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May 31, 2022

May diary 2022

May diary

May 31st Tuesday

Cold and breezy, rained overnight, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks, I finish golfer and digger and painted all 4 small pieces, did the leafy sea dragon seat and painted that and did a birdfeeder out of adams left over bit of upright and painted. 2 People came to pick up mother and child and bought small robot. Went in to look at heaters at cosy heaters then home for nap and painting of seat etc, Olive and Harry delivered wood, did tenders in Turkish rolls for tea , M minds mae in morning and picks up kids  Pilates,watched strom and hardy boys.

May 30th Monday

Fine and cool, The boys, worked on daffodils and fixing things, finish table top and paint, start on seat frame for sea dragon, did 2 small dogs and started another golfer character help with kids after 2 M picks up mae from kinder 2 people visited,.bought timber at home hardware, booked chiropractor and attended appt, did pinwheels for tea watched hard quiz, hacks and derry girls and QI

May 29th Sunday

Fine and cool.fined up to lovely day Don Pauli visiting, assembled ball of knitting,shopping, tidy M off to help K with kids swimming as Naomi into Hospital, 12 people over the day,Quiche for tea, watched stranger things and M talked to all 3 kids.

May 28th Saturday

Coolish and possible showers,julieanne to garden, tidy gallery put up pics on website, shopped in Drouin at woolworths,Judy opening 2 to 4,about 15 people there sold 2 paintings and range of small metal works, sausages in bread for tea, watched Louis Wain movie and Qi

May 27th Friday

Cool and misty, photograph exhibition, was going to work on attaching top to base  but all 3 kids here curric day, M minds them all day, Go get metal from martin, help with kids in arvo, 2 people visited  did meatballs for tea, watched 2 episodes of obi wan Kenobi and 2 episodes of bosch legacy

May 26th Thursday

Showers coming, grey and cool, work on table top, assemble small pieces from other day, did sort some of pile, M helps with mae in morning ,Adam called in to borrow biscuit joiner, Judy and Kerry coming to put up exhibition, exhibition up Joan and friend called by, dinner at N sth pub home to watch Bosch and last 10% abbott elementary

May 25th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, Noel,worked on fire pit and barrow planter, M to look after kids mae at ks  but only for a short time, I added to table top and welded 2/3 of one side, did tidy pile a bit, Ross and Barbara took down exhibition, created email and sent it out for judy exhibition, I take theo to ot at 3.30, back to ks, home M has get fire going, dinner at country club book club, great escape from the woodlands nursing home,Jude, lois, Lyn, Sue, Jutta and us, home to watch last 2 lincoln lawyer.

May 24th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, M off to chase mae and other two all a bit coldy, Belinda came and did 2 flowers finished by 10.00, I assembled second kangaroo and put it out in garden, cut off nose of first kangaroo, made circle for junk table top and started collecting bits, helped adam cut up table top, lunch nap to ks to help mind kids for an hr, bought seed for birds home to get fire going ,wraps for tea, M went to pilates I stayed home , did a bit of exercise, finished trophy hunt book watched Lincoln lawyer and derry girls.

May 23rd Monday

Fine and sunny, misty in valley, worked on kangaroo til tony arrived did 3 birds then 2 plasmacuts, tony worked on bootrack, pete worked on weathervane and Jim did a bit to spinning flower,Carmel and friend came and paid for seat and birdfeeder,  M went and got mae from kinder and helped until 5.30, did beef triangles for tea ok, watched hardy boys, Bosch, 10% and Lincoln lawyer

,May 22nd Sunday

Misty and cool, Labour and independents in power, did more work on Kangaroo,12 people visited,had rest of cannelloni for tea, watched captain Nova, nice childrens film, the Lincoln lawyer,

May 21st Saturday

Fine and sunny, election day, M off to help K with kids as they go to melb for a show , Murray came to look at job of moving stones,I worked on covering body of the kangaroo, ½ done sat in sun and read book, 12 people through, took balloon sculpture to heather and Lindsays pizza for tea looked at their new house home early and bed early.,

May 20th Friday

Cool and grey, M chases mae all day I help in arvo I finished the rider for the bird piece then drew the kangaroo design on the door and did the body and one hind leg and one fore leg outline in metal, went to neerim sth and got meat and pamphlets and some shopping then home for lunch, Adam came to do frame for his table, I went to Ks to help with kid, home to do fish and chip tea and watch Reminiscient, complex and good, then cats does countdown.,

May 19th Thursday

Cool and grey, Julieanne gardened and poisoned path, I did a rooster and an elephant, did a small plasmacut of gracie and started a bird form using some pointy agricultural things, Ross and Sergio photographed the exhibition, I shopped in arvo and took gracie to dog park, did cannelloni for tea,Caleb called by around volleyball, watched bosch, derry girls,and bull,

May 18th Wednesday

Breezy and cool, Noel worked on fire pit, I did 2 small bar dogs and 1 ring dragonfly as well as a rooster,M worked on Ks shares, M picked up theo and took to speech and Eleanor to dance, I dropped off anglegrinder to be fixed and bought paint and welding supplies at bunnings, Kievs for tea,watched the met, the Lincoln lawyer and cobra and wilty,

May 17th Tuesday

Cool and clear, M worked on ordering Ks shares, and took theo to speech, I unloaded trailer, finished second dog and worked on girl pieces, mowed most of sculpture garden,nap help adam cut up other log, Ross visited and bought a piece from exhibition,  reading second cjbox book, wraps for tea, pilates with arc barrell and bed watched bosch and the Lincoln lawyer

