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July 11, 2014

July 2014

Thursday July 31st

Windy but not cold to begin with, dentist tooth removed,feeling a bit mediocre, no power from about 8.00 am got screweyes and put in sketch frames, wind blew all things over including paintings that were left outside gallery,Aaron picked up most of the chaos, sitting in front of fire reading, M has Eleanor til 8.00, had spaghetti for tea and went into Drouin to Kathleens to give Eleanor a bath,

Wednesday July 30th

Mild and sunny to begin, showered overnight and strong winds, Eleanor with Marian all day, I am working on junk ball ( ½ put together welded on inside only)and a dog, M has Toy library, drop off Eleanor, Ruby moon for afternoon doing pastel piece finished shopping for bookclub( mirror order),,Indian tea then bookclub to discuss come on shore and we will kill and eat you all.with Jude, Bryan, Anne, Bart,George and Marian.. home to watch last episode of Damages series 1.nicely wrapped up.

Tuesday July 29th

Grey and windy( North) cool, Belinda,worked on an angry spider( lots of bad things to say about Tony Abbott) I Finished butterfly seat,welding and painting and did 1 coat on wood, started wood for second seat, finish flying horse painting, started next junk ball,drop off heart at Cass’then lunch KFC , , drop off Ian’s Pieces, then to financial planner Alphington,called in to see see Madge,then  home beforde the rain, Chicken stuff for tea.  watched 1 damages and who do you think you are( Richard Roxborough) then looked through downloaded Preston Tech Magazines and Madges old xmas letters

Monday July 28th

Fine and breezy, Podiatrist 9.00, basic shopping, metal plate for Ian, made his project, did flying horse and bench frame for Lindas butterfly seat, mowed across rd  casserole for tea, Pilates Brooklyn 99 ok amusing

Sunday July 27th

Cool and sort of fine..M swimming with K and Eleanor, doing 3 dogs,1 bird, 1 pelican, 1 dragon fly, Kerrie came and got seat, Jeff and Jeanette dropped in, Cass came to pick up piece but wouldn’t fit in car, 7 people through garden, mowed paddock, sold Kangaroos and Prow,( 1100)  souvlaki for tea, 1 damages Grand designs, the tunnel and silent witness.

Saturday July 26th

Cool and grey, M to Melbourne to see Madge and Em and go to auction of white ave house, me to Moe to get double sink for gallery and 3 welding rods( 60) , basic shopping, back to paint butterfly chair, and do 1 cat, 1 peacock, 1 Lyrebird, 2 Kookaburras and 2 owls, 3 things on sticks, cut out dragonfly wings and cleaned bench top ,man bought dreams and heavy heart, nap, puzzle slow cooker tea  watched 1 damages , new tricks and dr Blake.


Friday July 25th

Fine and mild, sending off tesselar entry, finish butterfly seat,( all welded and black paint, wood done, did 2 birds assembled 4 things on sticks and also 1 kookaburra, fire more, casserole dinner at Jindi Hall,and talk on house sustainability M has day off, watched secret state, and Knight and Day

Thursday July 24th

Cool and cloudy, M has Eleanor all day, working on seats finished Kerry seat, started butterfly seat and wood, burned off ½ pile, Plumbers came and added pipes around back of shed, ,Aaron still working on stud work Prominitions meeting for tea courthouse 6.00,Jessie, Sandy, Travis, Sue A, Me and Mel, home to watch time of our lives.

Wednesday July 23rd

Misty and fine, Eleanor all day, Aaron coming to do stud work in shed, Dentist to fix filling that has fallen out  , no , has an abcess, medicine for a week, back next Thursday for removal,basic shopping,home to do Kerry seat frame and most of back panel, morning tea with aaron, Jeff and Jeanette came over for a chat, Jeff borrowed ball form,lunch and puzzle, Ruby Moon in afternoon, drawing N sth kids,also pastels with Ruby. Wayne came and checked out gallery re plaster, Out to tea ( Parmas) at food for thought with Kathleen and D and Eleanor., home to watch head first( body building) and 1 damages episode.

Tuesday July 22nd

Cool and fine, Belinda, worked on flower bases and a 3d spider, I finished girl,including first paint, did 8 birds, Jeanette came over, for morning tea, talked to Marian, wood was delivered for aaron, Ruby Moon coming tomorrow , puzzle and nap, chops for tea with arancini, tooth sore watched `1 damages, then who do you think you are ( Jackie Weaver) then art and soul( final)

Monday July 21st

Cool and mild on N sth kids,( 2) unloaded car and trailer Podiatrist appt  for shockwave, seemed ok, seems a bit better,10.20, Vicky gardening, went to Melbourne to deliver Pig and pick up swing set for Kathleen, lunch at Fountain gate, Aaron to start Wednesday, soup and egg on toast for tea,Pilates, watched 1 damages.

