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, March diary

March 31st Thursday

Cooler and showery,fined up in afternoon, Belinda 2, worked on wood and metal piece, M has mae most of day, I finished word of mouth and did 5 kookas on sticks, John came and worked, Ingrid and anita took down Ingrid show and set up anitas, 5 people visited, john pike came and bought combined worlds and his friend bought waiting girl, shopped for groceries, stuffed, roast for tea,watched pieces of her,bones and Anderson elementary

March 30th Wednesday

Fine and mild grey,finish off rolling sea and birdfeeder, Noel and cardi, worked ondrum stand, I did 2 peacocks, take theo from school to OT ,got wheels from recycler, back to Drouin then to country club to discuss book for bookclub, had middle eastern Lamb, mediocre, left early home stuffed,to watch adam hills and hardquiz.

March 29th Tuesday

Fine and mild grey, Belinda did 2 flowers, did letter box front, and 2 plasmacuts for Kandy, also did bird feeder base and dish, painted dog again, M looks after mae all day.zoom meeting re Walhalla sculpture, sausages for tea No Pilates as both too unenergetic from covid watched picard, unforgotten and Qi

March 28th Monday

Fine and mild, grey to begin,tidy up, only peter of the boys, tony has jury duty, M to look after mae,in afternoon, I finished bird feeder and did a bit on a second, I did a small bearing ballet dancer and a basketball ring circle bird landscape,tried to make chook food more rat proof, vacuumed and swept kitchen and most of patio, finished book waking sea of dreams, did curry and rice for tea,10 people visited some orders, watched last dopesick, wilty and unforgotten and pieces of her.

March 27th Sunday

Fine and sunny, did more on birdfeeder, cut up branches hanging over driveway and took to pile, 3 people came and then 15 Studebaker car club came,m did tidying looking for card and a bit on shares  off to Irenes memorial event at Inverloch saw grant and kids and grand kids, lots of others then came home,at least one person visited in arvo exhausted, nap sandwich tea,watched unforgotten, picard and wilty

March 26th Saturday

Fine and sunny, worked on dog head attached to body all painted started a birdfeeder No julieanne, Belinda came and worked on wire spiral.Dale came and picked up dead welder, 4 people visited, finished Chinese whispers and reading sea of unconscious dreams, did rissoles for tea, M talked to em on phone we watched first guardians of galaxy

March 25th Friday

Fine and mild, attach wood to bird seat maybe paint hearts add bird to wild garden laminate signs for small pieces ,Ross and wife came to pick up painting, Wayne and delene came to see exhibition  do more on big dog, M off to mind mae bus group 20 around 2.00 sold a few pieces about 350, Eleanor back from camp, Mae has backpack and suitcase ready to go! fish and chip tea, mediocre,watched dopesick, adam hills and bones

March 24th Thursday

Cool and grey, no Belinda 2 off to venus bay, I did 5 owls, continue with big dog, M has most of day off, no Julieanne, I went and bought 10mm rod and some 16mm from Martin steel, shopped for wood at home hardware shopped for milk and bread in Drouin, home of lunch and nap, John working in shed, painted one set of wood for bird seat, no zoom meeting, chicken roast for tea watched 2 troppo, and dora Carrington art walk, with helena bonham carter, didn’t know anything about her til then,caleb had volleyball,

March 23rd Wednesday

Cool and grey fining up, m off to mind mae while twins swim with K, I modify/ cut up jen and steve chair to suit hearts order, finished small characters, cut up 5 owl bodies and heads from pipe,Noel worked on 44 gallon drum firepit holder , different carer, started biggish dog and finished characters to stand point, painted, went and got gas from warragul solar and gas and shopped at aldi, reading Chinese whispers and living sea of waking dreams, did quesadillas for tea watched troppo , hard quiz , pieces of her and wilty

March 22nd Tuesday

Cooler and grey maybe showers later, Belinda did 2 flowers, wayne visited, M off to help with mae I finished 2 pelicans and  2 birdbaths started on small characters and mowed across rd,did snitzel and rice for tea watched dopesick, bull and picard

March 21st Monday

Fine and mild, the boys Worked on a seat and the vyce project, jim made another flower, I did small bird for wild garden piece, finished vicious circle and did parts of pelicans and 2 peacocks,as well as a dish and a base or two for birdfeeders M has morning off as mae at kinder.Jessie had drawing with dee and Geoff. Sausage rolls for tea, watched pieces of her,troppo,and  picard Qi

March 20th Sunday

Wedding anniversary, fine and sunny, work on rest of chair designs, all welded and painted, did more laminated signs and started on viscious circle, dinner at Drouin hotel, home to watch unforgotten why women kill and tate art walks with billy connelly

March 19th Saturday

Fine and sunny a bit of a breeze, do seat frames  mowed sculpture garden 12 people through sold 2 of ingrids paintings, talked to angie, 4 animals and a small piece, mowed house block , put out some new laminated signs, M to help K shoe shopping,spaghetti for tea, talked to Paddy on phone, watched last days of ptolomy grey,why women kill, and wilty

March 18th Friday

Grey and mild to begin M to take mae to dance, I finish off characters, order metal, cut up fallen branch,finish off laminating pieces for signs, felt mediocre most of day, had a couple of naps,morning tea,got lunch went and helped play/mind mae, went to longwarry to get metal home to do chicken skewers for tea watched George Michael doco, last suspicion, the adam project movie, quite good

March 17th Thursday

Grey and mild to begin, quite warm and sunny for most of day, Belinda 2, worked on piano wire piece I did a lot on 2 characters for combined worlds, still need hair and attachment and finished tank stand, busload of 20 people from probus sold 5 cards,John worked in shed, Julieanne tidied up M helped to find sculptures whose signs had faded and we printed off them in arvo, M picked up kids from school, I laminated about ½ of signs, finished reading the killing room, did Moroccan rolls for tea watched Qi, picqard,bones and killing eve

March 16th Wednesday

Showered most of night, grey and mild to start cloudy but humid all day , Noel and no Brittany,, noel worked on back of rocker, has gone home,I finished 3 dragonflies and did more on stank stand,M helps K mind kids all day, I read between morning tea and lunch, hung out washing and vacuumed, shopped for water purifier and aldi shopping then I pick up theo and take to ot,, checked in at metal recycler and shopped at coles, home for nap, did wraps for tea, watched troppo, hard quiz and adam hills

March 15th Tuesday

Mild and grey to begin showered a bit overnight,fine warm day after showers then showers again in arvo, Kids have curric day, Belinda in morning, she did 2 flowers, I did a dog and an emu and did a bit on tank and painted wild garden 2, 2 people visited , kids played outside games a lot, I help M with kids til 3 M minded kids while k had parent teacher night at primary school,not home til after 7, did chicken pasta thing for tea watched  who do you think you are liz carr, last wisting, why women kill

March 14th Monday

Long weekend Monday,Fine and mild lovely autumn colours, the boys welding working on vyce and another seat frame, I did a square kooka and tidied up started a tankstand and painted wild garden,2 people came and picked up seat , mum and daughter bought a duck and flower, Tim visited in arvo heavy showers near teatime reading the 4th sacrifice,M rang em and K and caleb, watched bones, wisting and qi

, March 13th Sunday

Fine and mild lovely autumn day, added more to wild garden first coat of paint, M to visit caleb shopped for him had 20 people through, did demos read book, rained at end of day while selling squared off kookas, power went out with big lightning strike and heavy showers, pizzas and some shopping for tea, power back watched all creatures xmas special, inventing anna and suspicion

March 12th Saturday

Fine and mild lovely autumn day, work on wild garden, bases made and 2 flowers and birdbath added,read book for part of day, rob and julie took away birdbath and small dog and 4 people visited, did fish and chips for tea, watched the Addams family movie, Caleb has Covid now, watched upload.

March 11th Friday

Fine and sunny,booked rockwiz tickets assemble kookas piece do more petals for wild garden, Minding mae after dance with M Graham duell dropped in to see exhibition,,reading book shopped did meatballs for tea watched Respect, very good bio of aretha

March 10th Thursday

Cool and grey fine mild autumn day,no Belinda 2, finish kookas piece start on wild garden,John worked in shed on fairground rides,Mawarra group visited and 2 ladies doing research for next week,I worked til 3.30, finished book firestarter M to pick up kids from school,did honey mustard chicken for tea, M talked to em and K, watched hard quiz wisting and qi

March 9th Wednesday

Cool and grey but fined up to a lovely day, no noel and Brittany, finished off heavy metal cat from yesterday, cut up 4 kookaburras from square tube and made 2 of them, M went and got milk for morning tea then went to help K, I went shopping and also for chemist tablets, still feeling bit lightheaded, had a nap put on silverside, reading book the Firestarter by Peter May,silverside and mash potatoes for tea, Caleb passed through,watched why women kill, troppo and adam hills and wilty

March 8th Tuesday

Coolish and grey, showered overnight,  worked in shed on assembling playing in the sand, scruffy bird and cutting hairstyle, then did most of julie and robs order, adjusted the combined worlds piece and did a high note and started heavymetal cat, 3 naps, did sausages and eggs for tea, watched bump last one of season, dopesick, ghastly as the pursuit of money and power leaves dying in its wake,and the girl in the window across the street etc,,maybe

March 7th Monday

Sunny and coolish, breezy, finished cast Iron, last of the enzo books, walk gracie around sculpture garden,M did shares and talked to K, I work in shed on nail bird, cut out head for axe haircut, and playing in the sand,also did 5 dragonflies, Jessie had one person at drawing,,I felt a bit weird in arvo, reading book, still isolating,did chicken curry for tea watched last janet Jackson, wisting, picard

March 6th Sunday

Misty and showery to begin, feeling a bit better, worked in shed and did plasmacut stretch and whirly bird 2,including wood, didn’t involve in opening due to Covid ( 20 people?) wrote up these two pieces and reading cast iron, potato bake for tea watched  janet Jackson 3, troppo, killing eve and Qi

March 5th Saturday

Rainy to begin then mild and grey after, did labels for pieces in gallery ,and laminated, talked to Grant, read papers,very quiet day,couple of people visited the gallery, finished Blowback had a couple of naps,did meat patties for tea, watched Janet Jackson, Picard, Bull and why women kill

March 4th Friday

Cool and grey to begin, assembled cutting edge boat and did most of real wedgetail, still heady and lethargic, read most of afternoon, quite warm did crumbed steak for tea watched Janet Jackson 1 and some people want me dead which though ok wasn’t as good or as wrapped up as the book, tried to ring Grant promising solar but he hung up! Rained overnight and early morning

March 3rd Thursday

Fine and sunny, feeling a bit mediocre, Julieanne  gardened in sculpture garden and helped tidy the gallery, I assembled seat but nothing else, lightheaded almost dizzy at times, reading Peter may book, 5 people visited turned Belinda away john worked in shed as he had had covid, talked to Ingrid re opening, M talked to K on phone, did wraps for tea Caleb dropped off extender for Ms puffer and got groceries for K too, watched the hitmans wifes bodyguard , lots of action but very cartoonish, and bones,

March 2nd Wednesday

Grey and mild, warmed up in arvo still feeling mediocre, I tested positive for covid today, assembled rest of seat and painted wood and metal, did small piece cutting edge boat design, reading a fair bit being up and down with temperature and enthusiasm. Same with M, who did talk to dave. Roast for tea, caleb dropped off food, watched troppo and suspicion, adam hills and hard quiz

March 1st Tuesday

Grey and mild,no rain here though, lots in Melb,  Belinda  did 2 flowers, did frame and images for farm seat M has covid   and I probably have it, worked until 11.00 then up for food and nap read most of afternoon ad I felt light headed and sore legs, did sausage rolls for tea, rang kids, and Internet was out due to heavy rains in Melbourne, reading black light blue restless night with body temp changes

February diary

Feb 28th Monday

Fine and grey Marians birthday, maybe showers later, did covid test, scratchy throat,the boys worked on vise and handle, I did characters and swirls and support for combined worlds 2 and it is upright,2 people visited, delivered round piece to harmers haven, shopped, did chicken snitzel on bread for tea, M rang don and em,watched killing eve and last trigger point.,

Feb 27th Sunday

Fine and grey no breeze now, finish last bird and do more on combined worlds, M off to memorial for Jack but couldn’t go due to K and theo and Eleanor having covid, stayed home and isolated, 15 people over day, did sausages on toast for tea watched all creatures and inventing anna and bump

Feb 26th Saturday

Fine and grey breezy coolish, took scrap to metal recycler, no wheels, worked in shed  on 2 more birds on logs ,another golf club bike and a spade echidna, Julianne savaged the blackberries, M shopping with K  for tap shoes for Eleanor, about 14 people over day, did fish and baked potato for tea watched kingsman, moved along ok and dopesick.

