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September 11, 2013

September 2013

Monday Sept 30th 

Windy all night, cloudy worked on red heart, added a character,started Tara piece, took pieces to Neerim St, saw Chris and Keith, dropped Barney off at home and went to Melb fo Birthday celebration, Kathleen and David and Eleanor , Emily Caleb, Madge and  Marian, some clotes, some books Jo Nesbo and Bill Bryson, some Dvds, Justified and Great Gatsby, Lamb roast and lovely evening. Home in the warm wind and rain.Ralph having a sleepover,Rained and blew all night.

Sunday Sept 29th

Fine and sunny,quiet went to Lindas and loaded trailer with odd metal bits, home to work on red heart, 4 people came and bought a kookaburra and a couple of dogs,lunch then nap, then off to Vickis for photoshoot with other people, home, wraps for tea.watched 2 justified and 3 big bang

Saturday Sept 28

Cool and showery and windy, sunny bits worked on finishing character for heart of brass, characters added, cleaned up Balloon and welded to base, ½ painted, cut up red heart and reconfigured it, David Nakonetsky came with family and picked up world of his own, also a group of chinese students visited, Kathleen and David called in, very very windy, came up and added to website and watched Grand Final.. Freemantle vs Hawthorn.Hawthorn won, watched 2 Bourne movies and 2 Justified

Friday Sept 27th

fine sunny morning,beautiful day  no wind.tidied up sculpture garden, stood up 18 sculptures started to cut up fallen trees, blunt chain, went to Drouin got a new chain(46) called in at Helens to pick up open studios flyers, shopped for tea, home to cut up logs, 2 on bike came, 2 more and 2 more and 1 looking at garden( Kathleen arrived then also) sold the searchers( 100 dep) minded Eleanor while K and C had lunch finished cutting up logs, set fire going,pizza for tea, Sue came and shared it, watched Star Trek 2, and I watched last Justified.Rained!

Thursday Sept 26th

Rained lots during night,finished welding Balloon, did another character, and 2 frogs on Lily pads, deliver reach  to Bayles, back to Drouin, trees down over road,, wind and rain and sun, played with Eleanor for a bit then to Warragul Aldi shopping and a few off cuts from Warragul steel, home for nap, curry and rice for tea watched 2 big bang,worked on newsletter for a while, then bogan and date and 1 Justified

Wednesday Sept 25th

Fine warm and breezy, Taking M back to Melb.turn around and come home,Jane Taylor came to learn to weld, made a ½ ball of junk, I painted 2nd coat on centrepiece, ist coat on Thorn, made a character, also a dog and a pelican, schnitzel for tea watched the Sweeney,Julia zemiero, Adam Hills and Gruen, Caleb dropped in..on way to Shepperton

Tuesday Sept 24th

Fine and Sunny, Belinda coming,worked on big flower, I finished Vase for scotch thistle and added flowers and called centrepiece, also finished the thorn part of thorn, still need to do a character, also did about ¾ of a new balloon and also tidied up Leonies Stork, nap and puzzle Kathleen and Eleanor for tea BBaa meeting 7.00, finished 8.30. M talked to Stephen andCaleb, watched 2 big bangs and bit of rise of continents

Monday Sept 23rd

Fine and sunny start to the day, Vicki coming, M home Kathleen and Eleanor came over,worked on thorn piece mowed bottom paddock Picking up work from Cas 4 to 6 back by 5.30 Pilates 7.00..actually it was at 6.30 and we missed it.. home to watch 2 big bangs and Iron Man 3.

Sunday Sept 22nd

Cool and grey but fined up as day went on, worked in shed on Leonies stork then added to heart of Brass,had a small walk then off to Aprils for coffee and show Marian the shop, to Sale to see exhibitions at Gallery there, Kfc for lunch, back to Morwell to see exhibitions there ran into Robert Richardson, back to Drouin to show phamplet rack to M and buy a cake for tonight, shopped at Coles for batteries etc,ran into Adam Price at Petrol station seems a bit low, moving in with Tim in Inverloch home and painted other part of cow head and also heart of Brass,Jeff and Jeanette caught up with, talked on their back verandah, home for pinwheels for tea watched 3 big bangs and serangoon road.

Saturday Sept 21st

Mild and partly warm, went and picked up Marian to come home leaving Madge with Em and Steve.10 people visited garden, mowed house block worked on Brass heart more and part fixed Leonies Stork, Lasagne for tea  watched 3 big bang, new tricks and star trek Into Darkness

Friday sept 20th

Cool and mild, worked on newsletter for 11/2 hrs,Bus group about 60 people 11.00,worked on scotch thistle head and structure of thorn,shopped and went to metal man ..lots of bolt and tap and die things, home unloaded car, newsletter,Sue bringing fish and chips for tea talked and watched Star Trek and 3 Big bang

Thursday Sept 19th

Cold and wet, worked on newsletter until about 8.30 then off to Warragul to get Radio replaced in car, went to Op shop, asked about tanks, put money in bank, looked at tourism thing in newsagents, went to other op shop bought books, went to Sams warehouse and bought brushes and a clock, back to radio place, all done, home Sue there with Nell, talked to sue for a bit, read radio instructions, took 7 frames in to Helens for aboriginals,went to Kathleens and played with Eleanor, home to puzzle, tea( salmon reheated) then cold light of day and a bit of sky captain, then back to newsletter, then bogan and date,computer stuff.

