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November 11, 2017

November 2017

,November diary

Nov 30th Thursday

Fine and hot, mowed across rd ,Russ and carol setting up at 9.00, bus from Leongatha at 9.00,50 people, demonstrated plasma cutting then helped russ and carol, I didn’t get to tumble gym,went to Longwarry and bought 10mm rod and corten, home to play with kids, nap, we drove Eleanor to dsc for dance, I looked after Theo, pilates then tea at la Passion,home to watch 1 good wife, find Caleb now has a job in new year at Drouin west,watched most of 1 victoria

Nov 29th Wednesday

Fine and hot, finished 4 horseshoe birds order, did 10 flowers, both cut out and assembled, Julie came to weld horse mane, I went to Leongatha with 4 pieces, birds in trees, triffid, twisted and family group, dropped them off came back via a bit of shopping nap mowed sculpture garden, Caleb back from camp in Melbourne, has interview at Drouin west,  M went to melb then back to Kathleens to put together rice salad , I picked her up and went to Yarragon for bookclub breakup.

Nov 28th Tuesday

Fine and cloudy, no Belinda today but tomorrow, M has kids all day, worked on teapot character, also horseshoe birds( 2 done) bus arrived ( 20 people) ( 1 order) did 5 birds on sticks, bought new plasma cutting electrodes, played with kids in arvo, stefcame aqnd showed new website( paid her) took kids home and went to Hampton park to pick up ms new car, shopped on way home for catfood, watched 1 good wife and the making of Muriel.

Nov 27th Monday

Showery, deliver Caleb to station, M has kids all day,shopped ,bought paint, finished 1 dragonflydid 1 sheep and 5 tortoises, also started on teapot ,played with kids for part of arvo,Jackie and Lewis dropped in,did chicken drumsticks for tea, watched 1 goodwife and 1 easybeats

Nov 26th Sunday

Cloudy and fine.  Did a dragonfly, 30 people through including Neil and Simone, sold 1 biggish sculpture, Lynne painted and Sue Plasmacut and Julie worked on her mane, M went and saw her new car in morning, she did chevachipis for tea  watched 1 goodwife and 1 wallander.

Nov 25th Saturday

Cloudy and muggy, wrote up a few signs for sculptures and put them out with Ms help, assembled seat worked a bit on teapot and finished it, Sue came out ,started with a family of Jehovahs witnesses and 30 or so people through including Joe and Katy and also Joseph and Pauline, Sues sister Marg came too and it was a busy and pleasant , did prawn rice for tea and then watched 1 good wife and 1 wallander

day.Nov 24th Friday

Fine and sunny, do 3 tortoises etc painted seat wood , went to chiropractor at 10, staggered out took a few hours to come ok, Sylvia and Jaymee were here and Sue dropped off more works,, help m with car  ,took mine and visited Madge, I had a quiet afternoon with 2 naps started a small tea pot, did spanakopita for tea watched atomic Blonde, raining.

Nov 23rd Thursday

Fine and sunny, m with kids, work on owls(3) and 2 snails, tumblegym, then shopped and helped with kids, Sue came and set up more stuff, and Caleb helped put in slide, pilates, mcdonalds tea home to 1 good wife

Nov 22nd Wednesday

Fine and sunny, m looking for a new car, mowed across rd and around house, made frame for slide, started on horseshoe creatures, 10 people visited including Meyers ( steph), jules did her horse sue brought up work and water washed verandah, m had kids all day, looked at cars in evening, did pasta and meatballs for tea, watched 1 good wife and 1 guilt ( poor)

Nov 21st Tuesday

Fine and warm no power this morning, mow sculpture garden try to attach mesh to playground,shopping for new saw blade also paint and bolts,steel from longwarry,Marilyn dropped in, m to melb to see madge, finished welding and painting seat, and wood,did 5 horseshoe creatures, chicken curry for tea, moved sculptures for tomorrow mowing, watched 1 good wife and 1 victoria

Nov 20th Monday

Fine and warm, 2 loads of washing mowed around playground , stef coming to talk website, worked on heart seat all welding done, 10 people through , bought 4 small sculptures,sue came and tidied her area,m still a bit crook, did sausages for tea, watched 1 good wife and 1 wallander

Nov 19th Sunday

Fine and sunny, worked on finishing chook head and body, 14 people through, took em home and delivered hallstand, Chinese for tea,tidied verandah of gallery for sue, watched 1 good wife and part of Paul Kelly concert

Nov 18th Saturday

Fine and sunny, warm, worked on head of chook, 6 people came, sold nonconformists, did small character for Tony,fixed chair base, Em home to help M tidy spare room, chicken Kiev for tea, watched Baby Driver, sort of fun, and also you tube singing’

Nov 17th Friday

Mild and grey, showers? No Stef with red tree gallery website M went to melb to see madge, I ,finished a bird and worked on covering the second side of the big chook, jaimee and Sylvia at playgroup, shopped, nap, storm, home made pizzas for tea finished Prime suspect 3, watched Miss Sloane.good

