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July 31, 2022

July Diary

July diary

July 31st Sunday

Fine and grey, coolish, vacuum gallery, help set up titles and photograph pieces, Jo’s opening 2.00 about 40 people there, sold 6 paintings, Pizza tea,some shopping, Ghost busters afterlife and the terminal list.

July 30th Saturday

Fine and sunny, worked in shed on cutting up one gas bottle and rejoining and grinding, Jo comes 10.00,talked to jo ,M helps K shopping,jo had 14 people through and 8 kids,nap, brought in some washing, sausages for tea  watched wilty,and the old man, bones and this is pop Brill building, Qi

July 29th Friday

Cool and showery fined up to nice day,M to mind mae all day mostly here. I laminate titles assemble small pieces,2 people visit, I started disassembling gas bottles, unload wood with olive,( wears me out) nap listen to ted podcast and watch moon knight episode, did green curry for tea, M and me help jo and andre and Julian set up gallery, watched bit of ascension and the undeclared war,

July 28th Thursday

Cool and fine then cool and showers, I finished skipping girl,painted take off again,and horse, did most of plane plane, and started two small catboxes, Julieanne gardened, M has most of day off, shopped after picking up kids in arvo,  send out Jo email, order sign, write up small sculptures, spaghetti for tea. Caleb drops in, watched stranger things and 2 capitani

July 27th Wednesday

Showery and grey, Noel to be late new carer Julie, working on small pieces,and started seat, M has morning off, helps when K helps with swimming, Maureen packed up her exhibition, I read book in arvo, cool and showery, tea at country club bookclub.then home to watch last leg and Joanna Lumley Rome

July 26th Tuesday

Mild but showery,No Belinda, working on bike rack car, fringe, redhead, robots,bird circle, I help with kids after 1.30 til 3.00,wraps for tea, watched a moon knight Pilates 2 people visited watched the undeclared war, and cats and dogs

July 25th Monday

Fine and mild, M to have morning off, Mae at kinder for a bit then home sick, the boys worked on jack feet and another weather vane, I,finish bird sculpture and start new smallish pieces including robot family, bike rack car, dropped off vapourizer to Mae,shopped, nap showered in arvo, did sausages for tea, watched the boys and undeclared war. M talked to em

July 24th Sunday

Fine and mild, M a bit better, worked on bird sculpture, all mounted, to be finally cleaned up, welded and painted, Whelans visited about 10 people over day,did chicken skewers for tea watched spiderman no way home and wilty

July 23rd Saturday

Grey and mild, work on bird second wing done on one side, M a bit off colour,about 15 people through, sold kangaroos and a big Maureen character, did shopping for gary dinner, garys dinner went well with lots of arty faces there home to watch the undeclared war and who do you think you are.

July 22nd Friday

Fine and sunny,to Calebs to be there while people repair garage door,shopped at aldi, read book for a while then biography of Arnold shwarznegger( 100 pages) then home to do chores and do snitzel for tea, watched the gray man ( very action packed but sort of unsatisfying) and this is pop

July 21st Thursday

Fine and sunny, frosty, M has day off, I work on bird body and start on wings, one wing done , Sanded ians table top, did fish and chip tea, watched last leg,capitrani, and the old man and murders in the building

July 20th Wednesday

Fine and clear , cold and frosty, lovely looking day, Noel worked on a Belinda flower I did a rooster and a bull head then work on bird body all chest and most of one side done, 2 people visited  M off to help K get kids off to school while she has a school meeting for theo, M home for an hour or so then takes Eleanor to dance, I take theo to ot, home to do korma curry for tea watched river, stranger things, capitani and wilty

July 19th Tuesday

Cool and grey some sunshine in morning, , mild, no Belinda, did 2 loads of washing, M off to mind mae all day,I finished peacock and did small piece Galloping house prices, started on large bird piece, body outlined, lunch nap went to mae, home nap did wraps for tea pilates with leith, home to watch abc with garry McDonald and alsoJoanna Lumleys Paris.

July 18th Monday

Cool and grey, showery, the boys worked on weather vane and carrier,  tidy shed, did 2 peacocks and 3 cats, started a rooster and small buildings, posted off morphu bay sign,watched a moon knight, M to take kids to school then pick up mae from kinder, did pasta bake for tea watched will andersons abc, last 2 Lazarus project

July 17th Sunday

Cool and grey showery Maureen had 15 people visit, cold and rainy in arvo, sat by fire, I worked on wire girl, started 2 peacocks, finished book a gentleman in Moscow, shopped pizza for tea, watched burn notice,dogs and cats, and susi and murders in the building.

