, winx and sc

Jan 29th Friday

Mild and grey,rained most of day  hayden to weld face of dragon, going well, finish seat and cut out about 10 flowers, kids rest of day here, cut out pieces for perch and other small pieces julie and class set up exhibition did video of people there, caf tea, watched winx, glassblowing,and sc

Jan 28th Thursday

Cool and windy, m to help kids at 8.00, I unload car and work on mermaid and train design for back of seat  til 10 julie and 5 students set up show,no Yvette and Geoff visited, help theo at OT, kids to tumblegym, play with kids back to Drouin, play with kids, pick up Eleanor to tumble gym , bought gasless mig did fish and dimsims for tea, watched bump and Wallander and sc

Jan 27 Wednesday

Cool and grey, mild, . noel working here, finished assembling seats, did sandys 4 birds on wire,worked on mermaid, ½ done,  helped noel do a bird, trouble seeing, sue and robyn took down exhibition, I delivered koi piece to sues, shopped, got metal from longwarry, home to do a magpie cutout for 2  people, sue came and talked, did spaghetti for tea, Caleb stayed for tea, windy, watched zoe and last 2 weddings

Jan 26th  Tuesday

Started with heavy showers, rain, fined up in arvo, Belinda,did 3 flowers, start seat assembled janets seats mostly, did hungry caterpillar and lost robot, corey ward and Sandy and folks 4 visited also 2 family groups ( 3 and 5) including Jaz,did plasmacutting demos, sold 200 mainly belindas flowers and butterfly,tacos for tea watched 4 weddings and sc and endeavour

,Jan 25th Monday

Overcast and warm winds hot before cool change,had to cut up branch that fell over shed doorway,  finish birds on wire did birds on tree,,painted janets seat frames and painted wood after cutting it up, viv collins came to see sues show,  the boys worked on cutlery birds, plant stand and ballerina, no kids read in afternoon finished first vicki galena book, did chops for tea, watched Joanna Lumley, cats countdown and sc cooled down as evening went on

Jan 24th Sunday

Fine and warm to get hot, worked on finishing furry heart piece and also finished off rabbit, started small birds and finished giraffe, kids arrived at 11.00. , played til 4.00 M took them home. 8 people over day , bought a few things, chicken for tea watched 4 weddings and sc and bump.

Jan 23rd Saturday

Fine and cool, became hottish  added characters to heart piece, did 10 horse tie rings,painted rabbit tutu, 6 people over day,finished trents last case, did fish and chips for tea watched like a boss, ho hum, and sc

Jan 22nd Friday

Fine and cooler,warmed up in arvo, Hayden first day worked well on dragon, Caleb brought 2 friends to see garden, lady came with friend for plant rings, M no kids can view aunt Helens service, had to go and help kids til 2.00 did more on heart piece, cut out plates for rings, did an owl,shopped for white paint caf tea,watched 4 weddings,sc and vera

Jan 21st Thursday

Fine and sunny, M off to help kids, and K I finish Rabbit, jenny prout and Hayden visited, also Grahams walking group( 5) rabbit up to painting, also did 12 plasmacut flowers and a scruffy scottie from nails, sausage rolls for tea, M waited for Eleanor to do gymnastics and also waited for theo to do lego workshop.watched pretend it’s a city, outside the wire

Jan 20th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M helps kids at K’s then swimming, I work on rabbit, add wings to cyclecross, rabbit all covered ready for stones and tutu, Lois and Lin called in and maybe another person to mind and their carer,did chicken pasta for tea, M talked to em, watched Bump and 4 weddings

Jan 19th Tuesday

Cool and fine, clear, Belinda did 3 flowers on stakes and 2 butterflies, I worked on assembling nesting and painting once,ballet rabbit and frame is done, then kids arrived as well as a group 2 and 3 down gallery , took Eleanor to tumblegym, read book , home to more kids and group down gallery( Deb and Tara earl) played more with kids they went home with K did snitzel for tea after nap, watched rough guide to the future, we got this,cats does countdown

Jan 18th Monday

Cool pleasant, M to help with kidstook all day and a trip to Traralgon,the boys worked on plant holder, colouring stainless and the dancer I tidy shed did another scruffy cat, did a peacock, cut out leaves for nesting, did 2 birds for nesting still to assemble, lady came and bought 2 vases Walkies, and belindas flower on a stand, lunch nap went and picked up metal at Martin shopped home to shower and read, did chicken pieces for tea. Watched Wallander, Joanna Lumley,and grand designs

Jan 17th Sunday

Cool maybe showers did fine up nicely, work in shed on orders did mail box part of mailbox and attached circle from Lollypop into stand,  did video editing and finished video,M to swim with K and kids, about 12 people through including Don and Pauline, sold another of sues pieces.tried to get video up. Sausages in bread for tea after scones in arvo, watched, endeavour.

