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April 11, 2019

April 2019

April diary

April 30th Tuesday

Cool and foggy, Belinda,sent out email re Helen exhibition, worked on bear,2 parts together, Wayne visited, alex visited,and 1 other Tax person at 2.00,shopped,did salmon rice slice for tea, watched st Clarita, Unforgotten, Trapped and

April 29th Monday

Cool and grey, car in for service etc, 1 guy peter coming to weld, started on teddy bear top, one side mostly done.Lyn Bickhoff and Chris and friends (4) visited and so did John before flying out, M to melb to see madge and shopped for basics, pancakes and mince for tea, watched St Clarita, Star Trek and

April 28th Sunday

Cool and showery, added to website Helens pictures, did 6 big flowers and 3 small, 6 cats and the butterfly ring, Noeleen and Clive visited,did meat patties for tea, watched st clarita, unforgotten would I lie to you

,April 27th Saturday

Cool and grey,loaded car and trailer, take work to Red Hill M went to swimming with kids, I listened to podcasts,do video,staff and girl came and saw new exhibition ,Played with Kids all arvo.did steak for tea,put up video, watched trapped, st clarita,unicorn store, odd but ok

April 26th Friday

Raining, load car take to Camberwell, dropped off lots of birds and dogs see madge, home to swap over gas bottle for mig, did video of Helen, she drew in gallery, 1 person visited shopped, renewed passport, discussed compressor with bsr did roast beef for tea, watched 1 trapped and 1 avengers

April 25th Thursday

Anzac day, fine and sunny , cold patches,did 7ducks and 4 chooks, Helen sets up exhibition, me and M helped, David Holroyd and girl visited, Dave and 1 other,Sue visited M re knitting, did chicken parcels for tea watched last two umbrella academy, unforgotten and st clarita

April 24th Wednesday

Cool and showery do,did 2 spade king and jester pieces for John peacock and cat, helped Julie,went and helped at K with kids, shopped, girls took down exhibition, book club at sues discussing bridge of clay ( I hated it, everyone else loved it and called it one of the best books ever), tea at Yarragon pub,home feeling depressed about book, slept poorly

April 23rd  Tuesday

Cool and grey, Belinda did 2 flowers but was a bit up and down, Wayne dropped in I started teddy bear base,did most of that, John dropped in and welded all morning and arvo, went to K for her birthday cake and an easter egg hunt, home for fish tea, then watched last 2 trapped and 1 santa clarita and I orville

April 22nd Monday

Cool and grey, M to k to do swimming at Casey with kids, did 2 kookaburras, 1 dragonfly and another chopper( chipper?) , went and got cake for K but their schedule way out, read a bit of bridge of Clay , disliked, nap, tea was mustard chicken then watched trapped, star trek and

April 21st Sunday

Fine and mild, did another 12 flowers, did chopper,started on kookaburras, did 5, M to melb after lunch 14 people visited sold cocky of peace and some of Kays tiles, did spaghetti for tea, watched unforgotten and elementary , rained

April 20th Saturday

Fine and sunny 28, shop at Bunnings for storage for main room. Shopped at Drouin, home mowed, broke belt, finished character, did wood for its base,M went shopping with K and May,Man picked up pendant piece fixed plasma cutter, 10 people visited,did 20 flower cut outs made 10 egg rolls for tea, watched some music then Mary queen of scots and 2 unforgotten,

April 19th Friday

Easter Friday, fine and sunny,fixed legs on couch, finished last paw for bear, did little character for scouts, 10 people visited, man bought pendant piece, we did 4 small videos,chicken skewers for tea, watched alan partridge and trapped

April 18th Thursday

Mild and grey, fined up, shopping for tablets and passport, work on finishing ballet girl and started other paw,5 people visited K birthday tea at family hotel, M and em tidied front room, watched trapped

April 17th Wednesday

Warm and grey, work on ballet girl, and paw, Julie did more on horse stand, K drops off kids in morning 5 people visited, Mary came and gardened, kids everywhere,naps, did curry for tea, watched hunter killer and 8 out of 10 game show

April 16th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, no Belinda, did running girl, sharp as nails, did last foot and started a ballet girl, Staf came and bought sitting Barbie and 2 saw dog/cat,, Sue rang, small bus of oldies( (15) (18 for day)  Josh and Taryn came and picked up Mountain 2 and 2 kuroko,nap, M to melbouirne to see madge and em em comes home, shopped, did schnitzel for tea, watched Mary Poppins returns, pedestrian,

