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January 11, 2013

January 2013

Thursday 31st Jan..Thailand
Still in Phitsanulok,at the Amarin Lagoon Hotel.. up earlyish had a simple breakfast.. watermelon, pineapple and coffee..Eiso the japanese sculptor was going to the uni to work so I cadged a lift with him for me and David..we went a quite different way and at one stage I wasnt sure we were going to the uni but it just was different and soon we were pulling in.

It was a coolish( well not hot day and as it went on we had thunderstorms and tropical showers.I went and started welding my little figures..they came together ok.. the vice grip pliers were very helpful, then "new" came and he helped clean up the piece and we went over crappy welds as well as finishing the figures.cheerful helpful girl NaruesanWhen it was finished I went off to get the writing part I had done printed and a lovely bubbly young lady helped. I added New's name as well as Wisit and got the document printed. We took the fish to the gallery and Pimpisa was there as well as quite a few others.

I then went and looked at the Textile museum, took bags of photos and also around the other artists both in the stadium and in the gallery taking photos of their finished work. Lunch and then a bit of as nap in a chair, reading Ayuttahaya book and finally on the bus for home.I showered and dressed for the evening ceremony and then went to the restaurant. We were given certificates of attendance by the Vice governor and we had a lovely meal . lots of cheering and the certificate was nicely presented with a souvenir key to the city.I went back to the hotel to get ready as we had to have everything packed and ready to check out at 8.

We then go to the opening of the gallery and go our different ways. Pimpisa is staying on to attend another workshop, David is going off with Kanaid to a northern university and Chaing Mai and I go on the bus with others to Bankok.. Supposedly they have booked me into a hotel close to the airport but we will see.

Wednesday 30th Phitsanulok thailand
well after a fine night we were up earlyish to have breakfast and go by 8.30..Aaron mentioned he was leaving at 6.30 tomorrow. so that is a bit of a disappointment..

on the bus .. a bit quieter than last night.. off to Naruesan University.. they gave us a bus tour around the campus seeing all the differerent departments including the university hospital.. cool ..really where better to be treated..then off to work.. I got my body of my fish together and started on the base.. went for a walk to photograph what others were doing... wonderful diversity..then back to work..

.Wisit came after lunch ( and again I photographed where people were up to) so went and bought more junk material.. and added to fish) the welder I bought is a bit of a sook and when it gets too hot( not from working too hard.. but just too hotand it shut down and wont start for 10 minutes!!!!) so that did that a few times during the afternoon.

Got the fish up right and alltogether,hall Naruesanand they had bought me two sheets of 2.5mm thick steel...really too thick so I captured a teacher Wisit( Wizard) and he took me off to the scrapyard.. very impressive and I spent 500 baht buying steel and then off to a supermarket( Bunnings style) and I bought a welder, an angle grinder a hammer and a pair of pliers as well as some welding rods.( 6000 bAHT aBOUT 200$) back to the university and I set out a fish on one of the large metal sheets and started work.. made a bending jig... more than what it seems.. and I was given a handsome helper( New).. and we started.It just so happened that the Australian ambassador was visiting the town( there was a big billboard up welcoming him) so he said hello( James Wise).

I stopped about 6.00 as Pimpisa said it was time for tea.. so with a wash and tea in me I listened to the school band , cheered on the dancers ( including some ladyboys) and cheered Rudy as he sung a range of songs... we were given Thai whiskey to try and it was indeed strong but after a few beers it was quite tolerable( says he who was the life and soul of the bus going home) although I drew all night and didn't dance.Back to hotel to download photos and do diary.( and a shower).Talked a bit to David.

