Laurie Collins CV

Highlights of exhibition schedule


Sale Gallery Wild Dogs revisited exhibition

Neerim Sth Birds in colour exhibition ( was acquired )

I stopped doing most exhibitions mainly due to my continuous exhibition at the gallery and sculpture garden


gippsland sculpture exhibition yinnar


covid has an effect on many exhibitions. I stopped doing most exhibitions mainly due to my continuous exhibition at the gallery and sculpture garden


  • Yarram exhibition
  • Warragul art show( art Gippsland)
  • Vietnam art workshop ( 6 pieces left there)
  • Wild dogs revisited( 1 piece sold)
  • Warragul arts trail preview
  • Derinya Primary school art show
  • Pakenham Art Show,( sold 1) and got a highly commended
  • Bald archies show at Archies Creek( sold 1)
  • Mirboo Nth art show ( sold 1)
  • Gippsland sculpture show Yinnar
  • Camberwell primary art show
  • Cas A4 show (sold 4)
  • CAS art show Contemporary by nature ( sold 1)
  • Ficifolia art show


  • Foster Exhibition( steel stories)
  • Mirboo Nth Art show
  • Canterbury Primary school art show
  • Edrington sculpture  and art show( Judge)
  • CAS Herring island
  • Sculptures at Lucinda( sold 1 piece)


  • Sculptures at Lucinda Leongatha
  • Art Gippsland( warragul art show) won best 3d work
  • Open studios November
  • Cas show Melbourne
  • Derinya art show( sold lots)
  • Gippsland sculpture show Yinnar
  • Korumburra art show Library
  • Yakkerboo art show Pakenham Sold 1 mid size piece
  • Jindivick Sculpture show
  • Canterbury Art show 1 large sculpture and birds and dogs
  • Mirboo Nth Art show  1 piece sold
  • Korumburra art show
  • Gippsland sculpture show Yinnar
  • Red Hill art show
  • Sandy Point Art show
  • Open studios
  • Edrington art show Berwick
  • Nature show Herring Island Cas ( sold 1)
  • Ficifolia Art show Drouin


  • Lucinda Winery
  • Burnley Harbour  sold one big piece at close of show
  • Open studios
  • Dromana art show sold a few birds and dogs
  • Meeniyan small sculpture show sold 2 pieces
  • Somers art show sold lots of birds and dogs
  • Neerim Sth Sculpture show sold my piece feather
  • Derinya Primary school art show sold lots of birds and dogs
  • Mornington Scarecrow festival
  • Gippland 14 at Meeniyan and then Maffra( sold 2 small pieces)
  • Tanjil Valley art show( Judge so work on display)
  • The great australian art show ( Nossal High)
  • CAS show Richmond ( both sold)
  • Yakkerboo art show ( Pakenham) none sold
  • Mirboo Nth art show ( won sculpture prize) none sold
  • Canterbury Primary school art show( lots of birdsand dogs sold)
  • Sandy Point art Show ( sold 1 small piece)
  • Open Studios sold 1 small piece and some garden art
  • Cardinia art show 1 big 1 small entered ..nothing sold
  • CAS show Herring Island ( 2 big pieces entered , none sold)
  • Ficifolia art show Drouin  ( 3 pieces entered none sold) a highly commended for one
  • Lucinda Winery Korumburra sculpture in the vineyards show 1 piece sold of 3 entries


  • Burnley Harbour exhibition Richmond( sold 1 of three pieces)
  • Lucinda winery sculpture in the vineyards exhibition Korumburra
  • Open studios  November
  • Baw Baw Artists show West Gippsland Arts centre( sold big piece..birds of paradise)
  • Tyers art show (won sculpture prize for Foundation)
  • Dromana art show  (sold lots of birds and dogs)
  • Tessellaar sculpture in the Tulips show
  • Somers art fair ( all sold including ark)
  • Warragul art show one piece, country links
  • Gardivalia ( sold 2 big( birdworld and swirl girl) and 2 little sculptures love garden and billy cart)
  • Dunkeld sculpture show
  • Rutherglen sculpture show
  •  Sculpture in the gardens Mudgee( sold 2 of 4 pieces)
  • Nossal High school art show ( won sculpture Prize)
  • Hot august Night show Jindivick
  • Derinya Primary school art show ( sold lots of birds and dogs)
  • Snow show Jindivick
  • Blarney Books art show Pt Fairy
  • Yakkerboo art show( Pakenham) sold 0ne of 4 pieces
  • Mirboo Nth Art Show
  • Jindivick Sculpture Show
  • Art Red Hill( sold 1 out of 2 big pieces)
  • Canterbury Primary art show( sold 1 out of 3 big pieces)
  • Sandy Point Art Show( won sculture prize and sold 1 piece)
  • Cardinia Art Show( Pakenham)
  • Herring Island show CAS
  • Open studios ( Feb) sold 3 sculptures
  • Ficifolia art show Drouin( shared sculpture prize with Graham Duell)
  • Lucinda Winery exhibition( Leongatha) sold 1 of 2 pieces
  • Ramachangala Uni art exhibition ( Thailand)


