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December 11, 2015

December 2015

December diary

Friday Dec 25th

Xmas day fine sunny and breeze from the east, going to pick up Madge,and take to Fionas for lunch,fairly tolerable, Fiona, Ernie,Em and Caleb, Edelmans,Stephen and Kristen, us, eventually Dave and Sarina, Hot day but pleasant with air con, home again after a lovely meal,( I really don’t know how to talk to others at times) nap, sanwhich tea, watched Royal Variety performance, 1 Johnsons, night walk, full moon.

Thursday Dec 24th

Watched Last 2 Fargo episodes, dropped stuff off at Opp shop ,went and swapped car s and brought  Eleanor home to play while M minded Theo and Kathleen had her hair cut Emily and Caleb went shopping, 4 people visited to Eleanor, made 3 small characters, mowed across the road,took Eleanor home spaghetti for tea walk, watched dick francis mystery from the 80s

Wednesday Dec 23rd

Fine and sunny, watched 2 Fargo on computer, repaired plasma cutter, painted mountain, finished opera singer shovelpiece, ,did 2 dragonflies for circle piece, did a bee for a late order, 3 people from shire came to look, 2 from market, 2 more to buy Carols stuff,lady for a duck, Helen, Margaret Baldassa and nephew,M looks after Eleanor, Caleb to work at Anaconda, Kathleen here for ½ a day, walk watched 1 johnsons,bit of laurel and hardy

Tuesday Dec 22nd

Fine and sunny, Belinda started a large heart, I worked on mountain, all welded and assembled, 1 coat of paint, had lunch then went to Warragul to get Penetrol and turps, Haircut at Droin , basic shopping , 5 came to garden, Tint a car for M and Kathleen, then to Pakenham to buy a JB voucher for Caleb, home for puzzle and nap, Caleb starts at Anaconda,M and Em shopping in arvo, snitzel for tea  mowed sculpture garden, some gardening,watched 2 johnsons

Monday Dec 21st

Cool and cloudy, 3 girls coming to see gallery 10.00  talked about exhibition, delivered birds of paradise 12.00, shopped for xmas stuff,home to see Janine Terri anne gardening, Ruby got creative arts prize, worked on “mountain” in arvo, 2/3 sides done, man came to see chairy red, 5 people through garden and gallery, dropped off frame to be copied, watched Fargo on computer, did 3 loads of washing, M to melb to shop with Em,roast for tea, watched 1 johnsons, walk and then runaway train as Em sorted photos

Sunday Dec 20th

Fine and sunny and warm, up early, nth wind, supposed cool change early arvo, unload trailer, M to melb after caleb finally wakes up, read tiger tracks and finished a kookaburra, cleaned up part of shed, looked for ideas for small pieces.did a dragonfly small and a bird on a stick started new sculpture, mountainwatched 2 fargo episodes on computer did devilled sausages for tea, then walk and clean out gutters watched 1 johnsons and 1 shield

Saturday Dec 19th

Fine and sunny up early to set up at market, sold lots ( $1000) saw Sue, Helen, Alison Jessie, Russell, Bryan and Jeanette,Alice, hom after dropping off stuff at op shop, and shopping at coles Drouin( dropped off seat to Klaus) M minding kids while BOTH parents helped man playgroup sausage sizzle at Coles, I was stuffed had food and drink nap, gradually came back together, finished the Bone clocks and started Coraline finished , made chicken and rice for tea, watched 1 johnsons, 1 suits hot night

Friday Dec 18th

Fine and sunny Hot,M to Melbourne to see Madge,did 2 dragonflies, 1 cat, 1 pelican 1 peacock, 3 kookaburrras, Sue and Pat came and picked up saxophone, Jeff droppedover to fix his angle grinder, I had a brief talk to Jeanette ,Plasma cutter, went to silly fairy dance concert… really a bit of a con.. shop, made wraps for tea, walk, loaded trailer ,watched 1 johnsons and top5 ( some good bits but a fairly odd and weird life) ,

Thursday Dec 17th

Fineand sunny, Mark coming to weld,did a few coatracks and a wine rack with horseshoes, 1 did 4 new owls with spoon eyes 1 new dog, also photographed sculptures, nap, Peter came and picked up sculpture talked to him for a bid,Brian Connelly came and bought a duck, went and did 1st spade girl, also did 5 hands and face flowers ,plasma cutter broken,Davids car broken down chicken and mushroom and rice for tea, 1 Johnsons,walk,1 shield.restless start of night

Wednesday Dec 16th

Fine and sunny,breeze all day, cool at night did 2 more cat boxes, 2 emus, 1 small elephant, 2 chook boxes,1 tortoise, M to go with Kathleen shopping, then picked up Calebs car, nap, 2 people visited,plasma tips arrived, Pilates dinner pleasant time. 10 year tshirts.

Tuesday Dec 15th

Cool and grey, became fine and sunny,Caleb has an interview, M to help Kathleen with Eleanor, did a peacock and 3 dogs, 1 small giraffe,2 dragonflies( big) and a cat box, cut up pieces for tomorrow, Jules the artist came and bought a couple of pieces, talked to her for a bit, Terrianne and Janine and Darcy and Ruby came and gardened, nap, M has Eleanor all afternoon and evening, sausages and rissoles for tea, walk,watched a bit of comedy show on tv

Monday Dec 14th

Fine and Sunny, worked in shed fixed eleanors cart, did 10 flowers, 1 chook and 2 dogs, Belinda came and worked on toothed thing, Sue and cousin Jane came and talked, went to Drouin dropped in Calebs car, then to Moe to do Kmart shopping and Coles shopping, home for nap Pilates,shopping, spaghetti from Caleb walk, watched 1 johnsons and last Blacklist

Sunday Dec 13th

Fine and sunny,add to heart piece with paint, did 4 cats and 4 chooks, 12 flowers and 4 dragonflies, 15 people through the garden, order to fix a seat talked to jeff and Jeanette, sold a chook and 3 dragonflies, sausages for tea walk and watched 1 johnsons and Antman… very good.. very enjoyable

Saturday Dec 12th

Coolish and Grey showers? Rokeby Market saw Geoff, Jude, Kathleen, Sue, Tracelle, and others, sold about $600 home for nap help with the Opening of Russ and Carol’s exhibition about 35 people including Peter and Glynis Campbell,Jude and friend, Barry Rogers, Ruth Burleigh,Catherine and Carols mum, Andrew and anya, others sold a goodly amount, had burgers and eggs for tea, went to Skipping Girl Vinegar( only about 50 at the arts centre) and saw Joe Matera as well, did quite a few not bad sketches.