28th Monday Phitsanulok Thailand
Up early and breakfast in the restaurant...cornflakes and waffles today.. for a change from Thai food...tried to get email to work .. started to succeed but we had to go... this mob seems much more on the ball as to where and when...We headed off on the buses and went to a potters place first..groupshot at potters studiosome interesting ideas but really my interest peaked after 10 minutes.. this is the first time this university(Naruesan) has done this so they are probably learning as they go...back on the bus and off to a local temple...a large group of locals had dressed up in bright orange uniform to welcome us and a class from the school nearby came and did a traditional Thai dance..dancing greeting at temple.just lovely and some of our thais and others joined in... we had the obligatory photo session.. then a quick look through the temple...I read that the community had paid for it themselves and they looked suitably proud...they showed us their community garden with pigs, chooks and assorted it was warming up we then had iced drinks of either lemongrass or morning glory...yep the purple flower that grows in abundance around back fences and train lines.. they had morning glory flowers dried for a tea, they had morning glory flowers squeezed in water to produce the cordial,morning glory shampoo and the drink was lovely... a bit of sugar in it as well..then we had dried bananas(which they also did) then balls of cocoanut and cane sugar and finally thai donuts..I commented that I couldnt take a lot of those items back to Australia but I could take a recipe book and they thought that a good idea. Back on the bus and off to lunch.. really I have eaten substantially the whole a nice restaurant and pad thai , a lovely dessert soup and other stuff... stuffed is the right word.

On the bus again and off to another ceramics factory via a swap to some sort of motorized open air tram like we were in last night. The factory was sort of a backyard concern as many of these art businesses are but quite extensive and a wide range of traditional stuff being produced... none appealed and I would have broken it getting it home..then around the corner to wood carvers making fish, back scratchers, and other things...we are in Sukhothai which is the original capital city of Thailand before it was destroyed by the people who buily Ayuttahaya and all around are bases of old temples and other buildings.Sukothai.back on the tram and we went to the main part of this historical park...fantastic ruins of temples which showed some of Sri Lankan style..,made in about 1200..and of course my battery ran out ( it had taken 227 shots) so I did a sketch.a quick drive around the site in the warm evening then to a restaurant for tea just as the sun was setting.More food...still yum..then back on the bus for the hour drive back to the Hotel( Amarind Lagoon Hotel inPhitsanlok) ..told we needed to do a 5 minute presentation tomorrow and start at 8.30. Jim suggested another way to do email and it seemed to work...Yay.. up to room to download pictures, charge battery and do diary.

Sunday 27th start of week 2 Thailand
Up at 5.00, packed, showered, dinner at 6 .talked to Marlene and Lois, off on the bus at 7.00 sort of .. my own seat....drove til 3.00 with two rest stops at service stations,napped, reading Ayuttahaya... various people bought various things and it was interesting the range of food snacks from sea weed to curry puffs, The loos were open air with a walk around the back and no back wall but a line of loos..sort of pleasant..went through the mountains.. very lush and also rice fields very green, reached Phitsanulok and had lunch at a restaurant thing..met guide Warren( a handsome charming young man).... similar loos.. then on to the Amarin Lagoon Hotel... sharing a room with David... then to an open bus tourist tram thing for a look at the city.. quite a famous place about 70,000 and the University is named after a great former king (Naruesaun) who was born here.. they are doing some archeology and the former palace has been sort of excavated.. foundations in brick and the top was all wood.. our guides former school was over the top of it..our tram thing ran out of petrol and we walked across the bridge to the temple of the golden buddah, lots of chanting but interesting.. then walked to another area and had tea.. full moon came up sort of orange.. Rudy sang on his new/ reclaimed guitar and I left early after the welcoming speeches...i had managed to lose my key to the room( actually David had it)  so I had to arrange another..sat in the bar and had a wine with Lois and Marlene and Rudy and Yon Supraman sang with the band.. up to room to download photos and do diary.

