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December 31, 2021

7 July diary 2021

July diary

July 31st Saturday

Fine and breezy,M to go shopping with K, I worked on colourbond piece until both sides done and birds added and top on base, took until 3.00 but done now, fishcakes for tea watched mccartney, bad batch,pursuit of love and sandhamm murders

July 30th Friday

Fine and sunny, helping with theo til 11 video people here for a few hours 3 people, kids go home cathy added to exhibition, adam worked ,I finished small bird and moon cat,did cornbeef hash for tea, watched 1 mcartney, 1 pursuit of love, music of the 70s and qi

July 29th Thursday

Cool and grey fined up to lovely day, Cathy to set up exhibition at 11,only part done, Julieanne to garden did a great job, I clean up stand for big piece and start on welding landscape in.added birds to rainbow and stars for moon cat,3 people visited, did rissoles for tea, watched trust me , who do you think you are girl, and wilty

July 28th Wednesday

Cool and showery after a windy night, Noel worked on chopper, Brittany feeling a bit crook, I assembled round log piece, and 2 of turned birds with wire, chiropractic 11.20, picked up wheels from metal recycler,julie and team took down most of exhibition, I minded kids in arvo, fought with theo, tea at country club book club war light wrong book was meant to be the survivors, home to watch the sandamm murders

July 27th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 3 flowers, I did rest of stand helped with kids in arvo shopped at aldi and dropped off computer to Jon chicken and rice tea using air fryer, watched benedict, the good fight, and winter soldier.

July 26th Monday

Fine and showery, peter came and worked I turned up pieces for birds. I started work on colorbond piece fish and chip tea,

July 25th Sunday

Fine and cool, restless night with back and legs, computer locked itself, do turned birds maybe start big piece did part of stand,watched trust me,

July 24th Saturday

Fine and sunny to start off cold and showery at times, work on small pieces did rainbow, bird window, dog face and moon cat, 2 frames for whelans,turned another ball,had pasta bake leftover for tea, watched bad batch, jolt

July 23rd Friday

Cool and grey,fined up for morning cool again on and off, Caleb coming, kids here for day, put together 2 birds piece, did titjes Kamphuis piece, finished I ball and did a steps piece using fork handles, helped play with kids, Adam worked in shed, started rainbow piece, caf tea parma, watched you tube music videos then last bosch,turner and hooch,( Disney)and sandhamm murders

July 22nd Thursday

Fine and sunny, work on small pieces, did eyeball creature,2 small birds, visited kids after lunch,Adam worked in shed, M helps K with kids have a spa,devilled sausages for tea used air fryer, watched falcon and winter soldier, bosch, bones and wilty

July 21st Wednesday

Coolish, M to help with kids from 11,Noel worked on motorbike sculpture and Brittany did a dragonfly , I added hair to mermaid, finished herd, added to key bowl, did a kookaburra, shopped and put in pieces for repair, new angle grinder bought metal from martin, Adam to work again, did lamb patties for tea, watched  Clarice,who do you think you are grant denyer, Qi,

July 20th  Tuesday

Coolish and showers? Belinda came and did 3 flowers M went and worked with kids all day, Eleanor very hard to get going,I added arms to mermaid and finished hands, did a small cat sculpture and added to wood pieces, did some patterns with keys and did cow heads, Adam came and worked, it got cold in arvo and rained I went and read book in front of fire did pumpkin and mushroom pasta bake for tea watched bosch,benedict academy and wilty and lupin

July 19th  Monday

Coolish, get mig gas, M goes to mind mae, Peter came and worked on agricultural implement, Adam came and had trouble with his bath project, green router died, I welded and grinded mermaid, both bits together started on arms and hands did a springer spaniel and put together branch ends, did gozleme for tea, watched last two sanditon, bones and grand designs

July 18th Sunday

Cooler and showers, finish mermaid scales And bottom of mermaid, Adam worked on wood things fish and chip tea home made, M talked to Caleb, watched Black widow, moved along .enjoyable .

,July 17th Saturday

Cooler maybe showers, added to mermaid, scales on one side done and ½ scales on other side done, out of mig gas, tidied up a bit, did small piece with robinia branch off cuts,M sorted toys and worked on lounge room, Adam worked on his boards,did lamb patties for tea, watched sanditon, M talked to em, watched the good fight

July 16th Friday

Showered overnight, a bit cooler, 5 day lockdown everywhere, three kids here from 12 as K in lockdown.did some cooking of slices and biscuits, played with kids, adam here doing wood things, caf tea hamburgers, watched falcon and winter soldier, 3 bad batch,and inspector morse.

