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December 31, 2021

10 October diary 2021

Oct diary

Oct 31st Sunday

Fine and mild sunny, 1 small bus here, 20 visitors in total, worked in shed on 1 pelican, 2 emus , 1 dog and a bearing ballerina, M bought Chinese for tea,watched departure, Greyhound movie  good, and Qi

Oct 30th Saturday,

cool showery, M to melb to look at em house maybe with don, they put in an offer, small bus 7 visitors here in arvo did 10 flowers, 6 ducks 3 chooks and 1 pelican, hamburgers for tea no internet so watched videos home alone and sherlock

Oct 29th Friday

Cold rainy windy, trees down everywhere, chased kids from Drouin to here minded them until 4, did wraps for tea, watched foundation, young Sheldon ,departure and qi, M talked to em and don about a new house Emily saw,

Oct 28th Thursday

Fine possible showers, cloudy, barney still having trouble breathing,took him to vet at 3.30 and was put down.very sad. M not needed to help K til 2.00, Russ and carol to set up exhibition, julieanne to garden, hodgey and tim to call in to get smaug and table and a Belinda flower, I work in shed on birds and dogs did 1 peacock, 1 dog and 1 bird and made 10 flowers, did chicken curry for tea watched murders in building ,departure and wilty

Oct 27th Wednesday

Fine and sunny warm day, noel worked on hotrod and Brittany worked on wine rack, and Belinda 2 worked on shell design, used bandsaw and cut off saw and sanders, I do 2 kookas and 1.5 peacocks, lady came to pick up leaf seat, Yvette coming to take down exhibition, she brought 2 friends and they bought a painting, M to help K with mae from 11, I shopped for metal and groceries, mowed house block, no Ralph, dinner at country club to do book club tale of two cities nice to see jude lois lynne barb nat anne , nice meal, home to watch Annika and clone wars.

Oct 26th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did a bearing flower on a stick and a birdbath using the old sculpture jack stand , I assembled leaf seat do more on lyre bird and do 2 u boats,I mowed across rd. Helen from,Meeniyan came and brought boxes of good junk,and took away about 30 things,I don’t have to help minding mae from 3 to 4 as DSC was shut down for the day, Sausages for tea Pilates with the ball, went well but restless achy night, watched ghosts and departure

Oct 25th Monday

Showers then fined up to a lovely day, the boys worked on fence strainer, spinner and small car model, I finished welding and painting leaf seat and started on big lyrebird,Joseph( 2 )coming to pick up sitting girl, , they bought flowers and a pelican, I went and helped mind mae and theo from 2.30 to 4.00 then mowed top part of sculpture garden, did fish and chip tea,Barney having more attacks of not being able to get his breath, watched bones, young Sheldon and departure

Oct 24th Sunday

Rainy/showers,cold on and off, worked on 2 dragonflies and did most of seat back,tidied up to get to bench and also work bench, had people come and buy happy dance, ballet girl and a Belinda flower,4 people visited, Sue came and visited in arvo, pizza tea watched adam hills and sandhamm murders

Oct 23rd Saturday

Rainy to begin,showered all day, I worked on renovating big piece, all done and 1 coat of paint, and start 2 dragonflys and a seat frame, cut up more of the piano with the reciprocating saw and some of the wood around the place, 4 visitors including 2 from a foundry in Dandenong( bells) sold outing and a bee, did chicken skewers for tea after tidying freezer a bit, M got her I pad fixed, watched the broken shore and one wilty.

Oct 22nd Friday

Fine and sunny, had kids all day, went to playground to start then home played inside and out,2 visitors,did frittata for tea, watched foundation,1971 and murray Whelan movie. ,

Oct 21st Thursday

Fine and cool warmed up, Belinda started on her piano wire shell and added to the helmet, we did 3 stars casting, M helps with mae from 10.00, I made the brass weldable by adding extra copper,did through the door and finished scrap bowl, shopped in Drouin,coconut cashew curry for tea M talked to Caleb, watched departure series 2, adam hills and qi on paintings and annika

Oct 20th Wednesday

Fine and mild, breezy,M helps with mae all day, Noel  worked on hot rod and Brittany worked on wine rack I finished pelican,did 2 dog planters and 2 owls and cut up some more bits and finished top of bowl, went to jindi to post off man of letters again and then to pick up grinder from repair,aldi and mower petrol, mowed house block and part of sculpture garden, did corned beef patties for tea watched hard quiz, Bronwyn oliver doco,( superb work but so detailed, amazing) a very poor American detective show and wilty.

Oct 19th Tuesday

Fine and mild Belinda,did 2 “flowers “ from cutting up spark plug sculpture, m helps with mae all day,I did 2 owls and 1.5 pelicans and cut up some other pieces, kids here from 11, helped chase them around, watched killing eve, sausages for tea Pilates, watched only murders in the building, and wilty.

Oct 18th Monday

fine and mild showers at end of day, started tale of two cities overnight,jessie has life drawing in gallery  the boys worked on a model car, spinning flower and fence strainer, I keep repairing sculpture one side done and second started, assembled 3 birds on pole, tidy up , did a tube dog and started an offcut bowl,M to mind mae all day I help from 3 to 4, sitting girl seat goes away, buy penetrol and reciprocating saw, did corn beef mash for tea, watched ghosts, bones and marco polo

, Oct 17th Sunday

Finer than yesterday but still cloudy and cool, I assembled seat ,started to fix sculpture did two other birds , redid the head of phoebe, did a skipping Eleanor, painted the balloon piece and painted the stand for the bird pole,sat in the sun and read my book , M bought Chinese for tea, watched killing eve,then Annika and clone wars M talked to em and caleb on phone.

