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July 11, 2018

July 2018

July Diary

July 31st Tuesday

Cool and breezy, Belinda did 2 flowers and brought bags of horseshoes, M to melb for madge dentist ,lady came and bought butterflies in stomach, wayne dropped in,Mary came and gardened,umbrella fell on Vic, I did most of new piece if plastic was metal, assembled dinosaur, did 8 flowers and sharp dresser and finished welding on the edge 2,made lamb biryani for tea, watched bogon, glow dead lucky and fringe, windy evening and rain

July 30th Monday

Cool,did sharp dresser, most of living on the edge and somedays I feel like a dinosaur, shopped for Mig gas, steel and drawers,, Caroline and mum, Holly , sue dropped in, did sausages for tea, watched Jack Irish, condor and bogon

July 29th Sunday

Cool and showery rain overnight, create video and added to website, help K and M take kids swimming at 11.00 4 people visited home to do titles for exhibition also added to website, did pasta for tea watched Gray zone, condor, and bogon. Added last bits to website.

July 28th Saturday

Fine and sunny, M to melb with K to meet em and Pauline and Andrew and daphne, I help Cathy finish setting up exhibition, do video, and start new work of three vases and a piston machine, also started two axe pieces, 3 visitors,did prawn rice for tea, watched Jack reacher.

July 27th Friday

Fine and mild, M to melb, shopping, Cathy continues setting up exhibition, paint red girl, Helen drawing here, I did bird drawings Sharon Gregg came out to discuss tours, mowed part of sculpture garden, M went to see madge then home to hlp K take kids to winterfest, I did sweet and sour chicken for tea, watched Getting square abd 1 bogon

,July 26th Thursday

Fine and cool became a lovely day,I worked on red girl all welding done, M has kids, no Bus group 10 to 11, Cathy sets up exhibition with help from Grant, I did some wood for her,helped play with Kids, Mary gardened with her two, pilates  pub tea, M to K to help mind kids while they didn’t bring Davids car back from station, I finished book the forgotten.Calebs birthday, Bliss brought a cake,

July 25th Wednesday

Fine and cool, cooked biscuits and slices for book group, work on red girl. kids in arvo, Julie worked on mane , Ros and Barb took down exhibition,2 people visited  M took kids home and Eleanor and theo to dance, went to celebration tonight for tea with book group, then to lois to discuss elegance of the hedgehog, home to read book before bed.

July 24th Tuesday

Cool and breezy, fine, Belinda did 2 flowers Mary gardened, I started red girl and, delivered to Walkerville, M off from 1 with Kathleen as she starts a subject in the evening.home to make a lasagna for me read rest of elegance of the Hedgehog, good.

July 23rd Monday

Cool and gray showers, strong winds in late afternoon and evening, rain missed us M to melb to see madge,No  Debbie, unloaded car, fixed broken bird, did a bird, 1 dog, 2 cats 1 owl and a small creature, painted spirals again,2 people visited did corn fritters for tea, watched 1 gray zone, 1 bogon and 1 jack irish

July 22nd Sunday

Cool and gray painted fly me to the moon, and assembled climbing the west face, 4 visitors, Danny Burton, assembled slide on play equipment, drove with M to Derinya to pick up remnants of show, Pizza for tea, watched 1 gray zone, 1 bad moms and 1 bogon

July 21st  Saturday

Cool and gray did 5 sign holders and started 5 more, 5 flowers, added to climbing the west face and mostly finished welding fly me to the moon,5 people and Barbara visited, I did slowcooker chicken curry for tea, Bliss and caleb too, watched last 2 counterpart,1 Bogon and 1 endeavour

July 20th Friday

Cool and gray,rain and  showers, painted move world, did character for climbing west face, did somework on stand, dropped in adams drawings for framing went to see,Helen drawing, shopped did casserole tea,,M to melb to see madge, casserole for tea, watched last 2 anne and 1 bogon and 1 endeavour

July 19th Thursday

Fine and clear gusty, I worked on pipe face, mostly welded, tumblegym, bought wire and plasma cut bits and handpiece, kids in arvo, Mary Gardened, Pilates, pub tea, Rained at night home to watch bogan and Anne

July 18th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, no wind at first then gusty all day and night, M has kids in morning, we share in arvo, I tidied shed, picked up fallen sculptures, put a new base on sail, Julie did plasma cut mane pieces,15 people over day sold I’d move the earth for you spaghetti for tea,minded kids at K house in evening, watched 1 bogan and anne

July 17th Tuesday

Fine and breezy, became windy and very gusty with rain at end of day, Belinda did a butterfly, added to a big flower from a wheel centre, I did a spiral dog and a giraffe, Caleb starts at Longwarry, Bunyip bus group of 30 people came, did plasmacuts, Mary came and gardened, I cut up fallen branches and tree blown over by wind, lunch then doing stands for Cathy smith 2 people visited, shopped in Drouin, power went out there, home to do pies for tea , watched anne, Bogan and counterpart and rest of condor from last night,

