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December 11, 2013

December 2013

Saturday Dec 28th

Cool and mild quickly warming up 38 degrees, working on cow, all legs and tail added and ears, udders and eyes, spikes added to base and painted in Paddock, Horses tail redone and repainted and put out,,Kathleen and Eleanor coming over for most of daycool change about 5.00 thank you!

Friday Dec 27th

Cool and mild, M taking Em to Melbourne to go to William Ricketts sculpture garden in Dandenongs,M to visit mum,me working on cow.all legs edges done, 3 legs finished, one needs surface welding and cleaning up.. should be finished tomorrow, went to Warragul for more grinding discs( 5 gone already) and also some grocery shopping,M home about 4 2 people through the garden.Leftovers for tea, then a walk then Paul Kelly and Neil Finn concert, and end of No 1 ladies detective agency( both excellent)

Thursday Dec 26th

Cool and mild,warmed up until about 6.00,had a small walk, cleared weeds off the fence, made salads and sweets, Kathleen and David arrived with Eleanor, then caleb and Em, lovely lunch, nice meat from David,then pressies( lots of Jo Nesbo) dessert then after lunch naps.. except for Eleanor, sorted cds.then reading the surgeon of Crowthorne, Dr who xmas special, brief talk to em, finish book and bed

Wednesday Dec 25th

Beautiful day light breeze supposed to be 31, wrapped last of the presents,went to Melbourne, talked to Don and Pauli, Isabelle came for 5 minutes, then Ernie and Fiona, Madge,Stephen and Kristin, then Kathleen David and Eleanor, and Caleb and Emily. Smorgasbord lunch,I ran out of my small talk and wafted around the place,David and Sarina arrived  and we left after a bit to come home. Short walk, back a bit niggly, watched Harry Potter 2( M went to sleep again)

Tuesday December 24th

Cool and mild, M off to work breakfast, me off to get sand  from Inverloch and sandpit cover, from Morwell.. also other xmas gifts, back home by 11.00, the Murrays and Chris Batson dropped in, Sue also for lunch, nap and puzzle,Eleanor on the arvo while K and D went and bought car seats for our car and Fayes car. Rissoles for tea, Caleb off to spend night at Ems. Jeff and jeanette dropped over.Watched a touch of Asterix and a touch of wilosophy

Monday 23rd. Dec

work on cow.Jane finished her table, I got all the cow shapes made and most of the two body sides covered, Bart came and worked in afternoon on another piece. M shopping with Kathleen.Caleb home, Lasagne for tea, wrapping xmas stuff, Kathleen and Eleanor over too

Sunday 22nd Dec

Delivered stuff to Jinks creek saw 3 kangaroos, home to look at papers M to Fountain gate with Caleb for xmas shopping,I went down shed ,made a duck and a small cow.2 birds, 1 peacock  20 flowers,1 dog, tidied bench nap and puzzle, to Drouin for dog food then Jinks creek to pick up stuff from market,left 8 flowers and 2 kookaburras, Bart working in shed on balancing girl..ham sandwhiches for tea,M talked to Bart and Jeff andJeanette, watched incredibly loud and close

Saturday 21st Dec

Cool and breezy. loaded trailer, went to Warragul arts market saw, Marian,Helen Prue, Alice, Bart, Tracelle, Courtney,Axel,,Debbie and Tara,sold 1300 packed up, M to Melbourne to see Madge,home to nap then do 3 more birds and 2 dogs,fish fillets for tea, watched Harry Potter 1

Friday Dec 20th

Fine and sunny supposed to be 26 max, Eleanor coming for the day, di the windchime bits and went off to Warragul to get fishing line, also put money in bank, did aldi shopping bought stuff from sanity and the woodworkers, then to Drouin to drop off crows and pick up Kelties piece,also dropped off some cds at Helen/Andrews place and did some basic shopping. Home to assemble windchime , have a walk and Gary arrived to discuss what needed doing digging wise. Lunch, nap .talked to roller door guy, nap again, did 2 birds, cooler now, Pizza for tea from Dante’s ,watched a few chonday then death in Paradise and no1 ladies detective agency

Thursday Dec 19th

Cool and sunny heading towards 40 degrees,did 5 chooks, 2 emus, 2 small cows, 1 small kookaburra, Bart worked on his through the door piece, finished, Morry came and asked about the woodwork for women program, Marian took his wife Margaret around the sculpture garden, napped after lunch,and puzzle,  chicken kievs for tea, looked at chonday, walk then watched Quartet.. lovely positive movie