Sunday July 20th

Cool and mild, work on drawings of N sth kids, work on girl,hair started and face begun, kerry and Chris dropped in in morning, went to their place for afternoon tea, pick up fromDerinya in evening, caleb for tea, slow cooked tea, watched Silent witness, the Tunnel and Marina Abramovic.

Saturday July 19th

Cool and grey, showery, M to melbourne to help Em look at houses, Visit Madge, I worked on girl adding stones, grinding and adding other mesh,, drawing of some of the N sth kids did  a bird and dog also turned camphor laurel dishes,went to Derinya to deliver another 10 birds, basic shopping, puzzle and nap snitzel burgers for tea, watched star wars 1 ( not as bad as I remember it) and new tricks and Dr Blake

Friday July 18th

Cool and grey, fine patches N sth for claywork, unloading mosaics and dropping off metal birds, lunch 13 people through garden, seat order, worked on one side of girl all welded and painted,puzzle and nap, Bandit Yarners exhibition at WGAC  Fish and chip tea( in front of the fire) and then watched Mud and In the footsteps of St Paul and  a damages episode Didn’t go to Derinya

Thursday July 17th

Cool and grey, rained overnight, doing 2 pelicans then off to Yarram with camel, dogs and ducks as well, call in at Yarragon Gallery, then to Yarram, bought shirts at op shop stopped Morwell Gallery then to Warragul Aldi shopping, pick up new superjaws, up to Drouin for a bit more shopping, M has Eleanor all day, baby Rhyme time,puzzle and nap,stacked in mosaics in car, cut up bits for claywork tomorrow, Pie for tea, Minding E until 7.30. watched time of our lives and men who made us spend

Wednesday July 16th

Cool and grey fined up to a beautiful day, Eleanor all day for M, Toy Library, finish painting seat and start on girl all frame done and 2 pieces of mesh cut out, looked at antennae fittings in roof and on roof, did 5 flowers, went to metal man delivered offcuts got odd pieces, then to Helen dropped in a show she might like, then to Drouin to shop and pay paper bill, to Warragul to get metal( 73) to get Tynong toppings for path, home for nap then distributed Toppings.snitzel for tea, updated website and facebook, watched 1 damages and 1 fallen skies( not overly impressed..lots of guns..,

Tuesday July 15th

Cool and Grey, No Belinda worked on finishing wood seat and painting, adding to seat started yesterday, did 2 dogs, Jeanette came over and cut out a Kookaburra, talked to Jeff and Jeanette about plasma cutting, 2 people through sculpture garden, sorting out more mosaics, M to Melbourne to see Madge Ruby Moon in arvo,did drawings of 7 kids,another load of washing, Graham dropped back pig to be delivered,rissoles for tea watched who do you think you are( Rebecca Gibney) Art and Soul and at the movies.

Monday July 14th

Cool and grey, Eleanor coming for day,attached poles to veranda, finished Prow, drilled holes in N sth birds, and groundstarted to look at mosaics, did a dog and a kookaburra, started painting door for new girl,started seat frame for special order,put in 1000 in bank,Podiatrist appt at 3.20,made dentist appt too for fallen out filling, Jeff came over to talk plasma cutting, nap,spaghetti for tea, Pilates watched 1 damages  then printed off some mosaics to check tomorrow.

Sunday July 13th

Cool and grey, Vacuumed, load car for  Derinya, drive to derinya, unload, back again.shopped in Drouin, home for lunch, Eleanor is here,in afternoon, nap then worked on doing boards for poles on veranda, also “Prow” now all ground, welded and set on base one person through sculpture garden, Sue arrived looked at scots exhibition catalogue. Pie and chips for tea,  Grand Designs,Silent Witness and the Tunnell,

Saturday July 12th

Sunny, showery, fine , rainy cold day, Up early talked to Paddy and Lynne, snowed, went to Trentham bought pie at Callum’s pie shop, then dropped off stuff at a rental property, drove back to Melbourne, called in on Em home, puzzle and nap casserole for tea, watched long Kiss goodnight, New tricks, Dr Blake Mystery and grumpy work

Friday July 11th

Cool and breezy, loading stuff for Trentham, and Ian, calling in on Madge, dropping off Ians stuff, off to Ballarat  for lunch and to see Scots exhibition,( saw Heather and Lindsay there)( bought catalogue 75)  then to Dayleford see galleries look at shops, buy stuff for tea( pizza) then Visit Paddy ( now skinny..)and Lynne and Callum( now big and tall)over night watched last episode of Old school

