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June 11, 2015

June 2015

Tuesday June 30th

Fine and clear,Belinda,worked on truck, I  finished small drip,did top and base for anther pedestal form, 1dog 1 Lyrebird, get metal for boat, plywood and allclear  M to go to Melb with em after podiatrist, 6 people thru garden going with Sue A to thing at Sale in evening red rooster for tea, home

Monday June 29th

Mild and grey, work on drip 99%done, ,look at shows and add to website,Frank and Mary came and picked up Merrick Boyd sketches Em coming down, Pilates had roast for tea, watched Big eyes.

Sunday June 28th

Mild and grey cold bits, did signs for outdoor pieces and gallery names, attached all these with help from Marian, painted metal pedestal parts 1 assembled, started frame for small drip, 25 people through garden due to Jindi antique Fair, snow painting dropped off by Georgio, chicken Kievs for tea, watched George Gently and Grand designs

Saturday  June 27th

Mild and grey, Ringwood fine design market cold but no showers, handed out lots of flyers, bought a head wrap, sold $400, home via fountaingate, chinese for tea, reading shards of honour( vorkosigan) Rock quiz and 1 musketeers

Friday June 26th

Mild and sunny, Write up titles and prices for exhibition, finish snow piece, finish Saxophone, 3 people through garden,shopped in Drouin,Lady had a car that wouldn’t start, sausages for tea,watched Black hat( Ok) and 1 musketeers

Thursday June 25th

Mild and showers?, Ros and friend  to take down exhibition, hang part of snow show, Gary Solomon coming to weld,learned to weld, 1 added to snow flake piece, tidied shed, started saxophone, Janine gardened, M has Eleanor all day chicken snitzel for tea, watched Alberts then Julia Zemiero Home delivery.Finished Vorkosigian book

Wednesday June 24th

Fine and mild, showers in late evening,I did 2 kookas on sticks, also started snowflake piece( ½ done) sorted metal under bench and in part of rack for ship fire pit, M has Eleanor all day,Graham called in re pigs, Jindivick and Picasso,Plumbers put on gutter guard on gallery Thai for tea, Bookclub movie night, watched Boyhood.. interesting .

Tuesday June 23rd

Fine breezy ? Belinda started truck, I did 3 chooks 1 cat, 1 dragonfly and 1 frog , picked up Blue signs, shopped for tonight,work on entries and framing snow pieces, Incubator meeting this evening pizza for tea, Helen, Geoff, Jeff, Alison, Anita, Rhona,Sue O.

Monday June 22nd

Fine and sunny,head toward showers in evening,M had a quiet yet sort of miserable day  add wood to solar, lyrebird, pelican, peacock, 2  chooks 1 cat,helped Sue fix trailer,Pilates tea at the club hotel, home for 1 musketeers,

Sunday June 21st

Fine and sunny, make sun piece,did top for one pedestal and a small base,14 people came to garden including Kerry and Chris, Sylvia and Michael and Keenan, and Jo and pete and friends,bird feeder gone, window in gallery broken,M minds Eleanor, meatballs for tea, watched 1 nashville then the secret river.hard story

Saturday June 20th

Cool and clear, fined up beautiful day,fitted liner to Mig finished birds on sticks, mounted log on stands,moved fire extinguishers, 4 people through garden and gallery, sold 1 bird and jive girl, Kathleen Eleanor and David for morning tea, David fixed M’s computer,did the mowing,of the sculpture garden, made up two sculpture bases, M takes em back to Melb.chicken and stuff for tea, I watched Mad Max 1 and we watched the bangles greatest hits. Rockquiz and Da Vinci end of season and then 1 Nashville

Friday June 19th

Cool and ok worked with plasma cutter, mig sticking, needs new sleeve, to Warragul to get it, to morwell for night  market 2.00 to 10.00 handed out lots of flyers, sold 450 cold but still and clear night, good music lots of people, Em coming down overnight

Thursday June 18th

Cool and light drizzle, warren dropping off paintings today, M not looking after Eleanor until after tumble gym, finish semicircle piece and do more 2 ducks 1 bird on stick and 1 small cow, nap,shopped for penetrol, steel aldi and pies for lunch, chicken slowcooker for tea, Eleanor until 8.00. between a frock and a hard place, and 1 da vinci

Wednesday June 17th

Cool and mild, M has Eleanor all day I helped in morning til 10.30, Mark around 11.00 and worked on table ends, I painted finch and started semi circle pieces ,  mostly done, Jindi Kids visit and Marilyn, Joan, Noel and Charmaine, Nick in arvo did a frog, pasta for tea, the weekly and home delivery.went to bed early and slept well

Tuesday June 16th

Cool and mild, no showers? Belinda did a dragonfly, I put another coat on impermanence, got the redfinch,to stand and added wings tail and paint, posted off bird tro milly, bought shopping and catfood,Jeanette came to do cat on treble clef with mig, Meredith came and picked up piece, lady came and bought butterfly dress, Gary dropped in, Robyn came and picked up het bird on pole, M not going to Melbourne due to her cold, 1 person through garden,osso bucco for tea,watched 2 newsroom( finished series) and most of episode of he killing season on Rudd/gillard

Monday June 15th

Cool and grey, work on finch, still more to do, did impermanence piece, saw Jeff when I returned Cedar, M got robot working and did papers and washing and slept for a good part of the day, pilates kfc for tea watched 1 newsroom m had a 1/2and 1/2night

Sunday June 14th

Fine and sunny, start on red finch, finish sorting box of stuff, finch ½ done, rest of ball painted and put out in garden 2 people visit garden,M went with Kathleen from mid morning til tea to K mart shopping, cutlets for tea, watched 1 newsroom, framed a few sketches and then the secret river, M now has the cold and didn’t get much sleep

Saturday June 13th

Fine and sunny, Caleb spent night after Julians Birthday, M to melb to see em and Madge, did another bird, for order for plant support, painted ball again on top and once on bottom, started sorting box of Stuff, 10 people through garden,lamb patties for tea, newsroom and Rockquiz

Friday June 12th

Start off foggy and cool and stayed cold all day, M has Eleanor as David and Kathleen have colds, playgroup, I finish ball sculpture  and did one bird painted pedestals and ½ ball, Drawing with Helen did 2 snow scenes, tea at family hotel, Rodney Williams opening at T and C at 7.00 watched 1 newsroom.