Wed Sept 18th

Cool and mild, worked on BBaa newsletter,went to Warragul to get Bronze(33 plus Mig wire 31) then to car audio place to get radio fixed,to shire to hand in septic tank plans talked to Peter Kulich re tourism,Going to Melb to visit M,bought lunch at Fountain gate for us all, talked to M for a while, home via JB and bought a few Dvds including Big bang series 6 and Justified series 2) home for nap then tea at Vicki’s, home to watch Gruen Julia Zemiero and Last Leg.

Tues Sept 17th

Cool and mild. Belinda came and worked on crab and an abstract thing,Jeanette called in, I did 4 dogs and a hammer beetle and started on flying pig as well as welding second side of heart of brass.. need more bronze., went and visited Helen, shopped, Haircut, went to Warragul and got cutting discs, home for nap and puzzle, washed floor and vacuumed, salmon casserole for tea played with Eleanor for an hour while Kathleen shopped, watched 2 missing. answered mail.started on bbaanewsletter, watched 1 Justified

Monday Sept 16th

Cool and mild, possible showers,Vicki gardened, Jeff moved Blue poles back, I did base for chain circle piece, and started new heart with copper and brass,went and saw Kathleen and Eleanor, took trailer to tip.rained in late afternoon and overnight at times Home for nap and puzzle.sausages for tea,watched 2 Missing, off to Pilates, Talked to Marian, and watched a bit of Q and A

Sunday Sept 15th

Fine and sunny, picking up rubbish on Drouin on ramp, Horts came and helped, home to finish fixing and painting Blue Poles, rang Peter evans, had about 10 people visit garden, started cow head for Judy,,Kathleen and Eleanor came to play in arvo, Caleb dropped by, Pizza for tea, watched 2 Justified and some of the extras..a really good show..sorted and repaired frames from Gippstafe.

Saturday Sept 14th

Fine and sunny, loaded trailer, went to Rokeby saw Alex with new puppy, Brian Bryan with Gout, Lisa Adams, Penny and friends, Jenny Palmer and sienna, Kathleen and Eleanor, Sue O, , sold a few flower things, also a few dogs and birds, a pelican and peacock, also a seat( 500) home to see lass re mirror, Kathleen for lunch delivered seat to Bob ellis, had a nap went shopping dropped beer off to Ray white, saw Gary.steak and noodles for tea, watched 2 Justified.Talked to M

Friday Sept 13th

Fine and mild to begin, put out signs for sculptures,1/2 painted red heart, put out Blue wren, refixed “Shes not there”( broken base) delivered letters to K for M, picked up mower, home, mowed 2 sections of lower paddock,to Traf for tourism meeting, home 5 people to visit, didn’t see them mowed rest of paddock lady to visit and buy dog( $1000 later!),fixed blue poles talked to Louise , Jeanette on phone mussel sandwiches for tea watched 2 missing , Caleb dropped Ralph off, watched half of twilight.

Thursday Sept 12th

Showery and cool,warm and cold all day, cleaned last pedestal , wrote up two signs for sculptures,worked on finishing off wren with paint, then assembled red heart, also 10 more things on sticks, stars, hearts flowers etc, stoped at 1.00 for lunch then to DSC to see if they wanted any of the frames, talked to Jen and saw Chris and a couple of others, to shopping to get a few things then to Kathleen’s to play with Eleanor, home to do puzzle,Road crew dug up pipe and road and redid whole drainage for start of middle paddock, Geoff dropped off some metal bits and we discussed the state of the nation, computer stuff and chops as wraps for tea.watched enemy of the state and Bogan and date did signs for sculptures

Wednesday Sept 11th

Blowy and a bit showery but cool.. and sort of fine worked on adding legs feathers and beak and wings to Wren, some bits painted, put together 3 mirrors, sanded another, did about 19 stick flowers etc, went to Warragul swapped over Lasagnes, picked up Penetrol at Bunnings, paid BJ bearings bill, went to see Kathleen and played with Eleanor, home to puzzle and light fire, lasagne for tea, watched 3 Missing, Gruen Planet and Adam Hills.

Tuesday Sept 10th

Blowy all night, showery and cool. Belinda coming.worked on covering wren, stopped when Belinda arrived, finished edging and filling Pedestals, then routed mirrors and painted then 1 lyrebird, stopped and took mower in to be fixed, saw Helen discussed BBAA,home to puzzle and nap, then down shed to do a peacock and finish covering body of wren.spaghetti stuff for tea, watched 2 Justified and geology program, talked to M.