Feb 25th Friday

Fine and grey cooler, minding kids all day, Eleanor crook , mae to dance then back here, Pick up theo from school at 3 ish.helped mind kids til k gets home, added ingrids pics to website, chicken stroganoff for tea, watched the little things police procedural with a twist, quite good.

Feb 24th Thursday

Fine and mild, not as hot as yesterday, still muggy in arvo, Belinda 2 visited and worked on string shell piece, John came and worked on pieces, M has some of day off although a couple of the kids are crook and might need minding.I worked on small hemisphere for smaller combined worlds, also did a bird for some birds on logs pieces,Dents brought rels to visit and about 6 people were through over the day, I helped Ingrid and Geoff set up exhibition and sent off emails to emma and Donna, chicken frankfurts for tea caleb fixed my Ipad which wasn’t playing music, watched suspicion and inventing anna.

Feb 23rd Wednesday

Fine and sunny to be hot ,walk gracie  Noel worked on rocking chair and no Brittany, M minds kids all day I did the frame of the small hemisphere and did the edges of the big one, talked to adam,he seems sort of happy but grumpy and has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, Helen timbury visited really nice to talk to here prue, open studios  ,5 people visited 3 from warragul art group ,went and got longwarry 10mm rod metal after lunch and shopped, l did heart stuff tidied gallery and set out some new pieces, Bookclub tea at country club parma 6 people and talked about Jude moving, home to hard quiz adam hills and qi.

Feb 22nd Tuesday

Fine and Sunny, ½ walk Gracie Belinda did 2 standing flowers, I do more on combined worlds big piece, Main umbrella part finished, Russia invades Ukraine, disgraceful, taking theo from home to speech,5 people visited  back shop, wraps for tea Pilates bed, home to watch bump and trigger point

Feb 21st Monday

Cool and showery,then fined up to a lovely day, theo crook M to bring home then pick up mae  walk gracie, work on combined worlds ( ½ of big piece done) and jungle flowers ( started) , The boys finished a handle, made gutter holders and fixed a rake, Man came and picked up cat face I did a small landscape for him,I mind theo and mae while M picks up Eleanor then drive big square piece to Harmers Haven, talked to Ursula and werner, drive home M did tea sausages and potatoes, watched Vera and dopesick

Feb 20th Sunday

Fine and sunny and mild breezy later, get wood for seats, paint seat do weather vane and small helicopter, Man came to see adam exhibition talked to him for hours, adam did prints, I assembled seat M bought souvlaki for tea watched why women kill and van der Valk

Feb 19th Saturday

Fine and sunny mild,like an autumn morning, walk gracie, did most of dents seat, 8 people through and some long talks, holly brought her mum and kids in the afternoon and bought all sorts of things, did lamb puff and feta and pumpkin, watched Encanto, and all creatures.

Feb 18th Friday

Cool and grey, wrote up last two small pieces, walk gracie, work on end of line,and start seat frame for dents, also put base on big circle piece, M takes mae to dance then here til 3 ish, 2 people visited and adam I drive in and mind mae while M picks up others from school, did chicken kiev for tea, watched songs program then suspicion, the world according to jeff Goldblum and bones

Feb 17th Thursday

Cool and misty to begin fine and mild later sunny,wrote up small pieces from yesterday, walked gracie reading zen and Mcm tax people today home to morn tea then made hells golfers and started big dipper, 2 people visited, John came and worked, nap, made lamb koftas and middle eastern rice worked well, Caleb here for tea  watched adam hills, bump ,trigger point and Qi

Feb 16th Wednesday

Fine and mild,to begin,became warm and sultry walk gracie, Noel worked on chair and Brittany had sore back from whiplash, I painted block again and did weight watchers and modern beauty,2 people visited, delivered noels garden sculpture shopped at aldi Pick up theo at 3 25 to take to ot in warragul home again shopped in Drouin chicken and salad for tea watched suspicion, hard quiz and inventing alice.

Feb 15th Tuesday

Fine and cloudy to begin warmed up in arvo,walk gracie, M to help with kids all day ,Belinda did legs for a snake thing and a fish I finished off block, mounted it on stand and painted once, Adam came out to do something, and 2 others visited, pick up theo at 3.10 and take to speech with bianca at longwarry home to wrap tea, pilates on ball, home to watch vera

,Feb 14th Monday

Fine and mild to begin to be 33, walk gracie( off her food) fill ½ circle and 1 ½  sides of block,Ruth called in and joan and friend, M helped with mae all day the boys did flowers and worked on leg vyce, Helping M in arvo by picking minding mae then home finished getting of wisdom, fish and chip tea watched last 2 safe and all creatures

Feb 13th Sunday

Fine and sunny, lovely morning, walked gracie, reading getting of wisdom,weld rest of side 2 and wirebrush then join together did two sides with fill, 2 people visited. Pizza tea, M rang em and K watched last 2 reacher.

Feb 12th Saturday

Fine and mild to begin 30, took gracie for walk, a bit tuckered after, welded 2nd side of 2nd side, tidy up for exhibition fix vacuum cleaner, Adam opening at 2.00 adam a bit flustered and bringing in all sorts of stuff to do printing, tattooing and a small but heartfelt speech, about 20 people there mainly family and supporters but a couple of others like lynne and Ingrid ,quesadas for tea watched reacher safe and cats and countdown.

Feb 11th Friday

Fine and mild work in shed on big piece til 10ish all welded one side, Mae here after dance play with mae, 2 people visited went and got wheels from warragul unloaded and finished welding 1st side,chicken pieces for tea watched reacher, safe and Joanna Lumley and the swan woman

Feb 10th Thursday

Fine and cool, no kids, finish scout trophies, unload car, start again on werner piece gathering material for second side, gracie to vet John worked in shed and adam passed through for a short while, M picked up Eleanor from school Caleb for tea did spaghetti, watched safe, bull and Reacher, M talked on phone to K

Feb 9th Wednesday

Fine and mild, Noel started on rocking chair and Brittany started on serving tray, I assembled last birdfeeder and painted both then started scout trophies, one done, M to k early to mind kids , 2 people visited, then bring them home played with theo and mae til lunch when mae went off for speech minded theo, til 2 get metal from Longwarry,back to mind kids til 5ish, sausages for tea, did email for adam exhibition, watched hardquiz, boba fett and reacher

Feb 8th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, mild to begin Belinda did 2 flowers, assembled 2 birdfeeders started another painted one,talked to trish jones on phone,,deliver sculptures to N sth and some simple shopping, home to lunch nap. Play with mae, pick up theo at 3.10, go to longwarry for speech with theo, back to Drouin petrol, home nap did wraps for tea, Pilates, watched vera.

Feb 7th Monday

Fine and sunny with a slight breeze all day and evening, assembled seat, weld other side of face, start a couple of birdfeeders, the boys,worked on a knot, angle grinder stand and spinning flower, lady came and bought offcut bowl, Jessie had her drawing group (4), pick up theo from school at 3.10, shop hamburgers for tea, watched triggerpoint, bump and reacher and qi

Feb 6th Sunday

Fine and sunny a breeze, start on cube finish seat  mostly, did one face of square with hole in it 7 people in morning, talked to werner and Ursula ,all one side welded , M worked on paperwork all day, did korma curry for tea,looked at 93 diary, watched dope sick and reacher and a bit of wilty,

Feb 5th Saturday

Fine and sunny, Julieanne gardened, I painted ball again, worked on back of seat and all welded and 1 coat of paint, 7 people in morning, Rob and Julie, 2 ladies lunch then off to get car back from Caleb, shopped at coles then home and talked to Joan and adam, watched Safe, all creatures and alan and Miriam in scotland

Feb 4th Friday

Fine and sunny, warmer but still nice, clouds all day, repainted pieces,no Mae for day,after dance as all were vomiting, went and bought chook food, bunnings welding rods, gracie registration and tag, aldi shopping, Martin steel and Home hardware washers and wood, added a bit to seat, Kerry and judy came and talked in arvo, did steak for tea, watched last 2 tourist and qi , Caleb getting car with Julian,

Feb 3rd Thursday

Cool and grey to start,jumpers all day, article for gazette and ad, finish ursulas piece and tidy up ammonite, both painted started seat frame, John from Scotland visited talked in arvo,M has part day off shopped, Caleb takes Ralph home, Snitzel for tea, watched the tourist, safe and why women kill

Feb 2nd Wednesday

Cool and grey to start, No Noel and Brittany, aim to get main sides attached, started on covering of sides, did big sphere frame for combined worlds julie picked up grandads stuff sculpture ( happy), got gracies desex cert M has a very busy day chasing kids with K did corned beef pasta bake for tea watched last lost in space, boba fett and Hard Quiz and caleb sorted out Ms calendar on I pad,

Feb 1st Tuesday

Fine and sunny initially then grey and cool most of day, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks,I finish gathering pieces for second side and weld into place, both sides of side done, 2 people visited, M looks after mae, drs appt at 2.45, then shopping, back to K home Adam working on set up of exhibition most of afternoon,  sausages for tea watched the tourist, safe and lost in space.

March work

Big pieces: 3 kookas on a pole

Small pieces affection, star material and flower, vicious circle, tank stand, squared off kooka, heavy metal cat, playing in the sand ,scruffy bird cutting edge hairstyle, cutting edge boat design, high note, whirlybird 2, stretch, , real wedgetail, basketball hoop bird, ballet dancer, on the rolling sea, word of mouth

Garden art  5 bird feeder, 5 owls,2 pelicans, 4 peacocks,3 dragonflies, 5 small dragonflies 1 dog, 1 emu, 5 kookas on sticks

Furniture: heart and bird seat

Orders tall bird feeder big junk dog, 2 heart seats,rob and julies birdbath, wild garden combined worlds farm seat,, kandys 2 plasmacuts, letterbox front panel

February work

Big pieces

Little pieces; 3 bird on log pieces, Helicopter, end of the line, 2 hells golfers pieces, modern beauty, weight watchers, overfeeding the cat and genetic mutation

Garden art 3 birdfeeders, spade echidna,

Orders :smaller combined worlds, big square with round hole, big circle with square hole, Dent dragon seat, bee weathervane ,jungle flowers started, 2 scout trophies

Furniture: 2 flower seat,

January Work

Big pieces: Pod, mechanism,

Little pieces, road warriors, road warrior resting,the organist, bird on a log, butterfly flight, pushing your luck, 2 snails,cut out cat,rugged up girl, bird and cloud, 2 small liquid ambar boxes,juggler in the mix, single cup teapot, scrap teapot,island, rainbow slide, swirl girl,bubble catcher, 3 rock and tube and flower pieces

Garden art  5 chooks,  7 ducks, 34 flowers 9 jewel dragonflies, 9 kookas, 9 kookas on sticks,1 owl, 1 owl on a stick,2 peacock, 2 pelican

Orders dog letter box, grandpas stuff,ccl seat,single bench seat, start on ursulars circle

Jan diary 2022

Jan 31st Mon

Cool and pleasant, more on adams ex, do other side of circle piece, assemble rock pieces and start second side panel ,The boys added to dragon and birdcage stand, refixed spinning flower and finalized small angle grinder in stand, , 2 people visited  M has Eleanor and Mae here til 1.45, pick up theo from school I helped mind Mae with M until K got home, wraps for tea, Adam did some work on a new pencil

Jan 30th Sunday

Cool and pleasant, help Adam with exhibition start on ursulas piece, one side of one side done, also worked on rocks and flower pieces, 8 people visited, stopped at 4.00 did chicken pieces for tea, watched bump, the tourist and vera.

