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December 31, 2021

11 November diary 2021

Nov 30th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, to be hot Belinda did a bearing butterfly I started seat frame, did 3 bicycle wheel flowers forms,and assembled book piece and made a bee. 2 people came and took away bird seat,Finished signal loss by gary disher,sue to take me to help with mae in arvo, wraps for tea pilates always a struggle,watched young Sheldon, marco polo

,Nov 29th Monday

Fine and sunny beautiful warm day, only one of the boys, peter working on wire tidier,Paul electrician came and fixed pump that was shorting out, I did workplace roundabout, did the characters for not on the same page and finished house of stars, Jessie did life drawing with about 5 people,  sue takes me in to help with mae in arvo, spanakopita mince for tea on patio, watched young Sheldon, the chestnut man, red election and Qi

Nov 28th Sunday

Fine and sunny, worked on 2 bird vases than started the house of stars, 12 people visited,sat and enjoyed the sun at times, Gillian came out and visited so did sue and adam price, thai for tea watched bones young Sheldon and wheel of time

Nov 27th Saturday

Cool , showers?fined up to a nice day, Added to website,5 people visited, Paul put up new sign, I did a spiky dog and a standing small dog, did that lovely sketch of mae in metal and also a coloured wire flower trial. M went shopping with K and kids in arvo,Did hamburgers for tea , talked to paddy on the phone watched adam hills, young Sheldon, the chestnut man and endeavour

Nov 26th Friday

Drizzle cool, minding kids with M just played at home until 2 then theo had ot played with kids until Kcame home at 4.30 home to do snitzel for tea watched young Sheldon, M talked to em for a bit then watched first part of getback sessions beatles

Nov 25th Thursday

Misty rain cooler than humidity yesterday, still more to do in gallery,did another two vacuums with wet and dry machine, 6 people visited I started on 2 small nail dogs,,Belinda worked on helmet, showed the gasless mig and cuttlefish casting, talked to mark the plumber re more drains to prevent further flooding didn’t see heathers funeral service.cooked corned beef for tea caleb here Rob monk died, watched young Sheldon, Stumptown, hard quiz and books that made us,

Nov 24th Wednesday

Fine and mild, showered overnight, 6 people visited over the day Carol and Russ to take down exhibition, Brittany and Noel didn’t come I did 2 dragonflys,started to drive to Ballarat to pick up dog but car stopped at overpass to Pakenham, towed to Pakenham automatics, I hadn’t tightened the radiator cap when I filled it with water. It took a few hours to get going again perhaps a cracked head  but only got to other Pakenham overpass when temp was at limit. Car emptied and taken away to Pakenham car wreckers M came and got me,we bought another car that was on display at tyre place, then out to tea bookclub at Yarragon hotel then home to find a sudden very localised shower had flooded the gallery so rest of evening was spent sucking up and removing water. Not an ideal day.

Nov 23rd Tuesday

Fine and mild lovely spring day, Belinda did 3 flowers I did more on lyrebird, finished,2 people visited chiropractor help with mae wraps for tea, pilates home to watch young Sheldon and marco polo and Qi

Nov 22nd Monday

Fine and sunny, The boys worked on a seat, a wire twister and spinning flower, I did 2 more kooks, painted the hex birdfeeder, put out 2 seats, added to the lyre bird body, 2 people came and took away seahorse and anchor, did puzzle nap in sun, added 2 exhibitions to red tree website did sausages for tea had on patio watched Stumptown,chestnut man, bones, young sheldon

Nov 21st Sunday

Fine and grey,2 more kookas, did signs for pieces ,painted leaf again, added to blue wren birdbath did 2 more birdfeeders, mowed a bit more, 4 people visited pizza for tea, watched foundation, young Sheldon, qi,and wheel of time

Nov 20th Saturday

Fine and grey,warmed up and was a lovely mild day, M helping kids with swimming, I add to website and work on big sculptures, painted leaf once, painted footballpiece 2nd time, assembled seat, cut up 6 kookas did 2 , mowed ½ of sculpture garden,7 people visited. Did standup tacos for tea, watched cowboy be bop, the chestnut man , young Sheldon and bull.

Nov 19th Friday

Fine and grey, no wind maybe showers later, minding kids all day and ralph went to Jindi cricket ground, chased kids here and at home,lady came and bought 3 kookas, went at 3 to pick up Eleanor, shopped,chicken parma for tea, watched, young sheldon ,Red notice, fun enough.

Nov 18th Thursday

Fine and mild, no Belinda, I finished fixing foot stool then worked on leaf piece ( on stand and all welded) and sanded and painted football piece, didnt assemble seat,5 people visited  and bought canaries in coal mine, wheels within wheels and one of russells photos, I went and bought more steel at Martin, dropped off scrap at recyclers, di shopping at aldi, curry for tea , watched red election, the sound, young Sheldon and wilty

Nov 17th Wednesday

Cool but mild M off to help with mae, Brittany finished her wine rack and started on the fence surround for her mum, and Noel cut out 3 kookaburras, I worked on leaf sculpture and got most of one side welded, did meandering path sign for jill Flack, Andrew Kasper and marlene, came and got sculptures for their sculpture park, also Roz and friend Did mince on toast for tea watched the detectives, red election,young Sheldon and Qi

Nov 16th Tuesday

Cool but a bit less vigorous than yesterday, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks and left a bit early, I finished seat frame and painted once, did mini minor plasmacutout, assembled bird on log started leaf sculpture, main frame done Wayne visited  dropped off scrap to metal recycler,go and help with mae at 3.00 shopped,brought in washing and got fire going, nap did wraps for tea, Pilates, stretching class, watched young Sheldon, clone wars and last leg

