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October 11, 2018

October 2018

October Diary

Oct 31st Wednesday

Fine and sunny finish up umbrella,did handle,top, supports painted it, added to tricycle girl added to curly 2 Talked to Julie, Kids arrived with M,played with them, nap, finished Eleanor Oliphant, good at the end, out to Drouin hotel for meal, then to Brians at Loch for bookclub, home,

Oct 30th Tuesday

Fine and sunny,M went and took Theo for the day, here for part of it, Belinda did 2 and ½ flowers, I assembled flower girl 4, and curly, did a bird with a plastic rake tail  and a rabbit with a cultivator finished cutting out and assembling ducks and ducklings, 2 people visited, went to dentist re root canal, brief shop,feral feast in evening, home to read

Oct 29th Monday

Grey and mild to fine and sunny, M to melb , did inside of umbrella, get more plasma cutting bits and shopped, drew out a range of plasma cuts, finished Humpty, did most of flower girl 4 M bought new bar fridge for gallery, did chops and pasta for tea,watched

Oct 28th Sunday

Lovely mild day becoming sunny, did 2 flyaway tree boxes, also more of humpty, 2 owls on sticks and 3 birds on sticks, 50 people through with gardivalia, sold together, pizza for tea, watched bodyguard,hard quiz and last leg

Oct 27th Saturday

Cool and grey cold at times 40 people through, sold bicycle ballet dancer, fly away and cat profile,worked on bowl of flowers 3,and inside of umbrella, also small resting dancer, did pie for tea watched newtons law

Oct 26th Friday

Cool and grey  shopped for kerrie meeting, Kerrie meeting with Russell, Helen, Lyn, Anita, Graeme, Gary, Phil ,jeff and Jeanette, discussed logo and other things, worked on finishing outside of umbrella did resting dancer 2 and also bird mirror,8 people through, did fish and chips for tea, M called out to mind kids did video and some of website, I watched Robo cop and hitchhikers guide

Oct 25th Thursday

fine and sunny, freezer need looking at, man coming to change lights,Worked on covering Umbrella, then Naomi and friends arrived to setup exhibition, helped a bit 10 people through over day including lady who left wallet behind, Yvette bringing someone out then taking down exhibition in arvo,M has tumble gym the kids here with Mary gardening, busy afternoon, pilates with Natalie pub tea watched bodyguard and ab fab


Oct 24th  Wednesday

Fine and mild , M has kids for part of day worked on umbrella fill,all junk done and 2 panels of offcuts, Helen did some woodwork, Jen came to do stuff, Julie came  and talked mainly, about 10 people through day Stef and Josie bought pelicans and ordered big red girl, mowed house block, did sausages for tea, watched last two pine gap and 1flash.

Oct 23rd Tuesday

Grey and mild,cold at times, Belinda did 3 flowers,I didn’t do any Umbrella fill, worked on doing two bird feeders and 1 emu, dentist, M to melb to see madge, man from coast to do photos, Bus from Leongatha 50 people,snitzel for tea no caleb, watched Knight and Day.

Oct 22nd Monday

Fine and sunny, glorious,Janine Riches came and bought some small pieces,then two girls from shire social media came and took photos and video, Wayne for morning tea, did 6 cut out birds on large sticks and started umbrella fill, Mary came and gardened, home school kids visited and had plasma cuts, range of people over day ( 10 ) M minded theo for most of day, did lemon chicken and rice, watched Pine gap and vera and..

Oct 21st Sunday

Grey and mild, showers? Gardivalia, did 2 pelicans and 2 birds, 40 people over day including Bear and Ivan, looked at Bears Mig, became fine and sunny, stuffed fish and chip tea home made, watched KuDamm and Daredevil

Oct 20th Saturday

Grey and showery, rained all morning finer in arvo, Gardivalia,looked at explanations that needed re printing and writing, did that for a while,played with ball piece, 35 people through  talked to Yvette who sat in the gallery for a few hours,did prawn rice for tea, watched kdam, and pine gap and appletree yard.. Bliss back,

Oct 19th Friday

Fine and Sunny,M to melb to see madge,finished top frame of umbrella, did 2 pelicans, cut out 2 kookaburras on poles, 2 ducklings and 1 duck on sticks had a bus of 17, then 2 then 2 then 1 chris smith dropped off mosaics,put out some signs and tags, shopped for welding rods and food, m still a bit crook, watched Tag,

Oct 18th Thursday

Cloudy and mild,worked on Peters weathervane til morning tea, mowed across rd, needed to get pulley fixed, took deck off and they did it on the spot, Mary gardened, I started next umbrella frame, about ½ done, 8 people visited, nap legs being jumpy, M was with K and D all day shopping in Pakenham, pilates, pub tea, watched Pine Gap and hard quiz.

