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April 11, 2018

April 2018

April diary

April 30th Monday

Fine and sunny, did a kookaburra, 1 peacock, 1 small character for an order, started next big sculpture, Debbie welded, 2 people visited, bought Mig gas and wire, bought 10mm rod and flatbar, shopped, did fajitas for tea, watched 1 alienist and 1 westworld.

Fine and sunny

April 29th Sunday

Grey and showery, fined up to fine and cool, M takes Em back to melb sees madge, I assembled living on the past, did a bird, two small pieces birds on a wire and jungle girl. I also did the dreamer. 4 people visited,m did shopping, kievs for tea watched westworld and revolt.

April 28th Saturday

Fine and sunny, put on roast for K birthday lunch cleaned floor started to tidy gallery, put together a small cupboard, helped Meredith and Terry set up exhibition, 3 people visited, came late to lunch, sort of missed most of play in afternoon, David and Em and Caleb and M and K did it 2 small naps, put up most of Merediths exhibition on website did meatballs for tea watched Miss Sloane

April 27th Friday

Fine and sunny, M off to madge fracture clinic, I paint gallery wall, load car for Canterbury, deliver,to opp shops for metal bits, then Zart art for odd things sat and looked at lake and read talked to man, nap at ems Thai tea at Ems with M then to Beautiful the musical, very good, home bringing em.

April 26th Thursday

Fine and grey, tidy up gallery, patch walls, painted some parts and adam to pick up bits and pieces, Tumblegym , 2 people visited  kids in arvo, Pilates then burger at club hotel, home M on phone re kathleens lunch.

April 25th Wednesday,

fine and grey, Eleanor in anzac day parade, worked on junk part of the past beneath us, Jen welded and Julie added pole to Fairy letterbox. Played with kids in arvo and did a bit of computer stuff. Adam and Hannah took down exhibition, Doreen picked up sculptures, did butter chicken for tea, watched last two episodes of Lost in space and 1 alienist

April 24th Tuesday

Cloudy and warm, take caleb to school go to Foster to pack up exhibition,shopping at Drouin, home to Jen working in shed, Mary gardening, lunch assembled 1 small piece( oak landscape) took caleb in to get car tea at Drouin hotel, to Helens for bookgroup, only sue, Helen, Lyn Lois and us there

April 23rd Monday

Fine and sunny, Debbie came to do brolgas, I painted angel orbit again, cut out a girl and a landscape in a circle, started on another landscape, took Calebs car into Warragul with M,4 people, did 2 dragonflies,nap, M had dentist appt for temp crowns, did spaghetti for tea, watched lost in space and the alienist, finished book the sympathiser

April 22nd Sunday

Fine and sunny, finished welding angel orbit and painted once, 15 people through, angel orbit 3 and breaking out off to new home,lady came and saw the michel memorial, Mary gardened, M at home happily, chicken skewers for tea and watched last of the good wife, and 1 lost in space

April 21st Saturday

Fine and sunny, K with C to Melbourne for class M to at home with kids, did another girl and bird cutouts,did stand for angel orbit and most of circle center, 9 people visited and Jocelyn dropped off world book encyclopedias, did fish and chips for tea and watched 1 goodwife, 1 lost in space and 1 alienist

April 20th Friday

Fine and sunny, M off to take madge with Dave to fracture clinic, put together point of view,did a dancing girl on a saw, did Janes dog did a smallish landscape and did the ring for the new angel orbit and started one panel of the base, 2 ladies visited , did snitzel for tea and watched black hat with Caleb as well.

April 19th Thursday

fine and mild, M to kathleens to look after kids, delivered piano, cello and drumkit to ripplebrook then to pick up metal from Longwarry,( 500) then to keith to pick up scrap unloaded it all, lunch 2 people visited, then Darren visited, then Bill to pick up wheelbarrow Mary came and gardened, I put together viewpoint and painted big headed, went and played with kids at Kathleens, home for nap and change, M home after double vomit by kids, Pilates with Natalie then chicken Kiev at club, ho hum, home to watch last Wallander.

April 18th Wednesday

Fine and misty sunny, taking Eleanor to kinder at 9,(no too crook her)  fitted metal  handle and painted cabinet, did star stake flower, did star stake face and most of small character, cut out tray of bills barrow and constructed and added junk, helped Julie with fairy positioning,Mary gardened, no Kids in arvo,nap, did sausages for tea, watched 1 good wife 1 lost in space and 1 wallander.

April 17th Tuesday

Cool and breezy, no Belinda, M to melb to see madge, i worked on Bill and Kays cabinet, most welding and construction done, painted nude again, people picked up dancing to the music of time started a few star stake flowers, went to Yarragon to see about Balustrade panel, nap,Bill dropped in re barrow, shopped in Drouin bought handle and catch for cabinet, stroganoff for tea, watched 1 lost in space, 1 goodwife and heard comedy show

April 16th Monday

Cold and breezy day grey, showers? M to dentist re crowns, tidied kitchen,Finished Janes ship Worked on nude self portrait  added bits, painted , painted second coat on dancing to music of time, did dragonfly for rhiannons daughter,helped Debbie do spike flowers, did photos with Russ, and started frame of Bill and Kays stand, meat patties for tea using left over lamb, then watched 1 goodwife, 1 lost in space and 1 wallander

April 15th Sunday

Cold and bleak day, M to melb to see madge I painted and cleaned and fixed dancing to the music of time, assembled cat at the window, finished dragon, welded and painted couplestarted Jane’s ship, shopped for bird seed etc nap,2 people visited,  did a roast  for tea, watched 1 good wife and 1 lost in space

April 14th Saturday

Rainy? Rokeby market rajny and windy sold a flower and a small horseshoe owl saw sue and Helga and Natalie , Geoff called in John paid for man in bath and came and picked up, home for nap then playing with grandkids, took Eleanor home did meatballs for tea watched 1 goodwife and 1 lost in space,and last Jessica Jones.

