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January 11, 2019

January 2019

January Diary


Jan 31st Thursday

Cool and misty, pleasant and coolish day, Eleanors first day at school, I went to Theo tumble gym at 10.15, Anita takes down exhibition I helped Min sets up hers,did video and started Michelle drawing, added to website, M takes Eleanor to tumble gym at 4.00 nopilates yet, did sausages for tea, put up mins photos and words on website, video done, watched last acceptable risk and rosehaven

Jan 30th Wednesday

Warm and sunny 35? Taking theo to drama class at 9. 30 M has kids all day,home from drama to work on Raymond island sign, all welded,to be painted,played with kids in arvo,1 person visited,did fish for tea,watched acceptable risk, hard quiz and end of clown heartcool change and rain in night

Jan 29th Tuesday

Warm and sunny,33? Belinda did 2 flowers,I added to Raymond island arch,started cutting out letters but plasma cutter needs small plastic bit, went to Warragul but didn’t have, saw signwriter for sign went to longwarry but their machine wasn’t working, shopped, home to read, M to melb, did carbonara for tea, watched the orville and acceptable risk.Kathleen back at school point 4 so whole new timetable.

Jan 28th Monday

Cool and pleasant,warmed up as day went on, Australia day holiday, finished 1 kuroko and started on second, also did back of Raymond island arch,Sal  and greg picked up chair and 1 saw dog, M brought theo home in arvo, played a bit, nap, did general Tso’s meatballs for tea, then watched bit of Adam hills, Star trek acceptable risk and rosehaven

1,Jan 27th Sunday

Cool and pleasant showered overnight, 4 people and anita visited, worked on kuroko , , body of one done and legs assembled kooka seat,made Calebs shelf, M tidied and washed, Piza for tea shopped, watched Crazy rich Asians, good fun

Jan 26th Saturday

Cool and pleasant, Australia day, painted kookaburras on seat assembled 2 of the heart mirrors, did 2 dog saws started on the kuroku cutting up some tube, M minded theo for arvo, did steak and pasta for tea, watched more of acceptable risk

Jan 25th Friday

Warm and breezy to start off,43 during day, painted seat black, cut out 4 heart mirror shapes, did small bike rider heart, and 2 cat saws, John came and worked M to melb to see madge and em, shopping and then reading Caleb passed through, fish and chips made for tea, cool change, watched Ironman

Jan 24th Thursday

Fine and sunny 38? Start seat cut up metal,, seat all welded and wood done, bought new saw blade and fitted to cut slats, slats all painted, Wayne called in in morning, Graham Duell called in in arvo, M helped K mind kids brought home theo, took back after tea, did chicken curry for tea, watched acceptable risk among phonecalls, Margie in hospital.

Jan 23rd Wednesday

Mild and grey orders,fined up with nice breeze cooled down in evening, worked on anitas chair all finished also did marg’s dragonflies and a few more delivered Jungwirths birds, shopped, picked up circles and arches from Longwarry picked up excess metal at Jungwirths, finished reacher book, unloaded trailer chicken and salad for tea, M took mae to baby reading and tidied linen cupboard and did bed,watched last two episodes of the team.

,Jan 22nd Tuesday

Mild and grey foggy,warmed up with a breeze then cooled down in evening, I painted birds and ball again Belinda did another spider on a web,I assembled treble clef,and painted tidied up suichen( ninja stars) and added 2 more and re configured, M to melb,, 2 people visited, scrambled eggs for tea, watched the team and the orville

Jan 21st Monday

Mild and grey,warmed up to about 30, M to help Caleb pack stuff, I worked on treble clef, stone fitted, new front on welded,ordered steel at Martin, shopping, got scripts filled, penetrol and oppshop, painted ¼ ball painted ducks, did chicken kiev for tea, Rubber) gardened and mowed a bit, m to help K by playing with baby, watched the team

Jan 20th Sunday

Fine and sunny mild day, started on treble clef finished flowers, Ross and Di visit, 10 people over day, Kids in afternoon as k and D go to a wedding,sausages in bread for tea til 12.30 reading dan brown origin.

Jan 19th Saturday

Fine and cooler beautiful mild and sunny day,finished welding ball together was going to start on trebleclef but did flowers( 12) had a good range of people visit 12, 2 picked up flying ant, 2 took away spider on web, 1 bought vacuum cleaner character with flower, one bought bikie chick, 2 came to see Anitas exhibition, I had to leave midafternoon to help drive car and trailer to Calebs new place and help unload, M and Em had helped caleb do one load previously, took em home, mcD tea, home to watch the team

Jan 18th Friday

Grey and muggy, Kerry meeting at 10 seems to be going well, Helen did lots of work and Melissa drs heart appt at 12.30 continue for 6 months Bought welding rods and wire home for lunch and, do last two panels( mostly done) 2 people visited and bought dragonfly, did savory mince and rice for tea, watched Reece and Sonia in some movie, helped Caleb load car and trailer

Jan 17th Thursday

Overcast and warmish,  went to drs appt ,no action til after tomorrow M to melb to see madge and bring home em, shopped then started filling ball , got 6 panels done and ducks painted, nap, fish for tea, got compressor going, pumped up tyres on trolleys, watched Sherlock

Jan 16th Wednesday

Fine and mild to begin, warm day but cloudy,Lisa and 3 girls visited, bought range of things, finished flying ant around 11.30 Jessie came and worked til about 12.30,I did the frame for second half of ball, M brought theo home, played with him nap, went to Kathleens for eleanors small birthday gathering, always feel awkward, still always say the wrong thing, home again did pasta pesto and prawns for tea, small garden walk, watched backroads Beaufort and then the team.

