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This was an idea from a sketch. Again initially just a lovely form..I thought what would be suckers should be plates, but I didn�t want just plain plates so I added the colours ( Primary and white) in a sort of random pattern( also a bit of a homage to my friend Kerrie Warren who uses paint in a �random� way. I thought the plates would easily fit within the thickness of the metal edging but I learned I was wrong.. it was a bit tight, and a couple broke..I didn�t mind the spaces as they added to the general pattern.
Meaning?..I wanted to reflect a bit back to childhood( I do that a lot) when we used to get such pleasure from small garden life, slaters, worms, ants etc. We would often spend a long time looking at the detail and intricacy of these things. Now it pretty much has to be big to attract our attention.


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