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May 28, 2021

5 May 2021 Diary

May diary

May 31st Monday

Fine and frosty to begin, M deals with Mae most of day, The boys were norm finishing his lyre bird and pete working on his chook, I get new mig gas and  face masks, penetrol and other stuff from bunnings, then work on.3 owls a small singer and small chook piece, did chowmien for tea, mostly ok, watched baby surgeons, the eagle and the crown

May 30th Sunday

Fine and sunny frosty to begin, work on clothes hangers, both finished and picked up, did door to my heart and nest egg, reading great expectations |Ben Franklin and president is missing, roast from caf for tea, watched wakefield, spicks and specks and bones.

May 29th Saturday

Grey and cool, work on clothes hanger,one mostly finished, painted all of sculptures needing painting, finished Blue Moon book and Ruth and Paul visited. Did fish and chips for tea, M talked to Don and Em, put on Disney channel via caleb. Watched Mulan live action


May 28th Friday

Grey and cool, M off to get kids, back here til 3, I washed clothes, vacuumed, put stuff away. Played with kids , Theo had speech zoom meeting, kids home, nap, added paint to heart piece, did pasta slow cooker for tea, reading blue moon, watched the nice guys and 1 qi

May 27th Thursday

Grey and cool,lockdown starts from tomorrow, Haydyn worked on chimera.,I repaired heart piece,and part repainted, finished birdfeeder,finished outing,and did guitarist plasmacut started on horse piece too, 1 person visited, M to mind kids with K, Julieanne to garden,Slow cooker stew, Caleb for tea,watched hard quiz and wakefield and 2 last made to love

May 26th Wednesday

Grey and windy some showers, Noel did chameoleon , I work on small family form, make3  bases for bird feeders, 2 finished, patch reach piece and paint,, Helen to take exhibition down,2 people visited, Mosaic girls to assess mosaics, M to mind mae and theo, Lynne to set up exhibition,helped mind mae at 3.00,shop, back to help set up exhibition, chicken parcels for tea, nap, Bookclub re michelle Obama, only 3 had read it, blood moon,

May 25th Tuesday

Cloudy and windy..cooled down and rained in late afternoon, Belinda did 3 flowers , I worked on family group( mother and daughter) finished except for last coat, try to get wheels for bases,none available, tip for gasless mig found in drawer, shopped made a small mother and daughter and a family group, M  minds mae and theo today, chicken and mushrooms for tea, watched 2 dickensians( finished) and 1 Qi

May 24th Monday

Fine and sunny, I did 26 flowers and 3 birdfeeder bowls , also bit of family group, the boys worked on the chook, a lyrebird, and a deer protection form, Adam price dropped in for a bit, M minds mae in morning I help in arvo, nap and then finished flowers 4 people visited, did meat patties for tea using the corned beef, Pilates, watched vera.

May 23rd Sunday

Fine and sunny, cut down reach table, and do more on clothes rack,3 shelves made, 2 more frames done, about 15 people visited, sold 2 birdfeeders and balloon piece and pianist, mow across rd.did snitzel for tea, watched Dickensian, spicks and specks and

May 22nd Saturday

Fine and sunny, no kids worked on family pieces did 3 heads and talked to wise about clothes rack.about 20 people over the day, mowed a bit of sculpture garden, pasta bake for tea watched Pink what I know so far, and bones

May 21st Friday

Fine and sunny,, M takes mae to dance I take theo to warragul in search of playgrounds, went to burke st park , op shop and then pick up 2 pieces from Parnassus on way home  2 people visited,Mind kids til 3 drop off heather gift , set up outlook and square on ipad and phone, sausages in bread for tea watched phenomena, simon schama the romantics,part of movie the debt

May 20th Thursday

Cool and fine, Haydyn worked on chimera,, julieanne to garden, work on family group, seats were dropped off, small bus group 6 people, tumble gym with mae and theo, ot with mae and theo, explored a nature reserve with theo, pick up Eleanor from school, quiche for tea watched wakefield hard quiz, you tube Caleb dropped off ralph and stayed night,?

May 19th Wednesday

Cool and fine, Noel worked on welcome sign, I assembled second frame,painted small bases, started family group and big triangle nearly done started head for girl, made sausage rolls,5 people visited ,Mae here from 12, minded her at Drouin then pick up metal at longwarry, sausage rolls for tea, finished those who want me dead, watched girls 5 eva, nap, watched the eagle and a couple of you tube short pieces.

May 18th Tuesday

Cool and grey, No Belinda,m minds mae in morning then brings her home, I put base on red bull and catfish, did heather piece, hung out washing, bought wood for clothes rack, assembled one frame,2 people visited went to maes party, shopped home to do taco things, watched bones and the crown. Reading those who want me dead.

May 17th Monday

Cool and wintery, the boys worked on sunflower, mini chainsaw and compost turner, I did a ring landscape, a catfish, wood bug and another spring garden, M to take mae to something then to traralgon and the very hungry caterpillar,lamb chops for tea,Pilates, watched Dickensian and a bit of rowan Atkinson.

