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April 9, 2021

March 2021 blog

March diary

March 31st Wednesday

Fine and grey should become sunny, Noel,worked on giraffe,did 2 chooks cut out and added rock to large piece and painted, chiropractors appt 11.40, shop for tablets and wheel chase kids in arvo with M,5 people visited, order for clothes rack, sold 300 of stuff, Fish and chip tea minding kids in evening instead of book group for parent teacher night, watched youtube and hard quiz.

March 30th Tuesday

Fine and grey became sunny lovely day , back started off sore but improved over day,Belinda did 2 flowers , 4 people visited  I added to big piece and did a fish and a wren, M chases kids all day,I help from 11,shopped, chicken parcels for tea, watched mudlarking video, the expanse, bones

March 29th Monday

Grey and showery, M has all day with kids, The boys did a mini chainsaw, more on plant stand and eagle and another small job, I work on big piece got top on and first rock then help with kids,6 people over day, hunted dead rat in roof and in bathroom put back out a bit, tilka came and picked up horse, saveloys for tea then Pilates put back out more watched silent witness.

March 28th Sunday

Grey and mild, assembled small pieces, add to big piece 3 panels of 4 done, 15 people visited, finished off sofia sofia, by changing dangling bits to welded washers,did chicken pieces for tea and then added to website.watched vera and wilty,

March 27th Saturday

Showery and grey in morning fined up in arvo, M to help with kids not needed, I added to striped dress and flock, painted wood for new pieces, started a new big piece one panel of 4 done,no visitors, cut up a fallen branch, fish and rice for tea, watched csi, qi,added to website.finished water trouble book

March 26th Friday

Finer clear and mild, M to see kids first Julieanne to garden, I assemble seat and do a bit on small pieces, apprehensive is put on base and wood painted and lion man is assembled and wood painted, then help with kids for most of day.took wheel in to be repaired but not til Monday, Sue called in and Joan brought friends 2 and sold a piece, caf tea, watched coming to America 1 and wilty

March 25th Thursday

Rained overnight, showered most of day,Hayden finished rhino and took it home, started on greyhound,I Painted seat again, started on small girl face, lion man striped dress, finished 3 birds to tidy up desk, help joan set up exhibition,did video edited that and put photos on web page. Curried sausages for tea, kids are all gastro y. watched fisk, hard quiz, not going out and the taskmaster.

March 24th Wednesday

Showery and grey , mild, Noel did another ball holder and started another giraffe, I finished horse, painted seat finished bird, started motorbike, wags took down exhibition, Joan set up ½ exhibition, I went shopping for wire and rods and wheels, did rissoles for tea,watched linda Ronstadt doco, watched George gently and Australia in colour M has morning off.

March 23rd Tuesday

Showery and grey, mild  Belinda did 2 flowers and put 4 on sticks, I started seat all welding done, assembled small dancer added to horse and part of tall bird, played with mae from about 12 to 3.30, 2 people came and took away paintings did chicken pieces and rice for tea, about 160 people see exhibition over month, did chicken pieces for tea then watched the eagle, the expanse, bones and wilty

March 22nd Monday

Fine and mild grey, M to mind mae all day, the boys, worked on plant stand, cutlery creatures and a small rack and the eagle form,I finish walking the dog tidy shed,start ball dress piece and tree of love, 2 people visited ,did 2 romping dogs mae has tummy bug, did tacos for tea, pilates mat, home to watch silent witness and cats count

March 21st Sunday

Grey and showery, showered overnight bit windy,M helps with swimming,not home til 5.00, I finished mandala, did a peacock and 3 chooks, repositioned parts for radiator sheep, much better,started a girl walking the dog and a ball dress,7 people visited, finished Deja dead, did lamb chops for tea, watched clarice by 2, then fisk, and wilty

March 20th Saturday

Fine and sunny coming up for a change, wedding anniversary ( 45 yrs)  did 20 flowers, and bit more on mandala, sold rebirth sculpture had 14 people through, sold 2 paintings, sold 1 peacock and 1 belinda flower, went to family hotel for tea, great shopped, home to watch vera, Chinese detective and superstore

March 19th Friday

Fine and sunny 26 all week, painted combined worlds, went and picked up theo, went to picnic point and explored home to play trains, bat and ball, weights, Julie anne gardened, M home before lunch with Mae,3 people visited, then 4 more, M took kids home at 3 I mowed sculpture garden, sold unbacked seat, a dog, finish line and a flower of belindas, caf tea, watched last lord of the rings .

March 18th Thursday

Fine and grey, Hayden did back of rhino I do 4 dogs and 2 tall birds 1 ½ peacocks, M with K all day tumble gym , shopped for bunnings aldi , delivered magnolia, martin steel, home to do green curry tea, watched hard quiz, Qi, superstore

March 17th Wednesday

Fine and clear, Noel did ball holders, I  do some of mandala and 6 dogs.2 people visited, M minds mae, reading deja dead,Caleb for tea, sausages for tea shopped watched Mank

March 16th Tuesday

Grey and showery to begin,Belinda did 2 flowers, paid for egg, finished off magnolia and combined worlds, m minds mae all day I helped a bit,3 people visited Lachlan and enid Ronalds, , steph comes to discuss website, did chicken pieces for tea M off to watch Eleanor give her promise guides, simplify website watched aftertaste, the expanse and bones..