July 15th Thursday

Cool and possible showers,fined up and lovely mild day with sun, tidied more wood around saw ,finished pelican, made another birdfeeder, geometric, added to mermaid, shire video people coming steph and ant,Adam came and used shed to clean up old pallet wood M helps K all day with tumblegyms and theo ot, no Caleb for tea due to coming lockdown, watched last ragnarok, who do you think you are jeff fatt, bosch and a wilty.

July 14th Wednesday

Cool and showery fined up late afternoon, Noel  worked on a chopper and Brittany modified her flower piece from last week,I did feathers for pelican,made a scrap birdfeeder, added to mermaid made gamers nightmare and dancing spoon, M minds mae from 12 , nap did lamb roast for tea, watched bad batch last loki, bones and a bit of you tube

July 13th Tuesday

Showered overnight, mild in morning, continued on house number and did mermaid torso, also did a clamp plane 7 people visited including mawarra bus,order for birdfeeder, M minds mae all day did sausages for tea watched Clarice, cats countdown,and lupin

July 12th Monday

Fine and mild, grey not as cold as yesterday, the boys was only tony who worked on another bird on a lathe turned base Jeanette Whelan dropped off a picture to be framed,I work on mermaid and 3 birds, did a start on the house number and did a small plasmacut of mae, honey mustard chicken for tea , pilates on the bed, survived, M to mind mae all day,had a very messy and hectic day, watched grand designs, and Qi

July 11th Sunday

Fine and sunny cool to begin, worked on mermaid head, Julieanne to garden,Daimler club to visit,25 people visited M to mind kids in arvo,Bruce confirmed exhibition, sold stuff, demonstrated plasma cutting, tuna casserole for tea, watched benedict academy, bad batch, bosch and good fight

July 10th Saturday

Foggy to begin,cold all day although sunny at times,did more labels for small pieces,M had quiet day at home,  worked on golf trophy, assembled plane, mostly done, started on mermaid face, ok, 10 people visited, sold stuff, did tuna casserole for tea, watched music vera and bones and wilty.

July 9th Friday

Fine and sunny frost, M not needed til 1.00 took kids to playground and helped with theo ot, I start on golf trophy and feathered plane, April and Pip came to visit, Marisa and 6 kids visited and 2 others,did fish and chip tea mediocre, watched tenet very complex,and wilty

July 8th Thursday

Fine and sunny but cool initially, M to help with kids then with kids bowling in arvo with K and julieanne family, I did Aprils 2 bees and then a truss structure to support whirligig, shopped at bunnings and aldi, spaghetti for tea watched bosch, who do you think you are denise Drysdale,,and sanditon

July 7th Wednesday

Cool and grey, Noel and no Brittany,noel did a ball shape, I finished snails and made bird companions, cut up a wheel for two bases, kids here again. 8 people visited, Played with kids til 5 k down in melb to pick up car and Elleanor and david to see harry potter. M brought Chinese takeaway for tea, watched 2 lokis and wilty and Qi

July 6th Tuesday.

Cool and possible showers Belinda did 3 flowers, I reassembled seats and mosaics, finished mechanical thoughts and did 2 small segmented vases and finished the birds on mirror in the circle, janet called in on walk,Took computer in to get sorted out Jon did it quickly, home for lunch then kids K and em and caleb here helped put together whirly apparatus, Nap, Em cleared out stephens cabinet and steamer trunk, did chicken pasties for tea watched grand designs, sanditon , wilty and the good fight.

July 5th Monday

Cool and showery maybe fining up, the boys worked on flower spinner, farm implement and tree guard,janet called in, I assemble top of sculpture, started mechanical thoughts and welded birds in circle and did mirror backing. Did taco rice thing for tea watched sanditon and bones, M stayed up late with em.,

July 4th Sunday

Cool and fine M to help K swimming then to pick up em, I work on top of big piece added nuts to bees, lovely Vietnamese family 6 visited, Finished most of top piece,did snitzel for tea, watched Yesterday and sanditon.

July 3rd Saturday

Fine and sunny to start showers later, finished 5 bees,Caleb went with K to ice skating and aquarium, Julie gray wickham opening with Russell Broadbent speaking and steph Medjeri present, about 25 people a fine afternoon Talked to Sue too, sausages in bread for tea, watched the tomorrow war, very active, then cats does countdown.

July 2nd Friday

Fine and sunny, maybe showers later, heart appt then see about colourbond, shop at bunnings and shops see metal man home to cut up bees. Bee people came and got fence, finished pelican did one bee entirely, eggs and bacon for tea watched you tube john Williams award then star wars

July 1st Thursday

Clear and fine, M has a day chasing kids with K, did new bird and grasshopper, did base for new big piece, put up all photos on website for exhibition ,3 people visited,Faye had a fall so david gone to melb, chaos to ensue, made silverbeet and fetta slice for tea thought about new ideas, watched sanditon, bosch and wilty

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