May 16th Sunday

Cool and wintery, M did not have to help with swimming, bought new square, I finished spring garden, did buzz, and red bull, did dish for les, had 10 people in morning and no one in arvo,fish and rice for tea, watched wakefield spicks and specks, qi and Chinese detective

May 15th Saturday

Cool and wintery, M with K and kids to Pakenham, I work in shed on 4 chooks and small pieces including baw baw tiger, lauren Murphy and her 2 girls visited and Laurel Billington and 2 grandkids visited, stopped at 4 read book did silverside for tea, watched wakefield, vera.

May 14th Friday

Cool and breezy heading to showers did heart machine,2 people visited M takes mae to dance, mind theo in morning went to Rokeby nature reserve, played with kids til 3, reading book on cold wet day, did snitzel and chips for tea watched qi, girls 5eva and George gently and music videos allie sherlock

May 13th Thursday

Fine and sunny ,M takes kids to tumblegym, and helps K ,Julieanne to garden, Haydyn to work on vase I do small pieces starting with the tracker, then 2 cats and started spring garden,2 people visited, lunch brought in washing went and delivered frill and got flu shot small shopping home to light fire and read book slow cooker for tea,Caleb for tea  watched finding alice,artworks and

May 12th Wednesday

Fine and sunny cool, Noel worked on chook I finished seahorse then did 2 dragonflies and a chook, 2 people and helen visited, lunch nap, M chases mae I help at 3.00,small shopping chicken snitzel for tea, watched finding alice, hard quiz and you cant ask that ocd

May 11th Tuesday

Fine and cool, Belinda did her 3 flowers and came back to pick up more, I work on seahorse, all body done started on head, jessie and Teresa dropped in I went to Yinnar to pick up piece, slow cooker tea, watched girls 5 eva, the eagle and a touch of bill bailey

May 10th Monday

Fine and cool, the boys I work on seahorse, M minds mae mae here from 12.Ken and Tim and Margie Hodge visit also kat , batty girl, played with mae, nap worked more on seahorse did chicken curry for tea Pilates bed, home for Dickensian.

May 9th Sunday

Mothers day, fine and cool, nice day I worked on seahorse,still about 2 days to go, 10 people visited, sold flying bird and ballerina M helps with swimming,em and caleb come to see mum in and chip tea and some shopping, watched cats countdown, deadwater fell and spicks and specks

May 8th Saturday

Fine and cool, to neerim to pick up painting, M to melb for Daphnes birthday,Worked on seahorse all day ¾ of top ½ done, 10 people visited, did meat patties for tea watched bit of john Denver concert, Yes day, and vera

May 7th Friday

Fine and sunny, vacuum minding theo in morning went to new park in Drouin then balmoral park then up to Jindi cricket ground then help with both kids until 3,Helen and Rodney came out read book and made hamburgers for tea, watched bee gees doco, Parker movie( Jason Stratham) and qi.

May 6th Thursday

Fine and sunny, Hadyn, worked on vase and flowers, M brings home ralph from longwarry, then  buys birthday pres and then with K all day, Caleb passing through but not for tea, I work on elephants done, and seahorse frame mostly done and a stand to allow me to turn and weld it. Nap went shopping for chook and bird food, aldi , dropped in a dead grinder, reading michelle obamas becoming, roast for tea,watched hard quiz,George gently

May 5th Wednesday

Finer but cool, Noel worked on cut out chook,I,worked on tolerant did 6 birds on sticks, also a small bird on stick, finished small dog, also did magazine rack for lady, 1 person visits, M minds mae in morning then theo then takes Eleanor and friend to dance, at 3 I go mind mae til k chow mien for tea,caleb passes through, watched bones, ready to love 2 and Qi

May 4th Tuesday

Grey, showers? Belinda did 3 flowers I did 4 small pieces, a vase, windswept, skipping girl 2 and cut out tolerant,also tawny frogmouth, M minds mae I help after 11, and worked in shed after 3, did curry for tea, Temperance called in, watched 2 departure and 1 deadwater fell

May 3rd Monday

Fine and greyish, finished panel, did 4 teapots including turned tops, the boys worked on a lyrebird, a sunflower, a strainer and a fork frog,5 people visited to see helens exhibition, M minds Mae I come and help after 12, did enchiladas for tea, ho hum,Pilates mat work home to watch vera.

May 2nd Sunday

Fine and greyish, fined up to a gorgeous day, longwarry market get cut off wheels no metal suppliers there, to bunnings, tidy gallery tacked panel together, M goes swimming with K, Helens opening at 2.00 sold $3000 of helens stuff and a couple of hundred of mine, about 30 people, eggs on toast for tea, rained after , watched spicks and specks and last leg and dickensian

May 1st Saturday

Fine and sunny, did editing of helens video, do signs for sculpture garden, and put out, M to playschool concert with K which they all loved .. mae cried when it ended.., started on teapots.also on panel for people who visited, sold $500 of stuff 15 people through, did chicken pieces for tea,watched without remorse..ok tom clancy..bit cliched

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