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March 23, 2022

february 2022 diary

February diary

Feb 28th Monday

Fine and grey Marians birthday, maybe showers later, did covid test, scratchy throat,the boys worked on vise and handle, I did characters and swirls and support for combined worlds 2 and it is upright,2 people visited, delivered round piece to harmers haven, shopped, did chicken snitzel on bread for tea, M rang don and em,watched killing eve and last trigger point.,

Feb 27th Sunday

Fine and grey no breeze now, finish last bird and do more on combined worlds, M off to memorial for Jack but couldn’t go due to K and theo and Eleanor having covid, stayed home and isolated, 15 people over day, did sausages on toast for tea watched all creatures and inventing anna and bump

Feb 26th Saturday

Fine and grey breezy coolish, took scrap to metal recycler, no wheels, worked in shed  on 2 more birds on logs ,another golf club bike and a spade echidna, Julianne savaged the blackberries, M shopping with K  for tap shoes for Eleanor, about 14 people over day, did fish and baked potato for tea watched kingsman, moved along ok and dopesick.

Feb 25th Friday

Fine and grey cooler, minding kids all day, Eleanor crook , mae to dance then back here, Pick up theo from school at 3 ish.helped mind kids til k gets home, added ingrids pics to website, chicken stroganoff for tea, watched the little things police procedural with a twist, quite good.

Feb 24th Thursday

Fine and mild, not as hot as yesterday, still muggy in arvo, Belinda 2 visited and worked on string shell piece, John came and worked on pieces, M has some of day off although a couple of the kids are crook and might need minding.I worked on small hemisphere for smaller combined worlds, also did a bird for some birds on logs pieces,Dents brought rels to visit and about 6 people were through over the day, I helped Ingrid and Geoff set up exhibition and sent off emails to emma and Donna, chicken frankfurts for tea caleb fixed my Ipad which wasn’t playing music, watched suspicion and inventing anna.

Feb 23rd Wednesday

Fine and sunny to be hot ,walk gracie  Noel worked on rocking chair and no Brittany, M minds kids all day I did the frame of the small hemisphere and did the edges of the big one, talked to adam,he seems sort of happy but grumpy and has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, Helen timbury visited really nice to talk to here prue, open studios  ,5 people visited 3 from warragul art group ,went and got longwarry 10mm rod metal after lunch and shopped, l did heart stuff tidied gallery and set out some new pieces, Bookclub tea at country club parma 6 people and talked about Jude moving, home to hard quiz adam hills and qi.

Feb 22nd Tuesday

Fine and Sunny, ½ walk Gracie Belinda did 2 standing flowers, I do more on combined worlds big piece, Main umbrella part finished, Russia invades Ukraine, disgraceful, taking theo from home to speech,5 people visited  back shop, wraps for tea Pilates bed, home to watch bump and trigger point

Feb 21st Monday

Cool and showery,then fined up to a lovely day, theo crook M to bring home then pick up mae  walk gracie, work on combined worlds ( ½ of big piece done) and jungle flowers ( started) , The boys finished a handle, made gutter holders and fixed a rake, Man came and picked up cat face I did a small landscape for him,I mind theo and mae while M picks up Eleanor then drive big square piece to Harmers Haven, talked to Ursula and werner, drive home M did tea sausages and potatoes, watched Vera and dopesick

Feb 20th Sunday

Fine and sunny and mild breezy later, get wood for seats, paint seat do weather vane and small helicopter, Man came to see adam exhibition talked to him for hours, adam did prints, I assembled seat M bought souvlaki for tea watched why women kill and van der Valk

Feb 19th Saturday

Fine and sunny mild,like an autumn morning, walk gracie, did most of dents seat, 8 people through and some long talks, holly brought her mum and kids in the afternoon and bought all sorts of things, did lamb puff and feta and pumpkin, watched Encanto, and all creatures.

Feb 18th Friday

Cool and grey, wrote up last two small pieces, walk gracie, work on end of line,and start seat frame for dents, also put base on big circle piece, M takes mae to dance then here til 3 ish, 2 people visited and adam I drive in and mind mae while M picks up others from school, did chicken kiev for tea, watched songs program then suspicion, the world according to jeff Goldblum and bones

Feb 17th Thursday

Cool and misty to begin fine and mild later sunny,wrote up small pieces from yesterday, walked gracie reading zen and Mcm tax people today home to morn tea then made hells golfers and started big dipper, 2 people visited, John came and worked, nap, made lamb koftas and middle eastern rice worked well, Caleb here for tea  watched adam hills, bump ,trigger point and Qi

Feb 16th Wednesday

Fine and mild,to begin,became warm and sultry walk gracie, Noel worked on chair and Brittany had sore back from whiplash, I painted block again and did weight watchers and modern beauty,2 people visited, delivered noels garden sculpture shopped at aldi Pick up theo at 3 25 to take to ot in warragul home again shopped in Drouin chicken and salad for tea watched suspicion, hard quiz and inventing alice.

