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July 11, 2020

July 2020

July Diary

July 31st Friday

Covid 9998, fine and sunny, M to help with mae clean up and paint wood rack, do Maxfield panel and Yvette puts up exhibition, mowed most of sculpture garden, caf tea watched end of tom petty doco, and music and fun thing, then Shetland and hard quiz

July 30th Thursday

Covid 9304 cool and grey, showered overnight,became fine and sunny, didn’t take Eleanor to school,shopped for black paint then theo to occ therapy,park, tumble gym, home here for lunch and 3 hrs made hedgehog, M took kids home to K’s to mind theo and Mae., did chicken skewers for tea, watched wire in the blood, and coupling, finished Jacqueline winspear book.

July 29th Wednesday

Covid 9049, cool and foggy , Guy taking down exhibition, M minding mae and theo over day,mowed bit of sculpture garden I start on maxfields order most of wood holder finished clean and paint,Tacos for tea, watched 2 of line of duty and 1 wilty

July 28th Tuesday

Covid 8696 cool and grey Belinda did 3 flowers I welded inside of fire pit, put on stand, did character for it and then rest of shane order being the sign, shopped for welding rods, dwd and called in at franks for springs and wheels,Yvette and Geoff called in and also someone dropped off a ½ bag horseshoes,sausage rolls for tea, watched 2 line of duty and 1 cats and dogs

July 27th Monday

Covid 8181, foggy showers? Finished ball, added to firepit all outside done, lady returned bird stand wants something different the boys worked on their projects did sausage rolls using chicken from other day, pilates, kfc tea, watched vera and who do you think you are adam hills

July 26th  Sunday

Covid 7744 fine and cool,Caleb birthday, add more to ball started fire pit , 12 people visited sold all bird stands,delivered stands, pizza for tea tv sound out so read and sketched  in evening

July 25th Saturday

Covid 7405 fine and sunny,cold for most of day, high cloud,  painted spice rack again, added most of another panel to ball helping M minding kids all morning and most of arvo, 2 people visited mae asleep for 2 hours, did chicken slowcooker for tea,watched more of tom petty doco, then 2 line of duty and 1 cats and dogs

July 24th Friday

Covid 7125, fine and sunny, finished where the crawdads sing ,hang out washing, finish birdstands did new spice rack added another panel to ball M minds mae from 11.00, caf tea, 2 people visited watched more of tom petty doco, then wire in the blood, war of the worlds, cats and dogs,

|July 23rd Thursday

Covid 6739 cool and grey, take Eleanor to school, get tablets small shop Painted wood and birdstands, hang out washing, tumblegym,theo speech therapy, mind kids til 5, reading book where the crawdads sing, slowcooker for tea, watched rosehaven and 3 marcella

July 22nd Wednesday

Covid 6289 showery and cool,julieanne gardened, shopped for ricotta and couple of other things, did part of another bird stand using branches, finished first one and painted, cut up more bits for ball, help with kids in arvo M takes kids home from 12, bought metal 390, square and round pipe and big bit of tube,did pasta with breadcrumbs for tea and Italian doughnuts, M talked to em, watched Marcella, coupling and hard quiz

July 21st Tuesday

Covid 5942 showery and cool, Belinda did 3 flowers, I made 5 kookas on sticks and 1 small dragonfly on sticks, covered another panel on ball, and did one bird perch using dowel, got computer back, helped with kids in arvo, shopped in mask, did pie for tea, watched Marcella, coupling would I lie to you

July 20th Monday

Covid 5740 showery and cool, made rack for mid sized metal did another panel for ball did 2 kookas, put feathers on girl with feathered hat did a stylish echidna and started a vehicle m went to Morwell and yarragon The boys did their projects Pilates beds kfc tea coupling and vera

July 19th Sunday

Covid 5353, Fine and sunny, showers at end, did 2 kookas assembled train seat and guitarist did tap dancer and plasma cut girl with feathered hat, 7 people visited 3 maxfields order cut up another box pallett did pasta with fennel seeds watched elvis and arlo rosehaven Marcella and war of the worlds

July 18th Saturday

Covid 5196 Fine and sunny,JA gardened ,did 2 kookas added to ball did train seat 3 people visited exhibition fish for tea watched chicks videos and 2 line of duty

July 17th Friday

Covid 5165 fine and sunny, did  2 panels on ball did small guitarist took computer to shop for new keyboard, picked up grinder and welder ( 47) to bunnings to look at repair of welder to Drouin to shop, M looks after Eleanor, then to Longwarry 16mm rod $191) home to start seat frame cut up 6 kookas nap shower caf tea watched line of duty, talked to paddy and hard quizJuly

16th Thursday

Covid 4448 Fine and cool,take Eleanor to school,shopped and got pies too Theo to therapy, Kids to tumblegym, back here for lunch, mind kids in arvo til 5.did saus and mash for tea watched line of duty and military wives( choir)

July 15th Wednesday

Covid 4224, fine and cool, M to look after kids in morning then bringing back here at Lunch, I assemble hearts and cat and add to ball , tree for screen attached and all welded nap did pasta bake and meatballs for tea watched Marcella, cats and dogs, Line of duty

July 14th Tuesday

Covid 3967 grey and mild Belinda did 2 flowers, I cut up kookas,finished two hearts piece and added more to cat as well as fluffy ball,M talked to Stephen and Fiona, we then took 4 kookas and trailer to Grant at Meeniyan, home for nap, did chicken curry for tea watched Joanna Lumley Caribbean and 2 line of duty.