July 16th Saturday

Cool and grey windy most of day and cold, finished piano tune creature, painted tow ball girl, started wire face, and completed mop top, Talked to Maureen over morning tea,15 people visited, lined up Jo to do exhibition,nap did burger for tea, watched persuasion, wilty and this is pop

July 15th Friday

Cool and grey fined up nicely, M to mind mae all day, I do tow ball girl  finish off clamp piece, started piano keys creature,dropped off seat to clarkes, 2 people visited, bought teapot,I help with mae in arvo picked up paint at home hardware,did steak for tea, watched the old man, chris pratt thing and lazarus

July 14th Thursday

Cool and grey no showers, Plumbers here to put in new heater, moved old one to shed, I modified morphou bay sign and added posters to back of seat, started tow ball girl, 4 people visited gallery, vacuumed, M shopped and picked up kids from school, I did spanakopita for tea, new heater works well but has paint smell at present, watched the boys, Lazarus, Caleb dropped in,

July 13th Wednesday

Finish after showers, Noel worked on birdfeeder I finished face piece and did frame for back of seat, Gary Phil, Graeme, wendy, Maureen and caroline visited also anita and map maker roger, Postcards crew after 2.30, Caroline, Dell and Brodie ,  and cameraman and sound man, worked through til 4.00, no rain but cold, M off helping K with mae and other kids, did chicken hotdogs for tea, watched adak gold, and stranger things and qi.

July 12th Tuesday

Grey and cloudy rain coming, no Belinda, has a cold, did waddell sign, then morphou bay sign, started on face piece,put wheels on helens press stand, talked to helen over lunch, cathy smith dropped in too, help with mae and take theo to speech shopped kebab for tea, Pilates, watched adak gold and bones

July 11th Monday

Grey and cloudy, new term, M off to mind mae who is a bit crook, 1 lady visited ,the boys worked on carrier and weather vane 2, I added to letterbox, did 6 kookas not on sticks yet and cut and glued Ians wood, went and helped with mae in arvo,bought hasp and staple, did chores and then chicken skewers for tea, watched,who do you think you are Myf Warhurst and last two Midwich and wilty,

July 10th Sunday

Clear and cool, cloudy, became a lovely day, unloaded car, Finish cleaning shed, then mowed sculpture garden,Maureen had about 20 people over the day including Karla and geocache girl did fish and rice for tea  M talked to K and em, watched Lazarus, and last 2 mystery road

July 9th Saturday

Rained most of night, showers today,worked on cleaning up shed, bottom ½ done, also put out all sculptures near shed and put mermaid on stand, Julieanne gardened, Maureen had about 15 people over day, M did scrambled eggs for tea, watched men in tights mystery road and Qi

July 8th Friday

Rained all night, cool and grey,showering all day a bit better but lightheaded, M went and helped k all day, finished ash pan, and 2nd coat for bird feeder, went to martin pick up steel, pies from longwarry, watched 2 moon knight, burn notice star wars 1, did pinwheels for tea watched the princess,mystery road and wilty

July 7th Thursday

Cool and showery, dropped ms car in to be serviced, home to did a bit of work on an ash tray for a fire then up to house to read in warmth, still a bit crook ( both of us) went and picked up Ms car finished 2nd bundle of joe picket books and started a gentleman in Moscow, mince on toast for tea, watched this is pop,( blur and oasis) then pirate gold, stranger things and a weird bones.

July 6th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, better than yesterday, No Noel, still weak after a restless night had a quiet day reading and napping, snitzel on bread for tea, watched the boys, police thing and wilty

July 5th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did 2 birds, then struck by diarrhoea and crook for rest of day as is M,4 people visited, tea of chicken soup, watched this is pop pirate treasure of adnak island and sisi and Qi

July 4th Monday

Fine and mild, the boys do birdfeeders and sign and letterbox, I worked on letter box and 2 birdfeeders, 8 people visit M takes em back after lunch had chicken roast for tea, watched last 2 hacks, and loot

July 3rd Sunday

Fine and sunny, 50 people over day, worked on basic letterbox, kerrie came and got balustrade, Maureens opening 2.00 em worked with M on computer and photo backup, pizza for tea watched  this is pop, and the spooks apprentice

July 2nd Saturday

Fine and sunny, no Julieanne to garden 8 people visited, Maureen here all day,worked on balustrade, repainted spider pieces and wood for mermaid, M went and picked up em did sausages for tea watched breach( bruce willis) and Free guy

July 1st Friday

Cool and grey,fined up to a nice afternoon, add to Maureens exhibition, photograph it, finished spider car and web circle, had to go to Pakenham to pick up balustrade, missed man delivering new heater, fish and chip tea, watched the terminal zone, abc celebration and di ray

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