Feb 15th Tuesday

Fine and cloudy to begin warmed up in arvo,walk gracie, M to help with kids all day ,Belinda did legs for a snake thing and a fish I finished off block, mounted it on stand and painted once, Adam came out to do something, and 2 others visited, pick up theo at 3.10 and take to speech with bianca at longwarry home to wrap tea, pilates on ball, home to watch vera

,Feb 14th Monday

Fine and mild to begin to be 33, walk gracie( off her food) fill ½ circle and 1 ½  sides of block,Ruth called in and joan and friend, M helped with mae all day the boys did flowers and worked on leg vyce, Helping M in arvo by picking minding mae then home finished getting of wisdom, fish and chip tea watched last 2 safe and all creatures

Feb 13th Sunday

Fine and sunny, lovely morning, walked gracie, reading getting of wisdom,weld rest of side 2 and wirebrush then join together did two sides with fill, 2 people visited. Pizza tea, M rang em and K watched last 2 reacher.

Feb 12th Saturday

Fine and mild to begin 30, took gracie for walk, a bit tuckered after, welded 2nd side of 2nd side, tidy up for exhibition fix vacuum cleaner, Adam opening at 2.00 adam a bit flustered and bringing in all sorts of stuff to do printing, tattooing and a small but heartfelt speech, about 20 people there mainly family and supporters but a couple of others like lynne and Ingrid ,quesadas for tea watched reacher safe and cats and countdown.

Feb 11th Friday

Fine and mild work in shed on big piece til 10ish all welded one side, Mae here after dance play with mae, 2 people visited went and got wheels from warragul unloaded and finished welding 1st side,chicken pieces for tea watched reacher, safe and Joanna Lumley and the swan woman

Feb 10th Thursday

Fine and cool, no kids, finish scout trophies, unload car, start again on werner piece gathering material for second side, gracie to vet John worked in shed and adam passed through for a short while, M picked up Eleanor from school Caleb for tea did spaghetti, watched safe, bull and Reacher, M talked on phone to K

Feb 9th Wednesday

Fine and mild, Noel started on rocking chair and Brittany started on serving tray, I assembled last birdfeeder and painted both then started scout trophies, one done, M to k early to mind kids , 2 people visited, then bring them home played with theo and mae til lunch when mae went off for speech minded theo, til 2 get metal from Longwarry,back to mind kids til 5ish, sausages for tea, did email for adam exhibition, watched hardquiz, boba fett and reacher

Feb 8th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, mild to begin Belinda did 2 flowers, assembled 2 birdfeeders started another painted one,talked to trish jones on phone,,deliver sculptures to N sth and some simple shopping, home to lunch nap. Play with mae, pick up theo at 3.10, go to longwarry for speech with theo, back to Drouin petrol, home nap did wraps for tea, Pilates, watched vera.

Feb 7th Monday

Fine and sunny with a slight breeze all day and evening, assembled seat, weld other side of face, start a couple of birdfeeders, the boys,worked on a knot, angle grinder stand and spinning flower, lady came and bought offcut bowl, Jessie had her drawing group (4), pick up theo from school at 3.10, shop hamburgers for tea, watched triggerpoint, bump and reacher and qi

Feb 6th Sunday

Fine and sunny a breeze, start on cube finish seat  mostly, did one face of square with hole in it 7 people in morning, talked to werner and Ursula ,all one side welded , M worked on paperwork all day, did korma curry for tea,looked at 93 diary, watched dope sick and reacher and a bit of wilty,

Feb 5th Saturday

Fine and sunny, Julieanne gardened, I painted ball again, worked on back of seat and all welded and 1 coat of paint, 7 people in morning, Rob and Julie, 2 ladies lunch then off to get car back from Caleb, shopped at coles then home and talked to Joan and adam, watched Safe, all creatures and alan and Miriam in scotland

Feb 4th Friday

Fine and sunny, warmer but still nice, clouds all day, repainted pieces,no Mae for day,after dance as all were vomiting, went and bought chook food, bunnings welding rods, gracie registration and tag, aldi shopping, Martin steel and Home hardware washers and wood, added a bit to seat, Kerry and judy came and talked in arvo, did steak for tea, watched last 2 tourist and qi , Caleb getting car with Julian,

Feb 3rd Thursday

Cool and grey to start,jumpers all day, article for gazette and ad, finish ursulas piece and tidy up ammonite, both painted started seat frame, John from Scotland visited talked in arvo,M has part day off shopped, Caleb takes Ralph home, Snitzel for tea, watched the tourist, safe and why women kill

Feb 2nd Wednesday

Cool and grey to start, No Noel and Brittany, aim to get main sides attached, started on covering of sides, did big sphere frame for combined worlds julie picked up grandads stuff sculpture ( happy), got gracies desex cert M has a very busy day chasing kids with K did corned beef pasta bake for tea watched last lost in space, boba fett and Hard Quiz and caleb sorted out Ms calendar on I pad,

Feb 1st Tuesday

Fine and sunny initially then grey and cool most of day, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks,I finish gathering pieces for second side and weld into place, both sides of side done, 2 people visited, M looks after mae, drs appt at 2.45, then shopping, back to K home Adam working on set up of exhibition most of afternoon,  sausages for tea watched the tourist, safe and lost in space.

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