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March 11, 2021

December 2020

Dec diary

Dec 31st Thursday

Grey and mild, do other parts of lady birds, didn’t get prescriptions, Sue sets up exhibition, saw Caleb and his new house , lunch with Whelans, home to finish reading the hobbit, watched Roadkill , sc

Dec 30th Wednesday

Fine and sunny,M did bills and shopped, I painted ladybirds, added 1 ½ panels to web piece, assembled tortoise,did 3 mice for whelans, put out survival and brought in tripodium, painted the wood balls and gum nuts Cathy took down exhibition did chicken kiev and rice fritters for tea, watched road kill kims convenience, sc and 4 weddings

Dec 29th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did a spider on a web and a flower on a stick, brought out several past pieces, I did 2 peacocks and did black parts of ladybirds, 2 balls for sculptures 3 horseshoe birds, started web piece, took lookout to Inverloch after lunch saw Grant and Irene, home for Mcdonalds tea( really the buns are not food surely) then watched 4 weddings and a funeral series 1 and part of big fat quiz.

Dec 28th Monday

Fine and mild still, finished main part of horse and number, did 4 ducks, painted red for ladybirds, did an owl,and 15 flowers and 2 horseshoebirds on sticks. tidy shed,2 people visited M went swimming with Mae and K ,The boys did a bird, a birdbath, fixed an umbrella stand and added to a plant holder as well as the ballerina, did lamb patties for tea, watched last 2 condor, and star trek,

Dec 27th Sunday

Fine and warm,fairly uncomfortable, breezy, cool change at 5.00 I went to get papers and wood but hardware not open, laminated signs I did yesterday, M shopped turned 4 ladybird backs, and ball, did grinding on horse and added mane tail, eyes and ears, sue dropped over pieces for her show, finished the ritual bath book started the hobbit, eggs on toast for tea, watched endeavour, last of ted lasso, excellent and sc

Dec 26th Saturday

Fine and sunny, cooked rice, did printing of sculptures that need new signs, m did other salads, Loaded car lunch in Heathmont at Dons dropped off Andrews seat, pleasant afternoon, home by 5 em to calebs, napped watched 3 more ted lasso and royal variety concert

Dec 25th Friday

fine and sunny, tidy house and cook for xmas lunch,vacuum,moved extra cardboard boxes to shed, em and M cooked 3 roasts, I played with kids for a start D and K and kids arrived after caleb, had a good time,small walk, left at 4.00 naps all around, read book, sue O called out toasted sandwiches for tea watched Ted Lasso 4 episodes ,

Dec 24th Thursday

Grey and showery, M to melb to pick up em, I tidy house moved all calebs stuff off side patio, vacuumed a bit, helped wrap presents, man came and bought a cat a duck and a owl,cleaned plastic tea set, new box, washed down verandah, put up shelf for toys,shopped and delivered mice to Robyn and Sue did sausages for tea, watched British comedies on abc, greg, wilty

Dec 23rd Wednesday

Rained overnight grey and misty, went to morwell and bought a trailer of springs, stopped at bunnings to get wheels for chairs and trolley and rope and welding wire, bought masks and paint at select office, home to unload springs, deegans picked up fire tools, tilka picked up landcruiser, man picked up 3 small pieces,David smith picked up firepit, fixed small table and put wheels on chairs, mowed house block, M to help k with swimming,pinwheels for tea, watched wilty xmas, hardquiz kids and wire in the blood

Dec 22nd Tuesday

Rained overnight, grey and mild, showers? Up at 5.30 for fridge changeover,Em had washed floor and packed up fridge, then cut up pipe for kookas and owls Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks I finished train seat except assembly then made 4 kookas and 4 owls ,Damian came and bought a big web of Belindas and a flower on a stick and 2 people came and bought a small piece and a flat owl and a prong creature, Wilbur came and finished his sign, pie for tea M took em to Calebs, then helped K with kids watched hardquiz and last 2 fargo.

Dec 21st  Monday

Fine and mild , swap over gas bottle small problem but Alan solved it, the boys did a small bird, a plant stand and started on ballet girl, lunch with boys at neerim sth pub, started train seat, Caleb and M and em to do another load, Julian to help, quiet afternoon for them,2 people visited I went and bought 10mm rod and corten sheet, home and unloaded, did tuna pasta for tea, M talked to K ,we cleaned front room watched spicks and specks special and pointless.,Em stayed up and cleaned kitchen and bagged up fridge ready for changeover tomorrow

Dec 20th Sunday

Fine and mild, Caleb still moving stuff, M and em to help 3 people visited, finish welding horse, started firepit all done, did firetools for deegans, helped load car for another trip by em and ||M and caleb, snitzel for tea, watched wilty, 2 longmire

Dec 19th Saturday

Fine and grey. Caleb moving stuff had help from 2 warragul mates, M to help with em, I worked on horse and got sides almost welded,modified birdbath 12 people visited sold float like a butterfly, and birds and birdbath, deegans visited with an order, Pat and simone visited, mowed sculpture garden, Julieanne gardened, helped load car, did spaghetti for tea, watched Longmire, and crooked house

Dec 18th Friday

Cool and showery, rained overnight, add taillights to car sculpture, work on horse all legs done and started on one side of body, mum and Wilbur here to do a sign, Helen here to take photos, 2 people to buy a birdbath, delivered to Lardner, picked up pipe from Longwarry, caf tea, watched adam hills, sc, antiques road show and 300 years of French and saunders.