Saturday 26th Chaingrai.Thailand
well another lovely day.fine and sunny but not humid..morning from the resort breakfast then sitting in the sun while everyone got ready for the day.. did a small watercolour of just nearby..hopped on the other bus today.. just for a change ..a very low roof on a double we went to near Chaing rai( where we are is a "suburb" about an hour from it..we went to a stupa thing at the outskirts of a small temple where a service was in progress.. the stupa had been built with bamboo and then covered in concrete..a nice prayer room nearby..then walked down the road to a potters studio/residence/factory.a very lovely and impressive arrangement with lots of pottery..this fella was at the workshop in Bankok and he gave us old catalogs and morning tea. we all had to decorate a plate ...we did imitation aboriginal handprints and dots..a bit mediocre..took lots of photos as he had lots of very nice details such as two wall of one building covered with broken and old pottery, a box form made from broken pottery as a sculpture. Back on the bus and off to lunch at the white temple..this is all made by one man who decided to revive traditional art forms and also create a tourist attraction for his region...quite a young bloke but he is a gaudi tye character who has started something that will not be finished til after he's dead. We had a lovely lunch.. way too much.. while a small family group sang a mixture of thai and western songs... bought a cd..walked around the temple again ..absolutely amazing ..over the top details and mirrors, hands reaching from a pond thing, hanging heads.etc etc and his own gallery...lots of details.. he gave us a small book detailing the temple complex and it looked like a picture of biggles in it!..back on the bus to go to a museum of thai artifacts..again lots of stuff but sometimes I had little idea what I was looking at and why....I bought a book on Ayuttahaya( the second civilization of Thailand)...then off to the national artists residence...again very impressive.. this was the bloke at the opening ceremony in Poh Chang.. he wasnt there but the most bizzarre collection of animal skins, horns and shells were...a very individual vision..tea there.. lots of nice food but again way too much and then back first of all on the utes and mini buses and then to the big buses to go to a night market in Chaing Rai.I watched a few songs by lady boys,bought some gifts for people ( lots) and then back on the bus for the hour trip home. Supposedly up at 5 tomorrow.

Friday 25th Chaing RaiThailand
woke up to a lovely day,fine and sunny but not humid!!.. showered, went to breakfast,..the bus arrived and new rooms were allotted.Still with David and Aaron, now in 2 giant double beds..(one to myself)  drew a chineseguy ( wang yong) and he painted me Wang Yong. also  a small landscape, finished sphere book,lunch then went sightseeing to the mountain. went to hall of inspiration( kings mum and king removing opium poppie trade and reforesting...12 pencils for the king ( the king gets12 pencils at the start of each year, one for each month and he uses them to plan , draw and measure,and the stubs ate not thrown away) and there were pictures of farmers who had kicked the habit and got out of the trade and one guy noy made his money by rented coffee trees,.... went to see kings mums gardens .beautifully laid out lots of chrysantemums, palms, dahlias, morning glory(trained)and did another small sketch...home to try internet.. first email from M but I couldnt send.any reply, tea was outside and involved Karaoke and the release of flaming lanterns.Marlene Lois Ruchika Tiarma and me resort Thailand. very impressive… came back to the room early as I was feeling a bit boring.....It sort of was Australia day but I couldnt convince the others to sing so I also piked out. Didnt sing!!

Thursday 24th Jan Thailand
a restless night thinking about how little help I had from Poh Chang.. so glad Pimpisa was here to sort out the difficulties... went and had breakfast.. pancakes and syrup and a lousy coffee.. up to room and pack up too ....everything down to lobby and got back passport from safe deposit.

Pimpisa commented that we would ignore the bus and fly to Chang rai as a one hour flight beats the heck out of an 12 hr bus trip, We went across to Poh Chang and looked at Exhibition,aaron Martin and David Jensz stool from workshop at Poh Chang.... Aaron and Pimpisa had helped set up until 1.30..they handed out a book of each artists work from past years and a Dvd and a couple of paper things. Spent as lot of morning getting signatures of other artists on appropriate pages.. ceremony to open exhibition then a lot of waiting around,Thai dancer looking at artworks. Had lunch with David and we then went back to put our main bags on the bus... just to see it leaving the Hotel.. Aaron a bit crook from tummy stuff... so took bags and went back to Poh Chang to get on bus to MOCA.( Museum of Contemporary art... a private collection) We had a quick look there and I boiught the book then caught a taxi to the smaller airport and got a flight with NOK. 1 hr flight vs 12 hr bus trip... sketched at airport and even a piece on the plane of a cute kid.  Arrived at Chaing Rai.. cooler.. waited for a friend of a friend of Pimpisa to pick us up and then drive us at least 1/2 hr to the resort? Lovely accomodation, checked in found our hut and 3 of us guys needed to share the room and I had to sleep in the same giant double bed as David.A nice tea and discussion then turned in. did camera and diary

