Laurie Collins CV

Laurie Collins Sculptures -  Unchain My Heart - Feb 2011

Highlights of exhibition schedule


Yarram exhibition

Warragul art show( art Gippsland)

Vietnam art workshop ( 6 pieces left there)

Wild dogs revisited( 1 piece sold)

Warragul arts trail preview

Derinya Primary school art show

Pakenham Art Show,( sold 1) and got a highly commended

Bald archies show at Archies Creek( sold 1)

Mirboo Nth art show ( sold 1)

Gippsland sculpture show Yinnar

Camberwell primary art show

Cas A4 show (sold 4)

CAS art show Contemporary by nature ( sold 1)

Ficifolia art show


Foster Exhibition( steel stories)

Mirboo Nth Art show

Canterbury Primary school art show

Edrington sculpture  and art show( Judge)

CAS Herring island

Sculptures at Lucinda( sold 1 piece)


Sculptures at Lucinda Leongatha

Art Gippsland( warragul art show) won best 3d work

Open studios November

Cas show Melbourne

Derinya art show( sold lots)

Gippsland sculpture show Yinnar

Korumburra art show Library

Yakkerboo art show Pakenham Sold 1 mid size piece

Jindivick Sculpture show

Canterbury Art show 1 large sculpture and birds and dogs

Mirboo Nth Art show  1 piece sold

Korumburra art show

Gippsland sculpture show Yinnar

Red Hill art show

Sandy Point Art show

Open studios

Edrington art show Berwick

Nature show Herring Island Cas ( sold 1)

Ficifolia Art show Drouin


Lucinda Winery

Burnley Harbour  sold one big piece at close of show

Open studios

Dromana art show sold a few birds and dogs

Meeniyan small sculpture show sold 2 pieces

Somers art show sold lots of birds and dogs

Neerim Sth Sculpture show sold my piece feather

Derinya Primary school art show sold lots of birds and dogs

Mornington Scarecrow festival

Gippland 14 at Meeniyan and then Maffra( sold 2 small pieces)

Tanjil Valley art show( Judge so work on display)

The great australian art show ( Nossal High)

CAS show Richmond ( both sold)

Yakkerboo art show ( Pakenham) none sold

Mirboo Nth art show ( won sculpture prize) none sold

Canterbury Primary school art show( lots of birdsand dogs sold)

Sandy Point art Show ( sold 1 small piece)

Open Studios sold 1 small piece and some garden art

Cardinia art show 1 big 1 small entered ..nothing sold

CAS show Herring Island ( 2 big pieces entered , none sold)

Ficifolia art show Drouin  ( 3 pieces entered none sold) a highly commended for one

Lucinda Winery Korumburra sculpture in the vineyards show 1 piece sold of 3 entries


Burnley Harbour exhibition Richmond( sold 1 of three pieces)

Lucinda winery sculpture in the vineyards exhibition Korumburra

Open studios  November

Baw Baw Artists show West Gippsland Arts centre( sold big piece..birds of paradise)

Tyers art show (won sculpture prize for Foundation)

Dromana art show  (sold lots of birds and dogs)

Tessellaar sculpture in the Tulips show

Somers art fair ( all sold including ark)

Warragul art show one piece, country links

Gardivalia ( sold 2 big( birdworld and swirl girl) and 2 little sculptures love garden and billy cart) 

Dunkeld sculpture show 

Rutherglen sculpture show

 Sculpture in the gardens Mudgee( sold 2 of 4 pieces)

Nossal High school art show ( won sculpture Prize)

Hot august Night show Jindivick

Derinya Primary school art show ( sold lots of birds and dogs)

Snow show Jindivick

Blarney Books art show Pt Fairy

Yakkerboo art show( Pakenham) sold 0ne of 4 pieces

Mirboo Nth Art Show

Jindivick Sculpture Show

Art Red Hill( sold 1 out of 2 big pieces)

Canterbury Primary art show( sold 1 out of 3 big pieces)

Sandy Point Art Show( won sculture prize and sold 1 piece)

Cardinia Art Show( Pakenham)

Herring Island show CAS

Open studios ( Feb) sold 3 sculptures

Ficifolia art show Drouin( shared sculpture prize with Graham Duell)

Lucinda Winery exhibition( Leongatha) sold 1 of 2 pieces

Ramachangala Uni art exhibition ( Thailand)




Recent shows have included:


Laurie Collins Sculpture - Water The Last Pure Drop - Sept 2010



Laurie Collins Sculpture - Table in Yarragon - Feb 2010


climbing girl -  - May 2010





Laurie Collins Sculpture - Tricycle Girl - Jan 2011




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