Jan 29th Saturday

Rained overnight, coolish, helped cut up wood to hang drawings in exhibition,finished dragonflies, 1 visitor,did a pelican and peacock, feeling a bit mediocre, M did shares and shopped, did puff pastry parcels for tea, watched the tourist, dopesick and hard quiz

Jan 28th Friday

Muggy again, maybe showers, minding 3 kids today, mostly fun and kids played games with each other, Adam brought in most of exhibition and Tim brought up pieces from Wonthaggi, did spaghetti for tea to use up rest of meatballs watched alan and mIriam,, songs of the 80s and wilty

Jan 27th Thursday

Muggy to begin then rain for much of morning,then hot in arvo and warm in evening, Joanna and Pieta here to weld , Joanna did a dog and learnt lots of stuff, I did 3 ducks, then lunch and nap M off helping K with kids appts, caleb came through to pick up Ralph, found new 2 extra days at warragul Nth ,did 4 dragonflies unfinished read book did chicken skewers for tea, watched bomb show on stan, started to watch the new professionals( dreadful) watched bones and Qi

Jan 26th Wednesday ( Holiday)

Fine and pleasant to start, Noel worked on a small owl, I did 3 chooks and 1 owl and assembled vase and worked on write up of morlake experiences, 7 pages so far, did sausage rolls for tea, then watched YS, boba fett, M worked on bills and tax and talked to K re diaries wolf like me

Jan 25th Tuesday

Fine and pleasant to start  but got hot by 10, Belinda did 2 flowers then went home early I worked on 2 ducks and 2 chooks, M off to mind kids again.I then wrote more on mortlake times, 2 visitors sold birdbath,nap and more writing started John grishams the racketeer M shopped and brought home a cooked chook for tea, watched white collar, YS,QI and stumptown

Jan 24th Monday

Fine and mild to start, but got hot after lunch, hung out washing, tidied shed, started back into the dog mailbox doing the frame and cover for the slot and finally the head and neck, over the morning I got the front legs done and in the afternoon the back legs. the boys worked on a dragon cutout, the hand grinder on a stand and repairing spinning flowers. Sue dropped out with daisy and then 2 people came to see jillians exhibition and I talked to them for over an hour,M to mind kids for k as she goes to an ex student funeral,then to Gumbuya world for supervising theo on waterslides, I had a nap and a bit more on dog in shed then up to read more of Bronwyn oliver book and write a bit myself. Did pasta and meatballs for tea started watching yS and then had phone calls from Don and Em

Jan 23rd Sunday

Cooler to begin with,then up to 36 over the day, assembled seat, put out sculpture mowed slightly, started on letterbox, started cutting up ducks and chooks, 4 visitors, then dressed and  off with M off to help mind kids at funeral for jack,, amazingly poorly organised, very hot , no seats, even though I had an umbrella it nearly did me in, Dave and Stephen were there as well as Caleb and Em…home to nap and fish and chip tea, watched YS, all creatures great and small and lost in space and wilty.

Jan 22nd Saturday

Sunny warm, Julieanne gardened back garden I Finish grandpa sculpture do 2 ducks,, feeling listless and sore in legs maybe because of 3rd covid shot yesterday, I came and read book alex rider for rest of day, M went off to help K mind all 5 kids while edelmans went to say farewell to jack who died, K a bit unhelpful at times and David when he came home nuttier than usual, Pizza for tea watched YS, Wolf like me and white collar and why women kill

Jan 21 st Friday

Sunny, foggy still, off to have 3rd shot for covid, bought metal at martins, narelle about to leave, bought wood at hardware for seat, assembled most of  grandpa sculpture buy bits for seat and kookas ,reading book from 3.30,finished max anger, M off to help K Jack has fall, K helps naomi, watched bit of joker, white collar and what if.

Jan 20th Thursday

Fine and breezy, heading to hot not too bad as nice wind all day , finished kookas and started grandpa order, chased dog around most of day while M went and helped k with kids and appts beef snitzel burger for tea watched alan and Miriam, Bump, Hard quiz and you tube

Jan 19th Wednesday

Fine and breezy to begin supposed to warm up did 4 pieces write ups, no Noel and Brittany, Start work on road warriors, M to go and help K all day with various appts for kids and K, Meeniyan helen came and took flowers kpokas and ducks and chooks, I did 12 flowers after lunch and started cutting up 6 kookas, did chow mein for tea, watched YS, adam hills spicks and specks china century and Boba fett

Jan 18th Tuesday

Fine and grey to begin, M to take em back and didn’t have time to help her look for bricks to fill the aircon hole,2 people visited, gracie greeted them, Belinda did a flower and a long bearing caterpillar I did more small pieces , the organist, bird on a log, pushing your luck and butterfly flight., wrote up a couple , M back for tea had steak sandwiches, watched YS, lost in space and last 2 alex rider and qi

Jan 17th Monday

Cool and misty, the boys worked on grinder cutter and birds and cage holder,I did a snail, 9 kookaburras on sticks, finished bird on cloud, tidied and wrapped and made food, 13 people here today (bunyip community house) and sarah and 2 friends, Eleanor party in evening, Caleb and Em here as well as K and D and kids,had a nice meal then presents and edelmans went home. Talked for a bit watched young Sheldon and qi and bed.

Jan 16th Sunday

Fine and grey coolish then warmed up, paint seat again start on small pieces did a cat, small boxes started Assembled girl did a snail , Jillian came and her 2 cousins visted sold a mirror, M worked on shares and yellow Eleanor jumper, Marg baldassa and friend visited  egg sandwiches for tea, watched YS, last two stay close, and alex rider

Jan 15th Saturday

Fine and grey, no Julieanne to garden still has flu, I work on seat and all welded and one coat painted, sanded liquid ambar timber and put on rugged up girl and bird and cloud, not entirely happy assembled juggler, mowed across rd and nature strips and cut out another 10 flowers, Gracie met the Hydes and had 3 people visit. Did Indonesian curry for tea watched YS stay close and Red Notice action packed but superficial.

Jan 14th Friday

Fine and grey showers around, less attacks on gracie but still not settled,started seat ½ way done did small juggler too M does shopping, reading blood moon by gary disher, did more pages on products, did chicken skewers for tea and salad, watched some you tube, hard quiz, stay close, YS

Jan 13th Thursday

Fine and warming up, Gracie still being attacked by big ginge, quietened down a bit by end of day, I put together 22 flowers and painted and filled dragonflies, 5 people visited and I finished gary disher book whispering death, good, updated several pages on website with new categories, did chicken pieces and pasta and veges for tea watched YS stay close,china century and wilty

Jan 12 Wednesday

Fine and grey cool, no Noel and Brittany,painted big piece again and base, did 3 kookas  and 5 dragonflies  go and pick up dog Gracie, stopped at calebs to pick up phone then to Rspca seems like a long drive now as I haven’t driven anywhere for over a year, home again and big ginge not accepting of gracie , did fish patties and rice for tea watched YS, stay close, Boba fett and bones,,, bones is sillier but boba fett is very well done.

Jan 11th Tuesday

Fine and grey coolish maybe showers supposed to be hot,Rspca rang up and set up appt for tomorrow,  Belinda,did 2 flowers I did a tea pot and cut out 3 kookas finish orb and put in big piece painted, finish chair, M shopping at Pakenham with caleb, Mary and kids came and visited in afternoon did savory mince for tea watched YS Lost in space Bull and Qi mirrors

Jan 10th Monday

Fine and mild grey and misty fine up, get new mig gas,saw dary with damaged hand, picked up 3 wheels at metal recycler, the boys ,tony and peter, Keith came and took photo for publicity, Adam dropped in in case he had an exhibition, I got big piece all together and on base, started orb, went and got metal at martin, hot in afternoon, did sausage wraps for tea, watched last hawkeye, YS and stay close

Jan 9th Sunday

Fine and mild, grey, tidy up back of big piece start on front welding and base, McDonnells for lunch and afternoon,about 10 people in morning, egg and bacon for tea watched YS, some action movie, cats xmas special

Jan 8th Saturday

Grey and misty, coolish, work on chair painted and bolted still need to paint wood more and attach, and big piece back on, Opening of Jillian exhibition 30 people, pleasant afternoon, eggs on toast for tea watched YS Babs, alex rider and cats

Jan 7th Friday

Fine and mild, some cloud threatening, work on big piece , welded one side started on covering,4 people visited, bought chook food, more bolts and paint and mower fuel, mowed sculpture garden, fish bits for tea, watched ed Sheeran and Harry Potter and YS

Jan 6th Thursday

Fine and grey mild,fined up pleasant no wind, added lots  to website started big piece and sent out invitation email, 2 people visited, shopped at bunnings and coles, napped did snitzel burgers for tea watched stay close YS,Stumptown,and alex rider

Jan 5th Wednesday

Fine and cool grey, gentle cool breeze then windy but no rain here, added to website, no noel, finish off 5 pieces and do peacock and pelican, did island and  another piece, sue came for a bit, sorted out some of payments in with M assembled 5 pieces and photographed Sausages and rice patties for tea watched YS,lost in space, qi and

Jan 4th Tuesday

Fine and mild coolish to begin, Belinda did a new flower form, I did 5 small pieces, about 10 people through sold 210 did a few plasma demos, Quiche for tea Watched china century, YS, Marco Polo and Wilty

Jan 3rd Monday

Fine and cloudy mild, 22, did labels for gallery pieces, started the single bench for adele,cut out more flowers,the boys worked on bird stands, a spinning flower and a small grinder stand, out of mig gas, 3 people visited tidy up and finished man who died twice, chicken skewers for tea, watched YS, bones, QI  and la fortuna

Jan 2nd Sunday

Fine and cloudy, mild, add mechanism to base start a few flowers 2 people visited, mowed house block,, did bit of tidying up in shed, caleb borrowed car, reading book and napping most of afternoon to avoid heat and catch up on lack of sleep from last night, sausage rolls for tea watched YS, Marco polo, end of army of thieves and QI and hawkeye

Jan 1st Saturday

Fine and sunny, hot, added to website, brought diary up to date, work in shed in morning on base for piano mechanism, 4 people and Jillian visited spent afternoon napping and reading, did Jillians video steak and salad for tea watched YS army of thieves then went to Eildon to rescue Caleb whose car had broken down


