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June 17, 2022

April diary

April Diary

April 30th Saturday

Fine and sunny, coolish breeze, rained heavily overnight, work on second side of big piece all off cuts welded in both sides,put wooded bases under digger bits, started finding bits for second side of big piece, 2 people visited, helped person make a cutting board, did ross video raw, quiche for tea watched mini oz, slow horses and derry girls

April 29th Friday

Fine and sunny, work on 2 handle creatures 1 cat and 1 man Ross and Barbara continue to set up exhibition I enter most of it on website, play with Mae after lunch, home to nap and read sausages for tea watched rolling stone doco, 10 % and Picard

April 28th Thursday

Fine and mild, cloudy, went to pick up ralph at robin hood, M had to pick him up from Warragul, M has most of day off, I finished dragonflies and did 2 small dogs, talked to Ross and Barbara setting up exhibition, lady came and picked up rooster and chook and chicks, Julieanne gardened, cleaned up side patio, did spaghetti for tea Caleb has game at 8.00, watched 10 % the sketchbook, Bull,

, April 27th Wednesday

Fine and coolish, Noel worked on second fire pit, I finish chooks order,by doing 3 small chickens, did 2 pelicans, start on 2 dragonflies, Mowed a lot of sculpture garden and house block,helped anita take down exhibition, pick up theo from school and take to OT, pass over to K at 5.00 wait for book club at country club, the bulldog track, talked to lynn, anne, barb, Jude, Jutta, helen,and Natalie, M saw peter shaw and family, home to watch derry girls and the outlaws

April 26th Tuesday

Fine and sunny,Belinda, did 2 flowers ,I welded other side to ½ of big piece, then did a chook and rooster, assembled all the small pieces, 3 people visited including wayne,nearly out of gas, swap over bottles, play with mae around 3.00,shop and home for nap Stephen Schmidt died!  M minds mae all day, Pilates at 6.30 with shari, kfc tea, watched smother and bones and Qi

April 25th  Monday

Anzac day, fine and mild, I finish plasmacuts and started new big piece, ½ mostly done, the boys worked on back of seat and weathervane,M did washing and made bed, had chicken biryani meal for tea mediocre, watched slow horses, grand designs, abbot elementary, Caleb cam and picked up Ralph and helped m with computer

April 24th Sunday

Fine and coolish, paint ballet girl, M to melb to see em finished 2 heavy metal cats,  one small nail bird, worked  on river plasmacut, sitter, clare and well fed plasmacuts Terry came and worked with oxy and brazing 6 people visited ,tried out new welder good but an annoying whine, did shopping and fish and chip tea, watched last pieces of me, derry girls and van der walk and Qi

April 23rd Saturday

Fine and mild coolish, finished ballet girl, did 2 small cats with heavy metal lumps  6 people visited M has a day at home doing shares, helped Terry with base for sculpture,did chicken skewers for tea,watched derry girls, pieces of me, the outlaws and Picard

April 22nd Friday,

Fine and sunny shopping first went to coles and chemist, then to ace, yarragon GH Bunnings and aldi,home to greet anita and son and grandson , small busload  then ross vanner with son and granddaughter  ( 12 humans) added to ballerina mesh,and stones nap M has afternoon off, had to go to Pakenham to pick up Ralph, hamburgers for tea,M talked to em  watched eyes of tammy faye ok

April 21st Thursday

Cool and grey. M to melb with k and kids,I started on mesh on ballerina, 4 people visited, did pasta and tuna casserole, Rockwiz tonight at warragul was excellent with the choosing of contestants from locals, Olympia, Mike Rudd, Kutcha Edwards all being guest artists, a really lovely night

April 20th Wednesday

Cool and showery, Noel finished dragster and started on chain frog, M off to mind kids while k helps with swimming, Mae speech,M home at 3.30, I work on finishing ballerina frame and start on coverings all skin is on but needs more grinding, did pinwheels for tea,watched hardquiz, pieces of her and wilty

April 19th Tuesday

Easter Tuesday, rained overnight and into morning, M off with k and kids to see a concert at arts centre Melbourne, Belinda, did 2 flowers for her boot, I finished cleaning dome piece for assemblage and put it in, painted, did a pelican and dog to get bits off the bench and cut out and set out most of frame of ballerina piece,rained all arvo,read book, did sausages for tea watched bull grand designs and slowhorses

April 18th Monday

Easter Monday,rained overnight ,grey and mild and possible showers, the boys  worked on birdcage stand and rooster weather vane, I assembled big tube ring on stand , started a small lizard like creature did crosswalking cat, and started cleaning paint off centre ball form,6 people visited, M shopped pizza for tea, watched the outlaws and 2 killing eve to finish series.