July 16th Monday

Cool and gray, showers, no sort of fine all day, caleb thought he had interview,Debbie did a plant stand, wayne dropped off photos, 1 person visited I finished second dragonfly and 2 dogs, did girl for teddy bear and assembled diver,went to Chiro, helped,finished speed of sound, did sausages and veges for tea watched Jack Irish, bogon and and anne,

July 15th Sunday

Fine and sunny, painted ab flag and diver parts, load car for Derinya, do dragonfly deliver Derinya,4 people visit,fish and chip tea, watch rogue nation and bogon

July 14th Saturday

Cool and grey, finished welding ab flag and painted one side, did 2 Cathy smith stands, assembled book piece,did dive into a good book and started 2 dragonflys M to melb to see madge and em 2 people came bliss for tea did frittata, watched bogon, counterpart and anne

July 13th Friday

Sunny and cool,did heart thing,M helped caleb do tax,  assemble bed and book piece worked on ab flag, did 2 sets of dragonfly wings,1/2 done, helped cathy smith do her stands in afternoon cut up florences big sculpture ,2 people visited,cold at times, did lamb chops for tea watched anne, bogon and critic

July 12th Thursday

Cool and grey, 1 person visited I worked on bed character and diver then Dentist,and pick up  bandsaw blade, home to talk to m and have lunch, Mary and kids gardened I worked on finishing character in bed and paint, did fire tray poker and back plate for Graham,reading book did slowcooker chili for tea, went out after tea with M to help K talked to Mae and theo and eleanor,

July 11th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, shopping and metal from martin and wire brush,home to unload, Julie worked on horse head, 10 people through I worked on adding heart to stand,painted sculptures, started bed with a good book, Mary visited and gardened a bit, M has kids in arvo, chicken kiev for tea, watched bogan, fringe, and

July 10th Tuesday

Cool and grey,M went to help K go to fountain gate, theo decided to toilet train himself( sort of) Belinda did a cat then a flower, I did a stand and a heart,7 flowers, a robot and another rabbit, sent off contrast, Kerrie and Phil came to talk about publicity and tourism and Cathy smith came to talk about welding things. Lasagna for tea, watched fringe and bogan by 2, reading inspector Lynley

July 9th Monday

Cool and grey,fined up in Melbourne, showered on way home, went to see Moma at NGV lots of people, did some sketching lunch near madges  visit madge take em home, drove back, shopped in Drouin,nap, chicken skewers for tea, watched counterpart and Jack Irish.

July 8th Sunday

Cold and rainy,finished off teddy bear, did a dog and bird, 4 people visited, tidied bench,did a duck,reading elegance of hedge hog did lasagna for tea, watched death of stalin and master of none

July 7th Saturday

Showery and cool, Em home, did 2,assembled hanging on the moon piece ,did small rabbit and started on teddy, Josh and Taryn visited, bought a ring  landscape, a flower with wood and a small robot, M went to Yarragon book fair with theo and Kathleen and Mae spent afternoon reading the girl in the spiders web fish and chip tea, watched ready player one( very good)

July 6th Friday

Cloudy windy and showery,fined up in afternoon M to melb to see madge and pick up em,Bear to work in shed, til 11, jen dropped in to get her new mig checked out, I did 1 and assembled book swing, then vacuumed and cleaned, fixed chair, window panel bathroom rail etc roast on for  Caleb birthday dinner with all kids and David and kids and Bliss, talked and played into evening.

July 5th Thursday

Cloudy and mild, Bear in afternoon M going with K to melb to see bubble man I worked on finishing small person box,Wendy sammels came and asked for horseshoe plant stand,did that, did book swing piece Melinda and sue visited in arvo 6 people throughout day did one pot pasta off pinterest for tea, watched the Post, good,,

July 4th Wednesday

Fine and breezy,M to take kids to midvalley with Caleb, I Finished off day night, assembled cone fish  Julie came and did horse cleanup,Cheryl leigh and friend came to visit with 10 kids, Jindi lady also with 5 kids so kids everywhere,( 4 people saw exhibition) did curry for tea, watched detectorists, the weekly, counterpart, you tube music,

July 3rd Tuesday

Cloudy and fine, became sunnier as day went on, not cold til 4.30, M minded mae so k could work on essay, Caleb cleared out D west of his stuff,  Belinda,worked on a flower ,I did an i-beam fish most of a new cone fish, finished slow boat( needs another coat) started day night piece, shopped for groceries and scrap metal( wheels and bearings) unloaded car, 2 people visited reading the elegance of the hedge hog and the girl in the spiders web, did sausages for tea, watched 1 gormsby and 1 fringe

July 2nd Monday

Fine and sunny, M to dentist, then to visit Em and Madge, did 3 characters and I started slow boat, Debbie Welding finished her candelabra, Caleb tidies up at school, jessie and crew visits, school holiday care group visits, 16 people through the day, did soy garlic chicken for tea, watched 1 continuum and 1 condor and 1 gruen

July 1st Sunday

Fine and sunny, went to Longwarry market with Paddy, no sanding disc stalls,, shopping, prepare for opening, opening at 1.00,50 people sold vase of flowers, couple, prime bloom, between books and one other, stuffed, nap did pie and veges for tea watched Lara Croft. And everyones a critic.

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