Work done 2021

Big pieces : nesting, modified birds over mountain, modified tripodium, frill ,wheel of industry, isolated, orbital, combined worlds, wedge  Dare,  across the divide, Mother and daughter, repair heart piece and reach piece, balloon, silver river, Yin yang, secret forest, colour bond landscape, Juggle, Kangaroo, Blooming, pole landscape, birds on pole, division, floral, scale, ’segmented canaries in the coalmine shield, the watcher( bird on log), ,triangular forms( exploding star/sandwich, renovated blue poles piece 1 and blue poles 2,,3 birds on pole, renovated football piece ,Leaf Duchess


Small pieces: perch 2, perch 1,hungry caterpillar, lost robot, 3 birds on wire birds in tree, giraffe, scottie, 2 scruffy cats, 3 vases nail flowers, 2 dancing girls,2 teapots, 2 ladybugs , scottie 2, hiding cat ,Ralph, shaggy dog stories horseshoe elephant,mum and daughter elephant, wire dancers, plane plane, 4 bigfooted dogs,dirt racer, scottie, superheroes, finish line,,offering, thrown caught heart, circle of flowers, bird above the clouds circle, going forward together heart flag girl,creature boxes on legs, load of bull, comfy ,dandelion time clock, 2 sketchy dogs,2 scribble dogs, nailer bird, lost robot 2, family circle, ermakovas scenes, trewalla hook, sphinx and absorbed. rooster family,fish course,wren, sofia sofia,striped dress flock, apprehensive, lion man, walking the dog, ball dress tree of love,piano player, cutlery bird in circle, cutlery bird in ½ circle, 2 wire knot pieces ,2 bird rings,4 square footed dogs, 5 octagon based vase shapes,1 big vase, ,girl and cat,4 small roosters, 3 teapots, 5 small tube vases, 3 cats,( sitting, standing and spiky), friends plasmacut, flying bird pc, and cat face, 2 singers,spotted cat spotted, geared ballerina,circle exercise piece, 3 horseshoe cats, Outing, mother and daughter 2, guitarist, horse rider, heads will roll, redbull , camouflage bug, catfish, 2 bird circles, the buzz ,Baw Baw tiger, tracker, tolerant, bird on branch, mother and daughter elephant, vase, small dog, windswept ,skipping girl 2, 4 teapots, door to my heart, nest egg, riding to hounds, 3 chooks, soar,thin vase,1 lighthouse, ballet girl, doublesided dress, 3 small boxfooted dogs,bowl of flowers crossed, horse in circle, trumpet,ugly vase, bird on branch, chicken dance and playing chicken, garden and house,friends in the garden, helping hands, 2 segmented vases. Birds on mirror circle, mechanical thoughts, feathered plane, dancing spoon, plane clamp, mae, springer spaniel, odd one out, empty cat, key bowl, herd,2 birds, birds at sea, I-ball, birds over rainbow, nailed dog, 2 rainbow birds, moon cat, the old pier, circle of wood pieces, Dancing girls 2,Composite creature,Rock High point, tall rainbow bird, leafchidna, colourbond vase and flowers, 2 girls inc uke player plasmacuts, blue bird, small elephant, flying cows and beetle power, 4 birds on logs,2 grass studies,ball cat, nightbirds, monorail, pirate,2 turned gumnut boxes,josie in her spring dress,2 grass studies,feather bed, wig, : 2 uboats,through the door, scrap bowl, skipping Eleanor, phoebe piece,echidna screws, house cat, nature goddess,bearing ballerina, on a different page, ups and downs, 2 bird vases, wire mae( young girl) ,Tallish dog, spiky dog, a fine bloom( coloured wire), house of stars, new bird on log, trampoline and the long pony tail, butterfly girl, bearing dancer 2,,


Garden art: 18 tall birds,1 bee,3 bicycle wheel flowers, 2 cats 12 chooks 6 chooks from springs, 2 dachshunds 16 dogs 8 dragonflys 17 ducks ,3 emu,185 flowers, 1 grasshopper , 29 kookas  11 owls, 14 peacock, 11 pelicans, 6 snail,  2 spring gardens,  sitting flat cat, horseshoe ring, horse in ring with horseshoes,2 love cats,2 love chooks,22 kookas on sticks ,country horse, radiator sheep, lyrebird, horseshoe chook, 3 horseshoe cats,mouse,5 horseshoe elephants 2 plasma chooks, big dog box foot, spring cat feathered pelican, small giraffe, 2 birds( thrushs) small dragon


Furniture: swirly seat, offcut seat segmented birdfeeder horseshoe seat, scrap birdfeeder, geometric birdfeeder,, 2 planters for me, 6 bird feeder, 3 dog plant holder, 2 cat plant holders ,Flower seat,1, flower seat 2 hexagonal birdfeeder


 Orders: train seat, 4 birds on wire, magpie cutout, mermaid, janets seats, furry heart, Rabbit ballet dancer,10 horse tie rings, cyclecross, heart seat, penguin letterbox, vickis screen,2 piglets horse, mandala, magnolia, bird stand, hexagon panel, hot rod seat, anitas seat, fire pit, Seahorse, clothes racks, bowl for les, panel of leaves, tawny frogmouth, magazine rack, fixed fishermans wharf, and lighter, horse in horseshoe ring,easle,2 lighthouses big pelican, Janes ship, 4 bees, 2 bees, golf trophy, house number, mermaid. pelican, truss for whirligig, horse shoe birdfeeder. whelans frame, man of letters, jen seat, Aprils horse, Raymond seat, letters a, moon and scarecrow, redo phils fire piece  ,Hodgeys table, Ians carport triangles, arrow direction piece, elises scarecrow, ccl seat order, sitting girl. Big lyrebird, leaf seat, sitting girl seat,2 balance birds,1 Bee,,bluewren birdbath, meandering path sign, Joys mini, offcut seat, rosedale piece, weight stand,parrot seat, 1 emu



July diary

July 31st Saturday

Fine and breezy,M to go shopping with K, I worked on colourbond piece until both sides done and birds added and top on base, took until 3.00 but done now, fishcakes for tea watched mccartney, bad batch,pursuit of love and sandhamm murders

July 30th Friday

Fine and sunny, helping with theo til 11 video people here for a few hours 3 people, kids go home cathy added to exhibition, adam worked ,I finished small bird and moon cat,did cornbeef hash for tea, watched 1 mcartney, 1 pursuit of love, music of the 70s and qi

July 29th Thursday

Cool and grey fined up to lovely day, Cathy to set up exhibition at 11,only part done, Julieanne to garden did a great job, I clean up stand for big piece and start on welding landscape in.added birds to rainbow and stars for moon cat,3 people visited, did rissoles for tea, watched trust me , who do you think you are girl, and wilty

July 28th Wednesday

Cool and showery after a windy night, Noel worked on chopper, Brittany feeling a bit crook, I assembled round log piece, and 2 of turned birds with wire, chiropractic 11.20, picked up wheels from metal recycler,julie and team took down most of exhibition, I minded kids in arvo, fought with theo, tea at country club book club war light wrong book was meant to be the survivors, home to watch the sandamm murders

July 27th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 3 flowers, I did rest of stand helped with kids in arvo shopped at aldi and dropped off computer to Jon chicken and rice tea using air fryer, watched benedict, the good fight, and winter soldier.

July 26th Monday

Fine and showery, peter came and worked I turned up pieces for birds. I started work on colorbond piece fish and chip tea,

July 25th Sunday

Fine and cool, restless night with back and legs, computer locked itself, do turned birds maybe start big piece did part of stand,watched trust me,

July 24th Saturday

Fine and sunny to start off cold and showery at times, work on small pieces did rainbow, bird window, dog face and moon cat, 2 frames for whelans,turned another ball,had pasta bake leftover for tea, watched bad batch, jolt

July 23rd Friday

Cool and grey,fined up for morning cool again on and off, Caleb coming, kids here for day, put together 2 birds piece, did titjes Kamphuis piece, finished I ball and did a steps piece using fork handles, helped play with kids, Adam worked in shed, started rainbow piece, caf tea parma, watched you tube music videos then last bosch,turner and hooch,( Disney)and sandhamm murders

July 22nd Thursday

Fine and sunny, work on small pieces, did eyeball creature,2 small birds, visited kids after lunch,Adam worked in shed, M helps K with kids have a spa,devilled sausages for tea used air fryer, watched falcon and winter soldier, bosch, bones and wilty

July 21st Wednesday

Coolish, M to help with kids from 11,Noel worked on motorbike sculpture and Brittany did a dragonfly , I added hair to mermaid, finished herd, added to key bowl, did a kookaburra, shopped and put in pieces for repair, new angle grinder bought metal from martin, Adam to work again, did lamb patties for tea, watched  Clarice,who do you think you are grant denyer, Qi,

July 20th  Tuesday

Coolish and showers? Belinda came and did 3 flowers M went and worked with kids all day, Eleanor very hard to get going,I added arms to mermaid and finished hands, did a small cat sculpture and added to wood pieces, did some patterns with keys and did cow heads, Adam came and worked, it got cold in arvo and rained I went and read book in front of fire did pumpkin and mushroom pasta bake for tea watched bosch,benedict academy and wilty and lupin

July 19th  Monday

Coolish, get mig gas, M goes to mind mae, Peter came and worked on agricultural implement, Adam came and had trouble with his bath project, green router died, I welded and grinded mermaid, both bits together started on arms and hands did a springer spaniel and put together branch ends, did gozleme for tea, watched last two sanditon, bones and grand designs

July 18th Sunday

Cooler and showers, finish mermaid scales And bottom of mermaid, Adam worked on wood things fish and chip tea home made, M talked to Caleb, watched Black widow, moved along .enjoyable .

,July 17th Saturday

Cooler maybe showers, added to mermaid, scales on one side done and ½ scales on other side done, out of mig gas, tidied up a bit, did small piece with robinia branch off cuts,M sorted toys and worked on lounge room, Adam worked on his boards,did lamb patties for tea, watched sanditon, M talked to em, watched the good fight

July 16th Friday

Showered overnight, a bit cooler, 5 day lockdown everywhere, three kids here from 12 as K in lockdown.did some cooking of slices and biscuits, played with kids, adam here doing wood things, caf tea hamburgers, watched falcon and winter soldier, 3 bad batch,and inspector morse.

July 15th Thursday

Cool and possible showers,fined up and lovely mild day with sun, tidied more wood around saw ,finished pelican, made another birdfeeder, geometric, added to mermaid, shire video people coming steph and ant,Adam came and used shed to clean up old pallet wood M helps K all day with tumblegyms and theo ot, no Caleb for tea due to coming lockdown, watched last ragnarok, who do you think you are jeff fatt, bosch and a wilty.

July 14th Wednesday

Cool and showery fined up late afternoon, Noel  worked on a chopper and Brittany modified her flower piece from last week,I did feathers for pelican,made a scrap birdfeeder, added to mermaid made gamers nightmare and dancing spoon, M minds mae from 12 , nap did lamb roast for tea, watched bad batch last loki, bones and a bit of you tube

July 13th Tuesday

Showered overnight, mild in morning, continued on house number and did mermaid torso, also did a clamp plane 7 people visited including mawarra bus,order for birdfeeder, M minds mae all day did sausages for tea watched Clarice, cats countdown,and lupin

July 12th Monday

Fine and mild, grey not as cold as yesterday, the boys was only tony who worked on another bird on a lathe turned base Jeanette Whelan dropped off a picture to be framed,I work on mermaid and 3 birds, did a start on the house number and did a small plasmacut of mae, honey mustard chicken for tea , pilates on the bed, survived, M to mind mae all day,had a very messy and hectic day, watched grand designs, and Qi

July 11th Sunday

Fine and sunny cool to begin, worked on mermaid head, Julieanne to garden,Daimler club to visit,25 people visited M to mind kids in arvo,Bruce confirmed exhibition, sold stuff, demonstrated plasma cutting, tuna casserole for tea, watched benedict academy, bad batch, bosch and good fight

July 10th Saturday

Foggy to begin,cold all day although sunny at times,did more labels for small pieces,M had quiet day at home,  worked on golf trophy, assembled plane, mostly done, started on mermaid face, ok, 10 people visited, sold stuff, did tuna casserole for tea, watched music vera and bones and wilty.