March 15th, Monday

Fine and clear, sunny, M has day off,The boys worked on an eagle, a mulch turner and tony started his fisherboy, I tidied shed did most of on magnolia, did bills bird stand, did piano player, thoughtful some of head with beanie, and thought about combined worlds. Back mostly good,7 people visited, did prawn rice for tea, Pilates.home to watch silent witness.

March 14th Sunday

Grey and showery, fined up to a nice day, Worked on hemisphere and cut out leaves for magnolia,big piece done and put on stand with small piece, still have to do figures, M helped with the swimming with fay and K, back still sore ish,7 people through, did scrap tea, Paddy rang up talked to him a while, watched the eagle and part of a movie

March 13th Saturday

20 and breezy some rain towards early afternoon, chiropractor at 9.00, shop, M to Pakenham, with k and 2 kids,start on magnolia did 4 panels of bid semicircle, 4 bird piece went away, 12 people visited,fish and chips for tea, watched vera, M talked to em.

March 12th Friday

Cool and misty,fined up to lovely day , put belt on compressor, finished small bird piece started marking out annes magnolias, m brought kids home at 11,looking after kids til 3, back still hot and uncomfortable,2 people visited, delivered belindas egg to morwell, stopped at kmart to buy things for theo and m Caf tea, watched the 2 towers,caleb rang re ralph as he is going to shepparton to pick up a borrowed car tomorrow.

March 11th Thursday

Fine and sunny, 29? Hayden, worked on front of rhino, belt on compressor broke, I finished small dome cut out some bird forms , back still sore chiropractor 12.00, drive caleb to see car at wesburn, then back to Pakenham, did bacon and beef with rice for tea, watched hard quiz, adam hills and Wallander.

March 10th Wednesday

Cool and grey, back still sore, Noel  worked on his frill necked lizard, all complete I did some more work on small domes but still more to go delivered frill to Yinnar, seeming better, 2 people visited still took it quietly for rest of day, warm and sunny, did tuna spaghetti for tea watched lupin, the expanse and superstore and,

March 9th Tuesday

Rained overnight, mild and grey, M takes mae to fiddlesticks, and minds her all day, Belinda did flowers, sold 2 sculptures to people in Drouin,do more on domes small one ½ done,back is sore and tight, chiropractor, new one at dougs place, fixed but very badly bruised, sat and lay most of afternoon reading book, watched wilty,  M  go see caleb and bring home

March 8th Monday

long weekend, mild and grey, tidy shed deliver second bench seat to Janet chandler,start domes, the boys worked on birds plant stands and lyrebird 5 people visited, my back had gone out so I stopped at 12.00  and sat around most of afternoon did chicken pieces and dahl for tea, Caleb crashed his car and was in Dandenong hospital, M went to see him, I stayed home and watched inspector morse, wilty and cats

March 7th Sunday

Fine and sunny,  worked on bird in circle and bird in ½ circle, also 3 horseshoe cats,and segmented birdfeeder,25 people visited ,including Carmel and husband o connor,M sorted some toys to put in garage, m shopped and bought pizza for tea watched rest of lord of rings 1, wilty and the eagle.

March 6th Saturday

Fine and sunny, do mouse for wedge, did another mouse, paint wedge did nickle silver bird, and 2 more bases, 12 people visited, m shopped and had a quiet day reading her book, did sausages for tea watched vera and lord of the rings first 1/1/2 hr

March 5th Friday

Grey and fine, rained overnight, julieanne to garden, swap over mig bottle, walk at mcneilly park with theo, play with theo til 1.00 play with both tin 3, paint wedge one coat, 2 people visited, caf tea watched lupin, wilty, the eagle

March 4th Thursday

Grey and fine, M with K minding kids, tumblegym etc, Hayden working on rhino, I do other side of 2nd panel and start on edges, all put together and mounted on base.11 people visited, did skewers and rissoles for tea watched last 2 bump, hard quiz and clarice

March 3rd Wednesday

Grey and fine, Noel in shed worked on lizard I continue with big piece, one face done both sides other face done one side, Mae minded by M most of day, I went to metal recycler and picked up a couple of wheels and also picked up red doors from near Judes, cut up one red door, Pasta and mince for tea.watched the gulf, the expanse and bones

March 2nd Tuesday

Grey and fine, did heart thing, subscribed to art guide, sent off to art almanac for ad, started big piece, No Belinda, taking her dad to hospital, M has mae to fiddlesticks, home here, played with her until 1.30 off to Pakenham to deliver eclipse, dropped off 2 small pieces, picked up rods and wire at bunnings, pies at Longwarry and 10mm rod, to Drouin to get prescription and shopping called in to see joan price and picked up open studio flyers from Helen, home to nap then to warragul Thai for tea with book group, to judes for discussion on Bruny, home.

March 1st Monday

Grey and fine maybe showers, assembled seat and small wire bits, tidy shed,did 5 horseshoe elephants and a horseshoe chook and a lyrebird as well as a cutout abstract face, The boys,did a lyrebird, some cutlery creatures,and a gate catch, played with mae til 3 dawn and linda popped in to see exhibition, dropped off bird perch to bill clarkes and dropped in to see kerrie and chris, home to do fish for tea, pilates mat class, home to watch silent witness and wilty.

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