Nov 16th Thursday

Mild and gentle rain, did a dog and 2 horse shoe birds, 1 small snappy dog, 2 peacocks, 2 birds 79 people visited,2 family groups, 2 small buses 3 from a community and a big bus at 4.15,M did kids and tumblegym and took Eleanor to have photos re dance, Pilates and pub tea shopped and home to 1 good wife

Nov 15th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, replaced mig gas, Julie came and welded horseshead,2 people visited I did 4 kookaburras, 2 dogs, 2 horseshoe birds, 2 birds,made slow cooked steaks for tea, watched 1 good wife, 1 joanna Lumley arctic, and 1 Victoria

Nov 14th  Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did a dog I did, 1bird 1 pelican, 1 peacock, 2 dogs and 7 flowers,M to melb, went an had crown put on tooth,shopped briefly, nap, sue came to bend stingrays, did slowcooked silverside for tea, watched 1 good wife and 1sinner

Nov 13th Monday

Fine and sunny, Started big chook, frame and legs done and partly covered, Sue came at morning tea time, shopped for woollies and then sheet of steel from Martin, home to read rest of La Belle Sauvage,M has cold took Eleanor to fairy dance, I did tacos for tea, watched 1 good wife star trek.

Nov 12th Sunday

Fine and sunny, finished mowing and whippersnipped, cut out Kookaburra, dropped off 4 birds, 4 dogs 4 cats and 6 small creatures at Wonthaggi and then picked up pieces from Tyers, 2 people visited garden, M did chops for tea, watched the sinner and the good wife and Victoria

Nov 11th Saturday

Fine and sunny, Rokeby market, $700 mowed lower sculpture garden, kids for evening, Caleb got rid of ford car, did pies for tea 10 people through ,

Nov 10th Friday

Fine and sunny, worked on finishing seat for Rokeby, also did 6 small horseshoe creatures, and assembled other seat, 2 people through, shopped for paint pamphlets and knives and forks, home to see m back from seeing Madge, off to Neerim sth fete sausages for tea, loaded trailer, watched snatched

Nov 9th Thursday

Fine and sunny, drive caleb to school,worked on back of seat, went to tumble gym, kids in arvo slept for 1 hr after disrupted night previous,picked up Caleb, Pilates, ball and weights, passion pizza dinner, home to watch 1 good wife.

Nov 8th Wednesday

Fine and mild,drop off calebs car and caleb hung out washing, did 2 sun flowers, small bus of 20 people came bought terrier, did a seat frame and painted other seat frame, assembled “call,” Julie came to weld, dr visit re sore ear, M has kids in arvo,did spaghetti for tea,watched 1 good wife, 1 good witch poor and 1 mind hunters…..

Nov 7th Tuesday

Cool and grey showers,  Melbourne cup, M to melb to see madge, did 9 flowers, painted seat black and wood, did 6 small figures and cut out bits for 9 3 figures finished and sprig and sprite now painted, also wish redone and call . 4 people through, did Swedish salmon pudding for tea, watched 1 star trek and 1 good wife,

Nov 6th Monday

Cool and grey. Worked on 3 horseshoe birds, letterbox grinding and welding, seat with magpie soreish neck, did  wood for seat, sausage rolls for tea, watched 1 good wife and 1 startrek

Nov 5th Sunday

Fine and cool, Longwarry market to get discs and screws, picked up stainless steel sheet from Wayne, dropped off flyers at Caf, pick up kids then go to Longwarry market with Don and Pauline and Em, home for lunch, drop off tyers,about 20 people over day, back for nap, did butterfly steaks for tea and watched the circle, quite good

Nov 4th Saturday

Fine and sunny, Jindi market, worked on doing horse shoe birds turtles and a snail, then on sprig and sprite, 5 people came in morning opening Lynne today 3.00 15 people and kids in arvo and evening,did frittata for tea m took them home I watched Salt.

Nov 3rd Friday

Cool and showery, M to melb to see madge, shopping, garden group 40, bought Caleb head and other small things, I did a small bird horseshoe finished cutting out thick leaves and assembled lotus girl two from wish piece, Lynne and Lois plasma cut owl, rooster and dragon, met 3, girl from English family from last year and did a kookaburra plasma cut, shopped aldi, chem, catches for letterbox did sausages for tea watched Ghost in the shell and 1 goodwife

November 2nd Thursday

Cool and showery, send out group email, 5 people and bus group in morning, 2 guys photo shoot,from one hour out, Jenn and john came and did some jewellery I did 5 horseshoe birds, fixed Jans table started second Ironclad, fixed the fairy tree,did most of letterbox for island girl and cut out most of two thick leaves, help with kids in arvo, pilates pub tea, burger ok,home to watch 1 goodwife

November 1st Wednesday

Cool and showery, dentist 8.30 temp crown, shopping, home to do bee and 3 dogs, Kids in arvo,felt a bit funny, sue visited,Paul put up sign, 2 people visited,2 others,did pasta and meatballs for tea mowed sculpture garden, watched 1 good wife and 1 frankie and Grace.

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