July 9th Friday

Fine and sunny frost, M not needed til 1.00 took kids to playground and helped with theo ot, I start on golf trophy and feathered plane, April and Pip came to visit, Marisa and 6 kids visited and 2 others,did fish and chip tea mediocre, watched tenet very complex,and wilty

July 8th Thursday

Fine and sunny but cool initially, M to help with kids then with kids bowling in arvo with K and julieanne family, I did Aprils 2 bees and then a truss structure to support whirligig, shopped at bunnings and aldi, spaghetti for tea watched bosch, who do you think you are denise Drysdale,,and sanditon

July 7th Wednesday

Cool and grey, Noel and no Brittany,noel did a ball shape, I finished snails and made bird companions, cut up a wheel for two bases, kids here again. 8 people visited, Played with kids til 5 k down in melb to pick up car and Elleanor and david to see harry potter. M brought Chinese takeaway for tea, watched 2 lokis and wilty and Qi

July 6th Tuesday.

Cool and possible showers Belinda did 3 flowers, I reassembled seats and mosaics, finished mechanical thoughts and did 2 small segmented vases and finished the birds on mirror in the circle, janet called in on walk,Took computer in to get sorted out Jon did it quickly, home for lunch then kids K and em and caleb here helped put together whirly apparatus, Nap, Em cleared out stephens cabinet and steamer trunk, did chicken pasties for tea watched grand designs, sanditon , wilty and the good fight.

July 5th Monday

Cool and showery maybe fining up, the boys worked on flower spinner, farm implement and tree guard,janet called in, I assemble top of sculpture, started mechanical thoughts and welded birds in circle and did mirror backing. Did taco rice thing for tea watched sanditon and bones, M stayed up late with em.,

July 4th Sunday

Cool and fine M to help K swimming then to pick up em, I work on top of big piece added nuts to bees, lovely Vietnamese family 6 visited, Finished most of top piece,did snitzel for tea, watched Yesterday and sanditon.

July 3rd Saturday

Fine and sunny to start showers later, finished 5 bees,Caleb went with K to ice skating and aquarium, Julie gray wickham opening with Russell Broadbent speaking and steph Medjeri present, about 25 people a fine afternoon Talked to Sue too, sausages in bread for tea, watched the tomorrow war, very active, then cats does countdown.

July 2nd Friday

Fine and sunny, maybe showers later, heart appt then see about colourbond, shop at bunnings and shops see metal man home to cut up bees. Bee people came and got fence, finished pelican did one bee entirely, eggs and bacon for tea watched you tube john Williams award then star wars

July 1st Thursday

Clear and fine, M has a day chasing kids with K, did new bird and grasshopper, did base for new big piece, put up all photos on website for exhibition ,3 people visited,Faye had a fall so david gone to melb, chaos to ensue, made silverbeet and fetta slice for tea thought about new ideas, watched sanditon, bosch and wilty

August diary

Aug 31st Tuesday

Fine and breezy, M minding mae all day including speech appt,Belinda back again did 3 flowers and recycled her big tortoise, I, did stand for division then cut it all up, cut circle in ½ and rejoined, did new base and made all top part, stand will now be the start of a new sculpture,dropped off ms phone to her 2 naps did pasta for tea,watched the newsreader,truth be told,clone wars ,

Aug 30th Monday

Fine and mild to begin, M looks after mae all day, has second covid shot, I work on division got all of disc welding done, turned banksia balls and 2 grass small pieces laminated new pieces writeups and put up my old paintings in gallery to give it a better feel, then, mind mae at 1,00, peter works in shed on 2 farm implements, shopped home for puzzle and nap, painted floral again, did curry and rice for tea watched brian johnson and billy joel, Clarice, hacks and qi

Aug 29th Sunday

Cool and showery to begin, did 4 birds for small pieces of wood , started on division piece lot of one side of centre done. Roast lunch for lunch, Noel Mason died, egg sandwiches for tea watched 9 perfect strangers, the chair, clone wars and wilty

Aug 28th Saturday

Fine and sunny, M worked on share stuff all day, I make and add 2 leaves to big flower and tidy up and paint,did one small bird for the nest in the arvo, mowed middle of sculpture garden, did sausages for tea, watched cruella lots of fun, M talked to Em

Aug 27th Friday

Cool and grey, chasing kid day, walk along labertouche creek in other direction,mind kids til 3.00, 2 people visited to get a piece, I went to warragul and picked up router, and bought a die grinder dropped off small horse to April, fish for tea watched ted lasso, good fight,2 of clone wars, music videos

Aug 26th Thursday

Cool and grey, Belinda came and worked on fish, all fins on and mostly ground, I, tidy up back of flower and put on base, put scale on base,and modified jen seat, shopped in arvo for groceries, chicken snitzel for tea, watched rosehaven, on the road with brian johnson,sandhamm and 2 clone wars

Aug 25th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M off early but didn’t need to helped with kids most of day then sorted out land tax, no Noel and Brittany, continue with back of scale and did front of lower, do base for flower, Cathy takes down exhibition, paid, Caleb for tea and night watched truth be told, hard quiz and you tube

Aug 24th Tuesday

Cool and showery, fined up but still cold, no Belinda, put back on scale and started covering parts other than circle, modify flower form and welded back of all the leaves,M helped with Mae all day, spaghetti for tea, watched the chair, Qi and Clarice and hacks

Aug 23rd Monday

Cool and showery, Eleanor and Mae coming here, assembled seat, start other side of scale did central circle both sides assembled ball cat did Aprils horse and started big flower form, the boys was pete who worked on his bale cutter,I was with kids from lunch time til 3 with a nap, did chicken kiev for tea, watched the newsreader, truth be told and hacks

Aug 22nd Sunday

Fine and sunny,  finish seat, did plasmacutting painting put piece wrong way up mowed across rd,M worked on shares and talked to fiona, dave, and Stephen and Emily at night, did roast beef caf meal for lunch and pinwheels for tea, watched Joanna Lumley, ted lasso,wilty

,Aug 21st Saturday

Fine and sunny 20, work in shed on finishing 2 sides of scale also did seat frame for order, painted last coat on 3 bird pole and painted small pieces for bird stands,  David helps Naomi pack and move another lockdown for regional vic, M worked on shares all day, did corned beef patties for tea watched sweet girl, busy but a touch requiring suspension of belief, then bones and you tube, death of sean lock,

Aug 20th Friday

Fine and mild maybe showers later, up and down with warm and cold helping mind kids all day, took Eleanor and theo for walk along labertouche creek trail, back here Grant came up for morning tea and over lunch, great to see him, Eleanor and mae walked him around the sculpture garden, nap stuffed,M took kids home and shopped, did pinwheels for tea watched Coda( excellent) and then 1st episode of 9 perfect strangers

Aug 19th Thursday

Fine and sunny, M helped k with mae, Eleanor has sore throat so home from school, walking group (10) started off here,Julieanne gardened, Belinda started on a fish, got main understructure done, finished at 9.50, I worked on large spiral piece, 2/3 of one side welded on one side, assembled landscape on pole, anne came and wanted a seat, will bring stuff, shopped for groceries, nap, mowed house area school cooked curry for tea from K, watched Clarice, hacks 2 ted lasso

Aug 18th Wednesday

Cool and showery, maybe clearing,M did shares then helped mae for afternoon, mae slept and Eleanor has sore throat, Noel did another small ball and Brittany started a small flower ,I worked on adding 3 birds to a pole, painted wood, shopped at bunnings , couldn’t pick up router home for lunch and nap mowed and cut up blue poles, slow cooker beef for tea watched wil Anderson question everything, mediocre, then rosehaven and hardquiz

Aug 17th Tuesday

Cool and rainy, no Belinda, M chased mae around all day,I worked on first pole piece all metal assembled and painted once, did 3 complete birds,cut out 2 hinge forms, shopped for more 3mm sheet, also got more wheels and shopping, unloaded car made chicken patties for tea, watched the newsreader, bones and bull

Aug 16th Monday

Cool and windy, showers and cold,M went and helped mae until 5.30, 6 people at life drawing, the boys worked on spinning thing, field flattener and square frame,I finished flying cows, and beetle power, finished blue bird and cut up bird pieces for tomorrow, started country scene with post, dish washer repairman at 1.00 have to wait for hoses,reading long road to mercy. Did Tuscan meatballs for tea pilates, watched end of good fight,Joanna Lumley Britain, and a bit of you tube.

Aug 15th Sunday

Fine and breezy, tidy gallery Cathy’s opening, had about 20 people and a couple of cows sold, finished about 3.30, read book, finished American gods and started david Baldacci, did chicken rolls for tea watched last benedict, last winter soldier , last bad batch and some of good fight

Aug 14th Saturday

Fine and sunny,M sorted share diary, finished blue bird , did 3 bugs, and 2 flying cows, also car cutout for Daimler guy,10 people through garden,did cathy video, assembled video, pizza tea watched music videos, then goldstone, last schmigadoon and wilty,

Aug 13th Friday

Mild and some cloud, chasing theo in morning then play with kids til 3.00, shopped at n sth had fish pieces for tea watched Blasko and Rams and benedict. And chemistry

Aug 12th Thursday

Cool and breezy, shower? Julieanne gardened, 4 people visited, Lady coming to weld ( Belinda) good fun very keen and interested M off with K to tumblegyms etc I assembled blooming, started on blue bird, shopped for lunch things did slowcooker silverside for tea, watched Qi origins, rosehaven,also Bull

Aug 11th Wednesday

Fine and windy , showers down south, M did bills and paperwork then off to help with kids,Noel  did a small ball form and Brittany did another dragonfly I cut up piece from yesterday to make blooming made 2 leaves, cleaned up one of the flowers, did the base,cut off and replaced Kangaroos legs and did small flat elephant made back for paper flower vase, came up at 3.00 and read my book the survivors,rained in evening, enchiladas for tea watched hacks2, and Clarice and benedict,

Aug 10th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, no Belinda, regional vic out of lockdown, M has fiddlesticks amd phoebe, with mae,I worked on geometric form, will be modified, Graham duell dropped in as did Tim wills,Dave, and 2 busloads of people and their minders also Bruce Langton, did cornbeef mash for tea watched ted lasso,Chinese detective,and sandhamm

Aug 9th Monday

Mild/sunny? Lovely day with lovely clouds, almost like a spring day, rang dishwasher man and UBC Have to go and have bloods done then finish kangaroo, add to colorbond vase and complete 2 plasmacuts, no pete with lockdown then go and help M with kids in arvo. Shopped for chook food, did red curry for tea watched physical, Joanna Lumley, wilty and winter soldier

Aug 8th Sunday

Finer showered overnight, misty, was sunny for much of the day worked on kangaroo in the morning, had to modify tail, and do arms and ears, did leafchidna ,started colourbond vase and cut out a small girl plasmacut, did enchiladas for tea, watched some playing for change music, rosehaven, then schmigadoon, ted lasso and bones

Aug 7th  Saturday

Cool, grey,put up more of cathys labels and laminated a couple of mine, worked on other side of kangaroo,did another 2 legs, did snitzel for tea,watched watch the sound, Dickinson, sandhamm murders and good fight and cats coundown

Aug 6th Friday

Cool possible showers grey, go and play with kids all day, watched hobbs and shaw, then did steak for tea, watched bones and winter soldier.

