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May 11, 2018

May 2018

May 31st Thursday

Fine and cool,did a tiny bit on sculpture all welded base part, Jen welding, Pauline , Brianna and 3 sets up show Tumblegym, Jeff te painter dropped in as did Mary Royce,Kathleen and kids in arvo Grant came up and I added fett to his pelican and pilates, pub tea, home to 1 fringe.

May 30th Wednesday

Fine and cool/mild, loaded up twisted,Meredith takes down show today  off to melb to see neil Bergman re knee, called at pack and send at Rowville, then lunch and a bit of shopping at heidelburg xrays by MIA then saw neil, booked in for sept 3/4 drove to Pakenham for petrol and shopping  home to put away chooks Bookclub in evening Master and margarita, not many liked it., M has kids all day.

May 29th Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda altered a butterfly and did a big flower and started another, I worked on Sinuous and got most of the form covered, M went to melb to see madge, bought a small cupboard, Sidney smith came and did some plasmacutting, nap, did gnocci for tea watched 1 fringe and 1 bordertown

May 28th Monday

Fine and mild, took pump in to get fixed, ( back in arvo) , went to Longwarry to get steel( 1 sheet corten) and 18 lengths of 10 mm, home to see Darren and discuss his sculpture, Mary came to garden, Debbie came to finish bird, I finished cow seat and painted more on umbrella, did Darrens sculpture, Jessie visited with crew( 5) M went to Warragul then sort of minded Vic, I did ricotta and spinach sausage rolls for tea, watched Deadpool and 1 fringe,

May 27th Sunday

Fine and Sunny, painted cow seat ready to assemble, remodified send receive, to a large umbrella, Candace came and picked up the aboriginal flag and bought a small piece too, 4 people visited, I mowed a bit of sculpture garden, then went to Pakenham to pick up pieces and deliver wave, shopped then home to do sausages for tea, watched 1 fringe and 1 bordertown

May 26th Saturday

Fine and sunny worked on cow seat, all welded and wood painted once, delivered gates to Ian and Jenny,M tidied calebs lounge, his room and places in between with some help from Caleb, Mary gardened,8 people visited, sold a quilt and 2 circle pieces of mine, caleb brought home Bliss fo Julians going away party, did chicken parma for tea, watched fringe and The adjustment bureau.

May 25th Friday

Fine and sunny, pump not working, M to melb to take Madge to clinic,took pump in and took panel to ems at Yarragon, didn’t fit but close, home to cut off pieces and modify 3 ladies looking at quilts sold one, back to Yarragon to fit panel, too late to go to Lois browns memorial, home to nap, 2 more ladies, assembled nightbirds,and painted bit more on gates,, off to get pump, pizza and shopped home to fit pump, still problems, pizza tea, watched the goonies and killjoys.

May 24th Thursday

Cool and grey and showery, added characters to gates, started painting,Bear coming, ran out of wire had to change over before heading off to Tumblegym, M only had Eleanor and Tara for arvo and then finished early, home for lunch then drop off yakkerboo, did a bit more painting, Pilates, pub tea, home to watch borderland and taxi Brooklyn.

May 23rd Wednesday

Cool and grey finish nightbird character and stars, painted column again, added to other small characters, started Timmys truck, grind other characters, Jen worked all day,went to drop off yakkerboo( wrong day) Mind Theo Chinese for tea, watched bordertown and Brooklyn taxi

May 22nd Tuesday

Cool and grey and showery,drizzled all day, I did 2 birds, Belinda in morning worked on spiders web and started spider, I added tabs to ems panel then did 4 small characters, 2 for the gates and 1 for the diving board of bird world, painted column once, finished bicycle ballerina, 4 people visited, Bear didn’t come will come on Thursday,nap  finished Master and Margarita, did steak and chips for tea, watched the comedy debate,

May 21st Monday

Cool grey and showery, M to Melbourne, get gas for mig, Debbie came and worked on egrets til 3.00 I added to dancing girl, painted aboriginal flag again, cut out birds for globe and made globe, did base for this piece and lathe turned column,made drs appt,nap,reading book, did chicken and honey mustard for tea, watched 1 bordertown and 1 brooklyn cab

May 20th Sunday

Cool grey and showery, 4 people visited, worked on goblet dancer and aboriginal flag order, rang gate people, M helped eleanor swim,did curry for tea, read book a bit watched blade runner 2045

May 19th Saturday

Cool and grey, loaded stuff to website,worked on top ½ of gate and welded back of gate, 8 people came, including Laurel, Meredith and Terry, M brought home Theo and we played all arvo, did chicken Kiev for tea, watched royal wedding

May 18th Friday

Cool and grey, went to Warragul for turps and bits and pieces gate fittings then to Drouin for shopping then metal from Longwarry, unloaded car 8 people came, Jen arrived to work I worked on gate, bottom ½ of second gate done, M to melb, nap, drs appt at 3.45, home to have slowcooker tea, watched legends of tomorrow( mediocre) and bordertown,

May 17th Thursday

Cool and grey, cleaned off gallery roof, planted small gum trees that had self seeded near the merc, did heart thing, added to second gate a bit Inverloch probus bus group about 50 people, sue as well and 2 to see merediths show, David did tumble gym, kids in afternoon, Pilates with roller, pub tea watched bordertown and gruen

May 16th Wednesday

Cool and showery, m dentist then kids,here, Julie came and cut out more horse pieces, Jen came and worked in afternoon,4 people visited, I worked on one panel of the gate all welded, and started on second gate, assembled belle of the ball and between books,did savory mince for tea, watched bordertown and hard quiz and the project.