Oct 16th Saturday

Cool and showers, breezy, paint second seat and do 20 flowers, do phoebe and mae sculpture and 1 bird sculpture, did corned beef for tea, watched 1971, Annika and sandhamm

Oct 15th Friday

Cool and possible showers, all 3 kids ,Eleanor and theo went to Rokeby rail trail and playground then all back here, monsters toys eleanors schoolwork,til about 4 watched another killing eve, then you tube music steak for tea, watched foundation, sandhamm  rained overnight

Oct 14th Thursday

Fine and cool, M off to help k with kids at 4.00, Belinda worked on helmet and leaned about brazing, I work on seat frame back finished flower and put in all back and metal parts, Yvette had 3 people visit exhibition, bought steel at martin, wood at home and chookpellets, did Indonesian curry for tea, watched young Sheldon,ghosts and bones and Qi

Oct 13th Wednesday

Fine and cool, No ralph or kids as k keeping them home due to closed Drouin primary, M tidied up and had a quiet day, Noel did more on the hot rod and Brittany did more on the wine rack, I finished cutting out sitting girl for chair and painted chair white, did another seat frame and started the back design, demolished more of piano, cut out small flowers,fish and chip tea then watched last two shadow and bone and Greek isles rained later at night

Oct 12th Tuesday

Fine and cool, sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks and cut up sparkplug sculpture I started seat frame and cut out bits for 6 birds, did the frame to hold the fence post and did 2 bases by cutting up one wheel Finished small echidna,. Went and got more mig gas and also bought more ultra clear, mind mae from 3 to 4, lamb patties for tea Pilates watched ghosts and bull

Oct 11th Monday

Rained overnight coolish but fine,Tidied shed put away piano pieces,worked on assembling ducks did 5 and 2 birds, started a screw echidna,Lady came and bought horseshoe seat, Liz came with birdbath to be fixed, then bought day night and hillside and a birdfeeder, the boys did a kookaburra, worked on a fence strainer and the spinning flower, M minds mae all day,I went in to mind mae at 3.00 to 4.00 then delivered sculptures, tea was chicken pieces and rice from slowcooker, watched marco polo, murders in the building,and sandhamm

Oct 10th Sunday

Fine and cool, showers? Delivered 3 birds to willowgrove, dismantle more of piano took most of day 8 people visited, talked to enid and Lachlan and other lady,M talked to em, people came to look at scrap pile for stuff, pizza tea watched girl in the window, ok bit “scary” then shadow and bone

Oct 9th Saturday

Fine and mild, M has a quiet day at home, Julieanne gardened, David is helping his mum pack up house,I did 2 pelicans, Heidi Holt and cyndi and family visited to pick up balance birds and a dog,lovely to see Heidi again,about 10 visitors, heather and Lindsay brought around piano and lift, started dismantling piano,mowed across rd, , talked to bryan Whelan on phone, did chicken skewers for tea wathed end of Taylor folklore video, then like a boss movie on Netflix,lots of action sort of ok, then qi and wilty

Oct 8th Friday

Fine and mild.  Ms car to go in for tyres etc, M takes mae to dance then back here, I take theo to mcneilly park and bush across rd, M has speech in arvo,2 visitors , kids here til 3 watched taylor folklore video, 1971, foundation and wilty

Oct 7th Thursday

Rained solidly overnight,showery but fining up, M helps K with kids and appt ,Belinda worked on Japanese helmet, learned how to weld thin steel, turned a bowl of liquid amber I,finish other 3 kookas and did 2 peacocks and assembled seat, Raymonds dropped in to order another seat,caleb takes away Whelan frames, did snitzel for tea, watched 2 capital( finished) and bones and clone wars

Oct 6th Wednesday

Fine and mild, went to pick up ralph from longwarry,Noel did a ball and started on a hotrod and Brittany didn’t come today as she might have been exposed to covid, M minds mae all day I started on 6 kookas, got 3 finished before helen and dawn from Meeniyan arrived to drop off old stock and pick up new stock, 4 visitors over day ,after lunch I shopped for black paint and washers, mowed most of lawn til belt came off. Slow cooker stew for tea, watched foundation and hardquiz, talked with caleb

Oct 5th Tuesday

Grey cool and showery, M minds mae fiddlesticks and picking up of Eleanor, I Unload car and Belinda did 3 flowers I finished seat welding and painted once inc wood, did peacock, then another balance bird,lunch nap dropped in grinder for repair had ingrown toenail looked at, did pie for tea Pilates with Gillian, survived, watched shadow and bone, wilty

Oct 4th Monday

Grey and cool to begin, fined up then to showers in evening, feels early M goes to help Mae all day, I tidy shed,do signs for sculptures Jess had life drawing with 5 people, The boys did a dragon fly a spinner and a fence strainer, I started a new seat ½ finished  out of 10mm rod so went to get that in arvo and timber for seat, shop for tablets and groceries, did spaghetti for tea watched marco polo and capital and bones and qi

Oct 3rd Sunday

Misty showery to begin,fined up nicely, daylight savings changeover, did heart thing,wrote up a few pieces,M organised folders and shelf area,went to bunnings for new welding wire and discs and router set, I worked on football piece, added solid football and did goal posts etc,did house cat and nature goddess, 5 visitors wraps for tea with chicken tenders, watched the dry excellent and foundation

Oct 2nd Saturday

Misty showery to begin, added to website, did 2 peacocks 2 birds and an emu, added a bit to football form, Julieanne gardened, M had a quiet day. 2 visitors reading foundation again, did rissoles for tea watched black festival  interesting, then wonderwoman 84( dreadful),

Oct 1st Friday

Misty possible showers rain band, Ms car in for service, Help mind kids all day so k can do schoolwork.went to n sth for playground then back here 4 visitors, fish and chip tea , mediocre, watched 1971, ted lasso and free guy( good fun)

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