Thursday June 11th

Cool and fine sunny, work on ball all day,all done and base defined, started Robyns plant support, painted pedestals,M has Eleanor all day, Tumblegym, nap, lamb roast for tea in slowcooker Eleanor in evening then watched bit of redesign my brain and 1 newsroom

Wednesday June 10th

Cool fine patches, went to Knox re heart check…they talked over me as though I didn’t exist, went looking to go to on’s couldn’t remember the street, went to Fountain gate, did also and meat shopping and some stuff for tea, then to Pakenham Bunnings and JB, bough paint and turps, also Mad Max trilogy, home for lunch with M and Eleanor( has all day) then nap then down shed to work at covering top of ball, 3 panels out of 8 done, Janine gardened chinese and veges for tea, watched 2 newsroom and 1 end of the weekly and Julia zemiro home delivery with Matt Lucas

Tuesday June 9th

Cool and showery? Belinda demolished ant and redid as a centipede and made another insect form, Sue dropped in for morning tea, I worked on ball ½ done,  Robyn McCraw dropped in asked me to make a plant support and bird,paint pedestals, bird M to Melbourne to see madge, man came and got bronze stork repaired and whirligig,nap sausages for tea watched Kingsman.. fun and silly and violent.

Monday June 8th

Fine and windy, M has Eleanor all day, started ball basic frame all done and started covering it, painted pedestals, 6 people through garden,planted 10 small plants from Longwarry market, Lady came and bought 3 flowers( 80), stood up a few sculptures, more blew over, rissoles for tea watched 3 episodes of the Newsroom( finished series 1)

Sunday June 7th

Fine and mild vacuum Gallery, go to Longwarry Market, Bought discs and dvds and plants, home to work, did birdfeeder for Di and Glenn, 24 people through garden and gallery including Amelia and Jocelyn Formby also Steve and Gillian, painted pedestal sides chicken filo for tea watched 1 newsroom, caleb and Ralph dropped by, Ralph for night, watched Esio Trot Windy night,

Saturday June 6th

Fine and mild vacuum gallery, print off signs for pieces missing things, do exhibition list for Gallery,tidy up, 15 people through in morning, Ros and friend arrive, had about 40 people in afternoon , sold about $2000 of work, Janine Good,Kinglsey and Geoff.. Geoff Mitchell and Mariana, Janine Brophy and friend, Jeanette,Pieta and son, friend Ann, Sue Osborn, Helen and Andrew and 3 friends, Frank and Mary Schooenveldt,Sylvia and Michael and theo, Grant and Irene, Keltie and Nicole, Cassandra and Belinda,Caroline and mother, Ros daughter, Bones McKinnon, Meredith and Terry, Ann Jones and daughter and 2 kids,( Indi and chloe)and others, leftovers for tea, watched a newsroom, a davinci( with Dracula) and Rockquiz

Friday June 5th

Fine and mild, get money from post office, tip trip, shop for opening,start on pedestals,moving wood In the shed, putting trim around 1 window, drawing with Helen finished a couple, also set in poles for mosaic gateway, pizza for tea ad then a newsroom and a davinci, computer stuff then

Thursday June 4th

Fine and mild,went to showers in arvo and cold, gary did holes for posts, M has Eleanor the whole day, sue and Mark and  coming to work in shed( did 4 heavy legs of table) I did,a dragonfly then a cow and made “dairy Queen” all painted,put finished pedestal out then cut up big pedestal to make 2 smaller pedestals, all cut and glued, Janine Gardened( 100) loaded trailer ready for tomorrow Tip trip spaghetti for tea, went to opening of Dyslexic Warriors, saw Alison, Robyn, Helen, Trish, Rob, Prue, Alice etc watched 1 newsroom, chased up shows and markets.

Wednesday June 3rd

Cool and fine Gary to spread paths and rest of carpark, M has Eleanor all day, did 2 birds and continue tidying shed and bench,Cut out dragon fly wings and bits for new pieces painted big pig, painted pedestal, made a fish and character to surf it( surfing the big one)delivered plein air girl, shopped at aldi,nap, chicken rissoles,watched 1 newsroom and 1 davinci

Tuesday June 2nd

Cool and fined up, Gary spread next load of rock and truck and trailer came with toppings. Started spreading, M to mind Eleanor all day( music Playgroup) clear off bench by assembling 10 flowers, cut out more flowers, and parts for bird feeder, did cute bear and flower, also Sharon’s dog, painted other side of Pig and 2 surfaces of pedestal,nap Photographed exhibition and a bit more tidying, leftovers for tea, watched 1 newsroom and then added Ros;s show to website, and did computer stuff.

Monday June 1st

Cool and showery all day, Gary coming to tidy up carpark one load of stone spread, another to do,Di and Glenn dropped in, finished pig, more tidying in shed mainly sorting nails and screws and front bench, whats on people dropped off whats on and Graham Duell visited( impressed by art) did release,and unloaded car from Yakkerboo. Pilates, pub tea.home to the Newsroom ep 1.. excellent.

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