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October 11, 2013

October 2013

Thursday Oct 31st

Cool and mild, gray,drive M to work, work on Jindi sign,all finished one side including painting, need to turn over to paint other side,  Elonor and alex came from Djinta Djinta re letters on armour,done,visited Helen, off to a Halloween market,  visit Kathleen and Eleanor.then home to do puzzle back to pick up M car still needs work she has a loan car, chicken skewers for tea, Jeff and Rowan helping turn sign over to paint the other side.Watched Redfern Now and Silver Linings playbook( both excellent) discussed Madge and Marians Retirement too.

Wednesday Oct 30th

Cool and mild, M at Warragul, Rod coming to see sign problem, tidying house re bookclub, went to Warragul bought flat bar for sign , then to Wild dog to drop off 4 dogs, to Drouin to start an account with Bendigo bank, Play with Eleanor Pick up M, tea at family Hotel I had steak and M had fish,Home to do book club discussing Broken shore by Peter Temple.

,Tuesday Oct 29th

Cool and mild, Drive M to Di’s to go to Moe, Belinda coming,finished lobster and did a peacock, I added to Jindi signstarted a flower arrangement and did a peacock, went to see metal man( 2 springs) and then to pay bill at Warragul steel ( 440) then home to lunch, puzzle and nap, finished one side of Jindi sign, to Warragul to pick up M, home to sausages for tea and Eleanor, tidying house.Jeff helped lift sign, watched art of Australia.bed early

Monday Oct 28th

Cool and fine, slightly better, taking M to work, home to load sculptures for Lyrebird hill, go and mind Eleanor while Kathleen has a meeting, off to Koonewarra deliver sculptures, back to have a nap and puzzle, feeling furry headed, put wood on alans poem and did a panel or two on the Jindi sign, then to pick up M from work, Chicken tenders for tea, Alan dropped in,nap again Pilates reading Jo Nesbo the Bat..slept ;like a log

Sunday Oct 27th

Cool gray and misty rain, Paddy heretook him for a tour of Jindivick,Jeff came and retrieved Cedar ,talked to Paddy til 11, Katheen came over went down for  Gardivalia, about 50 people over the day, sold the drop,reconstruction, and Part of the puzzle as well as 300 of sundry dogs flowers etc.,coming down with a bug off to bed early.

Saturday Oct 26th

Gardivalia, cool and gray, about 40 people visited, worked on Jindi sign main frame is done ( on one side) and started on boards, going to pick Marian up at the end of the day, talked to Em, Stephen, Dave, Don and Pauli, home to watch end of whitechapel and Kingdom, Patrick arrived

Friday Oct 25th

Cool day, possible showers,load trailer, Paddy rang re visit on weekend, and Sue dropped in for morning tea, go to Emerald to fix wood stacker,think I did it  then to Berwick Lodge Primary school market,sold $100 of stuff, no interest at all really, home to Drouin, Pizza for tea, watched Indiana Jones and the last crusade.

Thursday Oct 24th

Rained most of night, Knee was sore at some stage during the night,rainy start to day,wintery rain and cold on and off all day, bought 2 new welding helmets( 170) did 4 kookaburras on stands, Jane and Grant came, loaded trailer visit Kathleen and Eleanor, then to Mont Albert Primary school night market, saw Pauline and Val, and Marian( day of Madge into home) made 800 kookaburras, pelicans and flowers mainly, home to bed.

Wednesday Oct 23rd

Rained a bit during night,cool and gray today, man coming to buy the life dance sculpture,( 700) worked on birds( 6) and dogs(5) and cut out bodies for Kookaburras for tomorrow, went to Warragul to put money in bank, then to Kathleens to play with Eleanor( trying hard to crawl or walk) shopped at Coles then home to do computer stuff,nap, lit fire.out to tea with Jeff and Jeanette with Marilyn lovely, then home t watch Gruen and last episodes of Justified series 4.

Tuesday Oct 22nd

Cool and misty showery..Belinda coming she worked on Lobster, I did 4 birds, 2 peacocks, 1 pelican, went to visit Helen and see the new construction( granny flat in back yard), saw sue A, went to metal man got chains and bearings, then to Warragul steel flat bar, 12mm rod, tube( 126.33), aldi shopping, then coles shopping, home to do puzzle and nap, vacuumed the house, sausage rolls for tea watched Batman begins, talked to Marian, watched art of Australia and 1 Justified

Monday Oct 21st

Cool misty and still,Vicky Gardened, did 2 pelicans, 4 birds, 1 Kookaburra, added another panel to dancing girl, did flowers and elephants,rang Lenovo people, rang planner( not there)  went to see Kathleen and Eleanor, back to have lunch Jane Taylor came and started gate, schnitzel for tea, Pilates, home to watch last episodes of house of cards.

