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Big Cocky


We often have sulphur crested Cockatoos visit our place.. and other cockys too but you can tell they are about by their harsh call and usually broken pinecones and bits of branch dropped around the trees. They are such characters and I really enjoy their intelligence, playfulness and presence. When I was a kid I knew and old lady who had one in a cage and it was always with delight that I might be allowed to feed it��also the terror that that strong beak might take off a finger! .I have made this piece with junk( as is my common practice) to reflect that this marvelous bird is often regarded as a pest to farmers when they descend on a crop in large flocks and strip things bare quickly. This is the second piece I have made featuring a bird form and I am continually amazed by the fluidity and grace of these heavy birds..
This piece went to Sculpture in the Vineyards up at Wollombi near Cessnock

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