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December 11, 2016

December 2016

December diary

Dec 28th Wednesday

Looked like rain all morning , sultry, fined up in afternoon, cooled a bit in evening,M took em back to melb and saw Madge looking better, Caleb back.I assembled the three small pieces from yesterday( reflection, girl and flower, and unruly hair) also assembled 5 small birds, did base for new biggish sculpture and painted between the moon and stars with colour, 10 people visited, Ros and dave took down show, I mowed sculpture garden, demonstrated plasma cutting and had one of the big sculptures blow over with a freak wind gust hitting a small child, shopped in Drouin, turkey pasta bake for tea, watched 1 paranoid and suicide squad

.Dec 27th Tuesday

Muggy and warm, Belinda did a spider, recovering,2 people visited I assembled between the moon and stars, painted twice, did 3 small pieces with plasmacutter and 2 birds, chili con carne for tea watched 2 of the crown and sorted pictures on computer

Dec 26th Monday

Cloudy and hot, rain in evening, presents early, then lunch, K’s family stayed til after tea, Caleb left for melb, watched the informant odd,finished my new jack reacher book

Dec 25th Sunday

Fine and sunny, hot, loaded car and drove to Melb, dropped off stuff at Davids and went and picked up Madge, back to Davids for lovely food, presents,hot, took Madge back ,home watched Pride and Prejudice, Caleb and Em cleaned and cooked stuff for an early lunch and presents tomorrow. Reading new Jack Reacher and Ghost empire

Dec 24th Saturday

Fine and sunny, hot, finished welding base of new sculpture, Small seat went away, Viv picked up wood box, and Checka picked up sheep and ross picked up drawer handles finished Shetland book in arvo, Pizza for tea, watched the mask and 1 crown, M helped em tidy and make stuff for xmas.

Dec 23rd Friday

Fine and sunny, worked on finishing 6 drawer handles 2kookaburras and 2 owls, Bruce came and picked up reading, Pieta and kids  came and bought an owl, John and lizzie came and learnt to weld and each made a kookaburra, Jane came and worked for a while  about 10 people over day David fixed the square reader, did sausages and chicken skewers for tea. M had kids most of day,David and Kathleen for tea, walk, watched 1 crown

, Dec 22nd Thursday

Cool and mild, became a superb day, updated calendar of shows spreadsheet, man came and bought 2 dragons, I then made 2 more dragons, Ros brought people( 2) and one bought a painting, Tara and mum came to get her waratah, and Sue Kiernan and 2 came to get her weathervane, I did a Kookaburra , and 2 others came, over 10 people over the day,M had kids most of day and Magnum came out for a last walk, did pasta bake for tea Caleb out, watched hard quiz and walk and 1 crown.

Dec 21st Wednesday

Cool and showery to start then fined up to a lovely day, painted woodbox again,did a dragon, started on base of new sculpture, Sue dropped in, Dale came to look at Mig, 4 people wandered through garden and bought leap of faith,Jaimee and family came,Heather and carmen came for a dragon, 8 people in total, I shopped for cereal etc, M went swimming with K and kids and then to melb to visit madge and see geriatrician, brought Emily home, I mowed across rd, chicken honey mustard for tea, watched 1 crown, walk then channel 2 until end of last leg,

Dec 20th Tuesday

Cool and showery fined up in afternoon and evening, 3 people visited Belinda finished her snake, Dale didn’t come out, Worm tidied up and gone, worked on Pietas woodbox, all finished except last coat, bought more 10mm rod and flatbar,last day of school for teachers,sausages for tea watched the crown, walk and paranoid.

Dec 19th Monday

Fine and sunny, M off to funeral of her uncle Lindsay, Keiths brother, saw her mum and caught up with rellys ,Danny welded a box thing Grant Deppeler picked up xmas scene, talked to him a bit , I did 10 flowers and painted, 3 cats 1 dog, 1 lyrebird, 1 emu, 5 small boxes including a catbox ,Bruce picked up the umbrella and release 2, 2 tourists, 3 people bought a peacock, lady bought on the wings of love,( 9) I shopped and M made tea of chicken stuff and chips yum, walk and talked to Jeff and Jeanette, watched 1 crown and 1 paranoid

Dec 18th Sunday

Fine and sunny, started dragons, did 2 again also 2 dogs, delivered quartet to Richmond, home again, Kathleen and kids for afternoon, 8 people visited nap played with kids a bit, finished Night bird book,did rice and meat rissoles and watched Love and friendship, ok and 1 the crown.

Dec 17th Saturday

Cooler breezy showery,M to Melbourne to help em and visit Madge ,Warragul art market ok but blowy made $800 home fixed 2 broken birds, 12 people visited,chicken pasta for tea, watched 2 shannara, 1 the crown and rock quiz with clairy brown and cc Adcock.

