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June 30, 2021

6 June 2021 Diary

June Diary

June 30th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, Noel did house numbers and Brittany did mig welding and started a small metal flower piece, I unload car, did a big dog and finished the trumpet piece, chiropractors appt 11.20,didn’t pickup colourbond from sheetmetal place home to 2 from view club getting a donation and 3 visitors who bought 2 tall birds, did enchiladas for tea saw map guy prepared for bookclub tonight movie night

June 29th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda Did 3 flowers, I did a feathered pelican and peacock and 2 birds, and a dog plant holder, M off to help K at 8.30, kids crook, I shopped for bunnings stuff, birdseed, aldi, metal from Martin, Sue came and picked up boat, I experimented with data projector, added to website, fish and chip tea, watched bones and loki and wilty

June 28th Monday

Fine and sunny, the boys did a tree guard and worked on spinning flower I did 3 birds and 2 cat pots, painted yin yang and vase again, M to help K with theo and mae who are both down with bug, did rogan josh for tea pilates on bed,back a bit sus, watched star struck and  bit of qi and bosch

June 27th Sunday

Cool and showery, Julieanne gardened, did video load some pictures onto website,4 people visited  finished yin yang piece did very ugly vase and added to small ballerina, cut up bits for 5 birds,pizza for tea M shopped watched vera  and bones

June 26th Saturday

Rained over night still raining,fined up in late morning, I worked on yin yang piece, M to take Eleanor to tumble gym with guides in arvo Sold 3 of belindas flowers,8 people visited,did chicken skewers for tea watched arj barker, law and order, star struck 

June 25th Friday

Last day of term, Mae has a bug, quiet day at home with M ,3 people visited, helped pick up Eleanor from school, shopped worked on yin yang and do video for JGW who added to the exhibition.with Lyn and Sue, spaghetti and meatballs for tea watched stowaway, last manhunt and Clarice.

June 24th Thursday

Cool and grey and odd shower to begin, no julieanne, Julie gray wickham and 6 students bringing in works, M picks up ralph, helps K all day, tumble gym and speech for mae, start big yin and yang piece, mow some of sculpture garden and house, chicken roast for tea caleb showed me apple tv in gallery, watched starstruck, manhunt and bad batch

June 23rd Wednesday

Cool and grey to begin, Noel Came with Brittany worked on chameoleon, I finished lighthouse and pelican and did all of janes ship, Lynne took down her exhibition with help from her hubby, 4 people visited, M brought mae home, played with her, shopped, did rissoles for tea, watched bad batch, manhunt and Qi

June 22nd Tuesday

Fine and sunny, coolish to begin, fined up after a bit , added to lighthouse nearly finished spent 3 hrs on pelican, did chicken dance, and playing chicken, 2 people visited to see lynnes show,bought a lynne painting and a cat. Belinda a bit up and down, did 3 flowers incl 1 in stick, M looked after mae all day, fiddlesticks and ot, chops for tea watched castle, Loki, bad batch

June 21st Monday

Cool but promising sunny,cut out feathers for pelican and attached, did garden and house, started on next lighthouse, cut up 2 small pieces, finished last kooka, the boys worked on flower spinner and bird and base, Norm called in to say goodbye,2 people visited, M minding mae all day chicken pieces for tea, pilates, watched bones and who do you think you are Malcolm turnbull

June 20th  Sunday

Cool and foggy, fine and sunny day, cut out 6 kookas did 5, finished friends in the garden and helping hands, Sandy came and picked up lighthouse, couple came and bought imperfect face piece, Ex students chris garden and gavin Morris visited, about 10 people through, M shopped fish and chip tea, watched vera and spicks and specks and a couple of you tube

June 19th Saturday

Cool and odd showers,fine most of time, work in shed on new pieces, jevons picked up balloon in 2 seater car and fish course,grant came from meeniyan and took away lots of bits, wises came and picked up easle and lighthouse,long haired girl bought a chook and a bird on a stick,I worked on friends in the garden small piece and helping hands about 15 people through,M read her book and had a quiet day, did butter chicken for tea, watched Nomadland,Qi

June 18th Friday

Cool and drizzly, minding theo in morning while mae goes to dance, went to wrecker, arts centre, civic park, then back here,Marisa came and bought cats  mind kids til 3 picked up Eleanor,shopped did souvlaki for tea watched the corrs, castle, cats and kiss kiss bang bang

June 17th Thursday

Fine and mild, did 6 kookaburras, finished lighthouse and did easle, M looked after kids with K today, lots of appts and tumblegyms, 1 lady visited devilled sausages for tea,watched last jack irish, hard quiz and last bloodlands and a couple of youtube things. M had a restless night ,

June 16th Wednesday

Quiet and mild, grey,fined up  Noel did star stake rammer l finish grinding lighthouse and started on details nearly finished didn’t get to,easle as M brought Mae home,I helped chase kids  M helps look after kids, I helped at Drouin from 3.00, shopped, did tea salmon spaghetti, Caleb for tea, watched Archibald, Jack Irish and Bones

June 15th Tuesday

Quiet and grey,fined up to lovely day, M off to mind mae all day, Belinda did 3 flowers,jessie and Teresa came and looked at venue to do drawing,I did last panel on stand and added river and boat,did horse ring start on lighthouse welding and did basic grinding, chicken legs for tea watched jack irish, the eagle,

June 14th Monday

Long weekend, cool and grey, quiet, fill in frames, structure made , 3panels done start new lighthouse, the boys, tony did a bird and norm did a great dane cut out, nap, 5 people visited, did lasagne for tea, M went swimming with K and kids, talked to Emily, watched Jack irish and last 2 Mandalorian.

