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April 30, 2021

April 2021 Blog

April diary

April 30th  Friday

Fine and sunny, chasing kids til 3, helen to drop off extra prints 3 people visited,added some of helens to website, pizza tea watched coming to America 2 and the expanse

April 29th Thursday,

fine and sunny, power outage, no Hayden, I deliver sculptures to Pakenham, get tablets,shop, Julieanne gardens, help Helen set up show, mow sculpture garden, and across rd, M and k have kids all day,nap 10 people visited, got internet working again, did printing of sculpture signs, sausages and veges for tea,watched hard quiz then geoge gently then made for love and Rutherford falls

April 28th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, had to go and swap cars with caleb so it could go to mechanic, m drove me home,Noel finished scorpion and did welcome sign I did other bird ring, and finished birdfeeder,went and read book too much lip for bookclub,5 people visited,M minds mae and theo from 12,played with mae ,moved pedestals for helens exhibition, still no internet.I help at 3,walked to mechanic to see about calebs car, pub tea at family hotel, bookclub at barbs place in east west rd, very impressive house, jude, barb nat us, home to bed

April 27th Tuesday

Cool and grey, Belinda did 3 flowers, gave away 4 I did other one other vase and 2 more square footed dogs,also 2 bird rings and started a bird bath, sold slowboat and gaza also 1 birdbath and gave 2 small dogs away,M minded mae,  we did tax in arvo, I shopped a bit, 8 people visited, did pasta tuna bake for tea, watched the eagle, and bones and you tube

April 26th Monday

Cool and grey, the boys worked on lyre bird, farm equipment, the bee and a dragonfly, m to chase mae most of day,3 people visited, I did 6 shapes for vases and finished 4 of them, chased mae in arvo til 3, did chicken tacos for tea pilates bed, some shopping, watched departure and a bit of adam hills on you tube.

April 25th Sunday

Anzac day Cool and grey showered overnight, M to help with swimming, spent all day with kids and e family, I finished big piece one coat of paint, 8 people visited including John byrne from Ojas, cut up octagons, did one vase and 2 small square footed dogs, another 8 flowers, did spaghetti for tea, watched Dickensian, spicks and specks,

April 24th Saturday

Cool and grey, M to melb to sign papers and see em and don, I finished hexagons and did 20 flowers, weld a bit more on big piece, 16 people through {10 with Maureen) did fish and chips for tea, watched departure, made for love and fisk.

April 23rd Friday

Cool and grey, M took mae dancing, I took theo to neerim sth playground, wetland, cake shop op shop and home, julieanne gardened,Played with kids til 3.00,tidied desk, added to hexagons, 3 people visited, did chops for tea, watched departure by 2 and dead water fell

April 22nd Thursday

Cool and grey, showers? No Work on finishing big piece, did more octagons and then realizied I should be doing hexagons, 6 people visited, go to metal recycler,and then bought metal from martin, quick shop, nap then started hexagons, 3 done, no kids, M and K all day with kids did sausages for tea,caleb passes through, with new car, watched the expanse, George gently and rest of the crown

April 21st Wednesday

Cool and grey, noel, finished circle side, another 2 octagons done re tidied gallery after joans taking down of show,,M has morning off minding kids in arvo,2 naps , k birthday tea at family hotel, with jack and faye , home to hard quiz qi and start of the crown

April 20th Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda did two flowers and put price tags on things, I finish cat and girl, work on other side of big piece, and started octagons.M chases mae for day,I helped from 11 to 3, joan and 2 friends, Gaby picked up car seat, paid joan, slowcooker chicken legs for tea.rained at end of day  Tidied up website of old info,  watched the eagle, patriot games and bones.

April 19th Monday

Grey and cool, some clear sky, M has day off kids, worked on side of big piece swapped over mig bottle, buy mat from bunnings  and welding wire The boys did a gate lock, started on a fisher boy and the eagle, I did 4 small roosters finished snail from yesterday and did most of best friends ( girl and cat) man came and discussed metal panel for traf, 2 naps, spanakopita for tea, pilates, watched silent witness and spicks and specks

April 18th Sunday

Grey and cool, do characters for big piece all assembled and painted, did small snail, m swimming with kids  I went to tims and cut up and brought home decking time helped load, ,set out metal for other side of other big piece, Joan brought a friend, lynne visited re exhibition, did slow cooker lamb casserole for tea, watched Dickensian, and vicar of Dibley..dullish

April 17th Saturday

Grey cool, worked on other side for one big piece, all together, welded and on stand, 2 characters to do, 2 visitors, fish and chip tea finished winterkill book, ho hum, watched vera and you tube.