  • Bonanza show CSV
  • Sculpture in the Vineyards Lucinda Winery Leongatha( 1 sold)
  • Burnley Harbour show( sold 1 of 3)
  • Open studios November( sold some work)
  • Tyers Art Show ( won best designer craft ( metal) and  highly commended
  • Recycled art show Rutherglen ( won top award)
  • Warragul Rotary art show( art Gippsland)
  • Inspired by Birds exhibition Serigraph Gallery( sold 1 piece)
  • Inspired by birds sculpture show Neerim Sth( sold my piece)
  • Splash( Kew Primary art show)( sold 1 small piece and lots of birds and dogs)
  • Tessellar sculpture in the Tulips show( 8000 people through but my girls came home)
  • Nossall High school Great art show. ( won best sculpture and sold big piece)
  • CAS show Church st Richmond( sold big piece)
  • CSA Show Abbotsford
  • Prominitions( West Gipps arts centre)( sold 1 piece)
  • Blarney Books art show ( Pt Fairy)( sold my entry)
  • Derinya Art Show( Frankston)sold lots of birds and dogs)
  • Feathers nest  and flight show Meeniyan( sold 5 out of 6 pieces)
  • Claiming our voice Exhibition Warragul
  • Mirboo Nth Art show( best metal)
  • Jindivick Sculpture show( sold 2 out of three)
  • Open studios May
  • Camberwell Primary school art show
  • Red Hill primary school art show
  • Sandy Point art show( Highly commended)
  • CAS A4 show Herring Island( sold 1 piece)
  • Contemporary Art society show ( Herring Island)
  • Open studios
  • Like exhibition( with Sue Osborn) ( Meeniyan Art Gallery)
  • Ficifolia Art exhibition


  • Lyrebird Hill sculpture show
  • Tyers Art Show( won best metal)
  • Open studios 3 exhibition Jindivick
  • Dunkeld Sculpture Show ( won 2nd Prize)
  • Art Gippsland Warragul( Hon Mention)
  • Birregurra Art Show
  • Images of spring Exhibition Drouin
  • Contemporary art Society show Richmond
  • The great Australian Art  Show( Melbourne)
  • Face to Face Portrait exhibition WGAC
  • Derinya Art show
  • Natural response exhibition( Kingston arts centre ) with Helen Timbury and Ingrid Thomas
  • Tanjil Valley art show
  • Jindivick Sculpture Show
  • Open Studios 2 exhibition
  • Canterbury Primary school Art show
  • Red hill Primary school art show
  • Heroes and Villians exhibition Yarram
  • Sandy Point Art Show
  • “Blue” show with Sue Osborn Yarram Gallery
  • Open Studios Exhibition
  • Drouin Ficifolia Art show
  • 1st International Art Festival Workshop and exhibition Naresuan University Thailand
  • 9th International art festival workshop and exhibition  Poh Chang University Bankok


Recent shows have included:

  • Sculpture in the Vineyards( Lyrebird hill ) Koonwarra
  • Found Things solo show Bradley Hall Gallery
  • Animal,Vegetable, Mineral show Heritage Hill, with Sue Osborn
  • Tyers Art show
  • Rotary Warragul Show
  • Open Studios
  • Gardivalia Open Gardens
  • Kingswood art show
  • Contemporary Arts Society show, Richmond
  • Derinya Art show
  • Fleetwood Primary school art show( 3rd Prize)
  • Catharsis show WGAC
  • Tanjil Valley art Show
  • E-motion meets E art at Yarragon arts hub
  • Creative waste at Yinnar
  • Encore show at Highway Gallery MT Waverley( won best 3-D work)
  • Jindivick Sculpture Show
  • Mirboo Nth Art show
  • Trafalgar Rotary art show
  • CSV Bonanza Art show( Collingwood)
  • Art Blitz Kingston Arts centre
  •  Highlands Art Show( Highland, near Yea)
  • CAS Herring Island Art show (Herring Island Burnley)
  • Sculpture in the Vineyards( Wollombi NSW)
  • Open Studios ( Jindivick)


  •  Sculpture in the Vinyards Koonewarra( Lyrebird hill)
  • Burnley Harbour Exhibition Melbourne
  • Canadian reflections( show with Marian and also other artists who went to Canada)
  • Tyers Art show( won metal section and also Highly commended)
  • Nowa Nowa Nudes
  • Art Gippsland Warragul
  • Prom country sculpture trail
  • "In Character "show Richmond Library
  • Contemporary Arts Society Collectors exhibition
  • Fairfield Primary art show
  • Mingara Gallery Exhibition shared with Gerry Lubensky
  • Sculpture in the Vineyard exhibition Lyrebird hill winery Koonwarra
  • Open day exhibition Jindivick
  • Art Blitz Kingston Arts centre
  • Toorak Sculpture Show
  • Banyule Outdoor sculpture show( won peoples choice)
  • Trafalgar Art show( won best 3-d work)
  • Mirboo Nth Art Show
  • Contemporary Sculptors society show Bonanza
  • Jindivick Sculpture Show
  • Strathdon Art Show
  • Open studios Exhibition
  • Laurie Collins and Friends Exhibition Quesnel Canada
  • Blarney Books Biblio art exhibition
  • Fleetwood Primary school Exhibition( won sculpture prize)
  • Warragul Regional College Exhibition