June 13th Sunday

Cool and grey seems nicer than yesterday,Julieanne gardened,bought discs and welding stuff at bunnings we cut up fallen branch, finished off birdfeeder, added character and flag to balloon, did a cutlery wren, started the frames for next big piece, 5 people visited, M shopped and got pizza for tea, watched the brokenwood mysteries, spicks and specks and a wilty

June 12th Saturday

Rained part of night showering in morning Tidied gallery,reading book, Lynnes opening 2.00 about 20 people there, no sales but a good time for lynne, boiled egg on toast for tea watched music videos, then the Mandalorian,Qi, and clarice

June 11th Friday

Cool and grey, M taking mae to dance and I mind theo then we mind kids til 3, took theo to warragul lake side then park across the trainline,home via flooded road,played until 3, reading book the president is missing,did chicken wraps for tea,watched the Mandalorian, bones, the unusual suspects and a best of wilty.

June 10th Thursday

Cold and showery rainy, M helps K all day, I did a big dog with square feet, a cat with springs( trampoline) and a bowl of flowers crossed with individual flowers. I also found a base for the balloon, finished the character to go on the balloon, and did the string and base and painted it once. I also started another birdfeeder. 2 naps during day, did meat in batter for tea with Caleb here as he is at Neerim sth tomorrow.watched the unusual suspects, McCallum and a couple of you tube comics

June 9th Wednesday

Showers overnight still snuffly, rained most of day and night Noel is crook and didn’t come, I worked on second lighthouse, finished, M minds kid from 11.00 I help out at 3.00 by picking up Eleanor, shop,sausages for tea, watched the Mandalorian, bit of you tube bloodlands and ragnarok

June 8th Tuesday

Showers at start of day, Belinda did 3 flowers one on a stick, I worked on tall ballerina using a hills hoist gear then worked on lighthouse for caleb, did a small dancer with a flower then 3 small box footed dogs,,M minds mae all day has speech at 1.30 did slowcooked brisket for tea, watched last wakefield,bones and the Mandalorian and who do you think you are Celia P

June 7th Monday

Fine and cool showers in the evening The boys peter and jim worked on spinning sunflower and finished chook ,I finished welding lighthouse and started a constructed lighthouse as well as a horseshoe horse panel and part of a character for the balloon, M minding mae all day, 2 hours at playground, then she slept all afternoon, I shopped for tablets and some basic shopping,, guys from mens shed came to discuss plasmacutters and welders,Terry LeLevrie and wife brought back seat frame for some repairs,reheated cannelloni for tea, watched wakefield, bloodlands, and a bit of you tube

June 6th Sunday

Fine and mild, restless night, still somewhat achy but better did heart thing,,did 8 flowers, cleaned up balloon, repaired fishermans wharf and gun lighter, 10 people visited,home made pizza for tea, watched the Mandalorian bad batch unusual suspects and spicks and specks, tribute to linda Ronstadt.slept well

June 5th Saturday

Fine and clear, cool, still a bit achy after restless night,small dry cough and lots of wee, sat quietly all day and read my book, today I said goodbye..moved along, M bought fish and chip tea,watched the bad batch, vera and unusual suspects

June 4th Friday

Fine and grey, cool, rained a bit overnight, minding kids all day, feeling a bit achy maybe due to shot or Marians sore throat.achy all day still chased kids finished beeswing, started another Michael Kotya book,M did cannelloni for tea caleb called by and tidied up before dinner with chook, watched last crown, then wanda vision then mandelorian

June 3rd Thursday

Fine and grey,sunny day very pleasant, haydyn not here, covid restrictions, finished other 2 snails ,worked on balloon all covered now, covid shot 1.00, help with kids, spaghetti for tea reading beeswing Richard Thompson, watched wakefield,, hard quiz and

June 2nd Wednesday

Fine and grey,fined up to a warm and perfect day, Noel didn’t come, cut up more of deck did riding to hounds, and slim vase as well as work on balloon,and did a small snail, paul put up new sign, M helped mind mae from 11. Sausages for tea  watched ragnarok,ahn do missy higgins,and bloodlands

June 1st Tuesday

Fine not as cold as yesterday some cloud, Belinda did 3 flowers on sticks,Cathy smith put up jindi news, I finished small chook piece and soar music piece and started balloon,M brought mae home at 12, played with her, added to balloon, pie for tea, watched startup,and ragnarock 2 cats and dogs

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