April 13th Friday

Fine and sunny,mowed sculpture garden and across rd, assembled window cat scene, did a chook, put out they all flew away painted part of dancing to the music of time, started dragon, did Shetland rhino, loaded trailer, fish burger for tea,watched a couple of gotham but way too dark, Marian home about 8.00 madge back at Faversham house, watched 1 goodwife.

April 12th Thursday

Windy and warm then cooled, then fined up again,video for lewis project today mid morning, with Brett and Lewis and Jackie, worked on a kookaburra 2 small birds, a heart and flowers in a ring, started on a cat in the window, helped Caleb assemble a storage unit in the gallery, out to tea at New masons with open studio people, m still in Melbourne doing lots of waiting at hospital for her mum, home to go to bed early, up at 12.30 and getting ideas from Instagram

April 11th Wednesday

Grey and a bit cooler,fined up, worked on 2 ring kooka and cat,also 4 kookas and 2 owls , assembled the winter outfit, Julie worked on mailbox fairy,Jan garden visits show, M to look after kids mainly theo,finished painting they all flew away nap, madge has a fall breaks hip, m off to melb, snitzel for tea, watched spiderman homecoming.

April 10th Tuesday

Grey and mild fined up, worked on the new outfit using an old plasma cut face, helped Belinda start a seat, she also did a flower, then loaded car and went to Foster to drop off another big piece and lots of wall pieces and paintings, home for nap put center of my universe together, did spaghetti for tea watched 1 good wife and 1 jessica, trying to put adams piccys up on the web.

April 9th Monday

Grey and mild fined up beautifully, worked on  6 circle pieces for Foster, also you are the center of my universe,finished off they all flew away,Debbie came and worked on butterfly piece, went to Longwarry and picked up gate pieces and corten( 650) shopped in Drouin,did sausages for tea, watched last Santa clarita diet, Last Collateral and 1 good wife added all adams pictures but didn’t save it correctly so need to do it again. M to melb with Em.

April 8th Sunday

Fine and sunny perfect day, Open studios and Adam’s opening at 2.00, about 30 people all day, did quite a few demos, hung up belindas flowers, M washed pedestals , opening was pleasant , jeff and Jeanette came at put out bins time, had fish and chip tea, watched the last Jedi with Em, Caleb home after that.

April 7th Saturday

Fine and sunny, perfect day, Open studios, Jindi market and rare plant fair, Adam to work on exhibition, added to fly away piece, had 50 people for open studios sold nude self portrait, big headed, and another angel orbit, as well as insulated, and 4 small pieces, busy day but positive, did kievs for tea, watched Get out and Rogue one

April 6th Friday

Fine and mild, to Morwell for Jury duty, didn’t get picked, brought home flyers from Gallery there, shopped at aldi, coles, then nap painted more on some pieces, welded junk into circle,Adam cqame and I helped him put up exhibition, Em and M came home caleb dropped off dogs and left, home made pizza for tea, watched Russell crowe Robin Hood.

April 5th Thursday

Cool and misty, loaded storage unit in gallery, fixed unnatural balance, did second coat on Michel piece, added maroon to orchid chair, did second circle piece, assembled circle of birds and cat with string, started a new circle junk piece, Jen there from 10 welding , M home at 2. 30 with kids, did snitzel for tea, watched 1 collateral, 1 goodwife, 1 jessica jones, sent out emails re open studios and adam exhibition.

April 4th Wednesday

Fine and mild, put together bird circle and painted wood once then to Warragul shopping at chemist , coles and opp shop or storage units, home via Drouin, back to pick up Caleb from station to drouin to pick up his car,talked briefly to Julie, 4 people took birds in a circle piece and also bought dancing to the music of time as well as two kookaburras, Kids for arvo here M has them in morning,nap did rissoles for tea, Caleb off, watched 1 collateral 1 santa clarita, 1 good wife .

April 3rd Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda,did a swirl and a creature,M to melb to see em and Madge, I did 3 chooks 1 ring of flowers and 1 peacock, did a cat and string and cut out a girl and ravens, Sidney and wife came and plasmacut, I went and got ring from Longwarry saw Ian and Jenny about big gates, ordered material, shopped in Drouin, vacuumed, and air blow off feathers etc did chow mein for tea, watched 1 good wife, 1 santa clarita and 1 collateral

April 2nd Monday

Fine and mild M of with Kathleen and Theo to fountain gate shopping, I worked on Michel piece all welded and painted,added white to flower seat, 8 people through, started to fill up storeroom, chicken sweet and sour for tea, watched 1 goodwife 1 santa clarita and a monster calls,good

April 1st Sunday

Daylight savings change, Mild and grey day, went to Longwarry market and bought welding rods( $200) then to Bunnings and bought black paint $107) home to paint seat 10 people over the day, painted storeroom again,tired,Neil and Gayle came and picked up sculptures, Stephen and Em and Kristen came to visit, Kathleen and Theo also, afternoon tea, I was quiet, did roast for tea with K and Theo, then watched 1 jessica jones, 1 good wife and 1 santa clarita.

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