Dec 16th Friday

Cooler but still fine, took Ms car in could find nothing wrong, shopped a bit, mowed sculpture garden, finished off dragon, and did 3 cats, 3 loads of washing, out to tea at Pilates breakup at Black tie,

Dec 15th Thursday

Fine and mild day, lovely, did an elephant, a small dragon, started a bigger dragon, also a variety of roses , shopped in Drouin for forks etc, bought metal at Martin steel( flat sheet, 18mm rod and 12mm rod, M with kids most of day, pilates, pub tea( hamburger for me)home to watch 1 shannara

Dec 14th Wednesday

Cooler after a restless night with back a bit out, finished umbrella, cut out Caboole, cut out more bits and did another waratah , did a weathervane, and another birdbath, M had kids from lunch onwards, played with them a bit spaghetti bake for tea, watched last leg and 1 shannara, Hard chat, the yearly

,Dec 13th Tuesday

Hot and breezy change coming, Belinda did a snake, I finished welding main umbrella and most of stand, did a dog, did a plasma cut great dane and painted, painted again xmas scene and painted umbrella, assembled 4 kookas on stands,2 people came, Janine gardened, bought red paint and white paint, also plasma electrodes and parts,did a birdbath nap chicken kiev for tea, M to help with kids in arvo,watched 1 shannara and paper towns, very enjoyable.

Dec 12th Monday

Fine and sunny, replaced mig gas bottle, bought mig wire, bought black paint, paid martin metal bill, readjusted riverbank so more structural, did xmas scene for Grant Depeller, cut out 4 kookaburras and added wings, did another waratah for Merrilyn, nap, went to Pilates but too full, had pub tea( souvlaki) then home, Mara and Tamara picked up a birdbath and looked at garden and gallery then to watch 1 shannara

Dec 11th Sunday

Cool to start then fine warm day,Caleb still a bit unwell, M with K to Madges birthday, Sue came and did mig work, I finished Jeff finger’s fish, also the waratah order, and redid bird seat, painted two sides of quartet, 2 people visited ,shopped for xmas tree, also other shopping chow mein for tea  watched bit of Joanna Lumley Japan then wikileaks doco

Dec 10th Saturday

Cool and pleasant, Rokeby market saw Geoff, and others, made 700 home for nap M went to fairydance concert, Jeff and Jeanette dropped over, 1 person visited I did acrobatic girl and painted firehydrant garden bed. M did tea, fish and potatoes, and watched Hairspray live,

Dec 9th Friday

Cool and rainy,assembled seat  m to help with kids all morning, lunch with Alan at Frankston, assemble seat, load trailer with table, did a tortoise home and had hamburgers for tea, watched 1 shannara and Interstellar ( excellent)

Dec 8th Thursday

Cool rainy showery blowy fine etc, finished off seat welding and painting, did 2 kookaburras one on a stand and 2 owls one on a stand, 1 bird, 1 dragonfly delivered birdfeeder and chaise lounge, nap made sausage roll things artists get together at Gary,s M with Kathleen all day.

Dec 7th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M to Melbourne for gerontologist visit to Madge, I fixed chaise lounge, cut down wood box for Viv, did 2 pelicans, 3 dogs, did a bird feeder,13 people visited,started seat,, made curry and rice for tea,watched Black sea, overdone,

Dec 6th Tuesday

Cool  fined up in afternoon Belinda  did another star, I assembled release 2, also 4 kookas on sticks and 5 animals on sticks then did 3 birds, 2 dogs and 2 peacocks, M off to help K , dental apt,6 people visited, shopped, bought metal at Martins, nap, cut up things for tomorrow, played with Kids, pies for tea, walk in garden, watched 1 Shannara

Dec 5th Monday

Cool , but gradually fined up painted  and assembled chaise lounge Dentist visit  cancelled,did another birdfeeder and cut out one more part welded, cut out 4 kookas and wings also 2 cats and 3 dogs, did hands and bird for release,Danny welded, and Darren came to weld, 7 people in all visited,  sausages and salad for tea, then watched 1st shannara,

Dec 4th Sunday

Fine and cool to begin, Longwarry market, unload trailer,Deppelers visited  mowed sculpture garden and across rd, Ros Opening at 2.00, 40 people picked up burnley harbour 6.00,nothing sold, chicken and pasta for tea watched Jason Bourne

Dec 3rd Saturday

Fine and sunny, jindi market for cakes for opening, then finished welding chaise lounge, and painted wood once, sold birdbath to melanie and lyn 3 others,  2 others also fixed mower,? Kingston Night market sold $1000, M called in, M off to see madge and Emily ,home at 11.00

Dec 2nd Friday

Cool and fine warmed up as day progressed, work on umbrella ,hands and chaise lounge,Debbie Lois and friends 4 visited M has quiet day at home and kids help in evening going around market etc, thankyou afternoon tea at Neerim Sth, Drouin Primary twilight market,saw lots of ex students made about $400, home to finish reading lost fleet book.

Dec 1st Thursday

Cool and fine, loaded car went to Lucinda winery Leongatha, unloaded and set up 4 sculptures, treble cliff, butterfly, damaged heart and Ballet girl, saw Wayne, Graham and Bob, home cut out 10 birds on sticks for markets coming , all assembled also flowers, Sue came and talked in arvo, M had kids all day, Pilates , pub tea saw Dave and Julie Hayes, home to read and look at ideas

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