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January 31, 2022

1 january diary 2022

Jan diary 2022

Jan 31st Mon

Cool and pleasant, more on adams ex, do other side of circle piece, assemble rock pieces and start second side panel ,The boys added to dragon and birdcage stand, refixed spinning flower and finalized small angle grinder in stand, , 2 people visited  M has Eleanor and Mae here til 1.45, pick up theo from school I helped mind Mae with M until K got home, wraps for tea, Adam did some work on a new pencil

Jan 30th Sunday

Cool and pleasant, help Adam with exhibition start on ursulas piece, one side of one side done, also worked on rocks and flower pieces, 8 people visited, stopped at 4.00 did chicken pieces for tea, watched bump, the tourist and vera.

Jan 29th Saturday

Rained overnight, coolish, helped cut up wood to hang drawings in exhibition,finished dragonflies, 1 visitor,did a pelican and peacock, feeling a bit mediocre, M did shares and shopped, did puff pastry parcels for tea, watched the tourist, dopesick and hard quiz

Jan 28th Friday

Muggy again, maybe showers, minding 3 kids today, mostly fun and kids played games with each other, Adam brought in most of exhibition and Tim brought up pieces from Wonthaggi, did spaghetti for tea to use up rest of meatballs watched alan and mIriam,, songs of the 80s and wilty

Jan 27th Thursday

Muggy to begin then rain for much of morning,then hot in arvo and warm in evening, Joanna and Pieta here to weld , Joanna did a dog and learnt lots of stuff, I did 3 ducks, then lunch and nap M off helping K with kids appts, caleb came through to pick up Ralph, found new 2 extra days at warragul Nth ,did 4 dragonflies unfinished read book did chicken skewers for tea, watched bomb show on stan, started to watch the new professionals( dreadful) watched bones and Qi

Jan 26th Wednesday ( Holiday)

Fine and pleasant to start, Noel worked on a small owl, I did 3 chooks and 1 owl and assembled vase and worked on write up of morlake experiences, 7 pages so far, did sausage rolls for tea, then watched YS, boba fett, M worked on bills and tax and talked to K re diaries wolf like me

Jan 25th Tuesday

Fine and pleasant to start  but got hot by 10, Belinda did 2 flowers then went home early I worked on 2 ducks and 2 chooks, M off to mind kids again.I then wrote more on mortlake times, 2 visitors sold birdbath,nap and more writing started John grishams the racketeer M shopped and brought home a cooked chook for tea, watched white collar, YS,QI and stumptown

Jan 24th Monday

Fine and mild to start, but got hot after lunch, hung out washing, tidied shed, started back into the dog mailbox doing the frame and cover for the slot and finally the head and neck, over the morning I got the front legs done and in the afternoon the back legs. the boys worked on a dragon cutout, the hand grinder on a stand and repairing spinning flowers. Sue dropped out with daisy and then 2 people came to see jillians exhibition and I talked to them for over an hour,M to mind kids for k as she goes to an ex student funeral,then to Gumbuya world for supervising theo on waterslides, I had a nap and a bit more on dog in shed then up to read more of Bronwyn oliver book and write a bit myself. Did pasta and meatballs for tea started watching yS and then had phone calls from Don and Em

Jan 23rd Sunday

Cooler to begin with,then up to 36 over the day, assembled seat, put out sculpture mowed slightly, started on letterbox, started cutting up ducks and chooks, 4 visitors, then dressed and  off with M off to help mind kids at funeral for jack,, amazingly poorly organised, very hot , no seats, even though I had an umbrella it nearly did me in, Dave and Stephen were there as well as Caleb and Em…home to nap and fish and chip tea, watched YS, all creatures great and small and lost in space and wilty.

Jan 22nd Saturday

Sunny warm, Julieanne gardened back garden I Finish grandpa sculpture do 2 ducks,, feeling listless and sore in legs maybe because of 3rd covid shot yesterday, I came and read book alex rider for rest of day, M went off to help K mind all 5 kids while edelmans went to say farewell to jack who died, K a bit unhelpful at times and David when he came home nuttier than usual, Pizza for tea watched YS, Wolf like me and white collar and why women kill

Jan 21 st Friday

Sunny, foggy still, off to have 3rd shot for covid, bought metal at martins, narelle about to leave, bought wood at hardware for seat, assembled most of  grandpa sculpture buy bits for seat and kookas ,reading book from 3.30,finished max anger, M off to help K Jack has fall, K helps naomi, watched bit of joker, white collar and what if.

Jan 20th Thursday

Fine and breezy, heading to hot not too bad as nice wind all day , finished kookas and started grandpa order, chased dog around most of day while M went and helped k with kids and appts beef snitzel burger for tea watched alan and Miriam, Bump, Hard quiz and you tube

Jan 19th Wednesday

Fine and breezy to begin supposed to warm up did 4 pieces write ups, no Noel and Brittany, Start work on road warriors, M to go and help K all day with various appts for kids and K, Meeniyan helen came and took flowers kpokas and ducks and chooks, I did 12 flowers after lunch and started cutting up 6 kookas, did chow mein for tea, watched YS, adam hills spicks and specks china century and Boba fett

Jan 18th Tuesday

Fine and grey to begin, M to take em back and didn’t have time to help her look for bricks to fill the aircon hole,2 people visited, gracie greeted them, Belinda did a flower and a long bearing caterpillar I did more small pieces , the organist, bird on a log, pushing your luck and butterfly flight., wrote up a couple , M back for tea had steak sandwiches, watched YS, lost in space and last 2 alex rider and qi

Jan 17th Monday

Cool and misty, the boys worked on grinder cutter and birds and cage holder,I did a snail, 9 kookaburras on sticks, finished bird on cloud, tidied and wrapped and made food, 13 people here today (bunyip community house) and sarah and 2 friends, Eleanor party in evening, Caleb and Em here as well as K and D and kids,had a nice meal then presents and edelmans went home. Talked for a bit watched young Sheldon and qi and bed.