Wednesday Dec 18th

Cool and mild warming up over the day.Eleanor coming for the day, did 4 kookaburras on stands and 25 flowers including cutting out all parts, nap,went to Warragul to get super jaws repaired, also bought sheet steel for cow, and mig tips. Kathleen and chops for tea, mowed back lawn,watched 2 justified

Tuesday Dec 17th

Cool and mild warming up with nice breeze, worked on adding bar to Tetoora Rd sculpture, did 2 cats, 1 peacock 1 Lyrebird, 4 ducks, Belinda did Pelican, Jeanette came over and added to a lampshade, M to Melbourne to see mum, bus from special school visited,went and talked to Helen re where the heck is Jindivick,Jindi map and reordering sculpture garden flyer, then to Warragul to pay drafting bill and buy tube for kookaburras(57) made rissoles for tea, nap, mowed bottom paddock.Watched 1 Justified.

Monday Dec 16th

Fine and cool, warmed up during day,worked on tetoora rd sculpture , welded lots, ground and sanded lots and then assembled,all together, except centre pole, Bart worked on his characters and two are done,Vicki Gardened,went to Morwell after lunch to get springs( 250) and some xmas shopping, home to nap, then do pasta for tea. Last Pilates this year.then 1 Justified

Sunday Dec 15th

Fine and mild, Adam Price dropped in, Craig Rang, M to melb,4 people wandered around garden,  man came from paper to talk about art wine trail,did 3 dogs and did most welding on bottom piece of Tetoora Rd sculpture nap and puzzle M home latish, ham rolls for tea, watched Olympus is down.

Saturday Dec 14th

Cool and mild, fined up, loaded trailer off to Rokeby, saw lots of people sold 1200 home to lunch with Sue , Kathleen and Eleanor there also,lady from Kingston bought a bird and peacock delivered Kooka burra, shopped at Woolworths, called in on Wiglesworths saw Deb, home to see Joy and friend , nap chicken skewers for tea, walk watched the great Gatsby.. quite good but not very uplifting.

Friday Dec 13th

Cool and cloudy,Eleanor coming for day,Bart worked on a small character, I cut up and made ducks( 6) lady came and bought bird chook and duck and flowers, 2 other couples came and walked through sculpture garden.after lunch did a peacock, a cat, and a sculpture for Liz at school and a small cow Kathleen with fish and chips for tea watched last 3 episodes of the killing.. very unfulfilling ending.

Friday Dec 13th

Cool and cloudy,Eleanor coming for day,Bart worked on a small character, I cut up and made ducks( 6) lady came and bought bird chook and duck and flowers, 2 other couples came and walked through sculpture garden.after lunch did a peacock, a cat, and a sculpture for Liz at school and a small cow Kathleen with fish and chips for tea watched last 3 episodes of the killing.. very unfulfilling ending.

Thursday Dec 12th

Fine and sunny, coolish,Bart working on small character, Sue visited for morning tea,working on 3 birds a dog and a peacock and an insect and a flower of springs,  M to melb to see Madge and Don, M’s car wouldn’t start, Racv then to Drouin and then Darnum to get battery changed over( under warranty) to warehouse to get chalk, glasses and other oddities, home to mow across road and top paddock, drink beer on verandah, sausages for tea Doug pell dropped off Lifestyle magazine,watched Lara Croft

Wednesday Dec 11th

Fine and sunny, coolish,very variable day, Vacuumed, Mowed,house block and nature strip, Bart coming he made 1 small person I did one also and worked on 2 dogs and 1 pelican and 3 chooks, Baby coming for day with M,shopped for white paint and welding gear,(88) put money in bank and posted letters,also got angle grinder back,(29) aldi shopping, metal man in Drouin, had a nap with Eleanor,chicken things for tea walk, then 2 episodes of the killing. Computer stuff

Tues Dec 10th

Showery and cool, up early, M at home all day tidied up and shopping, Belinda coming and worked on sign for N sth, and flower,Jeanette plasma cut,Jeff called in for flywheel, working on other side of big piece all tacked and started welding edges, did 4 chooks, 2 dogs and 1 small cow, Vicki Gardened, Jane came and made a small table, went and got mower( 260) and then metal discs and welding rods from Warragul steel,( 250) home for skewers for tea then me and M mowed bottom paddock, watched 2 episodes of the killing, computer stuff

Monday Dec 9th

Fine and cool, working on other edge and side of big piece, also 3 birds 1 emu, 1 peacock. 1 lyrebird,1 pelican,and 3 dogs, and a small cow  M to Melbourne to visit Madge, Madges birthday,Kathleens first full day of school Fay minding Eleanor spaghetti for tea, Pilates arc barrel..our most unfavorite piece of equipment.. home to do computer stuff( Chonday), M talked to Stephen and Kathleen.