Aug 5th Thursday

Rained overnight, grey and cool, M with K and mae from 10, I start new kangaroo, did one leg and one side of body, went to metal recycler with scrap got a wheel, sent off absorbed, shopped for groceries, home to photograph pieces, 2 People from melb came to pick up house number and golf trophy also bought texture ball ,did slowcooker for tea caleb visited, new lockdown for 7 days,watched benedict and last pursuit of love,

Aug 4th Wednesday

Rained overnight, grey cool and showery to begin, M with mae from 11, Noel  mostly finished motorbike, and Brittany did another flower with spoons, I did 4 wrens on sticks, a composite creature, man of letters 2, glues whelans frame together, did 2 dancing girls, girl came and bought cleo and 2 snails coming back to weld,sketched kangaroo did spaghetti for tea watched ted talks, who do you think you are and last two lupin.

Aug 3rd Tuesday

Rained overnight, cool and grey, M minded mae all day Cathy to add to exhibition last welding for belinda before hospital  she did 3 flowers,I turned 5 different balls for top of juggling and made character and frame, painted it once,2 people visited , bought helping hands, added cathys stuff to website, went to get prescription renewed,shopped home to vacuum and do chicken skewers for tea, watched benedict, physical , last mccartney

Aug 2nd Monday

Fine and sunny,Life drawing happened 5 people, the boys worked on sitting boy, and bale saw,I did rock tree and another taller rainbow bird and started base for new big piece,Cathy added more to her exhibition M off to help with mae tacos for tea Pilates floor work, watched sandhamm murders

Aug 1st Sunday

Rained overnight quiet and grey, coolish, became a pleasant day, M has day off, I did 2 dragonflies labelled pieces in the gallery put up some of Cathys labels,small family visited(2) shopped for bunnings things, also groceries and a bin of white stones, M talked to em, nap unloaded car, pizza tea watched the good fight, bones,and physical

September diary

Sept 30th Thursday

Rained overnight showery and grey, mild, Belinda working on fire tools rack,started on Japanese helmet, I finished the balance bird for mrs Holt, rained most of day, nap finished shadow and bone book, did a roast for tea, M talked to Caleb watched shadow and bone,clone wars Qi and bull

Sept 29th Wednesday

Fine and grey, mild Noel worked on shotgun and Brittany started on wine rack, I work on triangle piece and all assembled and painted once, 3 people through, Yvette video,M to help with kids ot and speech, shopping did honey mustard chicken for tea, watched sandhamm,hardquiz and

Sept 28th Tuesday

Fine and sunny international hobbit day, Belinda, did flowers on sticks, I work on second triangle, did 2 ducks and a bird, covered in 2 bases and started balance bird order,3 visitors, M to help k with kids ot and speech,they came here after lunch to do happy birthday, Yvette finished putting up her exhibition,did fish and chips for tea, watched capital, truth be told cats countdown

Sept 27th Monday

Fine and sunny ,m helps k take kids to beach, the boys worked on kookas, fence strainers and spinners, Norm dropped in for morning tea, I spaced Yvettes pieces then modify arrow piece then finish first triangle up to cleaning and work on other triangle form. 6 people visited, mowed most of sculpture garden cut back the fallen stump on edge of road, mowed across rd, did meatballs and rice for tea, watched Foundation, on the road with brian johnson and only murders in the building

Sept 26th Sunday

Fine and sunny finish seat order,took all morning, wood still needs 2 more coats, talked to Yvette setting up her exhibition, did one of the triangular forms from blue poles, 5 people visited,did chicken lasagne watched shadow and bone and truth be told, Qi

Sept 25th Saturday

Cool, showery?fined up at end of day,Grand final day between melb and bulldogs, melb won comfortably, worked on wig, and then seat order ccl, tidied up metal scrap areas, 4 people visited, sold dancing girls and crossing the divide, did souvlaki for tea, watched 1971 singer songwriters then GF

Sept 24th Friday

Fine and sunny bit breezy,painted new big piece and sitting girl, did words for three small pieces, have kids most of day went on an explore walk behind bellbird park, romped here Raymonds came and picked up pieces,2 ladies came and bought pieces Julieanne to garden did beds in sculpture garden, tuckered out by kids watched ted lasso and superintelligence, mediocre,also bit of you tube. Did chicken curry for tea

Sept 23rd Thursday

Fine and cloudy to begin but became a lovely day,1 person visited  Belinda,did most of back of fire tools rack I assemble big piece, added birds and painted once, did small nightbirds piece, mowed part of sculpture garden,shopped a bit and took two scrap boxes to the metal recycler, did sausages and bacon for tea, watched last of 9 perfect strangers and frayed  and Qi

Sept 22nd Wednesday

Fine and cool showers overnight,fined up over day M has day off, Noel worked on shotgun and Brittany was ill I assemble seat ,worked on segmented piece all panels made and cleaned and ready to assemble, did base for it, one visitor, did slow cooker chicken for tea, watched hardquiz, sandhamm and 2 clone wars and 1971 on bowie and bolan

Sept 21st Tuesday

Fine and cool , showers, M helped k with kids from 11.30 to 4  Belinda did 3 flowers, I started on big segmented piece 3 of 4 segments mostly done, went and bought wood for Raymond seat and painted, 2 coats, shopped for groceries,did savory mince for tea, watched shadow and bone and truth to tell and who do you think you are julie bishop.

Sept 20th Monday

Fine and cool, rained and got very cold at times the boys,tony did kookaburras, jim did stake holders and peter did a wire puller, I did 10 flowers then worked on Raymond seat,all metal done and one coat of paint, finished book and reading another Daley one,M went and minded theo while mae had speech at longwarry,I did snitzel for tea watched the newsreader, Marco polo and only murders in the building.

Sept 19th Sunday

Cool with possible showers, work on girl all done, extra hair and book and painted once, and Raymonds order, letters all done and on supports, scarecrow done and pirate head mounted on stand and block painted, 6 people visited , did 3 plasmacuts, pizza for tea watched Jason lasso sandhamm and bones and clone wars rained overnight

Sept 18th Saturday

Cool but fine, on and off during day, tried to finish off girl  but head is out of proportion had to cut it off and make a new head, cut out letters for raymonds,hinge people picked up hinges, did steak for tea, M talked to Pauli, watched rise of the black swan, silly but sort of involving and shadow and bone a fantasy series .

Sept 17th Friday

Fine and sunny, last day of term  took theo to bellbird park walked around oval and played on playground, home here to play and have morning tea, then to warragul to get lunch things and go to civic park to meet up with M and Mae after psychological assessment, played at playground saw carly price, home after shopping 5 people visited reading death of a murderer, did fish and chips for tea watched you tube music two traces, and 9 perfect strangers

Sept 16th Thursday

Fine and sunny, Belinda finished off fish, started on tool rack for fire,, Julieanne worked on back garden, M has day off due to David having Yom Kippur,she went and bought shoes, talked to JA, I worked on finishing covering girl head and cleaned up her chest,sorted Telstra bill and got a confirmation of both injections for covid, did prawn rice for tea, watched Rosehaven,bones,strong female lead

Sept 15th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, Noel and Brittany did shotgun and flower on stand,I work on sitting girls head, Bill and erin visited, M takes Eleanor to school and minds mae all day as david has to help parents,I help from 12.30 to 2.30,did spaghetti for tea, watched truth be told, hardquiz, sandhamm and you tube

Sept 14th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, mild, Belinda does her three flowers, M minds mae all day, I work on a small giraffe from a jack and then on the body of sitting girl, just up to head, Raymonds came out and gave me a series of pieces to do,I mowed house block, shopped for metal and basic shopping, did snitzel for tea in air fryer, watched clone wars, traces, bull and wilty and only murders in the building

Sept 13th  Monday

Fine day odd showers, cool at times,Last week of term, painted blue poles again, finished monorail, started sitting girl, the boys tony and pete, worked on kookaburras and a fence strainer, M looks after mae all day, mae has a uti,,did korma curry for tea, watched the newsreader,clone wars,and marco polo

Sept 12th Sunday

Fine and mild, sunny, rained a bit overnight, odd showers, do other side of blue poles piece and clean up assemble and paint, added gumnuts to other redgum pieces, started on monorail, helped caleb put bike back together, had roast lunch and scrambled egg tea, watched echo in the canyon, exc, bones and a bit of you tube.

Sept 11th Saturday

Fine and breezy windy at night, turned another base and top for a tube, assembled one, put gumnuts in part of another, assembled the feather bed, worked on one of the blue poles panels, sort of warm day with cloud,3 people visited sold bird on log and the buzz, M did papers all day, Chinese takeaway tea, watched blindspot , silly, traces and clone wars

Sept 10th Friday

Fine and mild, lovely day chasing kids all day,played at jacksons view park, saw ducklings and moor hen chick, Mae has ot at longwarry with M,, missed due to poor communication, fiona Jackson coming to get a bird.shopped did chow mien for tea watched kate rusby doco, then 9 perfect strangers and ted lasso and dangerous holidays on you tube,

Sept 9th Thursday

Fine and breezy, Belinda did glass beads on one side of fish,I did bed for feather bed, painted phils thing , also turned base and top for one of the tubes, and mowed sculpture garden, M helps caleb drop in car and get to school, then minds mae, Made chicken tacos for tea watched truth be told, rosehaven and hardquiz and sandhamm

Sept 8th  Wednesday

Fine and mild, sunny all day,theos birthday m went to Party, made the trainwreck cake, minded mae, no noel and Brittany, second jab at 1.30, chiro at 12, I paint various pieces in shed,added star to table top, phils, ians, hodgeys, whelans, and start on girl in spring dress,shopped at aldi, bought chook food, home for nap did lasagne for tea caleb for tea, watched last 2 hacks and traces

Sept 7th Tuesday

Showery, due for 2nd jab but had day wrong, M minds mae all day,no Belinda today, I worked on Macdonnells triangle, all welded and started painting one coat, cut up circle for table top, made chicken roast for tea, watched bull, clone wars,the chair and marco polo,

Sept 6th Monday

Rained overnight, finer at present,M minded mae all day, didn’t wake til 10, I paint phils thing, routed 1 whelan frame, fixed theos toy, do elise scarecrow,had tony and pete working on gate post tops and leveller,shopped for paint, tablets, dropped in chainsaw , groceries,, painted more on phils piece, did sausages for tea watched the newsreader, 2 clarice and hacks

Sept 5th Sunday

Rained overnight finer now, showered most of day on and off, went to warragul to buy grinding discs and welding rods and wire, worked on phils fire piece all welded started painting, found wood for top of hodgeys table,crowbarred log off road more, found pieces for elises scarecrow, M talked to Stephen and Emily, had roast lunch from caf, and frittata sandwiches for tea, watched becket, and qi and bones

Sept 4th Saturday

Rained overnight drizzly mist now,added to website  finished arrow piece and fencepost piece (the watcher) did small table frame for hodgey, demolished phils fire piece to remove rusted parts, shanahans (3) dropped in to buy ducks and chook,arrow people dropped in to approve, Phil brought around fire piece,did frittata for tea watched this way up sandhamm and cats and 1971

Sept 3rd  Friday

Breezy and cloudy showers around,mild, did heart monitor,chasing kids all day.went to Nangara reserve for a walk/run, tuckered me out, back to home to play until 3, assembled post on stand for sculpture, painted again,raining now and cool, reading the book of trespass, watched Cinderella on apple then Jason lasso then the good fight. And brian johnson with mark knopfler