April 16th Friday

Grey cool  Finish up tea pots and owls and start on big piece again. Turned tops for teapots and got main metal welded on both sides of side 2. 8 people visited including Rona and Janet and marilyn M has kids in morn and arvo, Adam worked on his heater, I delivered Anitas chair and shopped at woolworths,M had kids all day til 3.30, slow cooker for tea watched some you tube music and then love and monsters( fun) and George gently

April 15th Thursday

Grey and mild,some light showers, Hayden finished his greyhound, did 2 owls and 3 teapots ,M helps with kids and ot picks up kid from jindivick , kids here in arvo,all tired pub tea. Lovely, home to watch fisk hard quiz the eagle and nz wilty

April 14th Wednesday

Grey windy showery, Noel modified a giraffe, no kids, I tidied up 5 vases from yesterday and cut out flowers and leaves, did 3 different plasmacut cats, finished, talked to joan and her 2 friends, 3 people visited, painted everything and assembled pieces, spaghetti for tea watched the expanse, Chinese detective and

April 13th  Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers and put one on a stick, M bringing home kids for day, zoom meeting 3.00, 6 people I did friends piece, flying bird cat face and 3 horseshoe cats started 5 vases, played with kids in arvo til 4.00 did satay chicken for tea watched you tube clog dance and bill bailey, Dickensian and bones.

April 12th Monday

Cool and grey, ok, the boys minus norm, peter finished plant stand, tony finished chainsaw in log, and jim worked on bee, Joan coming at 10 to do talk to student and her mum Ray and eliz childs visited, talked most of morning, M off with K to visit caleb and Pakenham,I tidied shed and did 4 small pieces, a chook in plasma, 2 singers and a spotted cat, talked to joan, she sold some doilies,shopped for cat crunchies, did tacos for tea, m not home til 6, M talked to em,watched silent witness and thunder force.. mediocre.

April 11th Sunday

Cold and rainy, and then more rainy, open studios, work on big circle one side done other side started, had 30 people through. Joan sat with M in gallery,sold a range of pieces,lamb chops for tea, watched you tube and vera

April 10th Saturday

Cool and grey, became rainy and cold, painted seat again, lay out big circle of scrap, started welding, Don and family inc Andrew and daphne for lunch with K and david and family, helped set up for open studios and joans opening,about 56 people over day, sausages in bread for tea. Watched you tube and then domino on amazon mediocre, and wilty

April 9th Friday

Rained overnight grey and cool, all old photos on website now to do new ones, also finished horseshoe seat and do hotrod seat cut out welcome sign,started new big piece, put out sculptures, shopped for paint and flap discs and timber, joan dropped out , M shopped and did housework, I made pineapple curry for tea watched you tube then personal life of david copperfield.. very good and cats

April 8th Thursday

Fine and foggy,warmed up to quite a hot day, Hayden worked on greyhound, I did more pages for website, tidy up anitas seat and start on other two seats horseshoe piece is mostly done and hot rod is cut out ready for tomorrow, 10 people and families through, sold a vase and a peacock, M off helping k with swimming and ot today, then they went to Inverloch for the day, pizza for tea, watched hard quiz and fisk also expanse.

April 7th Wednesday

Fine and grey fined to a lovely day, unloaded car, finished anitas seat and painted,  Noel started and then a power outage, M taking em back,cut up tree up yard, mowed across rd, cut down coastal banksia tree, 10 people through,lamb patties for tea. Watched made for love, wilty, bones and silent witness

April 6th Tuesday

Fine and grey Belinda, did 2 flowers and put 2 more on stakes, I did 2 dachshunds and a snail, and finished chooks from other day ,5 people visited  took mower in to be repaired, came back and mowed most of sculpture garden, haircut, shopped for dogfood bought metal at martin and wood at home hardware, joan called in, M and em prepare for combined birthdays here in evening.all went well with barbie cake, em and caleb set shelves in garage..

April 5th Monday

Fine and grey, the boys did plant stand, mini chainsaw, and eagle,I did most of anitas chair and part of another chook family,easter Monday, M picks up em and brings home,6 people over day, honeycomb order and dachshund order, shopped in bunnings aldi and coles, chicken roast for tea, watched u 571 and cats.

April 4th Sunday

Fine and sunny, Daylight saving ends, add to steph website,put together other seat frame, tree branch fell on verity, off to hospital, did 20 flowers, 20 people through but not as constant as yesterday, chops for tea.watched songs as covers, vera and Australia in colour, Em rang.

April 3rd Saturday

Fine and sunny,added to steph website,  M to help Kathleen shopping at traralgon with mae, did circle piece,and 1 ½ seat frames, 20 people visited, sold moon birds and other stuff, Cathy Ronalds and diamond and family visited,stuffed, mince on toast for tea watched blithe spirit, great house and photography and wonderful costumes, also the irregulars

April 2nd Friday

Good Friday, fine and sunny, finish repairing mower and started to mow but key refused to operate., did fire pit order and sold 6 flowers and some of joans stuff to a penny lookalike, also good collection to Jeannie Haughton,8 people through, added to stephs website and did 11 pages of 128.chicken skewers for tea watched the eagle fisk and George gently

April 1st, Thursday

Fine and sunny,no Hayden, did 2 planters from old vacuum cleaner, also a ballet dancer from a bike wheel,Tumblegym, with kids shopped for pin for mower and lunch chased kids all arvo Stephen and Kristen coming.caf tea, talked into the evening.

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