Reflections by Laurie Collins

The fence was a bit of an unplanned idea.( surprise surprise!) When we moved here ( over 20 years ago) we were referred to living at Maplesons. I decided to make a statement that said this wasn't Maplesons anymore.I was making images in line at that time and these were going on top of tables but some were not as popular as others. I cut off the design that wasnt selling and used it to start the fence. I usualy added some new designs to the first one and tried to make a "theme" in each panel.I also wanted the image beside the next panel to lead into the following one..What is missing is my doppleganger leaning on the letterbox. This character was meant to be me but as I have lost hair and gained tummy this character is doing a dorian gray but instead of me remaining young.. it is him instead!

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The Fence

The fence is  a work in progress.  It is my front fence and a bit of a local identity.  There is also a statue of me leaning on the letterbox.

the fence which is a local attraction metal sculptural line designs
Panel 1 -This is the farmyard theme The dog, the rooster and of course the chook on the nest which sort of is like the goose that layed the golden egg( sort of) which leads to the fairytale theme panel.

panel 2 of the fence
Panel 2 -
The fairy, the frog prince and of course the dragon which leads onto the winged creatures theme.

Panel 3 of the fence
Panel 3 -
The winged things is the cocky, the biplane and the blow fly which leads onto the australian theme.

panel 4 of the fence
Panel 4 -
Australian theme 1 the frill necked lizard, the Koala and the Kangaroo which leads to the next australian theme.

Panel 4 metal theme
Panel 5 -
This is metal too Ned Kelly, the corrugated iron house and tank as well as the FJ holden.

Panel 5 of the fence
Panel 6 -
Four wheels on the FJ leads to four legs( with a bit of a stretch) and hence the cow, sheep and cat!

panel 6 the imports
Panel 7 -
This last panel ( so far ) is the imports which comes next to the cat of course( and I guess the cow and sheep also) and hence the llama, ostrich and deer. The gate is my bit of figure drawing and eventually I might move it or figure a way to make it fit in with the deer ( dear?)