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September 11, 2018

September 2018

September diary

Sept 30th Sunday

Cool and grey, Sept 29th Saturday

Cool and showery, fined up a bit, did a ballet dancer with handles for a skirt, a cat profile by 2( positive and negative) and 3 birds in a circle, 4 visitors bought kookaburras and 1 peacock and birds in circle ordered sail 2, did yvettes video, watched grandfinal (collingwood beaten by eagles by tiny amount) and added yvettes pictures to website, did yvettes video editing and uploaded, M had theo here all afternoon,sausages in bread forntea, watched 1 bosch 1 orville and 1 lochness

Sept 28th Friday

Happy birthday, mild and grey, maybe holiday, Yvette to set up exhibition, M to take em back to melb visit madge,I did 4 peacocks, 2 naps helped with exhibition, home made pizza for tea watched the orville, and

Sept 27th Thursday

Fine and sunny, shopped in Drouin by 2 aldi, and tyre place in Warragul, theos birthday party at lunch, read book Scarpetta in morning, helped with kids, nice party,2 naps, hamburgers for tea, watched 1 orville, 1 letters and numbers, and 1

Sept 26th Wednesday

Fine and sunny,did 2 rabbits, talked to Belinda, Jeanette, Julie,Wayne and Daelene took down exhibition, finished mowing yard, caleb and em played with kids, 2 naps, fish and chip tea, watched 1 bosch, 1 orville,

Sept 25th Tuesday Cool and grey, Brinty and Belinda here,did Brintys skeleton, Belinda did 2 flowers, 1 did 4 kookaburras, nap, wayne and daelene brought people here and 2 others about 12 overall, 3 naps during day, M to melb to see madge and bring em home, did lasagna for tea, watched 1 orville and 1 justice league

Sept 24th Monday

Fine and sunny,worked on finishing upright piano, cut out new kitten and also ballet girl,mowed across rd and some of garden, M went with Mary and K to Rokeby rail trail, did sausages for tea, watched 1 bosch, 1 good cop, 1 orville

Sept 23rd Sunday

Mild cool day, worked on piano piece, shopped at Bunnings for mig wire and paint, painted yoga back panel, did character, Margie and Ivan came for lunch, lay afternoon, did slowcooker for tea, watched 1 bosch, 1 good cop, and 1 silk road Lumley

Sept 22nd Saturday

Fine and breezy, did 3rd barbie saurus, cut out another girl piece, 5 people visited, sold 4 sculptures, started painting yoga piece, M shopping did tea, watched 1 bosch, 1 ultraviolet

Sept 21st Friday

Fine and mild, grey, Kinder visit, M to Melbourne, I did 2nd Barbie saurus and worked on Magnificat, kinder kids and career, also 5 or so red hat ladies so about 12 people overall, nap,took it quiet in arvo, did spaghetti for tea, watched 1 bosch and Collingwood Richmond game.

Sept 20th Thursday

Fine and mild, Picked up flyers from printer gave some to store, 10 people through worked on glamousaur talked to people, Mary and kids and M and kids in arvo busy, watched justice league, M to Pilates, watched 1 hardquiz and ½ targin slept better

Sept 19th Wednesday

Cool and breezy,worked on small cat piece, finished lockiedid Maxfield table and painted, Jules here at 11, Sue here at 12,M back from taking theo to something,lunch, nap,did rissoles for tea,M takes Eleanor to dance,watched 1 bosch, and 1home deliveryhad 1 targin slept all night but took til 5 next arvo to get head ok

Sept 18th Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda, worked on a horseshoeflower, I made most of a small piece Lochie and was starting to think of a new cat piece, 10 adults and 2 kindergarten groups arrived and I demo’d plasmacutting and talked to kids, up to house and lunch shoppedin Drouin for haircut, and groceries, home to nap, M off with K to class in melb,not home till 11.00, did fish and chips for tea, watched Bad moms, mediocre, Altered carbon, started the sniffer, poor

Sept 17th Monday

Fine and mild , breezy, m off to take theo added to things to do around Jindivick,still feeling muzy, finished armarda, started reading the Bush, after lunch nap then Mary and kids arrived,Ian brought out table frame to be altered. M sent for K and theo and kids everywhere until 5. I had another nap but helped a bit, M did chicken skewers for tea, watched Bee Gees, then Bosch and .. didn’t sleep til 12.30, achy legs.