Sunday Dec 8th

Fine and sunny, work on tourist stuff, work in shed on big piece, get one side done, and one edge weld, start on more cats and dogs finished 2 dogs, Kathleen and Eleanor over in morning, had lunch and nap and went to Meeniyan to see print exhibition, then Lyrebird hill to see sculpture show then to Zac Chalmers pottery to see view and his work then to visit Grant and Irene , home to sausages for tea , saw Jeff and Jeanette, watched Star trek edge of Darkness( M went to sleep).

Saturday Dec 7th

Fine and sunny, work on tourist stuff, see about mower( grass feels very long!), no still waiting on a part,Load trailer,painted top part of sign and crows and horse, go to Jindi market to shop, M with Kathleen to Baby market( not  to buy babies!) then leave at 11.30 to go to Kingston night market, set up sell stuff buy stuff, M take car and go visit Madge,sold out of every thing except a few flowers.. pretty good!

Friday Dec 6th

Cool and sunny to start, M to Melbourne, working on big sculpture, all of top part welded and sanded, poles attached, started bottom form,lunch and puzzle and go to Kathleens in arvo played with Eleanor for 1 ½ hrs she crawled up the house and on the grass she crawled across the block, went to Aprils and bought some stuff, Pizza for tea, watched 1 x files..watched Layer cake, M home and talked to Caleb and Kathleen on phone. Em has a cold.

Thursday Dec 5th

Cool but not as rainy, M to Baby rhyme time, and then looking after Eleanor while Kathleen teaches, Finish off 2 cows, 3 birds and 2 chooks,1 Pelican work on big sculpture, shop for catfood try again at PO,success! To Drouin Op shopping for shirts, chemist and also catfood shopping,pay paper bill,  home to make meatballs for tonight, Creative Gippsland breakup at Gary’s, had a fine time talking to people( not sure if they had a fine time listening to me!).

Wednesday Dec 4th

Cloudy and muggy, rained a lot of the night, and most of the day,M to Melbourne to see Madge,I did 3 dogs, 2 chooks and part of a small cow, people came and picked up owl,Sue dropped in at 11.00, and then I went to Warragul to try to get working with children form done, also see draftsman re drawing up the disabled loo on the gallery, paid BJ bearings bill, home to see Leanne and sister who bought Magpie, back to Warragul to drop in dead grinder, try post office again and drop off 5 piece at Aprils, up to Drouin to play with Eleanor til 4.00, home to vacuum and do puzzle,sausages for tea walk as it has stopped raining, Bill Bailey and Wallace, 1 episode of the Killing.

Tuesday Dec 3rd

Fine and sunny hot day M off to mind Eleanor this morning, Belinda coming, we went  to Neerim Sth to drop off sketches and have Belinda talk to Jenny, back again, Belinda started a sign for them I did 3 emus and 2 owls and a kookaburra, had bus load of Mawarra people, 2 couples who were bed and breakfasting as well, Jane came and finished her gate, out to tea at O and H with lots of Marians work colleagues, fine night, home to watch white house down..very die hard!

Monday Dec 2nd

Fine and sunny, hot day, M to melb  to visit Madge,Vicki gardened and poisoned, work in shed on big sculpture, started second side of top piece, cut out flowers,then to Trafalgar for business advisory committee,to Warragul to get sheet pieces for sculpture, and mig and plasma bits dropped off two animals for Sarahs auction, to Drouin to play with Eleanor,no one there but Magnum Kathleens car broke, home for puzzle and nap, scallops for tea Pilates watched 2 episodes of the killing warm night cooled down about 1.00

Sunday Dec 1st

Fine and sunny, warm day,up early, drawing portraits,all finished over the day, assemble seat,  didn’t work on big sculpture, washed the floor,went to Longwarry market( quite big now ) and bought plants and stuff, lunch at home with M, more portraits in the arvo, lady came and bought fashion statement and Paddys friend Julie came and put a deposit on the flying pig,chicken things and pasta for tea.Kathleen and Eleanor cam over, Watched disaster planning,springsteen and 1

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