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I did this piece for a show called Nowa Nowa Nudes and it is supposed to be a self portrait. I mainly work with recycled material and this was just ideal for this piece. I have posed a version of myself in a life drawing pose( I used to do it and teach it) ... a bit of a stretch and hands on the head with a leg placed to preserve a bit of modesty.. I have never felt comfortable with my body and I always had a paunch. This aspect is reflected in the junk used .I have suggested anatomical features with bits of junk and some of the pieces express my feelings about myself,( a drill in the head cause I can be Boring!) etc etc. My neighbor thinks I have made him too thin.... I dont! but then that might be different perceptions...I dont really expect him to sell... But he can hang around here for a while!

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Laurie Collins

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