April 17th Sunday

Fine and sunny, worked on finishing 2 small birds and flower based vase, did a wonky vase, painted wood, cleaned off roof of gallery, cut wheel in ½ as base for tube ring, added to welding of tube ring, 8 people visited as well as anita and son troy did fish and chips for tea watched smother and 2 picard caleb came through and picked up Ralph

April 16th Saturday

Fine and mild cloudy, M to melb to see em, I start new sculpture using tube offcuts also did a vase using flowers and leaves and started a couple of birds for logs, about 18 people through charlotte paid for wild garden I did sweet and sour for tea, watched 2 killing eve and then the movie all the old knives

April 15th Friday

Good Friday, fine and mild but cloudy, Andrew and marlene came and got work ,K and family off camping for 3 days, finish last kooka do teapot and passionate dance, and horseshoe vase  lady came and bought 4 small sculptures, finished bulldog track, did rissoles for tea, M had a quiet day, watched a bit of Ariana grande,then smother picard and Qi

April 14th Thursday

Fine and sunny, no Julieanne,due to holidays M has morning off then full on arvo as K does all sorts of things before holiday,14 people visited, I did 2 dogs and 3 kookas, add last coat of paint to fish and assemble seat shopped in aldi and Drouin, did chicken wrapped in bacon for tea, watched Anderson elementary, picard and pieces of her

April 13th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, Noel worked on dragster mostly done, and helper, M minds kids while david helps naomi, M takes kids to speech, back and forth all day, I finished off golfer and box holder, drew out full size ballerina ,did fishing, mowed around house and mowed across rd and some of sculpture garden and nature strip, repaired belt which had come off, 2 people visited,lamb patties for tea, watched slow horses, Picard,hardquiz,Anderson elementary

April 12th Tuesday

Cool and grey, foot still achy, Belinda did 2 flowers for her boot,I work on seat frame all welded and one coat of paint on all,added to golfer, Olive and harry delivered wood, Ralph here Caleb to help M with kids in afternoon I help in afternoon and take theo to playgroup, shop and help sue drill holes, dinner at pub as wrap up for open studios all good, home early to watch bones then early to bed

April 11th Monday

Cool and showery, foot still achy, 2 families visited ,K off at classes, M to mind 2 kids I help after lunch The boys.worked on birdcage stand and mechanism with spring, I added to golf widow, bird box and a new seat frame , helped with kids for 1/1/2 hrs home to put out washing and do devilled sausages for tea. M takes theo to tumble gym at 4.4.5.m talked to em for a bit on the phone watched bones and started picard.

April 10th Sunday

fine and sunny, open studios,worked on finishing float and did plasmacut of ukranian girl, and box holder 23 people through, seats were picked up by Jakob fraser, big dog picked up, talked to sue preston re destination Gippsland,foot achy, did quiche and spanakopita for tea watched slow horses and picard and wilty and bull

April 9th Saturday

Fine and mild, Rokeby, open studios tidy up, M to K to help Eleanor to camp at 9.30 work on float,and did 2 peacocks, about 14 people visited talked to sarah Duck re visitors guide, did spanakopita for tea, watched Picard season 2, Rod stewart story and art walk John singer sargeant

April 8th Friday

Fine and mild, play with emails, did 2 birdbaths, M takes mae to dancing, have lunch with mae  M pick up kids at 2.30 2 people visited, reading the bulldog track, quiche for tea, watching last silent witness, Emily rings up

April 7th Thursday

Fine and mild, grey, Belinda 2 finished spring piece, John worked on off cut pieces and got tv working ,I start on saw dog saw cat and garden bed, m home in morning but has to do a bit in late afternoon and evening,I helped with mae and picking up kids in arvo, shopped,4 people visited, stuffed  caleb for tea did roast lamb watched 2 silent witness last of hard quiz and wilty

April 6th Wednesday

Fine and grey, Noel cut a drum in ½ and we made edges and grate for it, I  paint tree again and work on small pieces, 2 flower carriers, 1 juggler, Helen came from meeniyan and took away pieces, Felt a bit lightheaded during middle of day but after a nap I worked for another hour, M off to mind mae while k goes swimming with naomi. Did spaghetti for tea,watched 2 more silent witness and 1 hardquiz

April 5th Tuesday

Fine and mild,did heart thing,  Belinda, added to tree bit more, finished to first coat of paint, finished off some small pieces , chook ready along to assemble as is star catcher and I did another golf club head motorcycle, finished small pieces topsy turvey and long hair as well as break the chains,M chases mae all day cathy smith and friend visited, I went shopping for wire rods, a new portable drill and cutting discs, shopped at aldi and coles home to vacuum and mow a bit of sculpture garden, stuffed, tenders for tea( wraps) watched 2 silent witness and 1 world of dogs

April 4th Monday

Fine and grey, showery, had fire in evening,Jan garden dropped in and bought 2 small turned pieces, M chasing Mae all day, the boys worked on seat, another flower and a you tube creation I work on tree piece and cut out 2 small pieces, went and saw mae in arvo home to make pasta with corned beef, watched 2 silent witness

April 3rd Sunday

Fine and grey, showers? Daylight saving end, julieanne gardened, also brought out charlotte to meet gracie, I worked on 3 small pieces , unchained, topsy turvey and hair, also started tree piece, Opening of Anitas exhibition about 14 people there including Sue and Curnows, sausages in bread for tea watched last unforgotten and  2 picard  and slow horses

April 2nd Saturday

Grey a shower showered most of day lit fire, Jindi market on,sent off piece to SA  added to website, work in shed on finishing elephants, started tree piece, 10 people in morning lady picked up flower seat,M off to help with K and kids shopping,Eloise Linklater dropped in with tyrone, did Moroccan rolls and veges for tea watched Picard, unforgotten

April 1st Friday

Grey, a shower, Worked in shed and made a sitting cat, and cut out 3 small elephants, did one, went to play with mae,minding Mae til after 3.30 with M did some shopping, brought in washing finished book snakehead did fish and vegetables for tea, watched death on the nile and Qi


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