Nov 15th Monday

Cool with very cold patches, showers and hail , M chases mae around all day, the boys worked on a seat, a fence strainer and finishing the kookaburra ,Jess had life drawing  with 5 people and bruce and cathy came to see russ and carols exhibition, I did a seat frame and most of the back and a small bird to fit on the small piece of wood I had already prepared, went and got mig gas and dropped in 2 angle grinders that were playing up, I didn’t have to help with mae from 3.00 as Fay did the pickups of kids, made spaghetti for tea watched young Sheldon, marco polo and red election and Qi

Nov 14th Sunday

Finer sunny then showery, cold and breezy, I finish rosedale piece and put on base also change bars in weight stand,5 people visited including stefanie and Ingrid,also bear dropped in on way back from visiting mandy, finished book the black house, ,good started new gary disher, did sweet and sour for tea watched saving grace, young Sheldon and bones, minor cold

Nov 13th Saturday

Cool, not raining, showers I worked on rosedale piece, one side complete and other side designed, Tony took away the weight stand and brought it back when the bars were too big,4 people visited, M took guff to Mae and played with her for a bit, shopped I did tuna pasta for tea watched red election and jungle cruise and young sheldon

Nov 12th Friday

Cold showers, chasing kids all day,too rainy for much, played inside,I picked up Ms I pad from warragul, theo had ot via zoom, I picked up Eleanor from school , did chicken kiev for tea, watched young Sheldon, Kate, very violent, and foundation

Nov 11th Thursday

Finer but possible showers ( not til late evening), Ralph here ,Belinda worked on her Japanese mask and shown twisted wire, M helps K with mae,I work on rosedale piece main tree all cut out and starting on details, shop in arvo for groceries M brought home barneys ashes did lamb chops for tea watched red election,young Sheldon and bull, Caleb here for tea then out to volleyball?

Nov 10th Wednesday

Showery rain, Brittany and Noel,finished their projects( wine rack and car) I finish pelican, assemble weight stand and changed dancing girls to trampoline and the long ponytail, 3 people visited, M chases mae all day ( Davids day) started rosedale piece, did steak for tea, watched hard quiz, adam hills cats does countdown and bones.

Nov 9th Tuesday

Cloudy but mild,fined up to a lovely day Belinda did 3 flowers on stems and started another interesting flower,I did a lot of tonys weight stand and also 1.5 pelicans,  mowed 2/3 of sculpture garden ,1 person visited ,shopped at bunnings for cut off wheels and welding rods and wire M chases mae all day I help from 2.30., rang a machine servicer, wraps for tea, Pilates watched marco polo and young sheldon

Nov 8th Monday

Cool and cloudy, put in a request to adopt a dog, the boys did a kookaburra and worked on fence strainer, did 4 kookaburras and 2 peacocks and part of small girls dancing,  1 man visited and bought pirate head ordered new plasma tips and bought a range of steel at longwarry, helped mind mae from 2.30, M chases mae all day, did roasted chicken legs for tea Watched las finest, very American, then sandhamm and clone wars

Nov 7th Sunday

Misty drizzle to start write up 2023 list not published yet, worked in shed and finished parrot seat did another butterfly girl and another bearing dancer, started cutting up stuff for peacocks and pelicans and 7 flowers, had 8 visitors did pie for tea and apple pie, watched the sound,ghosts, young Sheldon ,Annika,

Nov 6th Saturday

Fine and mild day sunny,worked on parrot seat mostly done, more painting needed, sold dragon and snail and horse horse shoe  felt woozy in afternoon, 8 people including Monsons, Andrew and partner, sue and roger, visited wrote up 2022 gallery list ,M bought pizza for tea watched finch tom hanks, then bones then youtube

Nov 5th Friday

Fine and cloudy,becomes a lovely sunny day, M takes mae to dance not on , I take theo bushwalk,at pilgrim creek rd called in on kerrie and chris, chasing kids all day, theo melt down over puzzle I pick Eleanor up from school finished lee child book after nap, did sausages and veges for tea watched official secrets with kiera knightly , bull and young sheldon

Nov 4th Thursday

Fine and mild cloudy with some sun, M brought home Ralph from Longwarry, then off to help k with kids ,went swimming again, loved by mae and theo, Belinda learned to arc weld and worked on japanese helmet face, I cut out 6 kookas for birds on sticks and completed them, lady from stockyard gallery came and took pieces, shopped for groceries,Caleb here after tea, did spanakopita pancakes for tea, watched sandhamm, cats countdown

November 3rd Wednesday

Fine and mild cloudy, poss showers,no Noel and Brittany,I repaired canaries in coalmine, then worked on small dragon and did a seat frame.2 people visited and monsons Finished the gary disher book and started the new Lee Child M to help mind mae with K ,rained in evening did lamb koftas for tea watched hard quiz, country music program, ghosts

November 2nd Tuesday

Fine and sunny hot? M to melb to see em re house, Belinda did 1 flower on a stick and a bearing flower I,paint blue poles, finished off emu ,started  butterfly girl and dance and fixed up through the door,did 2 owls , then added to monson exhibition on website  had party pies for tea M eat out on way back from ems, watched killing eve, metal masters, Annika, adam hills and youtube

November 1st Monday

Fine and sunny, long weekend, M off to mind kids as usual,the boys worked on model car, fence strainer and damaged flower spinner, Jessie and Geoff had life drawing, I finished off the small emu except the eyes , then did 2 dragon flies and cut up a bit more of piano, shopped for washers and paint and tablets after lunch then mowed top of sculpture garden and nature strip. Did chicken bacon parcels for tea, added to monson exhibition on website.,watched last departure and Marco polo, youtube

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