July 13th Monday

Covid 3799 grey and mild, the boys worked on daffodils letterbox plant holders tortises, I tidy up cats face add did 2 heart wings as well as ball form for odd offcuts, started ball, shopped for tube and more 10mm rod and shopping, pilates, kfc tea watched grand designs 2 episodes of coupling and vera

July 12th Sunday

Covid 3560 grey and foggy mild showered overnight, did part of Rowbury screen in arvo did casting of cats faces and heart for Sue and Robyn who came to see guys exhibition,slow cooker tea, watched line of duty, joni mitchell doco

July 11th Saturday

Covid 3379 fine and grey, showers? Cut up metal offcuts to more usable form 2 hours help with kids most of day,did spicy tuna pasta for tea watched whose line, line of duty and get a job…poor

July 10th Friday

Covid 3098 Fine and mild, Melb locked down, bit cloudy, assembled train seat, started last rowbury panel then to Traralgon to get offcuts from Grant Flather, to Yinnar to pick up sculpture and visit Nicole allen studio, home then unload trailer, Caf meal for tea watched 2 wilty, 1 marcella and 1

July 9th Thursday

Covid 2942 Fine and sunny,assembled sunflower and painted Graemes walking group walked from here and perhaps around sculpture garden(4) then helped minding kids , tumble gym and speech therapy for theo and mae, Caleb put up swing, Eleanor as well,did meatloaf for tea, watched deadwind, and last 2 upload

July 8th Wednesday

Covid 2824, foggy supposed to be sunny, finally became sunny after 1.00 I worked on train seat basically all done except need to touch up black paint and assemble, did a little bit on big sunflower  M to help with Mae Kids after lunch here did small lamb roast for tea watched stargate  and cats and dogs

July 7th Tuesday

Covid 2660, rained overnight showery, Belinda did 2 flowers , I did another casting piece of picking flowers and 1 peacock, 2 ducks and 3 small chooks, 2 people came and picked up seat big flower and eagle, M to take em back to melb, went to metal recycler for springs and wheels, shopped at yarragon grain, coles, aldi and Bunnings( welding rods and wire) home for nap and did sausage rolls for tea watched grand designs and last of the great.

July 6th Monday

Covid 2536 rained overnight, showers, and grey, the boys ( 3) ,worked on their projects I did one casting piece of rain in the city using clouds and then worked on animals( 2 small elephants and 1 peacock) for front of gallery. M to work with K initially to take theo for shoes and then help em , caleb back home, Pilates and pizza tea watched once upon a time in Hollywood, m had restless night.

July 5th Sunday

Covid 2469 Cool and misty rain, spent the day casting things, foam ball in aluminium, aluminium clouds, female form in bronze and brass,,demonstrated casting to Em and shane and Kerry and another man, tidied a bit, did sausages for tea,watched the Italian job and last Lethal weapon

July 4th Saturday

Covid 2368 cool and misty rain, Guys opening 2.00, Alan Matthews coming to pick up letterbox, started work on center of big flower,cast 3 small flower forms with Graham Duell and alan and Bronnie Matthews, put out signs on sculptures, Guy sold 22 pieces I sold 5  about 35 people overall, pleasant after noon saw Hayley Gardiner, Daniel Thompson,. Deb and ellie Gentle, Ryan Silberstein, did Lasagne for tea, watched lethal weapon and 1500 airplane drama and cats and dogs

July 3rd Friday

Covid 2301 Cool and breezy then turned cold, finished eagle started big flower, photographed exhibition and set out newer pieces did write up for bits missing,M worked with Em on shares, shopped, people came and got chaise, train seat and birdbath,put up photos on website, had caf tea watched lethal weapon dance you tube videos and Fire Saga..lovely

July 2nd Thursday

Covid2231 Cool and breezy fined up Finished chook letterbox did Narelle’s numbers helped Guy to set up exhibition, start on eagle,4 people visited, sold 3big and 3 small sculptures M to help at Tumblegym, K to go to Phillip island I helped adam with silver soldering,did fish and rice for tea,Em arrived home watched lethal weapon and Davinci code

July 1st Wednesday

Covid 2161 Fine and sunny, grouted and assembled chaise lounge, mowed sculpture garden, bought gloves and drills, shopped 2 people visited has Mae over in morning,fixed part of chook letterbox,did spanakopita for tea watched you tube videos on casting, Lethal weapon and grand designs and Joanna Lumley caribbean

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