Jan 16th Sunday

Fine and grey coolish then warmed up, paint seat again start on small pieces did a cat, small boxes started Assembled girl did a snail , Jillian came and her 2 cousins visted sold a mirror, M worked on shares and yellow Eleanor jumper, Marg baldassa and friend visited  egg sandwiches for tea, watched YS, last two stay close, and alex rider

Jan 15th Saturday

Fine and grey, no Julieanne to garden still has flu, I work on seat and all welded and one coat painted, sanded liquid ambar timber and put on rugged up girl and bird and cloud, not entirely happy assembled juggler, mowed across rd and nature strips and cut out another 10 flowers, Gracie met the Hydes and had 3 people visit. Did Indonesian curry for tea watched YS stay close and Red Notice action packed but superficial.

Jan 14th Friday

Fine and grey showers around, less attacks on gracie but still not settled,started seat ½ way done did small juggler too M does shopping, reading blood moon by gary disher, did more pages on products, did chicken skewers for tea and salad, watched some you tube, hard quiz, stay close, YS

Jan 13th Thursday

Fine and warming up, Gracie still being attacked by big ginge, quietened down a bit by end of day, I put together 22 flowers and painted and filled dragonflies, 5 people visited and I finished gary disher book whispering death, good, updated several pages on website with new categories, did chicken pieces and pasta and veges for tea watched YS stay close,china century and wilty

Jan 12 Wednesday

Fine and grey cool, no Noel and Brittany,painted big piece again and base, did 3 kookas  and 5 dragonflies  go and pick up dog Gracie, stopped at calebs to pick up phone then to Rspca seems like a long drive now as I haven’t driven anywhere for over a year, home again and big ginge not accepting of gracie , did fish patties and rice for tea watched YS, stay close, Boba fett and bones,,, bones is sillier but boba fett is very well done.

Jan 11th Tuesday

Fine and grey coolish maybe showers supposed to be hot,Rspca rang up and set up appt for tomorrow,  Belinda,did 2 flowers I did a tea pot and cut out 3 kookas finish orb and put in big piece painted, finish chair, M shopping at Pakenham with caleb, Mary and kids came and visited in afternoon did savory mince for tea watched YS Lost in space Bull and Qi mirrors

Jan 10th Monday

Fine and mild grey and misty fine up, get new mig gas,saw dary with damaged hand, picked up 3 wheels at metal recycler, the boys ,tony and peter, Keith came and took photo for publicity, Adam dropped in in case he had an exhibition, I got big piece all together and on base, started orb, went and got metal at martin, hot in afternoon, did sausage wraps for tea, watched last hawkeye, YS and stay close

Jan 9th Sunday

Fine and mild, grey, tidy up back of big piece start on front welding and base, McDonnells for lunch and afternoon,about 10 people in morning, egg and bacon for tea watched YS, some action movie, cats xmas special

Jan 8th Saturday

Grey and misty, coolish, work on chair painted and bolted still need to paint wood more and attach, and big piece back on, Opening of Jillian exhibition 30 people, pleasant afternoon, eggs on toast for tea watched YS Babs, alex rider and cats

Jan 7th Friday

Fine and mild, some cloud threatening, work on big piece , welded one side started on covering,4 people visited, bought chook food, more bolts and paint and mower fuel, mowed sculpture garden, fish bits for tea, watched ed Sheeran and Harry Potter and YS

Jan 6th Thursday

Fine and grey mild,fined up pleasant no wind, added lots  to website started big piece and sent out invitation email, 2 people visited, shopped at bunnings and coles, napped did snitzel burgers for tea watched stay close YS,Stumptown,and alex rider

Jan 5th Wednesday

Fine and cool grey, gentle cool breeze then windy but no rain here, added to website, no noel, finish off 5 pieces and do peacock and pelican, did island and  another piece, sue came for a bit, sorted out some of payments in with M assembled 5 pieces and photographed Sausages and rice patties for tea watched YS,lost in space, qi and

Jan 4th Tuesday

Fine and mild coolish to begin, Belinda did a new flower form, I did 5 small pieces, about 10 people through sold 210 did a few plasma demos, Quiche for tea Watched china century, YS, Marco Polo and Wilty

Jan 3rd Monday

Fine and cloudy mild, 22, did labels for gallery pieces, started the single bench for adele,cut out more flowers,the boys worked on bird stands, a spinning flower and a small grinder stand, out of mig gas, 3 people visited tidy up and finished man who died twice, chicken skewers for tea, watched YS, bones, QI  and la fortuna

Jan 2nd Sunday

Fine and cloudy, mild, add mechanism to base start a few flowers 2 people visited, mowed house block,, did bit of tidying up in shed, caleb borrowed car, reading book and napping most of afternoon to avoid heat and catch up on lack of sleep from last night, sausage rolls for tea watched YS, Marco polo, end of army of thieves and QI and hawkeye

Jan 1st Saturday

Fine and sunny, hot, added to website, brought diary up to date, work in shed in morning on base for piano mechanism, 4 people and Jillian visited spent afternoon napping and reading, did Jillians video steak and salad for tea watched YS army of thieves then went to Eildon to rescue Caleb whose car had broken down


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