Dec 17th Thursday

fine and mild fgrowing to hot and muggy,Finish up landcruiser and little richard ,bought fabric, birdseed, paint, shopped  theo ot, park, tumble gym, play in afternoon Eleanor to tumble gym home to do fish and salad for tea,Caleb has first night in new house, watched hard quiz, star trek, condor and sc

Dec 16th Wednesday

Cool and mild, Last day for Eleanor, M going with K to mind kids swimming theo to leongatha, I work on horse and landcruiser mostly done, 10 people over day sold uphill and rattie, couple of birds on sticks , did sausages and salad for tea, watched fargo and condor and house of games and sc.,

Dec 15th Tuesday

Fine and hot cool change later, M has to get kids ready for school, has mae all day, Belinda, did 2 flowers and added stems to 3, I started on landcruiser, added to horse, and little Richard, did a peacock, finished under the cold lights, picked up car from repairer, checked in with metal recycler, bought metal at Martin, and picked up grinders,too hot to do much, did prawn rice for tea, watched cats and dogs sc, and last victoria

Dec 14th Monday

Fine and sunny hot, the boys worked on mice ,birdfeeders and plant stand, tidy shed , I finished house number started horse and little Richard did 8 dragonflies could not,pick up car,3 people visited, M has Mae til 3 Kfc tea Last pilates hurt foot, watched vera

Dec 13th Sunday

Fine and sunny warm easterly breeze, , man from meeniyan coming  took away several pieces, did more on house number cleaned up lookout and painted, started on survival modification,did 2 more dragonflies and 5 more flowers and a spoon flower,16 people visited finished Bernard cornwall book, dropped car off to be fixed, M went with K to Pakenham minding kids, cold chicken salad for tea, watched French drama and then endeavour

Dec 12th Saturday

Fine and sunny, warm, easterly breeze Stephen and Kristin and em coming to go to Rokeby,5 people visited finished last vase, did 2 rabbit things, did most of house number frame, sold flowers,and 2 vases to Lynn as well as lookout, lunch at courthouse, scrambled egg tea, watched ava, ho hum,

Dec 11th Friday

Fine and sunny, warm and cool breeze,M helped David with ot and speech appts for kids not home til 5,  tidy parts of house, made 20 flowers,5 dragonflies 2 spoon flowers 1 more vase and started another vase, Caf tea watched wire in the blood and cats and dogs and sc

Dec 10th Thursday

Cool and mild shower overnight, put together 2 vases, cut out about 10 flowers, man came and bought 6 flowers, lady came and bought 2 ladybirds,2 people visited, Mary gardened, tumblegym home ,nap ,pick up Eleanor,to tumblegym, shopping chicken curry tea watched fargo, star trek and sc

Dec 9th Wednesday

Cool and mild, take Barney to Moorabbin vet, deliver to Parkdale and Ians, home, M has Mae all day K and M going swimming after lunch Drove back to vets then home then vets said he could go home so drove down to vets after 6 and brought barney back watched antiques roadshow and sc and hard quiz

Dec 8th Tuesday

Cool and showery, Belinda did 3 flowers,I finished dragonfly, did a bee and man with saw head and several other flower cutouts Mae til 3 , 4 people visited went and bought metal from Martin steel, did Greek meatballs for tea, watched 2 briarpatch and condor and sc

Dec 7th Monday

Cool and showery, breezy,tidy shed  the boys did repairs, a mouse a plant holder and a birdfeeder, I finished 3 owls and 1 cat did 1 1/2 dragonfly, people picked up surfer and whale, mae til 3  stacey had some flowers kfc tea bed pilates home to watch vera

Dec 6th Sunday

Cool and breezy showery, assembled 10  kookas did 2 striped cats, 4 flowers and started 3 owl people came and picked up lens 4 people through sold 1 ladybird, did slowcooked brisket for tea, watched endeavour then briar patch and sc

Dec 5th Saturday

Fine and grey, mowed sculpture garden,julieanne tidied remnants of fire and gardened, started cutting out kookas on sticks had about 30 people over day including prices, whelans, someone bought voyage and also someone else bought lens,did pastichichi for tea watched the sound, briar patch fargo and sc

Dec 4th Friday

Fine and sunny, weld mcds panels and finish sides and paint once,mary came and burned pile and gardened, M tidied and shopped for new clock,5 people visited bought 3 kookas on sticks and leap of faith and working the new machine, caf tea,talked to grant M talked to em, watched last queens gambit and 1 virgin river.. lots of cliches

Dec 3rd Thursday

Fine and sunny, assembled ladybirds, get tablets, theo to ot, playground then tumblegym, here til 3 pick up Eleanor, to tumblegym, frittata for tea watched hard quiz and adam hills then queens gambit and sc

Dec 2nd Wednesday

Cool to mild M takes mae to speech K takes theo to food in leongatha, home here then possibly swimming did heart thing, road out front is resurfaced, put out 2 loads of washing change over wire in mig, finished pelican and mouse did metal for 3 ladybirds and started Ians panels finished greenlights, did enchiladas chicken for tea, watched condor, and briarpatch and sc.

Dec 1st Tuesday

Fine and warm, take barney to vet, back to 2 guys from road giving me road breakers in boxes Belinda did 3 flowers I did a dog, a bird and a pelican, M has mae til 3, went and picked up barney, did sausages for tea, watched star trek Wallander and sc

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