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December 31, 2021

8 August diary 2021

August diary

Aug 31st Tuesday

Fine and breezy, M minding mae all day including speech appt,Belinda back again did 3 flowers and recycled her big tortoise, I, did stand for division then cut it all up, cut circle in ½ and rejoined, did new base and made all top part, stand will now be the start of a new sculpture,dropped off ms phone to her 2 naps did pasta for tea,watched the newsreader,truth be told,clone wars ,

Aug 30th Monday

Fine and mild to begin, M looks after mae all day, has second covid shot, I work on division got all of disc welding done, turned banksia balls and 2 grass small pieces laminated new pieces writeups and put up my old paintings in gallery to give it a better feel, then, mind mae at 1,00, peter works in shed on 2 farm implements, shopped home for puzzle and nap, painted floral again, did curry and rice for tea watched brian johnson and billy joel, Clarice, hacks and qi

Aug 29th Sunday

Cool and showery to begin, did 4 birds for small pieces of wood , started on division piece lot of one side of centre done. Roast lunch for lunch, Noel Mason died, egg sandwiches for tea watched 9 perfect strangers, the chair, clone wars and wilty

Aug 28th Saturday

Fine and sunny, M worked on share stuff all day, I make and add 2 leaves to big flower and tidy up and paint,did one small bird for the nest in the arvo, mowed middle of sculpture garden, did sausages for tea, watched cruella lots of fun, M talked to Em

Aug 27th Friday

Cool and grey, chasing kid day, walk along labertouche creek in other direction,mind kids til 3.00, 2 people visited to get a piece, I went to warragul and picked up router, and bought a die grinder dropped off small horse to April, fish for tea watched ted lasso, good fight,2 of clone wars, music videos

Aug 26th Thursday

Cool and grey, Belinda came and worked on fish, all fins on and mostly ground, I, tidy up back of flower and put on base, put scale on base,and modified jen seat, shopped in arvo for groceries, chicken snitzel for tea, watched rosehaven, on the road with brian johnson,sandhamm and 2 clone wars

Aug 25th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M off early but didn’t need to helped with kids most of day then sorted out land tax, no Noel and Brittany, continue with back of scale and did front of lower, do base for flower, Cathy takes down exhibition, paid, Caleb for tea and night watched truth be told, hard quiz and you tube

Aug 24th Tuesday

Cool and showery, fined up but still cold, no Belinda, put back on scale and started covering parts other than circle, modify flower form and welded back of all the leaves,M helped with Mae all day, spaghetti for tea, watched the chair, Qi and Clarice and hacks

Aug 23rd Monday

Cool and showery, Eleanor and Mae coming here, assembled seat, start other side of scale did central circle both sides assembled ball cat did Aprils horse and started big flower form, the boys was pete who worked on his bale cutter,I was with kids from lunch time til 3 with a nap, did chicken kiev for tea, watched the newsreader, truth be told and hacks

Aug 22nd Sunday

Fine and sunny,  finish seat, did plasmacutting painting put piece wrong way up mowed across rd,M worked on shares and talked to fiona, dave, and Stephen and Emily at night, did roast beef caf meal for lunch and pinwheels for tea, watched Joanna Lumley, ted lasso,wilty

,Aug 21st Saturday

Fine and sunny 20, work in shed on finishing 2 sides of scale also did seat frame for order, painted last coat on 3 bird pole and painted small pieces for bird stands,  David helps Naomi pack and move another lockdown for regional vic, M worked on shares all day, did corned beef patties for tea watched sweet girl, busy but a touch requiring suspension of belief, then bones and you tube, death of sean lock,

Aug 20th Friday

Fine and mild maybe showers later, up and down with warm and cold helping mind kids all day, took Eleanor and theo for walk along labertouche creek trail, back here Grant came up for morning tea and over lunch, great to see him, Eleanor and mae walked him around the sculpture garden, nap stuffed,M took kids home and shopped, did pinwheels for tea watched Coda( excellent) and then 1st episode of 9 perfect strangers

Aug 19th Thursday

Fine and sunny, M helped k with mae, Eleanor has sore throat so home from school, walking group (10) started off here,Julieanne gardened, Belinda started on a fish, got main understructure done, finished at 9.50, I worked on large spiral piece, 2/3 of one side welded on one side, assembled landscape on pole, anne came and wanted a seat, will bring stuff, shopped for groceries, nap, mowed house area school cooked curry for tea from K, watched Clarice, hacks 2 ted lasso

Aug 18th Wednesday

Cool and showery, maybe clearing,M did shares then helped mae for afternoon, mae slept and Eleanor has sore throat, Noel did another small ball and Brittany started a small flower ,I worked on adding 3 birds to a pole, painted wood, shopped at bunnings , couldn’t pick up router home for lunch and nap mowed and cut up blue poles, slow cooker beef for tea watched wil Anderson question everything, mediocre, then rosehaven and hardquiz

Aug 17th Tuesday

Cool and rainy, no Belinda, M chased mae around all day,I worked on first pole piece all metal assembled and painted once, did 3 complete birds,cut out 2 hinge forms, shopped for more 3mm sheet, also got more wheels and shopping, unloaded car made chicken patties for tea, watched the newsreader, bones and bull

Aug 16th Monday

Cool and windy, showers and cold,M went and helped mae until 5.30, 6 people at life drawing, the boys worked on spinning thing, field flattener and square frame,I finished flying cows, and beetle power, finished blue bird and cut up bird pieces for tomorrow, started country scene with post, dish washer repairman at 1.00 have to wait for hoses,reading long road to mercy. Did Tuscan meatballs for tea pilates, watched end of good fight,Joanna Lumley Britain, and a bit of you tube.

