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March 11, 2019

March 2019

March Diary

March 31st Sunday

Cool and showery, nobody til 11.00 Open studios M did videos of me, I did video of Gail and Kay, about 40 people through, sold some small pieces, did spanakopita for tea, watched last 2 McMafia

March 30th Saturday

Raining, open studios, M to melb to see madge and em,worked on and nearly finished Junkhead , nobody before 11.30,Women on farms bus, sold some things and did lots of plasma cutting,Gail and Kay to hang exhibition in arvo,food and wine festival in Jindivick, , about 55 people over day,did curry for tea finished Lord of the rings and watched Elementary and McMafia

March 29th Friday

Mild and grey, changing by end of day, worked on shoulders, No Sally to weld gas soon needs to be replaced,M brought theo and May home  for lunch, Helen came out to get glass cut, Mary gardened, Linda called in, 4 others and kids,  Brett retirement do at 3.30, saw quite a few older staff, wont go to another, shopped, pizza for tea, watched return of the king(3/4) raining in evening and night finished the scholar

March 28th Thursday

Mild and grey, fining up,worked on adding liquid to tank water,went to tumblegym,then to metal recycler for springs and wheels, unloaded , lunch nap, worked on shoulders, nap read book ( the scholar) M minded kids all day, theo a bit uncooperative,Pilates ( bed ) Natalie, pub tea , watched Hard quiz and adam hills

March 27th Wednesday

Mild and grey became a perfect autumn day,washed and vacuumed, worked on shoulders for junk head also assembled 3 daffodils , filled vases, photoed work ,Julie started on aluminium flowers,discussed marbled birds and butterflies, Photo exhibition taken down,M minded kids all day I helped with kids, shopped, sausages for tea, Bookgroup with Anne, Sue, Natalie ,Helen and Brian

March 26th Tuesday

Cool and breezy, No Belinda, delivered problemsolver to Gippsland sculpture show, then to Morwell, quick look at gallery then to maffra for tourism forum, ½ good and ½ tedious, tea at McD on way home ( mediocre) home to find Caleb had taken dogs for a run, watched Hard quiz, Rosehaven and the orville

March 25th Monday

Cooler M to Melbourne to see madge, I did 2 vases, number of flowers, made frog into a spider, started on shoulders for junk head made visitor( bird) cool and breezy, did chicken stirfry for tea, watched last two Cardinal and Australia in colour.

March 24th Sunday

Fine and cool, warmed up a bit finished ballerina and did calebs dancers 8 people through,did chicken and rice for tea, watched end of the two towers windy in evening,

March 23rd Saturday

Fine and cool, M off to help k with eleanors swimming lesson, David to hospital with infected foot, then off to kidz bratz show at Melbarts centre with Em,I made an electric sheep, Ned Collie, 5 flowers and part of a ballerina,day warmed up after lunch, 3 naps 8 people visited, had fish for tea and watched love actually

March 22nd Friday

Fine and cool, pleasant,re did head on balance piece,painted more on bright spark,meeting with Wild dog artists and KWT at arts centre then home to lunch ,Mary helped with Theo, then show Sally how to weld ,all good did a bit more on ball, did rice and meatballs for tea, watched part of the two towers.

March 21st Thursday

Fine and cool pleasant , worked on bright spark , mostly done, Tumble gym then shopped and picked up computer,started painting bright spark, 4 people visit,in to help mind kids, back for nap and read, pilates , pub tea, home to watch McMafia

March 20th Wednesday

Fine and cool,warmed up, shopping for drugs and discs , penetrol, Julie arrived, worked on seahorse, I unloaded then worked on bright spark, car club visit, 14 cars did 3 Alvis badges 30 people. Helped with babies til 9.00

March 19th Tuesday

Fine and cool, fining up, no Belinda,, in hospital,worked on a rooster flat with nails and staples then a half ball with junk,found lots of good pieces, went to buy metal and help with babies then home to make rissoles, off at 6.30 with M to Noojee for meeting with Wendy, Neville Narelle and Mark and Maida, home to watch umbrella academy and secret city.

March 18th Monday

Fine and cool, fined up to lovely day, to melb to pick up Herring Island,dropped off sold piece in Ivanhoe , bought stuff at small supermarket, see madge at lunch, home, nap, Boreks for tea, watched Cardinal and Australia in Colour, reading 3rd of trilogy first law.,

March 17th Sunday

Fine and cool,became fine and sunny worked on community piece, mostly finished, 15 people through sold girl with hoop and a couple of flowers, did sausages for tea, watched hard quiz and last leg

March 16th Saturday

Fine and sunny, did stand for plane,started on house pieces, Opening of exhibition,about 50 people there including Peter and Marg Dumergue, Michelle Jeanette Bryan and Justin,Min and Lazz, Paid them, nap, watched the fellowship of the ring did lasagna for tea

