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December 31, 2021

12 December diary

December diary

Dec 31st Friday

Fine and sunny  to get hot, add to website, shop, whelans for lunch paint another coat on duchess and touch up blue poles had a pleasant day, simple tea watched YS, 2 wheel of time and Boba fett

Dec 30th Thursday

Cool and misty to begin , became hot 33 take down jessies exhibition and put up Jillian.s, Add poles to blue poles and assembled  and painted duchess piece, 10 people visited, reading treasure and dirt, Julieanne gardened,did wraps for tea, watched wheel of time, bull, YS and hard quiz

Dec 29th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, no noel, shire came and dug out front drains, did a great job, I finished off blue poles 2 main painting and frame still to add poles, weld duchess piece and paint, 6 people visited ,shopped aldi, bunnings and coles.chicken parcels and salad for tea, watched YS, alex rider Red election and Stumptown.

, Dec 28th  Tuesday

Fine and sunny,no Belinda,M sorted clothes, I painted blue poles and frame again, started on duchess piece, painted rose and flying again, 6 people visited, went in afternoon to K s with M to mind kids while they went to Dune, pizza tea,watched Ys and wilty when home again

Dec 27th Monday

Cloudy and mild, M to take em back to melb,picked up Ralph, the boys worked on dragon form and birdcage stand, do another 2 dragonflies and put blue poles 2 on stand and paint once, also did rose and started tidying up around lathe looking for spur drive centre, turned bird forms for flying, finished extraordinary people and started treasure and dirt, did lamb patties for tea watched YS marco polo, bones and hawkeye and Qi

Dec 26th Boxing day Sunday

Cloudy and coolish, we have family xmas in gallery, more to be tidied, cooked prepared, Lunch is when it happens, add stones to dragonflies had dave and serena, Andrew and daphne, Kathleen and David and family, Emily Caleb and us, had a quiet but busy afternoon and everyone went home at 4.00, naps all around, scratch tea watched don’t look up.

Dec 25th Christmas day Saturday

Cloudy and coolish, did warm up for a bit in afternoon, I worked on renovating blue poles2  and finishing 6 dragonflies as xmas gifts, did taco wraps for tea, Caleb off home, set up gallery watched royal variety performance

Dec 24th Christmas eve, Friday

Fine and sunny, tidy desk hang out washing do 2 dragonflies, take in blue poles to shed start moving scrap wood, lady came and bought 2 big sculptures and 2 small,sorted some of front room so not as much chaos, shopped, xmas tea with family, watched YS, QI

Dec 23rd Thursday

Cloudy and fine, Caleb coming in late evening, worked in shed did a dog, 2 chooks 5 ducks did the top for geometric birdfeeder, painted balloon again, looked for barbour family history and moved things, spaghetti for tea M and em shopped, watched YS ,wilty and ,

Dec 22nd Wednesday

Cloudy and cool, no noel, finished balloon and set on base, painted, did a peacock,, M and em to food shop curry for tea em and m, tidied front room,watched Hard quiz, YS and lost in space

Dec 21st Tuesday

Fine and cooler, M to mind kids for part day,then off to Pakenham shopping with caleb and em, Belinda did 3 flowers,4 people visited, I worked on balloon all covered , just filling holes , moved pallets and mowed side of sculpture garden, dropped off heather piece and sue flowers, did wraps for tea for me and M and em, wrapped xmas pressies, watched YS and being the ricardos, good

Dec 20th Monday

Fine and mild, sunny, The boys finished seat frame and , finish heather piece start floating ball piece, 4 people visited ,lunch at jindi caf, home for nap read book met allen crane re tourism chiropractor appt M shopped a bit,, boiled egg on toast for tea,watched marco polo, YS bull QI and wilty

Dec 19th Sunday

Cooler and grey but mild,, assemble seat finished engine did 7 roses re heather, mowed large part of sculpture garden,3 people visited,sue ossie came out and said hello,fish and chip tea, M shopped, watched YS,bones, Mr church, quite nice,

Dec 18th Saturday

Breezy and cloudy, warm to begin cooler change at midday, M to swimming then shopping with K, I work on 5 jewel dragonflies, paint seat wood  do most of train engine for don,2 small naps, 2 people visited, did sausages for tea, watched YS and the power of the dog

Dec 17th Friday

Fine and sunny, hot, vacuum, heart appt ok for next 6 months, minor shop xmas tree, mind kids with M all day,to 2,30,went to Drouin park, home here, went to chiropractor, chicken for tea watched YS, the sketch artist sbs,Hawkeye,Wilty, and Alex Ryder

Dec 16th Thursday

Mild and grey to begin, Belinda finished Japanese mask and finished dragonflies I,do 5 kookas and 4 flowers 1 owl, painted birdfeeders,did 6 cutlery dragonflies and started 10 coloured glass dragonflies, julieanne gardens, M helps K with mae all day did chops and veg for tea, watched YS, red election adam hills and QI

Dec 15th Wednesday

Misty and coolish, shower overnight, Noel  added to barrow planter,and Brittany worked on cleaning fence panel, unload car did 3 horseshoe vases,1 bearing vase, a bearing creature 2 birdbath, 6 flowers and cut out 6 more sign for maxfields and cut up 4 kookas for tomorrow, 6 people visited, M helps with mae all day did tuna spaghetti for tea, watched YS, wheel of time, Bull and hard quiz.