Wednesday 22nd Thailand
Awake at 5.00..think my body clock thinks it is seven…read for a bit up at 6.30 and down to breakfast..had brekky with Aaron and Daniel from Canada..Daniel can be a bit full on according to Aaron who was working in the same room as him. Another hot and humid day. I left soon after and went to Poh Chang, stopping at the stationary store to buy 2 more black pens…Aaron helped me connect to the internet and send off some email finally.

I had a bit more to do to finish the sculpture but the only angle grinder was being used so I sent a student to buy another( 1700). I organised to scan in my picture from the book and print off my statement about the piece.. this took a bit of work and I also returned some of the captured bits and pieces to where they came from. After finishing the piece and paying my two students 500 each for their hard work we took the work out to the courtyard where it promptly "vanished" as it is so fine and almost and boat Poh Chang As we had little else to do Pimpisa organised us to go by Taxi to the sky train( very impressive) and go to look at a gallery of contemporary art. I enjoyed quite a lot of it and bought a book on Thai contemporary art and a catalogue of an exhibition.. lots of ideas.
We went across to a shopping mall and had lunch in a restaurant..quite nice , a bit hot and spicy at first but it settled. We left after a nice meal and went by skytrain back to a river taxi/bus where we cruised up the river back near Poh Chang and arrived at a big temple complex of the reclining Buddah…bloody big and wonderfully decorated… my camera more or less gave up about now having taken photos all day . There was a traditional Thai Massage there and we had an hour of finding all the tender spots… very nice but the masseuse earned her money as there is a bit more of me than the standard Thai. We came back to Poh Chang in a tuk tuk… another interesting experience as my view was of the roof and the road as I am so big . At Poh Chang we had tea (watching a video of the weird Japanese performance artist) and then I came back home via an icecream and iced choc milk at KFC.

Jan 22nd Tuesday

Up early had breakfast with Aaron, went to Uni almost straight away, looked through the buildings and found the sculpture area, found a welder, found a mask, found a bench with the only Vyce in the place,. The welder had a very dodgy connection so my first task was to repair that.. I set myself up, went and captured wire ties from the building site.. still needed a main structural piece. Saw Pimpisa and she helped by directing me to one of her old lecturers in the traditional art area and we captured some rods of 12mm reo and also some bits that another student was using( I didnt use any of these and eventually returned the bits)

The 12mm reo was just enough to do the frame of the boat and I started bending the main pieces after I had made a bending Jig.I captured an angle grinder from another man and they dont come with side handles in Thailand and the switch is in the back. I was allotted a couple of helpers and we shared the welding and the bending and the cutting and soon had the two sides made and filled in. My helpers were called Nut and Art and Nut was quite good at welding.We worked all day and I didnt even stop for lunch. By the end of the day we had most of the body done and i needed to find a mast to hold the sail.Some of the students had little idea about not looking at the flash and one visitor was quite silly  in this aspect.I also went out and photographed a couple of times seeing what others were doing

.By the end of the day I was covered in dirt from the humidity and as I walked home i attracted some strange looks. I bought a couple of fabric things for the girls.Still no Internet I was stuffed I went to have a jacuzzi but they were closed, I went to the restaurant and had a mediocre meal .. my eyes were so tired from the flashes that I went to bed quite early.

