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October 1, 2011

October 2011

October Diary

Oct 30th Sun
Showery day all day Did 2 birds, and a ring for a big sculpture, set out pieces in the ring, went to Meeniyan to see opening of prom sculpture trail,( missed it by that much!) went to Moo moos and Lyrebird hill to see sculptures there,[image|70] does not exist, then visited Grant and Irene. Home to watch wide open road and ladies detective agency.

Oct 29th Sat
Rainy in morning,Worked on two small pieces for Canada show,also a bird and a dog, sue came for afternoon tea,Caleb fixed smoke detector, roast chicken for tea, watched on stranger tides, rock quiz

Oct 28th Friday
Beautiful day, picked up Helen and went to seminar thing at Lardner park to “support” kerry… It was not very well attended and was fairly directed towards business( dullish for me). I prepared lots of photos for website and did a couple of sketches, worked on shrinking photos for website and sorting Canadian photos. Took me and Helen home unloaded her stuff and went to tea with wild dog people at Courthouse. Caleb came for night with Ralph!

Oct 27th Thursday
Beautiful day, mowed for about ½ hr then went to Yarragon for art group, left to come home to do more mowing, then loaded stuff to take to Lardner Park for art and business seminar tomorrow. Kerrie, Gary,Ursula Werner and Helen were setting up also. Home to finish mowing, one of the pulleys has seized again. Steak for tea, then brief walk, watched the slap and Gruen planet, updated computer stuff.M actually has the night off!

Oct 26th Wednesday
Beautiful day. Worked on website ,talked to web assistance person, and then went to Nowa Nowa to drop off piece for Nowa Nowa Nudes…Pose is a nude sculpture of me for the Nowa Nowa nudes show

Bloody long way.. 3 hrs there and 3 hrs back. I did stop to give Barney a run in Sale and stopped on way back to quickly look at Chevalier exhibition at Art Gallery. Then home, back to Warragul for shopping and dinner at the club hotel with others from Book club. Meeting at Robyn’s discussing for Whom the Bell Tolls. M at home watching webinar.

Oct 25th Tuesday
Showery day clearing up, Tidied up in art room, worked on diver,, did a bird, Vicki came and gardened,prepared for woodwork for women, bought PVA and nails, started the letter holder,did a bit of shopping, home for nap, Talked to website people,then did a curry and rice,Marian out at meeting, watched hall of fame video, and worked on website

Oct 24th Monday
Humid say turned cold and rainy. Worked on notes for woodwork for women. Unloaded trailer and fixed a range of broken or sad looking pieces. Added to the birdfeeder which was an order. Tidied my market box and cleared out all the crap.Worked on a peace bird for an order. Sorted one of the desks in the house looking for a missing book, Prepared wood for my woodwork for women class at the community house.Looked at workspace for WW for W, came home meatballs for tea, M on late shift. Pilates. Worked on website.

Oct 23rd Sunday
Loaded everything including Gates then off to Gembrook. Marian set up open gardens. Over the day she had about 55 people, warm and sunny day, I sold 2 birds, I dog, and owl and a small bird( 200) then home for nap, chicken skewer tea, walk in the grounds! Then the wide open road, ladies detective agency and Grumpyies.

Oct 22nd Saturday
Drizzly/ Gardens, set up every thing, did 3 dogs and 3 birds and an owl, also bird feeder about 50 to 100 people over the day, ran in to Warragul to drop off celtic cross, pick up work from Rotary,( got a highly commended.. but none sold) Pizza for tea then out to St Pauls Trivia Night with Sharon , Mrs Pat , Simone, and others. Home 11.45, sleep!

Oct 21st Friday
Showery/drizzly day ,Ran off pieces for signs, then loaded car to go to Lyrebird Hill winery where sculptures are to be displayed, dropped off work and et up, then to Berrys creek to pick up scrap metal. To school to drop off shell label to Melinda and coles vouchers to school, Home for lunch and nap, then a kook aburra and an owl then celtic cross for jan. Fish and chip tea, watched first disc of rock and roll hall of fame, then….