Dec 14th Tuesday

Fine and mild 22, Belinda did 2 flowers I did 2 peacocks, 2 dragon flies and started horseshoe vases, and bearing creature, M mind mae all day,5 people visited bought juggler and a birdbath, I helped mind mae at 3.00, theos last kinder day, went to longwarry and bought metal, paid for mower bill and bought a wire brush, home to make wraps then pilates, horrible with arc barrell on bed, damaged myself  slightly, home to watch Stumptown and ys and wilty

Dec 13th Monday

Fine and sunny, hot? The boys Worked on back of chair bee design and fixed shed door, I finished lizard started seat frame and reach painting stage, assemble turtle seat, finish up bear, 2 people visited,M doing cupcakes with mae for theo kinder,started to mow but mower kept cutting out , took it in and Jed replaced the fuel filter and it worked fine, mowed house area then finished sweet jimmie , did curry chicken for tea, watched YS marco polo and bones and QI.

Dec 12th Sunday

Applied for another dog, cool and gray fined up, work in shed on bear ing and 20 flowers and started lizard for julie 6 people visited including adam price, had to go and mind mae while K and others went to magic show, pizza tea, bath for mae, home to watch YS and Qi

Dec 11th Saturday

Cool and grey, finished the chess men book, M to see about I pad in warragul ,vacuummed gallery did 3 kookas on sticks, Jessies opening at 2.00 about 15 people, jess sold 2 pieces and I sold some flowers and a small piece scrambled eggs for tea, watched last of beatles get back then endeavour( silly episode), cats and dogs and ys.

Dec 10th Friday

Cool but fine, chasing kids with M all day, went to Drouin civic park play ground and played with other kids alec and skye as well, then home for morning tea, played here until 2.30 the both cars to Drouin I pick up eleanor, saw amy then picked up Kathleen,shopped then home.Caleb helped M with computer stuff, I made chicken pieces for tea watched ½ pt 3 of beatles getback then wheel of time, ys and qi

Dec 9th  Thursday

Cool and showery to begin,M off for madges interment, I finish cow seat and did 3 horseshoe birds on sticks, Belinda, worked on her japanese helmet, Julieanne gardened I help k at tumble gym at 11.30 and also pick up Eleanor at 3 20 tired in arvo from running around in morning, did spaghetti for tea, no caleb, watched red election, hawkeye YS, and adam hills

Dec 8th Wednesday

Cool and mild, M helps with mae all day,Noel worked on a wheelbarrow bodied bird planter, ½ way done and no Brittany, I worked on seats, turtle one all welded and painted, cow one started,went to visit helen at 2.00 then home to nap, did sausage rolls for tea watched the sound Stumptown hard quiz YS and books that made us.

Dec 7th Tuesday

Cool and grey,M helps with mae all day Belinda did 3 flowers, work on 4 kookaburras and 1 chook,Wayne came for coffee and Belinda 2 came to grind aspects of her piece, went and bought wood at hardware, help with mae at 3.00 theo had school orientation ,dropped off Robbie sculpture did wraps  finished lewis man pilates on jump boards, home to marco polo and young sheldon,

Dec 6th Monday

Fine and sunny, the boys worked on a butterfly for the back of a seat, a spinning flower and a wire tightener, I put together Robbie piece and girl in heart, then did 2 dragonflies and 1 chook and cut up flowers and most of another chook  tidy up, took paperwork for car to roads people got bird seed, a new tow bar and ball and repaired angle grinders, M helped with mae all day, did chicken skewers for tea watched hawkeye, bones, young Sheldon and wilty

Dec 5th Sunday

Fine and cloudy, cool, work on flowers did 15 this morning and 15 this afternoon, assembled past  pieces, did rob monk piece and mowed edge and top of sculpture garden,6 people visited,  people came and bought yin yang,uploaded jessies exhibition pizza for tea, watched young Sheldon, red election, bull

Dec 4th Saturday

Fine and cloudy, to Pakenham to pick up new car, Dropped off medicine at calebs M went on to ems to get I pads fixed, I shopped and came home Julieanne gardened 5 people visited , I read papers went to Drouin for eyes for dogs etc and started on making flowers but M needed passwords so I stayed in house and read my book, did steak for tea watched second half of second episode of get back, then young Sheldon and endeavour

Dec 3rd Friday

Fine and sunny, 20, minding 3 kids all day,went to jacksons view park, home for morning tea met helen stocking up Meeniyan gallery,played with kids til 3,home to Drouin til 5 all on their phones again, home her to have fish and pasta, watched get back part of part 2, young Sheldon, last chestnut man, and qi, caleb passed through after movies.

Dec 2nd Thursday

Fine and sunny, hot, Belinda worked on dragonflies,I did seat frame, small character in heart and 2 birds, 6 people visited incl joan price, mowed across rd, no Julieanne to garden, rained in evening, people picked up rosedale piece,snitzel for tea, caleb had volleyball, watched chestnut man, adam hills, young sheldon

Dec 1st  Wednesday

fine and sunny, hot, Noel did kookas to go around a pond ,no Brittany as her mum was crook,I did a pelican and a peacock then 2 small pieces, hair net and flowers in hair, M to help david with kids.and bought a new I pad.called shire re front gutter, I mowed house block,2 people visited, puzzle and nap.Sausages for tea, added to notes on each piece.watched young Sheldon, books that made us hard quiz and stumptown

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