Jan 21st Monday

Slept well, woke to another humid but ok day,all the street stalls which were everywhere yesterday have all vanished. I went and had breakfast by myself on the 2nd floor restaurant, pancakes, french toast and 2 coffees, 1 oj, back to room to get ready then down to lobby to sketch, talked to David Jenz a sculptor who is a lecturer at Canberra Uni, he showed one of his cataloges, met Le Thong a handsome Vietnamese painter, Pimpisa came down with Aaron Martin and I talked to them and we all went with Pimpisa at 8.30 to the Uni ( Po Chang),at the front of Poh Chang registered, took photos and they asked for people who had some of their work to show and to get it set onto the computer, I was about 10 in line, we had singers fromIndia( long haird lady and Mahinder) and also a Japanese performance artist.japanese performance artist Otto played the Harmonica to accompany his slides and lots of artists talked briefly about their work( I sketched and took notes)I talked without the mike when it was my turn and everyone listened.  a couple of people complimented me after,I showed a range of work in the sculpture garden. Not everyone did a presentatiopn. I was informed after lunch that no real effort had been made to find me any tools or material ..possibly tomorrow...a bit dissapointed...I sang with Rudy the indonesian snger( Oh Darlin)rudy and Abu at Poh Chang bought some pens, went to the opening ceremony( varoius speeches , a traditional pair of dancers and an exquisite 1yr old in costume dancing as well as two players of traditional instruments. We all put flags on a big flowered thing...had dinner..lots talked to Lois winter, Marlene, Mike Saiko, Aaron, David, Indonesian man Yon listened to the band, came home at 7 shower, downloaded photos did diary , pilates and reading

Jan 20th Sunday

Up and had breakfast at the hotel saw some other guys who looked like sculptor type people( turned out to be Jim and Otto from USA) I went for a walk. There was some celebration at the hotel with lots of monks and food on a table outside. It was a warm and humid day. I had forgot I was in Asia and didn't watch my feet and nearly twisted my ankel in the first few steps on the pavement. Walked to the bridge across the road and went over to Tescos and bought some mossie repellent .and drink walked around the block noting people praying to the spirit houses outside places of work.I walked up further again to PinKlao central and bought a phone and a few books( Vanity Fair, a lee child book and101 Thai Forms... really interesting) Went back to Hotel and was picked up and taken across town to another hotel.. passed the work on the  new underground railway...traffic!...

At the Grand Ville Hotel, tried to email but no luck.. went for a walk and there were street stalls everywhere selling everything from guns to cameras to clothes to food to.... just a complete chaos of commerce..I bought some fabric for m and the girls... found Poh Chang and also a nice temple thing across the way.. did some sketches( and photos). There was also a cleared area with a statue and I walked up this just for its value of quiet. There were two cats at the end and one came and said hello.. a siamese cat!..I came back and decided to check out the Jacuzzi pool on the rooftop.. was small but wet and cool.. and I met some Hungarians there also. I had a look all around.. the building is the only tall building in this part of the city so great views.I sorted Laundry  loaded pictures and read for a while then went to the roftop retaurant for tea..I ordered too much food.. had a few beers lovely evening breeze, looked at Tv, nothing on so read .

Jan 19th Saturday

M drove me to airport, brief goodbye as she had to get back to take Em house hunting, I met a thai lady at the airport( Karen) who is doing public relations/tourism but also works as a volunteer at an elephant hospital and was giving a talk on the use of traditional herbs in elephant healing and the chemicals they contain. I waited until the flight and then flew to Brunei)( Bandar Seri Begawan)  mainly reading the book Echo Burning, Briefly talked to a Hydrologist who was off to do a project up North. Had a transfer at Brunei.. smaller airport but still plenty going on to Thailand.The next flight was shorter but seemed longer..anyway arrived at Bankok at night.. hottish and humid, met Pimpisa and her friends drove us to the SD avenue Hotel where I had booked for the night.. the bookings had changed to another hotel which was closer to the Uni but that was for tomorrow. Met one of the guides Yok a lovely friedly bubbly girl.Learned to say Copacup for thankyou wheras a girl would say copacaa!! Off to bed and sleep.