March 15th Friday

Cool and clear,became fine and warm, M to melb to see madge,I worked on plane all covered and one coat of paint, still to do stand, Steve came and picked up shelf and bird, Di and Glenn came and picked up Flock, Sally came and asked to weld, Mary came and gardened,shopped , did curry for tea, watched Widows and Rosehaven,

March 14th Thursday

Cool and clear, then fine and sunny, mowed sculpture garden and back area went to help at tumble gym, M to mind kids,home after getting ink for printer, worked on plane,1/2 covered, reading tattooist, Pilates with Natalie, tea at club hotel with John and Ailsa, home to watch Cardinal and orville

March 13th Wednesday

Cool and clear, lots of timetable doings with kids, I worked on doing thinking about sailing, and started on plane,Julie worked on her sea horse , Jan Garden came to see exhibition, then I went off to mind kids after lunch, shopped briefly, added to painting of works then did pasta and ricotta for tea ( bland) watched hard quiz, Mcmafia and Australia in colour.,

March 12th Tuesday

Cool and grey, showers at times, Belinda did 2 flowers, I cut off legs of bird shelf and did head for girl and hand and assembled , added chain, one coat started sailing on my mind, 9 people through,M had quiet day in house fixing Calebs doona cover, Graham picked up logs,chicken pie for tea with Caleb, watched Umbrella academy and Cardinal, finished Tripwire started on tattooist.

March 11th Monday( Labour day)

Mild and grey, work on girl, excavator coming to remove tree,worked on top part of girl, 5 people visit, tree removed, M to melb to see em and madge, pick up 2 of 5 pieces from Phillip island, shopped, did lasagna for tea, watched secret city and star trek reading tripwire

March 10th Sunday

Mild and grey, did 2 cats and 3 chooks ( tidying up bench,) started new sitting girl with Anitas BBQ, had 25 people through garden and exhibition, M worked in house and supervised Jeff and Jeanette removing old tin shed, fish and chips for tea , watched sherlock

March 9th Saturday

Fine and mild warm later, Rokeby sold flowers and small birds, saw range of people stef, Jude,Alison and anne palmer ,home to unload trailer, 3 people then bruce brought out family to see exhibition( 10) I helped cut up cypress on the shed with Jeff Jeanette and Marian, Jeanettes cousin came and offered to remove the tree ion Monday for a very reasonable price, cold chicken for tea watched female comedians and new series of Cardinal

March 8th Friday

Fine and grey,M to help kids get to school etc then to melb to see madge, I work on pendant piece and 2 chooks for Rokeby,Graham duell dropped in and Wayne dropped in, Jeff called over at lunch.watched sherlock

March 7th Thursday

Cool and grey,fined up, M with kids all day, did a load of washing ,rang dsc, rang tree people, wasp shire, had haircut ,helped at tumble gym, Mary gardened, I worked on pendant,filling in inner edge and grinding surfaces, starting centre piece, started new book,lady came and took Pennys boat to Rokeby place, Pilates, pub tea with… home to watch Ray Donovan and vicar of Dibley.

March 6th Wednesday

Cool and showery, Look at cypress , load loan car for Phillip island, delivered back for Julie, talked to her for a bit started filling in pendant, help at K at 2.15,  shopped caleb dropped in, chops for tea, finished 2nd first law book, watched johnny English reborn.

March 5th Tuesday

Pleasant day, coolish, Belinda did 2 flowers, I covered sides of pendant piece with offcuts, M to melb to see madge then to K to help there, I got a loan car did fish and chips for tea watched McMafia and the royals in Australia top of cypress came down when rain started

March 4th Monday..

Back to normal?cooler but got warmer as day went on, Chase up car, at Drouin motors but no progress due to fires, worked on characters and top and finished mountain, painted and started frame for new piece, reading book, did sausage rolls for tea, watched sherlock

March 3rd Sunday

Warm and still to begin with, alert for Labertouche nth,assembled 4 small plasmacuts and wrote up pieces, put out most of the signs we had in garden, waited on fire, alerts for Drouin etc,quiet unsettling day, did kutu paka curry for tea watched the umbrella academy and star trek, cool change arrived about 9.00

March 2nd Saturday

Fine and sunny hot day, fire alert at labertouche,Went to jindi market, had 5 people visit, I worked on finishing 4 small pasmacuts, cleaned roof and gutter of leaves, M went to melb to see madge and em and had a mini birthday party with Don and Pauline and Andrew as well, Kathleen came out to see if I wanted to evacuate, M had to come back via bayles due to fire near Garfield, had sausages in bread for tea, watching and waiting, seems ok, watched kingsman the golden circle

March 1st Friday

Sultry and cloudy to start, M has kids all day here at home with me,worked on adding to website, kids home for most of day, car towed to Drouin motors,had chicken kiev for tea, watched orville and isn’t it romantic,

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