April 15th Monday

Fine and sunny, no sue plasmacut, eve plasmacut cat I worked on one foot also 3 small birds,Wayne dropped in finished cardinal book,( 3 people over day) delivered to Fumina, did sausages for tea, watched vera, mastermind and umbrella academy

April 14th Sunday

Fine and sunny, did jess sign started on feet, 9 people,Sue visited,loaded trailer, pizza for tea watched aquaman, st clarita

April 13th Saturday

Fine and cool, Rokeby market saw lots of people,M helped k at market  2 people home to deliver seat to Bayles, nap did tacos for tea, watched Girl in the spiders web, santa clarita

April 12th Friday

Fine and sunny, did 2 peacocks and worked on last leg,small busload( 12) M to Melbourne,did fish and chip tea, watched trapped

April 11th Thursday

Fine and cool became sunny, finished frogs, picked up stuff from Warragul( penetrol, wire brush, mig tips home to start next leg finished, went to Longwarry to get 2 more sheets of Corten and rod, home to find staf buying sculptures, out for tea at family hotel then watched Trapped, unforgotten and Vera

April 10th Wednesday

Rained overnight ,cool and showery, order more wood, did heart thing, covered another arm started 5 small frogs finished 2 , helped Julie with horse stand, Plasma cutter died, old one fired up ok, 8 people through, did bacon and eggs for tea,watched 1 trapped, 1 australia in colour and Hard quiz

April 9th Tuesday

Rained overnight,showered during day, Belinda did 2 flowers, M went and helped K in afternoon, I assembled seat, put together 2 small vases, covered an arm,5 people visited,Michael Sklovsky visited and talked did slow cooker chicken for tea, watched Killing eve, Star Trek and the Umbrella academy

April 8th Monday

Fine and cooler, M to go with K to traralgon, assembled glassbead pieces, worked on seat,all done, cut up one small tree and started on fallen tree, nap,shopped for ingredients, did butter curry for tea, watched unforgotten, secret city and

April 7th Sunday

End to daylight savings, fine and sunny, M helping with kids swimming, Longwarry market finished battered balloon, did 2 small tree panels with coloured glass, robyn dropped off drawing of ralph; did chicken skewers for tea watched 2nd ep of Trapped and Bohemian Rhapsody

April 6th Saturday

Cool and grey, went to Jindi market, M to melb to see Madge and em I worked on Balloon 12 people through, Paddy in afternoon, good talk, stood up sculptures, did steak for tea watched sbs buffering, then Unforgotten on Netflix and Harry potter 1

April 5th Friday

Fine and mild sunny, prepare for arts trail meeting, about 10 people there, prepare for youralla group ( 10 kids) Leonie crook had to leave early to come and plasmacut jnto afternoon, new girl came to weld , did well nap then to Leongatha to drop off plasma cuts then Inverloch for Kavisha Mazella. Fish and chip tea warm evening and see Grant and Irene

April 4th Thursday

Fine and cool, M to be with kids, did framework legs for bear, and several loads of mulch,Tumble gym,Kids here with Kathleen til 2.30, changed exhibition for May to Helen Pilates, pub tea home to watch Last Leg and Hard Quiz

April 3rd Wednesday

Fine and warm,cooled in arvo, M looking after kids  finished wreath started on teddy, did framework of 2 arms,did framework of a junk balloon, talked to Julie, looked through art almanac, Gail brought out small busload of oldies ( 14) help with kids in arvo, shopped, nap did sausages for tea watched end of 1st ep of trapped( buffer) then watched Highwaymen ( bonnie and clyde)

April 2nd Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda back again, did 2 flowers, M to Melbourne to see madge,I painted junkhead, did 3 small cows, I small elephant, windblown piece,did a bit on wreath order, John and family (6) visited, 4 others, napped did spaghetti for tea, started watching Trapped and Australia in colour ( buffett) watched elemantary

April 1st Monday

Fine and mild,added to website some of Gails exhibition, assembled stand for Junkhead and painted finished piece, started some small cows, bought more Mig gas and welding rods, did most of wreath order, nap, added to website, review of open studios at Midells watched Umbrella academy and Star trek

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