Thursday July 10th

Cool and blustery showery, working on  1 cat 4 dogs and 1 kookaburras and 2 owl, Simone Zmood and daughter Elli came over in the morning with Kathleen, took M off to melb to see madge, lady came with 2 kids to pick up a bird, bought another, we did some kid plasma cutting, Ken called in to see new Gallery, M to Melbourne to see Madge, nap, puzzle and sausages for tea, Pilates watched 1 damages episode

Wednesday July 9th

Cold and blustery showers,working on Prow all edges done, Jane came and did some containers,Tim and Lydia eposited some metal on the pile, Linda and Julie Anne came and ordered two seats,did 2 Kookaburras and 1 owl with other pieces cut out, M helping Kathleen as K has car in for service,Eleanor here for arfternoon, went to Warragul to drop in a paper to accountants, shopped at Aldi and met Alison Cameron( new house near Marist Sion) picked up Vacuum cleaner( 90) home for puzzle and nap, tea with Whelans( just back from Vanuatu)watched Billy Connellys big send off.

Tuesday July 8th

Cool and fine, windy overnight, Belinda did a flower or two and I did 4 cats,Jeanette came over for morning tea, then changed and went to Fountain gate, bought rope, and chinese for tea also JB hi fi and bought three tv series ( Falling skies Orphan black and boardwalk empire) then went  to Beaconsfield to  disassemble and pick up swing set, home for puzzle and nap then reassembled swing set. M went with K and Eleanor to Gumbaya Park in morning then brought Eleanor back here in arvo, she loved the new swing set. Chinese for tea, watched Damages episode and art and soul

Monday July 7th

Cool and fine, M had a broken night, working in shed on bird piece did 2 birds and 1 more character, all assembled, started new piece Prow one side done.cut out a series of other birds shapes, Glen and Jan garden visited, 3 other people as well, M had a fall, all achy, Caleb came through in afternoon, patties for tea. Wrote up a few signs for sculptures, watched first episode of Damages, then added to website.

Sunday July 6th

Rained over night , showery and cool, M to melb to take back em, and pick up Stephen cant visit Madge as she is still in lockdown I added to written memories, Kathleen and David were here while their house was “inspected” lunch then off to Gardivalia meeting.. bit of milling around,  then meeting, got package came home, nap watched two guns.. quite good as a buddy movie..M home computer stuff Grand designs, Silent witness, and The tunnel.

Saturday July 5th

Cloudy and showery, cool, M and K and E and E going shopping, Me working on painting N sth kids birds, ring wood club re blackwood log, Don cut that up ,paid him club fees,the birds are all done except drilling, shopped at Woolies, did a bird order, lamb roast for tea. K over with Eleanor in arvo, Caleb and Ralph arrive.everyone for tea, K and David go home with Eleanor, watched new tricks and marilyn Monroe  musical…. dullish

Friday July4th

Fine and cloudy, enter art show, look at Meeniyan money, mosaic kids stuff sue coming,to help plasma cut out grade 1 birds and start painting, all mosaic ing done, all cutting done, painted 25, lady came with blackwood re seat, other lady came and paid for dog, Em came home had Kathleen and David over for tea, Lasagne, then watched City of Bones….mediocre..

Thursday July 3rd

Fine and sunny,mowed house block,went with Sue to MPRG to see works on paper, and Paul Kelly portraits, then to McLelland to see Cream ( McKay travelling collection) and beach scenes, had lunch there.. excellent lunch, then to The Australian garden at Cranbourne, walked around and admired it, home Pies for tea, watched Paul Kelly dvd stories of me, and Time of our lives

Wednesday July 2nd

Cool and grey, fined up during day, started grouting N south kid tiles,got about ½ done, Heather came over to have a top turned for her scrap bucket, Sue dropped in and took M to Drouin, M going for hair cut  and then pick up car from service,I went to Warragul, bought a sheet of mesh, aldi shopping,home for lunch puzzle nap, back mosaicing, Kathleen and Eleanor over to help M with making food for Saturday. Made sausages for tea, M added to soup,watched 2 good wife

Tuesday July 1st

Cool and showery, finished off Ian’s panels,Jeanette and jeff came over, Jeanette tried cutting thicker material, Jane came up and did ½ a container, I did the cow for just do it and assembled this piece and painted it,did 2 birds also M car in for service, M shopping with Kathleen and Eleanor, home for small roast tea, Madge in “lock down” due to house having a bout of Gastro,watched Mary and Max and 1 good wife, reading “come on shore and we will kill and eat you all”

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