Laurie Collins Sculpture - Water The Last Pure Drop - Sept 2010


  • Untold stories solo show at Blarney Books and Art Pt Fairy
  • Art Teachers Art show Every other Colour Drouin west
  • Herring island show CAS
  • Toorak Library show CAS
  • Yarram where do you draw the line show
  • Fleetwood Primary school Exhibition
  • Blarney Books book show
  • Tell Tales show with Anne Gordon at Frances Keevil Sydney
  • Cadence Red Gallery Sydney
  • Full Play Exhibition at Fish Creek with Kerry Spokes
  • Reflections on New Zealand Exhibition Drouin West
  • Mingara Gallery Exhibition shared with Gerry Lubensky
    Sculpture in the Vineyard exhibition Lyrebird hill winery Koonwarra


  • Up and....... Exhibition at Yarram Courthouse Gallery with Helen Timbury
  • Up and....... Exhibition at Drouin Old Butter Factory with Helen Timbury and Joan Price
  • Mirboo North Art Show
  • Art Melbourne with Serigraph Gallery and Brunswick St Gallery
  • "Inspired "Exhibition Heritage Hill Gallery Dandenong
  • Art Teacher Art Exhibition West Gippsland Arts Centre Warragul
  • Art Recycle Incinerator Gallery Moonee Ponds
  • BSG Small works Show Brunswick St Gallery
  • On the wild side Exhibition with Chris Beehag and Pauline Johns Meeniyan Art Gallery
  • Art Sydney with Brunswick St Gallery and Frances Keevil Art Gallery
  • Blarney Books "New works from Old Bones Competition"( won the story tellers prize) Pt Fairy
  • Yering station sculpture shows
  • Rosalind Meadmore Gallery Horses for Courses show. won first prize
  • Highly Commended Tyers Art show
  • Leongatha Rotary Show
  • Fringe Furniture Show Nth Melbourne
  • Solo Show Untold Stories November /Dec Bradley Hall Gallery ( Gary Miles ) Drouin West

Laurie Collins Sculpture - Table in Yarragon - Feb 2010


  • Wild dogs "Gippsland" exhibition Sale regional Gallery
  • Wild dogs " Unleashed " exhibition Latrobe valley Art Gallery Morwell
  • Wild Dogs " Gumbay China Response" exhibition West Gippsland Arts Centre Warragul
  • Mirboo North Art Show
  • Korumburra Rotary Art Show
  • Art Melbourne with Serigraph Gallery and Gippsland Artists dot Com
  • Trafalgar Rotary Show
  • "Inspired "Exhibition Heritage Hill Gallery Dandenong
  • Art Teacher Art Exhibition West Gippsland Arts Centre Warragul
  • Art Recycle Incinerator Gallery Moonee Ponds
  • BSG Small works Show Brunswick St Gallery
  • Up Exhibition solo Brunswick St Gallery
  • Yering Station sculpture Show
  • Toyota Sculpture Show

climbing girl - - May 2010


  • Wild Dogs Gippsland exhibition Burrinja Gallery Upwey
  • Drouin Art Show
  • Shared Exhibition with Sue Osborn Charles Smith Gallery Melbourne
  • Melbourne Art Fair with Gippsland Artists.com
  • Mirboo Nth Art Show
  • Wild Dogs exhibition Queens Hall Parliament House Melbourne
  • Arts Business RAVE Award presented to Wild Dogs from Down Under
  • Wild Dogs exhibition Jiu Jiang China ( Cultural Exchange)


  • Drouin Art show
  • Mirboo Nth Art Show
  • Wild Dogs Gippsland Exhibition at West Gippsland Arts Centre
  • Solo Exhibition at Drouin Butter Factory
  • Wild Dogs Gippsland exhibition Meeniyan Art Gallery


  • Drouin Art Show
  • Mirboo North Art show Best Metal
  • Shared show Dromana with John Phillips
  • Warragul Rotary Show


  • Drouin Art show Highly Commended
  • Mirboo North Art show Best Metal
  • Warragul Rotary Club highly Commended

Laurie Collins Sculpture - Tricycle Girl - Jan 2011


  • Drouin Art Show Highly Commended
  • Mirboo North Art show Best Metal
  • Warragul Rotary Show Sculpture prize


  • Drouin Art show Best craft
  • Mirboo North Art show Best Metal
  • Warragul Rotary Club Craft Prize


  • 2001 Solo show Ishka Gallery Kew

Pre 2001

  • Participant in student shows Gryphon Gallery 1987 and 1988
  • Been a member of and shown in the West Gippsland Arts and Craft Association Warragul.
  • Has work on show in Ishka, Charles Smith Gallery, Town and Country Gallery

Laurie Collins

03 5628 5224
420 Main Jindivick Road, Jindivick VIC 3818
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