Jan 15th Tuesday

Fine and sunny 35, Calebs car in ,M to Melbourne, Belinda, painted things and 2 flowers, I assembled frame of flying ant,then covered both pieces, cut out wings and head, stopped at 4.00 hottish, boiled egg sandwiches for tea, watched the team and life of Brian

Jan 14th Monday

Fine and sunny 37! Worked on ball, first half done on outside, started flying ant frames, Jessie worked for am hour, 1 small family visited, M brings theo home, played with him, finished Dark and sacred night Michael Connelly, did sausages for tea, bit of gardening, watched sherlock.

Jan 13th Sunday

Fine and mild,beautiful breeze most of day, I had to fix things that broke from trailer,( 2 birds) do 4 small stands, did bills wheel covers on sticks and did barb jungwirths ducks, and started on ball, 2 panels filled and more gathered,1 small family came,Marian brought home theo, I played with Theo, nap ½ hr, sweet potato patties for tea watched the team 2 one episode

Jan 12th Saturday

Fine and cloudy cleared up but not too hot, Rokeby market, saw Sarah, and her kids, a couple of others, sold $100 stuff, home to lunch nap play with kids read book nap, Caleb and bliss doing tea chops and salad,some gardening, watched little women and the orville

Jan 11th Friday

Fine and sunny, M to Melbourne to see madge and help em, work on market stuff, Jessie coming,whoops no power no Jessie, took scrap to metal recycler, shopped mowed a bit, dental appt last of root canal 2 hours in chair, , did chicken stirfry for tea, watched women in black after getting second chook from temperance.

Jan 10th Thursday

Cool and mild to begin,lovely mild day  shopped at aldi and Drouin dentist fix fallen out filling, did 5 small robota,2 people visited, bought welding rods at Bunnings, did chow mein for tea, bit of gardening, watched Australian comedy doco and the typist

Jan 9th Wednesday

Showered overnight cool and grey to start  M went to get kids but they wouldn’t come Unload car, Jessie does a small building I did 1 bird with a rake tail, 1 tortoise, 1 small dog, 1 eagle and 1 emu John worked on his snake thing and I went and picked up the mower and mowed lower sculpture garden, 8 people through sold 3 small pieces, did tuna and prawns for tea, finished reacher book, watched 2 episodes of the team

Jan 8th Tuesday

Fine and cool  warmed up from midday, did a frame for ½ a ball. Then 4 chooks 1 lizard and 1 small dinosaur Belinda did 2 flowers and painted others, M brought home kids, I went and bought metal flat bar and rod and sheet, shopped in Drouin, did stirfry for tea, bit of gardening watched hard quiz and bloom and last leg. Caleb got his printer working

Jan 7th Monday

Fine and cool warmed up at lunchtime, did 2 dogs and 1 bird, covered other side of wings piece, Mary gardened, M went to melb to see madge and help em put covering on windows,dropped mower in with broken drive belt, shopped,booked dentist re lost filling, I finished day of the triffids and started another reacher book, did roast beef for tea, watched orville and the team

Jan 6th Sunday

Fine and mild, vacuum gallery ,  started to mow but drive belt broke, vacuumed house, modified cycle/spiral covered one side of balustrade 3 flower form had Anitas opening about 25 people, did wraps for tea Bliss made a weeks worthof food for her and caleb, watched  Little women ,the team and mork and mindy.

Jan 5th Saturday

Cool and grey, M to melb to help with Mae as K goes to calamity Jane, Kids here with Caleb Bliss and me, I did wendy wagners junk panel,then drove M to K’s, brought kids home they played all afternoon including trains mermaids and hidey,6 people and 6 kids visited in afternoon including Josh and Taryn also Anita to discuss what was needed for tomorrow. did chicken sweet and sour for tea, watched morkand mindy and Rockquiz xmas special 2011

Jan 4th Friday

Fine and sunny got to 40 and gusty,worked on assembling rest of Cycle/spiral assembled truck and thought about shapes from balustrade, stopped at midday and did computer stuff.finished the girl who took an eye for an eye, started day of the triffids. Cool change at tea time,Did sausages and rissoles for tea, watched Bloom and the team and mork and mindy

Jan 3rd Thursday

Coolish and grey to start off, M has kids, did 2 dragonflies and 6 flowers, played with kids in arvo, also started on list of people using gallery this year, added to website, water play, finished Eric Idle book, did spaghetti for tea, bit of garden watched the team and the orville, ,

Jan 2nd Wednesday

Coolish to start off grey, M to Melbourne to see madge, finished together piece and also truck, started on stand for solar piece, 3 people visited, dropped in to Heather and Lindsay for some oddments, shopped , did steak for tea, did a bit more digging Kathleen C and kids dropped in , offered us chooks,watched David Attenborough at natural history museum and Dr who

Jan 1st Tuesday

Fine and Sunny, tidied shed more, Belinda did two flowers, I did 2 sitting dogs and worked on putting backs onto together 3 one side complete and other ½ done, M had kids and I played with them for a bit, mowed across rd,and house block, 3 people visited, did prawn rice for tea, started digging out garden watched Sherlock

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