Monday Sept 9th

Windy but mild, Vicki coming, stayed an hour due to strong wind, worked on covering wren, still more to go, stopped for lunch Helen rang re frames at Gippstafe so I changed, and picked her up and went to Newborough picked up lots of ok and broken frames and glass, dropped Helen off went to Kathleens and played with Eleanor for an hour, then home to unload car, Michael arrived re candle holder( 200),tea was chicken burgers, computer stuff Pilates watched Q and A

Sunday Sept 8th

Fine and mild morning.went and picked up cretin droppings at the Drouin off ramp, took trailer to Lardner to empty it, reading latest Jack Reacher book, delivered Strong to April’s shop, she paid me( 950) for other bits sold, mowed a bit but broke the engine connection. Tony Abbott is the new PM..hmmm.. well I believe in giving each team a go and surely Labour have been a shambles for the last few years although they did some good things…and Hopefully Russell will help balance Tonys Hard edge.Pinwheels for tea.and watched bit of Grand designs and Time of our lives1 Justified.Caleb called in and picked up Ralph. Finished Jack Reacher Book

Saturday Sept 7th

Election day, fine and mild,showers and cool in afternoon taking work my special place and How it works to Richmond for CAS then to see M , saw Stephen and Kristen also, went home via fountain gate and bought chinese for tonight, and some chicken and lamb things to cook, also Jb and bought a neil young Dvd and 2 tv series, missing and Justified.home in arvo voted and went to Jindi market, Mowed house block, read book until  go to Bakery 3.00 install phamplet rack, met Sue there she came back for arvo tea, April rang and had sold Amphorae, and Lisa had sold remnant. Had tea, watched a bit of early counting then watched 2 Justified..

Saturday Sept 6th

Election day, fine and mild,showers and cool in afternoon taking work my special place and How it works to Richmond for CAS then to see M , saw Stephen and Kristen also, went home via fountain gate and bought chinese for tonight, and some chicken and lamb things to cook, also Jb and bought a neil young Dvd and 2 tv series, missing and Justified.home in arvo voted and went to Jindi market, Mowed house block, read book until  go to Bakery 3.00 install phamplet rack, met Sue there she came back for arvo tea, April rang and had sold Amphorae, and Lisa had sold remnant. Had tea, watched a bit of early counting then watched 2 Justified..

Friday Sept 5th

Showers overnight, cool and grey to start the day, Jessie coming to plasma cut,worked on body of wren ½ finished, went to Warragul to get stat dec signed and delivered to planning dept, picked up wrong Lasagne from xray dept, lunch with Helen, visit Kathleen, home to do a scout sign off then back to Drouin to tee up with Lisa time to install phamplet stand, shopped for tea saw Sharyn and Keith, bought Jack Reacher book, home to make Pizza.watched  the brave one, talked to Marian re madge and cancer.

Thursday Sept 5th

Big winds during night, quiet now and cloudy.burned off a bit more, finished second side of stand and did top and trunk of tree, went to Drouin and measured space, home to do 2 dogs and 1 bird, lunch and nap.started on wren did most of frame, painted tree, rain in arvo, knees aching a bit finished a bit early, pies for tea watched fire with fire, middlemen, kitchen cabinet, upper middle bogan and date night. Rang Marian.

Wednesday Sept 4th

Cooler start to day. but became warm and cloudy, finished off candlestick piece by adding two characters and lines, then went to Warragul for metal for Lisa stand, did ½ of it ,lunch and nap and puzzle then to Drouin to resee space in Lisa shop and do some basic shopping, home to do second side of rack ( ½ done) Burned Pile and this is mostly done. Bought lasagne for tea, Beer at end of day!watched Star trek Insurrection then Kitchen Cabinet, Gruen and Adam Hills.

Tuesday Sept 3rd

Fine and sunny would have been mums birthday, Belinda coming,did 3 dogs and 1 pelican, Belinda finished echidna and started an octopus, I went to Warragul to drop off dogs to Wild Dog Winery, did a bit of shopping , home for a nap and puzzle and then back down the shed to finish off log holder and start candle holder. Tea was Rogan Josh,shaved off beard, Kathleen and Eleanor came over, watched Clive James interview.Then Rambo 1

Monday Sept 2nd

Mild. Vicki coming to garden, going through rest of tourism strategy, Taking down portrait exhibition, sold 3 pieces next meeting of business committee, paying Warragul steel sales for metal on Friday and getting more flat bar,paid bill, dropped off Helen piece at her house, home for puzzle and nap did base of log holder and also 2 birds, unloaded car of pedestals and pieces. Steak for tea, Pilates arc barrel, home to watch bit more of Olympus has fallen, then add photos to face book and website.

Sept Sunday 1st

Fine and sunny morning.worked on logholder, all together except feet, went to Melbourne stopped and bought a video for David and some stuff for lunch at fountain gate, saw M Madge, Em( had made some fudge stuff.. Yum) Fiona and Ernie as well as Kathleen David and Eleanor, took the dogs, Caleb in Tasmania for weekend, home for tea.watched Olympus has fallen, time of our lives and steve Jobs doco.

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