Jan 18th Friday
Finally a cool change this morning after a hottish night, finished off last of Marlenes girls,painted, photographed them all, updated website, updated facebook, emailed a few people, took off photos from netbook to portable hard disc, and packed more for Thailand. Went to visit Kathleen and Eleanor and Biggles and also saw Jack and Naomi.. home to move more photos, finish packing and do rissoles for tea.Watched a few episodes of The Killing

Jan 17th Thursday
Fine and sunny and getting hot, worked on finishing first bird, then added to art wine trail info for Helen, Talked to Rhona, Helen, Kevin and Rhonda Jackson, worked on Seurat sister..finished worked on bending girl.. done.. worked on skipping girl.. done. No water.. rang plumber, checked the inflow.. blocked with dirt and leaves, cleaned out rang water man( thanks Ken), plumber came, fixed some stuff, shed man came( sean) discussed our ideas.. em gone home, Fay gone home Caleb gone somewhere,Naomi visiting David, had roast lamb sandwiches for tea watched last batman movie.

Jan 16th Wednesday
Fine and sunny and mild, tidied up as edelmans are coming to stay for the night, painted other side of water supply,went to Drouin, dropped off book and dvd to heather, bought stuff for tea, dropped off stuff to op shop, went to Warragul returned empty mig gas bottle and re met steve gray at new gas place, home to nap and tidy, rest off to vist Kathleen and Eleanor,roast for tea with Fay, Naomi and Em, walk after tea, started to watch brothers Grimm, stopped.M stayed up taking to Em.

Jan 15th Tuesday
Fine and sunny but mild( 28) worked on adding mesh to ist Seurat girl, then sheet to last of Marlenes girls then cleaned up watersupply and part painted, started on a new bird, Belinda did a spiders web, Kathleen still in Labour,, bought al paint,added stones to Seurat girl and welded most of second side on, cleanded up more on Marlenes girl and finished one side of bird slowcooker sweet and sour for tea,trimmed trees up sculpture garden, watched New Tricks and part of the Watch… pretty lame. Went to bed then up with grit in my eye, went to hospital,also saw kathleens new baby Eleanor Rachel..

Jan 14th Monday
Cool and sunny,worked at cutting out mesh for girl, went to Warragul to get gas, the welding supplies had closed so went to BJ bearings, had to do a new contract with a different gas supplier, ( 127)to Drouin to get some basic shopping,also got new whipper snipper( 199) home to weld wave form for watersupply..worked on welding and grinding rest of arvo, Kathleen admitted to hospital re baby, went to pick up Magnum, sausages for tea, watched a Killing and two big bangs, Em and Caleb home.

Jan 13th Sunday
Cool and mild worked on filling in second girl and started third girl, ½ done, painted and put out drop and loving life, started on the first of the Seurat sisters, had people visit sculpture garden,nap, puzzle ran out of Mig gas cleaned up wood from Jeff,.recooked chicken for tea, watched Rock of Ages and 1 episode of the killing

Jan 12th Saturday
Cool and mild day, Rokeby, saw a range of people including Min and Lazz,Heather and Carmen,sold about 400,home for lunch, M off with Kathleen to mid valley, cut up metal that had arrived yesterday( 1200) ,took most of arvo, 2 people came and visited sculpture garden, Caleb came home bout the same time as kathleen, went to Hydes for tea, chicken, lovely, played Balderdash

Jan 11th Friday

,fine sunny day …did a peacock and a pelican for Rokeby tomorrow, then off to Drs appt re thailand and other things .. all ok, off to Warragul to get yellow paint, mesh and aldi stuff, home, talked briefly to Jeff who cut up tree that fell in our yard,, lunch nap, painted girls hair and drop, put on chicken for tea, reading infernal devices, watching Missy Higgins, then 2 episodes of the killing

Jan 10th Thursday
Cool and Mild start to morning. Fined up to a lovely sunny and mild day. Cancelled car to next Thursday, Septic cleaner coming,( 450) worked on loving life and used up lots of offcuts from plasma cutter, did most of it.. 5 people visited sculpture garden and bought 2 pelicans, went to Boord and picked up ring for drop, came home, lunch, nap attached ring and ½ painted loving life. M at Traralgon, chicken schnitzel for tea, watched 2 borgias M on call from about 8.00