Oct 20th Thursday
Gunna be a hot day, started mowing early so its good for open gardens on the weekend, Marian had the day off so helped me move sculptures .Set up altered Infinity Field. Went to dentist appointment..loveley little Indian? Girl did the dental stuff.. very good! Bought a biography of Christina Stead at the Op shop, went to Yarragon to drop off Laurels piece with people going to Nowa Nowa sooner than me., Saw Ingrid, Jo, David, wendy and a few others, bit of shopping and back home.  finished mowing, went and added wire to front of one gate for Gembrook market, lunch nap, did wire on other gate, redid base of Horse sculpture as its going out tomorrow to the Prom sculpture trail., redid body of Dancer sculpture ,Too stuffed to go out either to Rotary opening or Kavisha Mazella, worked on write ups for sculptures. Watched the Slap then back to the writeups.

Oct 19th Wednesday
Another fantastic day. I adjusted “Infinity field” as I couldn’t get it aligned right as it was. I then started on Gates for Gembrook market. I went in and dropped off “Human Race” for Rotary in Warragul, picked up Laurel Billingtons piece to send/take to Nowa Nowa.Home again and finished first gate.. planted trees across the road, lunch started second gate, delivered Melindas “shell” piece, finished second gate, mowed across road and house block for weekend . Marian shift finishes at 7 today after a night on call last night! Sausages for tea, watched Spicks and specks, gruen planet and worked on website.

Oct 18th Tuesday
Magnificent day..did a bit of framing to begin with( while I am clean) then went to get shell piece ready for delivery, decided it needed a new coat of paint, did that Put “infinity field” in paddock,, went to Drouin for medicine, shopping, pay paper bill, called by Keith Metal Man and collected a wonderful assortment of oddities. Home and started work on new piece called “Division” which I had entered in the Meeniyan/Inverloch sculpture trail but hadn’t made yet. Worked on this and got it finished, went and bought Black and red paint , saw the lovely Louise and discussed her latest projects,..Painted new piece, looks good, beef patties for tea, took most stuff in to Rotary show in Warragul. Looked at new website.looks good too.. just got to finish it.

Oct 17th Monday
Beautiful day.. where were you yesterday, framed monoprints and a couple of small sketches, 1 load of washing done, worked on Infinity field pieces, then finished both seats from yesterday, did two table top designs and painted, walked dog, Fixed a few items for Janet Davey.. she also bought the teddybear chair reading another Lee Childe book, tenders for tea, then pilates,,, stuffed

Oct 16th Sunday
Windy and cold day.. I worked on two table bases,.1 seat frame,, painted and did wood for. 4 mirror frames.. open studios , about 20 people including Ingrid and Pauline weir. Watched wide open road, No 1 ladies detective agency,

Oct 15th Sat
Lovely start of day, set out everything for open gardens, Val came to cross mark pieces for DT, wind came up blew all paper into pile. Day windy changeable, cool,Worked on cutting down big green seat and incorporating stop gate into it.. did 2 dogs, about 50 people through out the day including Phyllis,Frances and sister, Packed up roast for tea, watched Pirates of Carribean 2 and Rock Quiz.

Oct 14th Friday
Lovely day, worked on dancer, out of welding rods went to Moe bought rods and discs( 126) and then to warehouse bought picture frames ( 61) then to kmart bought another Lee Child book, home for lunch, worked on dancer and tidied, fish and chip tea, out to DSC trivia night , was with Christine and Sally and Cheryl and Josie, talked to Heather, M on call for most of night!