Sept 2nd Thursday

Fine and sunny lovely day, 26? M took computer in to Jons, and finished share writeups, Belinda came and ground fish I fixed wire brush I did base of arrow piece, and made circles  painted the watcher( bird on log)  did neil bergmans letterbox slot and numbers, went to longwarry for 10mm rod, mowed around house for kids tomorrow, no caleb for tea, did salmon pasta, very sloppy recipe M talked to Caleb watched the chemical world, rosehaven marco polo finished Daley book

Sept 1st Wednesday

Fine and sunny lovely day M goes to help kids from 11.00, no Noel and Brittany, changed over mig gas  then finished division piece and started more on new big piece all welded and 1 coat of paint assembled grass studies, mowed edges of sculpture garden, started on arrow order and started cutting up old bed, did sausages bacon and beans for tea, watched hacks, clone wars, bull hardquiz and sandhamm

Oct diary

Oct 31st Sunday

Fine and mild sunny, 1 small bus here, 20 visitors in total, worked in shed on 1 pelican, 2 emus , 1 dog and a bearing ballerina, M bought Chinese for tea,watched departure, Greyhound movie  good, and Qi

Oct 30th Saturday,

cool showery, M to melb to look at em house maybe with don, they put in an offer, small bus 7 visitors here in arvo did 10 flowers, 6 ducks 3 chooks and 1 pelican, hamburgers for tea no internet so watched videos home alone and sherlock

Oct 29th Friday

Cold rainy windy, trees down everywhere, chased kids from Drouin to here minded them until 4, did wraps for tea, watched foundation, young Sheldon ,departure and qi, M talked to em and don about a new house Emily saw,

Oct 28th Thursday

Fine possible showers, cloudy, barney still having trouble breathing,took him to vet at 3.30 and was put down.very sad. M not needed to help K til 2.00, Russ and carol to set up exhibition, julieanne to garden, hodgey and tim to call in to get smaug and table and a Belinda flower, I work in shed on birds and dogs did 1 peacock, 1 dog and 1 bird and made 10 flowers, did chicken curry for tea watched murders in building ,departure and wilty

Oct 27th Wednesday

Fine and sunny warm day, noel worked on hotrod and Brittany worked on wine rack, and Belinda 2 worked on shell design, used bandsaw and cut off saw and sanders, I do 2 kookas and 1.5 peacocks, lady came to pick up leaf seat, Yvette coming to take down exhibition, she brought 2 friends and they bought a painting, M to help K with mae from 11, I shopped for metal and groceries, mowed house block, no Ralph, dinner at country club to do book club tale of two cities nice to see jude lois lynne barb nat anne , nice meal, home to watch Annika and clone wars.

Oct 26th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did a bearing flower on a stick and a birdbath using the old sculpture jack stand , I assembled leaf seat do more on lyre bird and do 2 u boats,I mowed across rd. Helen from,Meeniyan came and brought boxes of good junk,and took away about 30 things,I don’t have to help minding mae from 3 to 4 as DSC was shut down for the day, Sausages for tea Pilates with the ball, went well but restless achy night, watched ghosts and departure

Oct 25th Monday

Showers then fined up to a lovely day, the boys worked on fence strainer, spinner and small car model, I finished welding and painting leaf seat and started on big lyrebird,Joseph( 2 )coming to pick up sitting girl, , they bought flowers and a pelican, I went and helped mind mae and theo from 2.30 to 4.00 then mowed top part of sculpture garden, did fish and chip tea,Barney having more attacks of not being able to get his breath, watched bones, young Sheldon and departure

Oct 24th Sunday

Rainy/showers,cold on and off, worked on 2 dragonflies and did most of seat back,tidied up to get to bench and also work bench, had people come and buy happy dance, ballet girl and a Belinda flower,4 people visited, Sue came and visited in arvo, pizza tea watched adam hills and sandhamm murders

Oct 23rd Saturday

Rainy to begin,showered all day, I worked on renovating big piece, all done and 1 coat of paint, and start 2 dragonflys and a seat frame, cut up more of the piano with the reciprocating saw and some of the wood around the place, 4 visitors including 2 from a foundry in Dandenong( bells) sold outing and a bee, did chicken skewers for tea after tidying freezer a bit, M got her I pad fixed, watched the broken shore and one wilty.

Oct 22nd Friday

Fine and sunny, had kids all day, went to playground to start then home played inside and out,2 visitors,did frittata for tea, watched foundation,1971 and murray Whelan movie. ,

Oct 21st Thursday

Fine and cool warmed up, Belinda started on her piano wire shell and added to the helmet, we did 3 stars casting, M helps with mae from 10.00, I made the brass weldable by adding extra copper,did through the door and finished scrap bowl, shopped in Drouin,coconut cashew curry for tea M talked to Caleb, watched departure series 2, adam hills and qi on paintings and annika

Oct 20th Wednesday

Fine and mild, breezy,M helps with mae all day, Noel  worked on hot rod and Brittany worked on wine rack I finished pelican,did 2 dog planters and 2 owls and cut up some more bits and finished top of bowl, went to jindi to post off man of letters again and then to pick up grinder from repair,aldi and mower petrol, mowed house block and part of sculpture garden, did corned beef patties for tea watched hard quiz, Bronwyn oliver doco,( superb work but so detailed, amazing) a very poor American detective show and wilty.

Oct 19th Tuesday

Fine and mild Belinda,did 2 “flowers “ from cutting up spark plug sculpture, m helps with mae all day,I did 2 owls and 1.5 pelicans and cut up some other pieces, kids here from 11, helped chase them around, watched killing eve, sausages for tea Pilates, watched only murders in the building, and wilty.

Oct 18th Monday

fine and mild showers at end of day, started tale of two cities overnight,jessie has life drawing in gallery  the boys worked on a model car, spinning flower and fence strainer, I keep repairing sculpture one side done and second started, assembled 3 birds on pole, tidy up , did a tube dog and started an offcut bowl,M to mind mae all day I help from 3 to 4, sitting girl seat goes away, buy penetrol and reciprocating saw, did corn beef mash for tea, watched ghosts, bones and marco polo

, Oct 17th Sunday

Finer than yesterday but still cloudy and cool, I assembled seat ,started to fix sculpture did two other birds , redid the head of phoebe, did a skipping Eleanor, painted the balloon piece and painted the stand for the bird pole,sat in the sun and read my book , M bought Chinese for tea, watched killing eve,then Annika and clone wars M talked to em and caleb on phone.

Oct 16th Saturday

Cool and showers, breezy, paint second seat and do 20 flowers, do phoebe and mae sculpture and 1 bird sculpture, did corned beef for tea, watched 1971, Annika and sandhamm

Oct 15th Friday

Cool and possible showers, all 3 kids ,Eleanor and theo went to Rokeby rail trail and playground then all back here, monsters toys eleanors schoolwork,til about 4 watched another killing eve, then you tube music steak for tea, watched foundation, sandhamm  rained overnight

Oct 14th Thursday

Fine and cool, M off to help k with kids at 4.00, Belinda worked on helmet and leaned about brazing, I work on seat frame back finished flower and put in all back and metal parts, Yvette had 3 people visit exhibition, bought steel at martin, wood at home and chookpellets, did Indonesian curry for tea, watched young Sheldon,ghosts and bones and Qi

Oct 13th Wednesday

Fine and cool, No ralph or kids as k keeping them home due to closed Drouin primary, M tidied up and had a quiet day, Noel did more on the hot rod and Brittany did more on the wine rack, I finished cutting out sitting girl for chair and painted chair white, did another seat frame and started the back design, demolished more of piano, cut out small flowers,fish and chip tea then watched last two shadow and bone and Greek isles rained later at night

Oct 12th Tuesday

Fine and cool, sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks and cut up sparkplug sculpture I started seat frame and cut out bits for 6 birds, did the frame to hold the fence post and did 2 bases by cutting up one wheel Finished small echidna,. Went and got more mig gas and also bought more ultra clear, mind mae from 3 to 4, lamb patties for tea Pilates watched ghosts and bull

Oct 11th Monday

Rained overnight coolish but fine,Tidied shed put away piano pieces,worked on assembling ducks did 5 and 2 birds, started a screw echidna,Lady came and bought horseshoe seat, Liz came with birdbath to be fixed, then bought day night and hillside and a birdfeeder, the boys did a kookaburra, worked on a fence strainer and the spinning flower, M minds mae all day,I went in to mind mae at 3.00 to 4.00 then delivered sculptures, tea was chicken pieces and rice from slowcooker, watched marco polo, murders in the building,and sandhamm

Oct 10th Sunday

Fine and cool, showers? Delivered 3 birds to willowgrove, dismantle more of piano took most of day 8 people visited, talked to enid and Lachlan and other lady,M talked to em, people came to look at scrap pile for stuff, pizza tea watched girl in the window, ok bit “scary” then shadow and bone

Oct 9th Saturday

Fine and mild, M has a quiet day at home, Julieanne gardened, David is helping his mum pack up house,I did 2 pelicans, Heidi Holt and cyndi and family visited to pick up balance birds and a dog,lovely to see Heidi again,about 10 visitors, heather and Lindsay brought around piano and lift, started dismantling piano,mowed across rd, , talked to bryan Whelan on phone, did chicken skewers for tea wathed end of Taylor folklore video, then like a boss movie on Netflix,lots of action sort of ok, then qi and wilty

Oct 8th Friday

Fine and mild.  Ms car to go in for tyres etc, M takes mae to dance then back here, I take theo to mcneilly park and bush across rd, M has speech in arvo,2 visitors , kids here til 3 watched taylor folklore video, 1971, foundation and wilty

Oct 7th Thursday

Rained solidly overnight,showery but fining up, M helps K with kids and appt ,Belinda worked on Japanese helmet, learned how to weld thin steel, turned a bowl of liquid amber I,finish other 3 kookas and did 2 peacocks and assembled seat, Raymonds dropped in to order another seat,caleb takes away Whelan frames, did snitzel for tea, watched 2 capital( finished) and bones and clone wars

Oct 6th Wednesday

Fine and mild, went to pick up ralph from longwarry,Noel did a ball and started on a hotrod and Brittany didn’t come today as she might have been exposed to covid, M minds mae all day I started on 6 kookas, got 3 finished before helen and dawn from Meeniyan arrived to drop off old stock and pick up new stock, 4 visitors over day ,after lunch I shopped for black paint and washers, mowed most of lawn til belt came off. Slow cooker stew for tea, watched foundation and hardquiz, talked with caleb

Oct 5th Tuesday

Grey cool and showery, M minds mae fiddlesticks and picking up of Eleanor, I Unload car and Belinda did 3 flowers I finished seat welding and painted once inc wood, did peacock, then another balance bird,lunch nap dropped in grinder for repair had ingrown toenail looked at, did pie for tea Pilates with Gillian, survived, watched shadow and bone, wilty

Oct 4th Monday

Grey and cool to begin, fined up then to showers in evening, feels early M goes to help Mae all day, I tidy shed,do signs for sculptures Jess had life drawing with 5 people, The boys did a dragon fly a spinner and a fence strainer, I started a new seat ½ finished  out of 10mm rod so went to get that in arvo and timber for seat, shop for tablets and groceries, did spaghetti for tea watched marco polo and capital and bones and qi

Oct 3rd Sunday

Misty showery to begin,fined up nicely, daylight savings changeover, did heart thing,wrote up a few pieces,M organised folders and shelf area,went to bunnings for new welding wire and discs and router set, I worked on football piece, added solid football and did goal posts etc,did house cat and nature goddess, 5 visitors wraps for tea with chicken tenders, watched the dry excellent and foundation