May 16th  Monday

Mild and sunny, had tank cleaned out, The boys worked on daffodils and the weathervane, M has a few days off as mae has a bad cold and K is staying home to mind her, I did 1 dog and ½ another, started 2 small girl pieces and welded the gas tank top and bottom together, Water was delivered, I went and picked up balustrading from Drouin that Belindas father ernie told me about did pinwheels for tea, watched Lincoln lawyer, hardy boys abbott elementary and derry girls

May 15th Sunday

Mild and mostly sunny to begin, assembled seat cut up a green gas bottle and made a cat head vase from handle,moved boards to create area for dogs and birds, moved a few sculptures,5 people pizza tea shopped, watched grand designs, the Lincoln lawyer series,at the met and  hacks,

May 14th Saturday

Mild and grey to begin, finish  painting seat, and assemble other 3 kookas,did a girl with a window in her head,cut up branches we cut off  the other day, added more stones to edge of concrete, vacuumed gallery and added more signs,8 people visited mainly in morning, people from Pakenham came out to quote on job,did casserole for tea, watched sparks doco, the contractor, not great,and 10% and wilty

May 13th Friday

Misty mild to begin concrete pour, M minds mae all day including going with fay to fountaingate, I pick up kids from school,  2 mini buses came, one walked about, 4 other people after lunch, I work on seat all welded and one coat of paint on everything, cut out 4 3d kookas , one complete,shopped, and had a mini birthday party with mae, home to nap, then sausages in bread for tea, watched no time to die and 4the Bosch legacy.

May 12th Thursday

Kirk  and 2 others coming to do prep for concreting, Amanda not coming to quote for stones on path, Julieanne gardened, did 4 kookas on sticks,moved all birds and dogs I start on seat, M has most of morning off just has to help take kids afterschool,Ross and friend visit, caleb visits and sorts out tv, sausage rolls for tea,watched  hardy boys,and Qi

May 11th Wednesday

Coolish and grey, Man coming to quote on café blinds at 8.00, no Noel, unload car and start on orders got most of duchess order done,18 people small bus visited including Don Barret, M slightly later start M home early afternoon then both out to take kids places, I tripped over coming through the library side road, messy, took theo to ot, then home to do lamb Koftas for tea, watched cobra and gruen nation and Anderson elementary.

May 10th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, M has mae all day, Belinda came but, no 10mm rod, I did small robot, then 2 metal mirror frames then box carrier, Picked up a lot of metal ( 1000) play with mae in arvo,rang re café blinds, girl coming to quote on stones on thursday, wraps for tea, pilates at 7.30 watched bosch, and 10%

May 9th Monday

Fine and sunny, No kinder so M has mae all day, assembled girl with rainbow hair,did small bird box and cat camouflage box started on bull from towbar The boys did a spinning flower and the weathervane,went in after lunch and nap to play with mae, not long, then to warragul no 10mm rod and have to order via phone and N sth for food, did pinwheels for tea, watched granddesigns, bones,and bosch,

May 8th Sunday

Light rain to begin, mothers day, assemble shovel piece and bird cut up pieces for small boxes, cut up towbar,did girl with rainbow hair, adam came and took his wood and saw,M shop for dogfood etc did chops for tea, M talked to em, started to watch the concert series with diesel pentachrach but shitty humour watched last two outlaws

May 7th Saturday

Showery and blowy, rain? Did work painting and assembling part of shovel piece, finished a bird feeder and made a small bird on a block with a glass eye, still to be assembled, cold and unpleasant day, 5 people came and gave 2 orders and bought a birdbath and an owl, came up to the fire early and read and napped, did enchiladas for tea, M napped and talked to em re shares did enchiladas for tea watched bosch legacy,and 10% and a bowie doco.

, May 6th Friday

Fine to begin, still have cold, shopped at bunnings, aldi , then worked on shovel piece, also did a small wire and glass face ,M minds mae all day, I help after 2.30 for an hour, did snitzel for tea, watched last picard and shining girls,, cold night

May 5th Thursday

Fine to begin,still have cold  put another coat on bigpiece, did 4 birds, julieanne gardened, helping with kids from 3.00, pick up from school, get pizza, mind kids until k comes home from show with mae,Caleb comes by after crappy day at school and he has cold too, watched bones, the sketchbook,early to bed.

May 4th Wednesday

Fine to begin but showers coming, I have cold, no Noel, M helps K all day finish most of big piece still have to attach characters, did some of a birdfeeder and 10 flowers helped adam with cutting up wood and planning, sold some stuff had lunch, nap, shower, shopped, did chow mein for tea, watched hard quiz cobra and part of an early star trek went to bed early,

May 3rd Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda did 2 flowers now out of 10mm rod, I worked on rooster and big piece, all clean and one ½ attached to base, did a birdfeeder and cleaned up ½ gas bottle of paint, mow across rd M minds mae all day I help from 2 to 3, did washing and moved grass from over door, pilates at 6.30, floor mat,kfc tea, home to watch derry girls and the outlaws

May 2nd Monday

Fine and mild, did heart thing, work on big piece all second side welded, did a rooster, made 2 bases for birdbaths, the boys worked on the seat and the weathervane, 2 people visited , Man who swept road gave us a big pile of stones, M still has cold, has morning off. Russell came and got balloon piece, rang tank cleaning co, also arts centre manager,  did thai green curry for tea from packet, watched Barons, very youthful pushy and shovy,Bones,and 10%

May 1st Sunday

Cool and grey, did ross video and uploaded to you tube, shop for exhibition,Fiona has covid,put out sculptures, opening was good with about 25 people gracie very popular, quiche for tea watched the tender bar, good, Qi.

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