Oct 13th Thursday
Magnificent day, Put together table found more pieces for dancer, Vicki came and tidied Garden, went to art group, did 2 small watercolour sketches from Historic Photos, back to Warragul bought steel( 188) then to Drouin , picked up a bit from keith, paid him, home, lunch then mowed all arvo. Rang Meeniyan , paid money for sculpture trail( $100), Out to Art conversation at Warragul with M.pretty phd rambled on.. and most of the rest was talking to other artists( no councillors) bout stuff we already knew. Home to watch the slap( AnouK) good, then to be reading for whom the bell tolls

Oct 12th Wednesday
Took Marian in to work, went to Mitre 10 bought paint and turps( 50), then a bit of shopping at coles and aldi. Home and finished table that I started yesterday, Painted 4 blue, then tidied up before Helen came over.. had lunch,I applied ink to pieces I did print of last week, finished about 6. Alan came over walked through sculpture Garden. They went home and I started on dancer piece. Rissoles for tea, , Spicks and specks, Gruen world.

Oct 11th Tuesday
Showery day, Sent off Tyers form, did a bit for Meeniyan show, worked at cleaning up ½ a world, made the two figures for it and painted it, cleaned up 4 and painted outside, set on its bases too, finished last of George Martin,went to Warragul to pick up Marian, tea at KFC then down to Angelas to query shipping, Pilates( back is still sore but improving) M has sore Knees

Oct 10th Monday
Worked on signs for pieces for Richmond and sculpture garden, Facebook Caz Mifsud and Andrew Delaney,did 6 sign holders for sculpture garden, worked on ½ world piece, and also on 4, loaded car went to Richmond Library,Cressida forgot, set it up looks ok, drove home KFC tea, back sort of sore, misaligned

OCT 9th Sunday
Went to get Chiropracted, bleak cold rainy day , sat around all day reading George RR Martin. Back still bruised

Oct 8th Saturday.
Up early to load trailer.. fine ish day but showers later. Rokeby market .. didn’t sell a lot but came home with $400. Madge,Don, Pauli for lunch, now we have 4 dogs but Ralph and Magnum and Brandy do go home today. Unloaded trailer , Kathleen and caleb called in.

Oct 7th Friday
Lovely day,fixed leaking septic, worked on 4 chooks, did a bit of shopping,lunch, did 1 crouching dog, mowed last bit of lawn, did a corrugated sheep, some more flowers and also finished bluestone( rock). Watched 10 things I hate about you, fixed seat, added to website.

Oct 6th Thursday
Lovely day, dropped off Jens seat and table, went to Art group, did two small sketches from old photos, back home, went and got mower, mowed most of land then it rained 35mm! reading third volume of George RR martin, watched the Slap, worked on website

Oct 5th ( Wed)
Finished back of jens seat and painted seat and table frame again. Went to Warragul to drop in photos to be printed , bwent to Boord , bought steel and cleaned out a bin, then to Drouin, make Dentist appt( 2.00) home for lunch, back to Drouin, dentist, chemist, shopping, to Warragul drop off seat and acorns and hearts( 190) then picked up photos, home, nap, sausages for tea, went to Jindi Business group.

Oct 4th( Tues)
Fine sunny day, 3 loads of washing, worked on getting outside of 4 welded, then did Jens table and started Robs seat, had peter and … come and buy a seat and the kookaburras,, went and helped Kiesha Leggett, with sculpture, home chicken skewers for tea, walk, brought in washing, M sorted papers( On call from 7)

Oct 3rd( Mon)
Fine sunny day( 2nd day of daylight saving)Worked on email list, went to Gippsland Uni, Jenny Peterson workshop printing from found metal, did a number of prints , got some learning, remembered why I am not a printmaker. Came home took mower to Drouin for repairs, nearly fell on me getting it into trailer, moussaka for tea then to Pilates, home watched downton abbey final.

Oct 2nd( Sun)
Better day mostly fine, worked on photos and list for Richmond exhibition, Went to Helens exhibition opening, saw Prue, Alice, Peter, Hedy, Hayden, Wendy Cox,bought a piece for Fionas xmas,home,worked on email list and watched Enron movie.

Oct 1st( Sat)
Cold wet and windy day, Finished Nude me( Pose) and painted it, worked on email list, had lunch with Kathleen and Emily, watched Grand Final. Finished a clash of Kings, watched Jack Hunter( really bad) and Rock quiz with Suzi Quatro, M on call out most of day, home for a nap then out most of the night too!

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