Sunday Oct 20th

Fine and sunny windy, 29, woke in night with sore legs, put on tiger balm, finished the Rosie Project, morning,cut out about 20 flowers, plasma cutter control is a bit hard,sat at  Gardivalia,had about 60 or so people, couple bought 2 chooks, I gave a pelican to Bronny smith, a couple bought a couple of birds, girl came and picked up Balloon, lady came and picked up seat sold yesterday.( 750) went to Rotary show saw I had a prize for best 3d work, picked up wren, saw Jo and Andre and kids,saw Graham and Liz,they told me I had won $1000 at Dunkeld sculpture show, fish and chip tea, cooling down few videos from video shop.watched Battleship, and 1 house of cards.

Saturday Oct 19th

Fine and sunny( 27)  loaded trailer, put out new signs for some pieces, Gardivalia, Warragul arts market,saw al sorts of people including Jo Draisma, Sylvia and Michael,Courtney,Neil with tumor, etc. ( 500) mainly flowers and 1 seat, then home to Gardivalia, people all over garden, Sue arrived and girl from N.Sth re workshops, had a fine and pleasant afternoon, ham sandwiches for tea.talked to Marian,watched new tricks and second disc of Justified

Friday Oct 18th

Fine and sunny,made 20 flowers,  and a couple of elephants, modified all seeing, painted spring flowers,went to Warragul and bought paint( 70) plasma bits( 101) and ordered bits for Jindi sign visited Kathleen and Eleanor, played for over 1 hr, shopped, home for puzzle,mowed bottom of house area, cut branch out of tree near carpark, Pizza for tea.watched first disc of season 4 justified, printed off signs for tomorrow

Thursday Oct 17th

Cool and showery, worked on 3 cats and a bird, Jeanette came over for a cuppa, also added to dancing girl,Kerrie rang said I had an honourable mention in Warragul art show, loaded frames went to school and dropped off there, Saw Shelley, then to Kathleens and played with Eleanor, shopped , home for puzzle and nap, fish things for tea watched talked to Marian1 house of cards and Love actually and extra bits

Wednesday Oct 16th

Cool and mild, breezy, warmed up and windy, started dancing girl, all frame made ready for covering, 1 emu. Mowed bottom paddock and moved everything, went to Drouin, dropped in on Helen, all tradesmen there building Granny flat, went to see Kathleen and Eleanor, Naomi there, shopped then home for puzzle and nap, steak for tea, Music concert DSC 7.00, didn’t go, stayed home did some painting then watched Gruen, Julia and 2 episodes of House of cards.

Tuesday Oct 15th

Cool and mild, Belinda coming, worked on a sign, I finished welding drop then ground it , made the frame, affixed it, painted it, did 2 emus and 2 dogs, Jane Taylor came and welded second side of ball and put it on a pole, I fixed mower belt, mowed rest of house block, across rd and top paddock, dropped off work at arts centre, called in on Trish as she was going out, picked up metal she had mentioned, home to a small nap then lasagne, then watched rest of series three of Justified, computer stuff

Monday Oct 14th

Cool and gray.. showery no Vicki, worked on drop til 1.30 about ¾ finished, lunch then off to Drouin for new mower belt( 64.50) and to see Kathleen and play with Eleanor, home to do puzzle and Nap, sausages for tea, watched 1 justified Pilates then watched a couple more Justified, computer stuff.

Sunday Oct 13th

Cool and gray,fix mower, no broken belt, welded bits for drop 2 got about 1/3 done, went to Melbourne through the rain, said hello to M then on through a lovely arvo to sunny Birregurra, lots of trendy hippy stuff at festival, quite big, quite nice, picked up pieces( nothing sold) then home  via M again, hamburgers for tea and watched 3 Justified.

Saturday Oct 12th

Fine and sunny, Rokeby market, loaded trailer went and set up, saw Helen, Jude and Bonny, Heather, lots of others, sold emus and flowers and a seat. (400) Marian came up and helped Kathleen. Lunch at home, Nap. Unload trailer, Aland and .. and Sophie visited, Jeff dropped off junk, 2 people visited, Played with Eleanor meatballs for tea, Trivia night at Jindivick, M going back to Melbourne went to trivia night with Bryand and Jeanette and Jeff and Jeanette, interesting questions lost, watched 1 justified.

Friday Oct 11th

Fine and mild, doing flowers in shed, 10.00 Photography workshop at Gary’s with Kerrie, Judy, Gary Helen and Daryl.they wanted a real camera not an Iphone or pix camera..went to see Kathleen and played with Eleanor for an hour or so, shopped then home for puzzle and nap, started to mow house block and belt came off, Sal Fay called in to pick up log holder for Jaqui cutler, tea computer stuff. Staff trivia night, saw Heather, Amanda Harrison, Steph, Robbie and Jen, KB, Sharyn Marshall, Rose Teresa, Bryan and Jeanette

Thursday Oct. 10th

Cloudy and mild no wind bit showery, worked on finishing welding and wood of seat, then a peacock.Sue rang, went up to morning tea, Trish Jones dropped in, talked to her for an hour or so,Steve dropped in to pick up frogs, off to see Helen and give her stuff from Geelong gallery, then to Kathleen and Eleanor, to Warragul to get mesh (107.40)and catfood home to have a puzzle and Nap, Faye dropped in with cheque ,off to NeerimSth with egg and bacon slice for Creative Gippsland get together.home to watch 2 house of cards, talked to Marian