Friday Dec 11th

Coolish and grey, 19?showers did most of heart piece finished saxophone, loaded trailer for Rokeby, M to melb, read article in Gippsland lifestyle mag.. good,delivered Sue Trickeys piece to Warragul, paid Sandy for exhibition, bought stuff for pizza and no more gaps, filled in gaps in M;s cupboard, pizza for tea,walk then watched mission impossible and 1 Johnsons

Thursday Dec 10th

Fine and sunny, pleasantly warm, sent out emails re exhibition,went to Warragul to get new belt for mower, petrol and a xmas tree also a bit of aldi shopping then to Drouin, drop off bucket load of stones in Kathleen’s driveway, saw Helen, started video process, home for morning tea, fixed mower quite a bit of odd welding, M has Eleanor after tumble gym, mowed across the road, Wendy visited.lunch then did 3 chooks and 1 pelican 1 peacock, man bought song and dance, rice and chicken for tea,Caleb worked at D west,watched 1 blacklist and 1 johnsons and then 1 fargo on sbs on demand

Wednesday Dec 9th

Fine and sunny(hot?)pleasant, john picked up dogs, pelican and peacock,I did 3 ducks added to the saxophone, did 8 dogs, delivered Rogers pieces,3 people through garden, shop, had to get 2 new tyres( 240) remet Anthony Winterton, M has Eleanor for much of day,Kathleen and Eleanor for tea schnitzel and mashed potato, walk, watched fargo on sbs on demand

Tuesday Dec 8th

Grey warm east wind Belinda,worked on piece from last week, finish roger 2 and 1 paint,did birds on a wire, assembled all of Jess and Clios frames, Jess and mum came and took them home with music machine, did a bit of mowing M to melb to see madge,Caleb working at Dr west, 38 and muggy, shopped for basics, out to tea at N sth Pub to go over open studios.home to watch johnsons and blacklist.

Monday Dec 7th

Cool and breeze, replace stall pieces,Marilyn called in and Carol and 2 friends did 3 dogs 1 cat, adjusted flower, finished dragonfly, did small frog thing, did 3 kookaburras, started on small roger piece,rang Monash and Churchill unis and NGV, planted rose,Joel called in, pilates, caleb did spaghetti for tea, watched 1 Johnsons and 1 blacklist

Sunday Dec 6th

Fine and mild cloudy to begin, lovely breeze, Longwarry market bought dvds and sanding discs, lady came and picked up Danniis garden sign, bought snow drop, I fixed a bird and duck and added to flower support stand also assembled dragonlady sculpture,4 people through garden Clio and jess not coming went to Melbourne with M and saw Madge for her birthday with Don and David and pauli and edelmans and caleb and em, left M with Caleb and delivered two birds to Glenhuntly, then picked up work from Burnley harbour( 1 sold) and delivered piece to Camberwell, then had tea on way home dropped off Tessa prints from Burnley then home , watched Man from Uncle.ok

Saturday Dec 5th

Fine and cloudy, load trailer,bout 7 people thru garden while I was home, did 1 and ½ dragonflies go to Kingston Night market, set up sold $500 pack up come home.,

Friday Dec 4th

Fine and sunny 31? Finished sues drip did other pieces( 14 birds on sticks) 10 more flowers and 6 more dragonflies for Kingston,went to Warragul to get metal( 360) and Trafalgar (44) also fixed kathleens shoe rack and did base for peter and Ninas mattock couple,M to Melbourne to see madge sausages for tea, watched 1 blacklist and Jurassic world, M a bit off colour
Thursday Dec 3rd

Cool and grey fine in afternoon,mostly finished Sues drip, man came and picked up characters( 150) 3 ladies came and bought flowers and butterflies( 110) picked up rusted bonnet from side of road for rusty flowers, did 10 went and took cardboard from Kathleens to tip, saw keith and got springs and rims, Russell and Carol called in, do things for Kingston Art( cut out 10 birds on sticks) M has Eleanor most of day, made sausage rolls for tea  Gippsland breakup at Garys, talked to Di, Helen, Waynes, Laurel, Gary, Joanne.

Wednesday Dec 2nd

Showery and coolish all morning, fined up in afternoon,modified sign for danniis garden,Cathy smith came to discuss exhibition, dale came to look at Mig and fixed it,M has Eleanor for part of day shopping, load sculptures into car go to Burnley Harbour,worked with Ellsworth to hang paintings 2 hrs, back to Yarragon for book group break up nice meal at Roger and Sues

. Tuesday Dec 1st

Mild and cloudy, showered overnight, Belinda did a spiral, rang Dale Hunter, coming tomorrow, did most of Sues hanging ball piece,sold happy man, 5 people thru garden ?M out with Sue O to see the dressmaker, roast for tea, Caleb has days work at D west.walk then watched 1 johnsons, and 1 blacklist had a look at restoration man.. bit slow and also startrek the voyage home.photographed another 2 books and computer stuff.

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