Jan 9th Wednesday
Showered /rained overnight, hopefully it went to some of the fire areas too, cool start to morning, worked on doing seat back and wood,all done, then did a pelican and a bird, started new skipping girl, 2 people visted in the morning and were ver complimentary, went out visited Andrew and Helen, then shopped for catfood, called by metal man 6 springs, home for lunch puzzle nap, Jeanette and sister and her husband called in,did some mowing , steak for tea

Jan 8th Tuesday
Cool then warm then coolish, worked on finishing body of drop, Belinda came and did a flower, I did a bird and a lyrebird and a seat base, went to Warragul checked in with bank re Thailand, went to Boord bought steel( 168), then to Drouin did shopping, to wood recycler, brought home lots of deck pieces, saw heather, and dropped off CDs and she gave a bag for Kathleen, home unloaded car, puzzle and nap, chicken skewers for tea.watched New tricks and Man on a Ledge( excellent)

Jan 7th Monday
Fine and sunny booked car in for Thursday,worked on drop, got another ¼ done, drove em to Melb, stopped to buy book for Belle , dropped em off at home, took book and painting to Pauli and Belle, brief talk, over to Fairfield to metal place, still closed, back to Fountain gate to get rice stuff for tea, JB then for cds and dvds, home,Leonie came and picked up sign piece,tea, loaded cds on machine and watched Joyful noise dvd.. lots of great music …bit clichéd Hottish night.

Jan 6th Sunday
Cool to begin with warmed up nicely, I helped vacuum and then did bits for the sculpture garden( signs and updated list of sculptures for this year.)Kathleens baby shower 2 to 4 Marian and Em had lots of people and worked hard doing all girly things for the shower I went to mossvale park concert with Grant, saw, Sharon Jones and the Dap kings,good, Clairy Brown and the Banging Rackets ok,,Saskwatch,excellent, Los coronas( Spanish surf music), sat in the shade then the sun came round then moved to the shade and talked to Heather, Anne, Gita, Tristin and Christine, read my Jack reacher book( the hard way) OK…home by 11.30…….

Jan 5th Saturday
Cooler but fine, worked at doing more on first girl.. all welded, then started drop, about ½ done, people came with Greg and Julie and bought two small sculptures, about 5 through sculpture garden, Em tidied, Caleb went home, had curry and rice for tea, watched start of Horrible Bosses… pretty lame.. then watched Animal Kingdom… good.. Readin The Hard way ( Jack Reacher) Em worked til 3

Jan 4th Friday
fine hot day.worked on order from Leonie, then worked on on first of girls, did ½ and left it.too hot, worked on updating website, then went shopping for stuff and tea( fish and chips) watched fair game about Valerie Plame with Naomi watts… good but couldn’t hear ½ as Caleb moved bits for Kathleen.

Jan 3rd Thursday
Fine and warm.Caleb is home. a hot day, painted bird, people came talked to them, Sue came had morning tea with her, cut down Gate to correct size and rewelded, M had a ½ day and em came down on train, Painted Gate and bird, had lunch, did a bird did some shopping and Leonie came around with an order, roast for tea Sue coming too.5 people through garden had a nice slow cooked roast and then a walk and watched Total Recall….Hmm dark and a bit silly. M called out twice overnight.Reading Bernard Cornwell 1536

Jan 2nd Wednesday
Fine and cool start to day, rained overnight, M back to work today. Did a bird, then the giant bird order and started on the flying bird for the Sydney order.. just about finished.. went to Warragul to get some more glasses and a power lead, home for nap and a bit of tidying of outside pile, about 5 people through garden, man came and picked up Big bird..leftovers for tea, watched Fawlty Towers and Hugo

Jan 1st 2013 Tuesday
Cool morning.added up what I had done last year, did mowing of part of top paddock and across road, did a bird with golf clubs, finished reading Bernard Cornwell 1536.. good..did shopping in Drouin for making salads for tonight, Kathleen and Biggles and Heather and Lance coming.fine night listening to Heathers adventures inAfrica

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