Jan 16th Saturday

Cool and showers, set up for sues exhibition, vacuum for exhibition, finished reading consolation, open exhibition at 2.00, about 25 people there including Melinda Mc, and Hugh and Morgan, Whelans, Jennie Prout, Lin Chatfield, Joan Price, sues sisters and cousin, Nice arvo, sue sold more works, did frittata for tea, watched Lupin, sc,Zoe

Jan 15th Friday

Fine and mild,then got cold and rainy as day went on, appt with heart dr,, shopping, clean a bit do 4 kookas, cut up lollypop, Dale came and fixed one plasma cutter and took away the other, Sue had friends with her in morning who bought 2 paintings, about 10 people over day including Ena and jindi girl, sue washed down gallery veranda, M went with k and kids to see calebs house,caf tea, watched last hobbit movie and wilty and sc

Jan 14th Thursday

Fine and mild, maybe cooler,M dealt with kids appointments sharpened shear, I worked on cyclecross thing for Hodgey, and 4 ducks, Plasmacutter broke, and other plasma cutter wouldn’t work, did 1 peacock, 12 people through mainly to see Sues exhibition, David has shingles, finished Vienna blood book, started Consolation, curry and rice for tea watched Bump and last star trek and sc

Jan 13th Wednesday

Fine and mild to start, warmer later 32, vacuum house, put up trapeze bar,Kids here and Jenna and Liam til 11.00, various appointments,played with kids in morning reading book and nap most of arvo, M had a poor night so good sleep this arvo, fish and ricecakes for tea, Grant and Helen picked up stuff for Meeniyan watched star trek and M talked to David

Jan 12th Tuesday

Fine and pleasant did get a bit warm Belinda did 2 flowers, I did 5 chooks and 1 dragonfly, kids here for a few hours, I took Eleanor to tumble gym, then shopped K picked her up, 12 people visited including the earls and a friend of Bob Sproul,I played with kids then napped and M took them home, did chicken skewers for tea, watched whose line and part of Wallander, M talked to Don and Stephen.

Jan 11th Monday

Fine and warm and breezy tidy shed, do nail cat and more small pieces finished off barbie legosaur, added bird to lying cat, did a dragonfly and ½ did a chook and ½ , etc the boys did some turning worked on a cutlery bird, plant stand and the girl ballet piece, Hot 37, I went and picked up a sheet of corten at Longwarry and picked up two dead benches for Janet Chandler, M did swimming with kids and fell over and grazed knees, I did spaghetti for tea watched kevin mcleods guide to the future and 4 weddings and sc

Jan 10th Sunday

Misty and fine to begin, hot later, small works,did 3 vases with nail flowers, washer flowers and staple flowers, assembled dancing girls, Anita came and visited in arvo, mowed side of sculpture garden,did shopping and cold chicken for tea, watched endeavour and bridgerton

Jan 9th Saturday

Fine and sunny, small works, finished 4 small square footed dogs did one cat, echidna and son, 2 dancing girls started 2 nail flowers, painted mountain, 10 people visited including Tess Wright and folks, Jeannie and ian Haughton, Bruce Jewell,sold 2 of sues paintings,put out signs on some sculptures, did snitzel chicken for tea watched Danny and the human zoo star trek and sc

Jan 8th Friday

Fine and sunny, finish birds and mountain, put together base for sculpture and start some small works, man came and picked up horse,did some mowing , had about 8 people visit,caf tea, watched the desolation of smaug and sc.

Jan 7th Thursday

Fine and mild, sunny, tidied and vacuumed,mow bits, then with kids at park for an hour or so some shopping, back to do sides of mountain birds.8 people visited including 2 of sues friends with sue and wayne,did sausages in bread for tea, watched red dwarf movie and zoe and sc, em and caleb came through to drop stuff off.

Jan 6th Wednesday

Cool and showery, M teaching Eleanor to sew,then to park with kids, I work on other side of mountain side finished and both sides roughly attached, still ends and trees to do, finished book downloaded another, 10 people visited sue came out to drop off laminated statement, nap, put out some signs, did snitzel for tea, em and Caleb came through, watched 4 weddings.

Jan 5th Tuesday

Fine and grey cool, showers most of day, Belinda modified the 3 flowers and made a flower out of the base as well as doing 2 flowers, I added to the base of birds over the mountain, one side done, kids here from 1.00 played with them they made icing for cakes with M Eleanor had a birthday party,Sue and Robyn came and discussed promoting exhibition, reading bitterwash road,did mustard chicken and rice for tea, watched vera and sc,

Jan 4th Monday

fine and mild grey, showers? The 3 boys worked on girl dancer, plant stand and plant table, I did 2 pelicans and 2 teapots, painted frill , M helped Eleanor to sew and went swimming with kids and K ,elise came and picked up owl, started on birds on the mountain modification, finished book peace and downloaded bitterwash road, did souvlaki for tea Caleb came through, , watched “bones”.

Jan 3rd Sunday

Fine and cool, showers?then humid Worked on frill sculpture finished and painted, 7 people visited, bought one of sues pieces, one of mine, M with K shopping,did salmon wellington for tea nice, watched last roadkill, and endeavour

Jan 2nd Saturday

Fine and mild, consolidate more files, visit dr for prescription, do another panel and a half for sculpture, kids from 11.00 3 people visited in morning, Tim wills visited and 3 people in afternoon( Graeme Duell and bike riders) did lamb patties for tea started Peace by gary disher, watched the first Hobbit movie

Jan 1st Friday

Fine and breezy, coolish, finished reading the Hobbit ,moved big sculpture files through to 2021 and combined ones that were out dated,set up most of Sue osborn’s exhibition, sue came out at 11.00, helped paint pedestals and clean. M did lots of cleaning too,2 people visited and bought one of belindas stars, I set up single circle swing, and assembled spin around see saw, assembled 2 lady bugs and inset one panel on sculpture,attached ball to tripodium and painted, caf tea, finished a lee child and Kathy reichs short story, watched  Bones and roadkill and a cats does countdown.

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