Wednesday Oct 9th

Fine and sunny, 2 emus,and part of chair, drive to Melb, then Geelong then Birregurra, and back to geelong, stopped at Gallery to see print show, bought a catalog then to  Melbourne, tea with Marian and Madge and then home, windy and warm for most of the day, watched Gruen, Julia and Adam Hills.windy most of night..warm

Tuesday Oct 8th

Cool and Gray,fined up to a beautiful day after a shower,did 2 birds, 1 dog and a pelican, Belinda coming,worked on stand for non spinning wheel,talked to Marian went to see Helen,then off to Warragul for flat bar after some shopping at Coles, home to lunch and nap, Keith rang re Neerim sculpture show,also Sal and Marg arrived looking for some garden art( emu!) tidied some of the house and vacuumed, washed Ralphs rug, spaghetti for tea watched 2 house of cards, did Tyers entry and added to website.

Monday Oct 7th

Cool and Gray. Did fine up, did 2.dogs and 2 birds,also finished frame of drop 2. Vicki gardened,went to  Baw Baw business advisory committee 11 to 2 bought weights at warehouse, and put in money,then to Kathleen and Eleanor, home for puzzle and nap, rice for tea..walked dog, cut top of log holder, watched House of Cards Pilates and rest of house of cards..Added to website

Sunday Oct 6th

Cool and gray, daylight saving,burned off rest of pile, added Inner wheel to new circle and painted,fixed mortgage and painted, finished Tara and found and cleaned up wood for base and painted, started form for new drop, visited Jeff and Jeanette,Phillpa and family dropped in on way to Gardivalia Launch and Kate brought her grandfolks to see garden.had chinese for tea, watched end of series 2 of Justified( 3 episodes),looked at economic devel. Stuff.

Saturday Oct 5th

Fine and cloudy, breezy! feels like showers fined up, did 21/2 dogs, put out red heart and did signs for missing pieces. M home at 9.30, Caleb and Ralph arrived last night.. I didn’t even hear them.I drove M back to Melb and back again finished last ½ dog and 1 bird, went to opening of Prickles and Thorns, saw Min, Keltie and Nic, Phil, Elizabet, Keith, Christine, Cathy smith and Jeff,Helen and Andrew, talked to a range of people then to Drouin for 21 yr get togetherhad a lovely tea, Saw Kristen Taylor, Tash, Matt Wilson Stuart Fankhauser, Glenn Kerr, Harley Watts , Stuart Fankhauser, Joanne Snell Amanda Browning, Nicole Shanahan Marita Lehmann. And others, Home to phone call from Em, Caleb calls by watched the last stand… poor.. lots of guns and killing.

Friday Oct 4th

Fine and sunny.. no wind.. worked on Tara for a bit the a bird and a dog, then a cat and a bird, ran out of mig gas, mowed most of bottom paddock, then off to moe to get welding Rods, Bill is to have heart surgery to fix a valve in 6 weeks, off to Morwell to get springs( 200$) then back to Traf to deliver the searchers700), up to Drouin to see K and Eleanor for an hour home, pick up bottle for BJ bearings and Barney, swapped over bottles and home to do microwave tea, talked to Marian…maybe tomorrow.leftovers for tea, 4 justified.

Thusday Oct 3rd

Cool and showery on and off all day, Ring planner, she commented possibly by next Thursday,did a little work on Tara, Judy Macintosh coming,paid 200 for cow head, did 3 dogs and 1 bird and 1 cat, people bought 1 cat and 1 Dog, 10 people visited sculpture garden, sent in Rotary and Images of spring entries,cut up wood for a mirror, added to Newsletter, shopped for milk, casserole for tea, worked on newsletter, watched Bogan and Date, watched 2 justified.

Wednesday Oct 2nd

Cool and breezy.showers and high winds too Sean coming to discuss shed, working on Tara piece and also spring flower piece for images of spring, tried to fix broken window in shed two people visited horizontal sculpture garden,,Visited Kathleen and Eleanor, then to Graham and Liz Duell drop off 250 for sculpture show,talked to them about their Turkish trip, Liz aso to Germany and France, also talked about geese of which they have an abundance, home cooked two teas using mince.had a nap, worked on Newsletter, Caleb dropped in watched Gruen and Home delivery Marian rang, Finished Peter Temple Truth,started Dancing with Strangers Inga Clendinning

Tuesday October 1st

Warm, wet and windy?..belinda coming  worked on big flower and spiral,working on grinding Tara piece, 1 dog and 2 birds, bowl of flowers and other flower bits, went to see Helen, then to Warragul hunting mesh… also 12 mm rod, Aldi shopping, home to vacuum, nap and puzzle,sausages for tea. Pilates 7.00 with Loredana, then home to watch rest of Big Bang so I can pass it on to Em or Caleb..Also added October events to the website.

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