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Rings of Earth 2


This is the second of this form and the first one had a ring of steel supporting the �junk �within. I liked it a lot but I wanted to try a defined ring but not a real supporting ring for this one. I also had no colour in the original piece but I have been enjoying how colour has an effect .
Many of my pieces have an environmental theme. This one suggests we will make so much waste that we will end up creating rings around the earth like the rings of Saturn except that the rings will be made up of junk and rubbish. I have included one small character floating in the chaos. To a degree the piece might have presented differently in a horizontal manner but it looks good this way and there is no right way up in space anyway!..
The yellow dot is my feeling that people who don�t think global warming is man made are the type of people who feels the sun goes round the earth...because we can see that that is what happens!

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