Oct 2nd Saturday

Misty showery to begin, added to website, did 2 peacocks 2 birds and an emu, added a bit to football form, Julieanne gardened, M had a quiet day. 2 visitors reading foundation again, did rissoles for tea watched black festival  interesting, then wonderwoman 84( dreadful),

Oct 1st Friday

Misty possible showers rain band, Ms car in for service, Help mind kids all day so k can do schoolwork.went to n sth for playground then back here 4 visitors, fish and chip tea , mediocre, watched 1971, ted lasso and free guy( good fun)

Nov 30th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, to be hot Belinda did a bearing butterfly I started seat frame, did 3 bicycle wheel flowers forms,and assembled book piece and made a bee. 2 people came and took away bird seat,Finished signal loss by gary disher,sue to take me to help with mae in arvo, wraps for tea pilates always a struggle,watched young Sheldon, marco polo

,Nov 29th Monday

Fine and sunny beautiful warm day, only one of the boys, peter working on wire tidier,Paul electrician came and fixed pump that was shorting out, I did workplace roundabout, did the characters for not on the same page and finished house of stars, Jessie did life drawing with about 5 people,  sue takes me in to help with mae in arvo, spanakopita mince for tea on patio, watched young Sheldon, the chestnut man, red election and Qi

Nov 28th Sunday

Fine and sunny, worked on 2 bird vases than started the house of stars, 12 people visited,sat and enjoyed the sun at times, Gillian came out and visited so did sue and adam price, thai for tea watched bones young Sheldon and wheel of time

Nov 27th Saturday

Cool , showers?fined up to a nice day, Added to website,5 people visited, Paul put up new sign, I did a spiky dog and a standing small dog, did that lovely sketch of mae in metal and also a coloured wire flower trial. M went shopping with K and kids in arvo,Did hamburgers for tea , talked to paddy on the phone watched adam hills, young Sheldon, the chestnut man and endeavour

Nov 26th Friday

Drizzle cool, minding kids with M just played at home until 2 then theo had ot played with kids until Kcame home at 4.30 home to do snitzel for tea watched young Sheldon, M talked to em for a bit then watched first part of getback sessions beatles

Nov 25th Thursday

Misty rain cooler than humidity yesterday, still more to do in gallery,did another two vacuums with wet and dry machine, 6 people visited I started on 2 small nail dogs,,Belinda worked on helmet, showed the gasless mig and cuttlefish casting, talked to mark the plumber re more drains to prevent further flooding didn’t see heathers funeral service.cooked corned beef for tea caleb here Rob monk died, watched young Sheldon, Stumptown, hard quiz and books that made us,

Nov 24th Wednesday

Fine and mild, showered overnight, 6 people visited over the day Carol and Russ to take down exhibition, Brittany and Noel didn’t come I did 2 dragonflys,started to drive to Ballarat to pick up dog but car stopped at overpass to Pakenham, towed to Pakenham automatics, I hadn’t tightened the radiator cap when I filled it with water. It took a few hours to get going again perhaps a cracked head  but only got to other Pakenham overpass when temp was at limit. Car emptied and taken away to Pakenham car wreckers M came and got me,we bought another car that was on display at tyre place, then out to tea bookclub at Yarragon hotel then home to find a sudden very localised shower had flooded the gallery so rest of evening was spent sucking up and removing water. Not an ideal day.

Nov 23rd Tuesday

Fine and mild lovely spring day, Belinda did 3 flowers I did more on lyrebird, finished,2 people visited chiropractor help with mae wraps for tea, pilates home to watch young Sheldon and marco polo and Qi

Nov 22nd Monday

Fine and sunny, The boys worked on a seat, a wire twister and spinning flower, I did 2 more kooks, painted the hex birdfeeder, put out 2 seats, added to the lyre bird body, 2 people came and took away seahorse and anchor, did puzzle nap in sun, added 2 exhibitions to red tree website did sausages for tea had on patio watched Stumptown,chestnut man, bones, young sheldon

Nov 21st Sunday

Fine and grey,2 more kookas, did signs for pieces ,painted leaf again, added to blue wren birdbath did 2 more birdfeeders, mowed a bit more, 4 people visited pizza for tea, watched foundation, young Sheldon, qi,and wheel of time

Nov 20th Saturday

Fine and grey,warmed up and was a lovely mild day, M helping kids with swimming, I add to website and work on big sculptures, painted leaf once, painted footballpiece 2nd time, assembled seat, cut up 6 kookas did 2 , mowed ½ of sculpture garden,7 people visited. Did standup tacos for tea, watched cowboy be bop, the chestnut man , young Sheldon and bull.

Nov 19th Friday

Fine and grey, no wind maybe showers later, minding kids all day and ralph went to Jindi cricket ground, chased kids here and at home,lady came and bought 3 kookas, went at 3 to pick up Eleanor, shopped,chicken parma for tea, watched, young sheldon ,Red notice, fun enough.

Nov 18th Thursday

Fine and mild, no Belinda, I finished fixing foot stool then worked on leaf piece ( on stand and all welded) and sanded and painted football piece, didnt assemble seat,5 people visited  and bought canaries in coal mine, wheels within wheels and one of russells photos, I went and bought more steel at Martin, dropped off scrap at recyclers, di shopping at aldi, curry for tea , watched red election, the sound, young Sheldon and wilty

Nov 17th Wednesday

Cool but mild M off to help with mae, Brittany finished her wine rack and started on the fence surround for her mum, and Noel cut out 3 kookaburras, I worked on leaf sculpture and got most of one side welded, did meandering path sign for jill Flack, Andrew Kasper and marlene, came and got sculptures for their sculpture park, also Roz and friend Did mince on toast for tea watched the detectives, red election,young Sheldon and Qi

Nov 16th Tuesday

Cool but a bit less vigorous than yesterday, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks and left a bit early, I finished seat frame and painted once, did mini minor plasmacutout, assembled bird on log started leaf sculpture, main frame done Wayne visited  dropped off scrap to metal recycler,go and help with mae at 3.00 shopped,brought in washing and got fire going, nap did wraps for tea, Pilates, stretching class, watched young Sheldon, clone wars and last leg

Nov 15th Monday

Cool with very cold patches, showers and hail , M chases mae around all day, the boys worked on a seat, a fence strainer and finishing the kookaburra ,Jess had life drawing  with 5 people and bruce and cathy came to see russ and carols exhibition, I did a seat frame and most of the back and a small bird to fit on the small piece of wood I had already prepared, went and got mig gas and dropped in 2 angle grinders that were playing up, I didn’t have to help with mae from 3.00 as Fay did the pickups of kids, made spaghetti for tea watched young Sheldon, marco polo and red election and Qi

Nov 14th Sunday

Finer sunny then showery, cold and breezy, I finish rosedale piece and put on base also change bars in weight stand,5 people visited including stefanie and Ingrid,also bear dropped in on way back from visiting mandy, finished book the black house, ,good started new gary disher, did sweet and sour for tea watched saving grace, young Sheldon and bones, minor cold

Nov 13th Saturday

Cool, not raining, showers I worked on rosedale piece, one side complete and other side designed, Tony took away the weight stand and brought it back when the bars were too big,4 people visited, M took guff to Mae and played with her for a bit, shopped I did tuna pasta for tea watched red election and jungle cruise and young sheldon

Nov 12th Friday

Cold showers, chasing kids all day,too rainy for much, played inside,I picked up Ms I pad from warragul, theo had ot via zoom, I picked up Eleanor from school , did chicken kiev for tea, watched young Sheldon, Kate, very violent, and foundation

Nov 11th Thursday

Finer but possible showers ( not til late evening), Ralph here ,Belinda worked on her Japanese mask and shown twisted wire, M helps K with mae,I work on rosedale piece main tree all cut out and starting on details, shop in arvo for groceries M brought home barneys ashes did lamb chops for tea watched red election,young Sheldon and bull, Caleb here for tea then out to volleyball?

Nov 10th Wednesday

Showery rain, Brittany and Noel,finished their projects( wine rack and car) I finish pelican, assemble weight stand and changed dancing girls to trampoline and the long ponytail, 3 people visited, M chases mae all day ( Davids day) started rosedale piece, did steak for tea, watched hard quiz, adam hills cats does countdown and bones.

Nov 9th Tuesday

Cloudy but mild,fined up to a lovely day Belinda did 3 flowers on stems and started another interesting flower,I did a lot of tonys weight stand and also 1.5 pelicans,  mowed 2/3 of sculpture garden ,1 person visited ,shopped at bunnings for cut off wheels and welding rods and wire M chases mae all day I help from 2.30., rang a machine servicer, wraps for tea, Pilates watched marco polo and young sheldon

Nov 8th Monday

Cool and cloudy, put in a request to adopt a dog, the boys did a kookaburra and worked on fence strainer, did 4 kookaburras and 2 peacocks and part of small girls dancing,  1 man visited and bought pirate head ordered new plasma tips and bought a range of steel at longwarry, helped mind mae from 2.30, M chases mae all day, did roasted chicken legs for tea Watched las finest, very American, then sandhamm and clone wars

Nov 7th Sunday

Misty drizzle to start write up 2023 list not published yet, worked in shed and finished parrot seat did another butterfly girl and another bearing dancer, started cutting up stuff for peacocks and pelicans and 7 flowers, had 8 visitors did pie for tea and apple pie, watched the sound,ghosts, young Sheldon ,Annika,

Nov 6th Saturday

Fine and mild day sunny,worked on parrot seat mostly done, more painting needed, sold dragon and snail and horse horse shoe  felt woozy in afternoon, 8 people including Monsons, Andrew and partner, sue and roger, visited wrote up 2022 gallery list ,M bought pizza for tea watched finch tom hanks, then bones then youtube

Nov 5th Friday

Fine and cloudy,becomes a lovely sunny day, M takes mae to dance not on , I take theo bushwalk,at pilgrim creek rd called in on kerrie and chris, chasing kids all day, theo melt down over puzzle I pick Eleanor up from school finished lee child book after nap, did sausages and veges for tea watched official secrets with kiera knightly , bull and young sheldon

Nov 4th Thursday

Fine and mild cloudy with some sun, M brought home Ralph from Longwarry, then off to help k with kids ,went swimming again, loved by mae and theo, Belinda learned to arc weld and worked on japanese helmet face, I cut out 6 kookas for birds on sticks and completed them, lady from stockyard gallery came and took pieces, shopped for groceries,Caleb here after tea, did spanakopita pancakes for tea, watched sandhamm, cats countdown

November 3rd Wednesday

Fine and mild cloudy, poss showers,no Noel and Brittany,I repaired canaries in coalmine, then worked on small dragon and did a seat frame.2 people visited and monsons Finished the gary disher book and started the new Lee Child M to help mind mae with K ,rained in evening did lamb koftas for tea watched hard quiz, country music program, ghosts

November 2nd Tuesday

Fine and sunny hot? M to melb to see em re house, Belinda did 1 flower on a stick and a bearing flower I,paint blue poles, finished off emu ,started  butterfly girl and dance and fixed up through the door,did 2 owls , then added to monson exhibition on website  had party pies for tea M eat out on way back from ems, watched killing eve, metal masters, Annika, adam hills and youtube

November 1st Monday

Fine and sunny, long weekend, M off to mind kids as usual,the boys worked on model car, fence strainer and damaged flower spinner, Jessie and Geoff had life drawing, I finished off the small emu except the eyes , then did 2 dragon flies and cut up a bit more of piano, shopped for washers and paint and tablets after lunch then mowed top of sculpture garden and nature strip. Did chicken bacon parcels for tea, added to monson exhibition on website.,watched last departure and Marco polo, youtube

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