Sept 16th Sunday

Cool and cloudy did assemble 10 flowers including glass beads, stood up sculptures after strong winds,reading Armarda, Gardivalia meeting at 2.00 tidy gallery,20 people there, sold 3 small pieces,M did pie for tea watched bosch and .. didn’t sleep well for first part of night.

Sept 15th Saturday

Mild showery, then cold and rainy , started to go down shed retreated to house, read book finished murder at the old stone cottage, 1 visitor,M got theo to play here in arvo, made chicken curry for tea, watched 1 ultraviolet, 1 loch ness and 1 didn’t sleep well for 1st half of night

Sept 14th  Friday

Fine and sunny, finished china zoo book, hung out washing, M to melb,did mowing of sculpture garden,cut out 1 things with plasma cutter, 2 naps, 2 people visit, watched the hitmans bodyguard, chicken for tea, M helped K after chiropractor, watched 2 bosch and 1slept quite well

Sept 13th Thursday

Fine and sunny, finished Red sister, Mancave crew visited (10)Kids from lunchtime.helped with Theo, a bit, Mary and kids here, Bryan and Jeanette dropped in for a bit, made pasta bake tea, watched 1 Bosch.

Sept 12th Wednesday

Fine and mildI wrote a letter of support for David Musker,,Jen came and welded,Daelene brought her cousin  I made spinach and cheese rolls for tea, M had kids all day, both here in afternoon,started reading the great zoo of China, I made tea, watched 1 bosch, 1 fringe and 1 ultra violet slept reasonably

Sept 11th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Alan Ronalds called in, Belinda came and modified 2 pieces and did a flower, I felt no energy, 10 people in afternoon, reading red sister, went to physio and then to eleanors brownie gumnut promise, home M did sausages, watched 1 bosch, 1ultraviolet and 1 deadwind. Slept better

Sept 10th Monday

Quiet cool and grey, M to take theo to toy library, then visit her mum, I start to do some small tasks.didnt do much,2 people visited no energy chicken casserole for tea watched 1 bosch and 1 rake,

Sept 9th Sunday

Cool and grey breezy, muddled around M tidied Gallery,read most of day helped at opening then slunk away,30 people at opening M did all the work, I watched 2 episodes of ultra violet, scrambled eggs for tea, Wendy brought over pumpkin soup, Josh to Africa in a couple of days,watched 1 bosch and 1 ultraviolet

Sept 8th Saturday

Fine and sunny,Slept in added to writeups, reading Inspector Lynley, M off to Rokeby with K gave up on book, M did kievs for tea after shopping,13 people came to gallery ( lakes entrance garden club) watched what happened to Monday and something else, pretty crap night,

Sept 7th Friday

Fine and mild, M off to melb to see madge, add to website writeups of pieces done read dick francis book,watched live aid videos 2 people visited, fish and chip tea, watched shakespear and Hathaway and 1 Bosch, restless night sleepless til 2.00

Sept 6th Thursday

Cool mild and grey, add to website. M to tumble gym then back here with kids,I added to website,most of Waynes and Daelenes stuff up, started 2nd inspector Lynley,napped,Mary gardened, did slow cooker for tea, M went to Pilates watched 1 Bosch rained at night

Sept 5th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, man coming to pick up deer, M taking theo to music playgroup, then home here with kids then E to dancing, Julie came and worked and Mary came and gardened,I replaced run down sign,2 people visited, I finished Michael Connelly book, gave up on another and started an inspector Lynley book, sausages for tea, watched Bosch and  final of dead lucky

Sept 4thTuesday

Fine and sunny

Felt lightheaded all day, bus of 10 people visited, Belinda came and cut up tree, and Mary gardened,Sue visited  reading Michael Connelly, did slow cooker tea, visited Phillip Hunter for physio, watched shakespear and Hathaway,

Sept 3rd Monday

Fine and sunny, mowed across rd and part of sculpture garden, cut out plasma cuts for kinder kids, lightheaded pies for tea, watched the split, and others

Sept 2nd Sunday

Cool and showery, did video of Wayne and Daelene, started adding images to files, M takes em back to melb and visits Madge watched potato peelpie literary society

Sept 1st Saturday

Cool and rainy, had a very poor night no sleep, Em and others preparing for a sort of fathers day, roast, all pleasant, did video taping of Wayne and Daelene, spaghetti tea, watched Deadpool 2.

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