Oct 17th Wednesday

Cloudy and mild, showers,assembled flowergirl 3, fixed dog sculpture for girl, fixed boat for penny and repainted, mowed sculpture garden, cut up unnatural balance to make a weather vane, Mary gardened, Cliff and Noelene Downie visited and talked,M home mostly although did go and help K and D with kids, shopped for dogfood, did chevachap s and sausages for tea, watched show on making cakes and Ku dam 56…restless night legs

Oct 16th Tuesday

Cloudy and changeable, showery?, Belinda,did 2 flowers, mig liner was troublesome, I added to redgum dancer, made a small bird using forks and cut out new flowergirl, shopped for wire and stuff, K and D still crook, M didn’t have to go to melb , she helped out at K in arvo, Mary gardened,went and picked up boat that had broken off its base, 4 people visited,did fishcakes for tea, watched tick tock, and the flash, walk,

Oct 15th Monday

Mild and cloudy,M to melb to see madge, I worked on putting out sea monsters, doing some grass edges, walking to school, nap saw Peter and ullii they bought 3 of Yvettes pieces, and ordered 2 of mine, lunch shopped for tablets and groceries, nap, turned 2 bodies and made some parts for dancers, spaghetti for tea, watched Dr who, Pine Gap and Joanna Lumley, did an evening walk too

Oct 14th Sunday

Fine and some cloud,hot later, up early due to spasms, painted pieces, went to Sale to see Eileens exhibition and John Leslie prize, home to work on birdbath, read, 3 people through, did chicken mustard for tea, watched Oceans 8 Caleb trying to set up 3 d printer

Oct 13th Saturday

Fine and Sunny glorious day cut up some of jeffs pieces and made seamonsters, helped Marian move pallets, shopped at Rokeby and in Drouin, helped change over plastic parts on play equipment, 8 people over day hamburgers from Mcd for tea in park looked at new estates and Bhutan aisle, home to watch the method, Men in Black

Oct 12th Friday

Fine and sunny, glorious day, M to melb, stack load of wood, did cake fairy, and assembled flower bowl and did deer head,lady smith and 2 kids at 12ish,shopped for welding stuff and groceries, talked on phone to Mark Finger,home made pizza for tea watched Solo. Good fun.

Oct 11th Thursday

Fine and sunny, vacuum house, mowed house block put out washing, stacked one load of wood, started on small pieces,flat to the moon and back, and his and hers/ treadmills, started a new bowl of flowers, M has kids at tumble gym, kids here in arvo 7 people visited,nap Mary and kids, Tara, didn’t go to pilates as m still had tender tummy and I was lightheaded bending down, sausage tea, watched the day and the flash,

Oct 10th Wednesday

Cool and grey, worked on big  piece together, all finished, ,bus group of oldies( 25),M looks after theo in morn, took Eleanor to dance in arvo, I was stuffed from getting big piece together,shopped, did chicken and potato for tea, watched last loch ness and the book shop( slow)

Oct 9th Tuesday

Cool and grey, Belinda, M to melb to see madge( mostly better) work on big piece,got one half mostly welded and second half ½ done, mowed rest of sculpture garden, Mary did some gardening Grant and Helen Flather came and picked up 4 big pieces and several small pieces Wayne picked up frame, Graham Duell called in as did Tessa and daughter,did rice and mince for tea,watched last two Bosch

Oct 8th Monday

Start of new term, fine and sunny, I started on  big piece one side of one half done, M just quietly recovered,I am almost back together, mower back from repair, mowed part of lower sculpture garden, did chops for tea, watched 1 Bosch, 1new dr who,M talked to K on phone

Oct 7th Sunday

Fine and sunny perfect day I had a throwing up gastro and M had other end, V quiet day for us slept and read Caleb came home to run opening of Yvettes, 50 people sold $700 of Yvettes and about $600 of mine, watched Bosch, Tick, tock,other stuff

Oct 6th Saturday

Fine and sunny, Jindi market,, painted and cleaned frogs finished horseshoe birds, still lightheaded, 24 people over day including Helen alice and Andrew, Mena and paul, and others, did zucchini slice for tea, only me, watched flash, Bosch n

Oct 5th Friday

Fine and sunny, coolish, did 6 frogs started horseshoe birds, still odd and lightheaded, sat around a lot,, shopped, m has gastro so stayed home mainly in bed, 1 bosch, 1 flash and last orville

Oct 4th Thursday

Fine and grey,ordered and picked up metal, called in to see Christopher scott furniture maker,tried to get mower going but needed taking in Mary and kids in arvo, feeling a bit up and down all day,I fixed verandah rotted pieces, grumpy, pub tea, watched 1 bosch, 1 orville and 1flash

,Oct 3rd Wednesday

Fine and breezy, to melb to see leg dr  lunch at red rooster,see madge, pick up kids and bring to K’s , shopping, felt exhausted from melb trip, nap chicken rolls for tea, watched bosch, flash and orville

Oct 2nd Tuesday

Grey and mild, finished lookout, Belinda did 2 flowers,Wayne and Daelene camefor acouple of pieces did girl and cat piece and 2 chooks, Jen came to work in shed, sent dancing in red boots to Sydney and returned bottle to BJ bearings.tired, did soy chicken and rice for tea, watched 1 bosch, 1 orville and 1 flash

Oct 1st Monday

Fine and sunny,worked on lookout, Darren called in as did Sue and Margie came and worked, Phillip called in to see leg,Paul did sign and took one of the machines Darren left, spaghetti for tea, watched 1 orville, 1 lochness and 1 rex in rome,and 1

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