May 15th Tuesday

Cool and showery,M to melb to see madge, Belinda finished her seat, redid a flower and started on a web,, Mary didn’t garden, radio girls came and interviewed when it was raining, I worked on getting the gate frames together, did a bit on between books and also did pinefly, shopped in afternoon, delivered belindas seat bought turps and screwdriver bits and plasmacutting bits, home to do fish and chip tea, watched goodbye Christopher Robin and 1 borderland

May 14th Monday

Fine and sunny perfect autumn day, loaded car and took three sculptures to Fumina to Staff, lovely drive, home to Mary gardening, M went to visit Kathleen and then minded theo while Eleanor and Fay went to kinder mothers day, Jen and Marta working in shed, painted waiting girl, and started bell of the ball, and between books, lasagne for tea, watched home delivery and who do you think you are Charlie Teo

May 13th Sunday

Cool and grey, M off to help Kathleen with baby, born later in afternoon called May Lila, I worked in shed on cleaning up waiting girl then adding dress and shoes and hair, about 20 people through( mothers day ) including Naomi and Jaz Billington and familysold 220 in stuff, then to swap over cars wit M to go and pick up stuff from Mirboo nth( nothing sold) home to eggs on toast started watching beetlegeuse but gave up. Shower and bed and read book.

May 12th Saturday

Supposed to rain heavily but was a fine and sunny morning, loaded trailer sold 1 flower, 1 bird, 2 chooks, saw a range of people including tessa and tess,M and K and Naomi came to market, theo squashed finger in pusher and cried all through the market except for gingerbread men eating 7 people visited,home to a quiet afternoon reading and assembling harper , Kathleen put off to 4.00 then to later then til tomorrow, watched Oblivion and Big both good.

May 11th Friday

Cool and showery, rain?, 2 people  saw show Margie bear did welding and Emily to work on plasma cutting panel, I worked on welding panels on girl and doing 3 ducks, M to melb to see madge, finished watching Deadpool, did curried sausages for tea in slowcooker, watched the greatest showman( good), bed early

May 10th Thursday

Fine and cool, worked on finishing harper and did the waratah order, to tumble gym, play with kids in afternoon, pilates then tea at club hotel, home to watch last west world

May 9th Wednesday

Fine ended up showery, loaded car and delivered to Mirboo Nth, shopped for birdseed, 4 people visited,  home to add hair to harper,played with Theo, nap, did sausages for tea, watched  west world and anon.

May 8th Tuesday

Showery to begin then fined up, Belinda finished her chair and Mary gardened with vic, I did 4 chooks and outline of girl, and did harp and hand for harper, took dead wheels to recycler and brought home other wheels and springs, shopped, naps 2 people visited , slow cooker chicken for tea with Gnocci,watched west world and last alienist.

May 7th Monday

Fine and mild, to Canterbury to pick up 5 flowers, all the small pieces,7 people called in  1 dog and 1 bird and 2 ring things, home to help Debbie with welding, did a pelican, a peacock and 2 chooks, cut up metal for 6 more, nap, Kathleen nearly had the baby today did tuna bake for tea, watched 1 alienist and welcome to the jungle

May 6th Sunday

Fine and grey, Longwarry market, bought sanding discs etc, shopped, tidied up Merediths opening, we provided food, roughly 40 people over afternoon, did curry and meatballs for tea, watched 1 west world, 1 alienist and 1 startrek and Gruen and home delivery

May 5th Saturday

Fine ,greyish, Jindivick market, played with exhibition set up, did a dog 1 bird, mowed parts of garden and verge,talked to prices,  10 people through,did pasta for tea watched the light between oceans and 1 west world

May 4th Friday

Rained overnight cool and grey to begin with, M to Melbourne, Russell and friend dropped in, sent in entry forms for Mirboo and Pakenham, finished Paulines video, 4 people through Emily came and Plasmacut panel for her stairway, I did 3 dogs and 1 dragonfly, did frankfurts for tea, watched 1 westworld and pitch perfect 3

May 3rd Thursday

Fine and sunny,M to kids , got new plasma cutting bits and new tip for Mig, tumble gym, shopping, Pauline Gorrie to drop off glassworks in afternoon,5 people through  Sue visited with new dog Daisy, set up exhibition,Mary gardened Kids in afternoon, Pilates, pub tea, watched 1 west world and 1 alienist

May 2nd Wednesday

Fine and mild, M off to help with kids, I started glass half full, got most of it done, also assembled cat at the window and began a dragonfly, had Julie working on the structure of a fairy in morning, Mary gardening with vic, M came home for lunch and early afternoon then back for dance and casserole tea,Kat in afternoon to do plasma cutting, shopped at 5, saw Heather, home to do pies for tea, and watched Bourne movie,

May 1st Tuesday

Fine and sunny, warm, Belinda came and worked on her chair, up to the arms and wood, Russell came and took photos for his environmental portraits, I worked on merrily we roll along, a smallish wire brush haired character, a landscape with cat scene, 10 people came through ,Rhiannons daughter didn’t come Mary Gardened with Vic for a bit, did chicken drumsticks for tea watched 1 westworld, 1 who do you think you are Noni and 1 alienist

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