Aug 15th Sunday

Fine and breezy, tidy gallery Cathy’s opening, had about 20 people and a couple of cows sold, finished about 3.30, read book, finished American gods and started david Baldacci, did chicken rolls for tea watched last benedict, last winter soldier , last bad batch and some of good fight

Aug 14th Saturday

Fine and sunny,M sorted share diary, finished blue bird , did 3 bugs, and 2 flying cows, also car cutout for Daimler guy,10 people through garden,did cathy video, assembled video, pizza tea watched music videos, then goldstone, last schmigadoon and wilty,

Aug 13th Friday

Mild and some cloud, chasing theo in morning then play with kids til 3.00, shopped at n sth had fish pieces for tea watched Blasko and Rams and benedict. And chemistry

Aug 12th Thursday

Cool and breezy, shower? Julieanne gardened, 4 people visited, Lady coming to weld ( Belinda) good fun very keen and interested M off with K to tumblegyms etc I assembled blooming, started on blue bird, shopped for lunch things did slowcooker silverside for tea, watched Qi origins, rosehaven,also Bull

Aug 11th Wednesday

Fine and windy , showers down south, M did bills and paperwork then off to help with kids,Noel  did a small ball form and Brittany did another dragonfly I cut up piece from yesterday to make blooming made 2 leaves, cleaned up one of the flowers, did the base,cut off and replaced Kangaroos legs and did small flat elephant made back for paper flower vase, came up at 3.00 and read my book the survivors,rained in evening, enchiladas for tea watched hacks2, and Clarice and benedict,

Aug 10th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, no Belinda, regional vic out of lockdown, M has fiddlesticks amd phoebe, with mae,I worked on geometric form, will be modified, Graham duell dropped in as did Tim wills,Dave, and 2 busloads of people and their minders also Bruce Langton, did cornbeef mash for tea watched ted lasso,Chinese detective,and sandhamm

Aug 9th Monday

Mild/sunny? Lovely day with lovely clouds, almost like a spring day, rang dishwasher man and UBC Have to go and have bloods done then finish kangaroo, add to colorbond vase and complete 2 plasmacuts, no pete with lockdown then go and help M with kids in arvo. Shopped for chook food, did red curry for tea watched physical, Joanna Lumley, wilty and winter soldier

Aug 8th Sunday

Finer showered overnight, misty, was sunny for much of the day worked on kangaroo in the morning, had to modify tail, and do arms and ears, did leafchidna ,started colourbond vase and cut out a small girl plasmacut, did enchiladas for tea, watched some playing for change music, rosehaven, then schmigadoon, ted lasso and bones

Aug 7th  Saturday

Cool, grey,put up more of cathys labels and laminated a couple of mine, worked on other side of kangaroo,did another 2 legs, did snitzel for tea,watched watch the sound, Dickinson, sandhamm murders and good fight and cats coundown

Aug 6th Friday

Cool possible showers grey, go and play with kids all day, watched hobbs and shaw, then did steak for tea, watched bones and winter soldier.

Aug 5th Thursday

Rained overnight, grey and cool, M with K and mae from 10, I start new kangaroo, did one leg and one side of body, went to metal recycler with scrap got a wheel, sent off absorbed, shopped for groceries, home to photograph pieces, 2 People from melb came to pick up house number and golf trophy also bought texture ball ,did slowcooker for tea caleb visited, new lockdown for 7 days,watched benedict and last pursuit of love,

Aug 4th Wednesday

Rained overnight, grey cool and showery to begin, M with mae from 11, Noel  mostly finished motorbike, and Brittany did another flower with spoons, I did 4 wrens on sticks, a composite creature, man of letters 2, glues whelans frame together, did 2 dancing girls, girl came and bought cleo and 2 snails coming back to weld,sketched kangaroo did spaghetti for tea watched ted talks, who do you think you are and last two lupin.

Aug 3rd Tuesday

Rained overnight, cool and grey, M minded mae all day Cathy to add to exhibition last welding for belinda before hospital  she did 3 flowers,I turned 5 different balls for top of juggling and made character and frame, painted it once,2 people visited , bought helping hands, added cathys stuff to website, went to get prescription renewed,shopped home to vacuum and do chicken skewers for tea, watched benedict, physical , last mccartney

Aug 2nd Monday

Fine and sunny,Life drawing happened 5 people, the boys worked on sitting boy, and bale saw,I did rock tree and another taller rainbow bird and started base for new big piece,Cathy added more to her exhibition M off to help with mae tacos for tea Pilates floor work, watched sandhamm murders

Aug 1st Sunday

Rained overnight quiet and grey, coolish, became a pleasant day, M has day off, I did 2 dragonflies labelled pieces in the gallery put up some of Cathys labels,small family visited(2) shopped for bunnings things, also groceries and a bin of white stones, M talked to em, nap unloaded car, pizza tea watched the good fight, bones,and physical

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