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December 31, 2021

9 September diary 2021

September diary

Sept 30th Thursday

Rained overnight showery and grey, mild, Belinda working on fire tools rack,started on Japanese helmet, I finished the balance bird for mrs Holt, rained most of day, nap finished shadow and bone book, did a roast for tea, M talked to Caleb watched shadow and bone,clone wars Qi and bull

Sept 29th Wednesday

Fine and grey, mild Noel worked on shotgun and Brittany started on wine rack, I work on triangle piece and all assembled and painted once, 3 people through, Yvette video,M to help with kids ot and speech, shopping did honey mustard chicken for tea, watched sandhamm,hardquiz and

Sept 28th Tuesday

Fine and sunny international hobbit day, Belinda, did flowers on sticks, I work on second triangle, did 2 ducks and a bird, covered in 2 bases and started balance bird order,3 visitors, M to help k with kids ot and speech,they came here after lunch to do happy birthday, Yvette finished putting up her exhibition,did fish and chips for tea, watched capital, truth be told cats countdown

Sept 27th Monday

Fine and sunny ,m helps k take kids to beach, the boys worked on kookas, fence strainers and spinners, Norm dropped in for morning tea, I spaced Yvettes pieces then modify arrow piece then finish first triangle up to cleaning and work on other triangle form. 6 people visited, mowed most of sculpture garden cut back the fallen stump on edge of road, mowed across rd, did meatballs and rice for tea, watched Foundation, on the road with brian johnson and only murders in the building

Sept 26th Sunday

Fine and sunny finish seat order,took all morning, wood still needs 2 more coats, talked to Yvette setting up her exhibition, did one of the triangular forms from blue poles, 5 people visited,did chicken lasagne watched shadow and bone and truth be told, Qi

Sept 25th Saturday

Cool, showery?fined up at end of day,Grand final day between melb and bulldogs, melb won comfortably, worked on wig, and then seat order ccl, tidied up metal scrap areas, 4 people visited, sold dancing girls and crossing the divide, did souvlaki for tea, watched 1971 singer songwriters then GF

Sept 24th Friday

Fine and sunny bit breezy,painted new big piece and sitting girl, did words for three small pieces, have kids most of day went on an explore walk behind bellbird park, romped here Raymonds came and picked up pieces,2 ladies came and bought pieces Julieanne to garden did beds in sculpture garden, tuckered out by kids watched ted lasso and superintelligence, mediocre,also bit of you tube. Did chicken curry for tea

Sept 23rd Thursday

Fine and cloudy to begin but became a lovely day,1 person visited  Belinda,did most of back of fire tools rack I assemble big piece, added birds and painted once, did small nightbirds piece, mowed part of sculpture garden,shopped a bit and took two scrap boxes to the metal recycler, did sausages and bacon for tea, watched last of 9 perfect strangers and frayed  and Qi

Sept 22nd Wednesday

Fine and cool showers overnight,fined up over day M has day off, Noel worked on shotgun and Brittany was ill I assemble seat ,worked on segmented piece all panels made and cleaned and ready to assemble, did base for it, one visitor, did slow cooker chicken for tea, watched hardquiz, sandhamm and 2 clone wars and 1971 on bowie and bolan

Sept 21st Tuesday

Fine and cool , showers, M helped k with kids from 11.30 to 4  Belinda did 3 flowers, I started on big segmented piece 3 of 4 segments mostly done, went and bought wood for Raymond seat and painted, 2 coats, shopped for groceries,did savory mince for tea, watched shadow and bone and truth to tell and who do you think you are julie bishop.

Sept 20th Monday

Fine and cool, rained and got very cold at times the boys,tony did kookaburras, jim did stake holders and peter did a wire puller, I did 10 flowers then worked on Raymond seat,all metal done and one coat of paint, finished book and reading another Daley one,M went and minded theo while mae had speech at longwarry,I did snitzel for tea watched the newsreader, Marco polo and only murders in the building.

Sept 19th Sunday

Cool with possible showers, work on girl all done, extra hair and book and painted once, and Raymonds order, letters all done and on supports, scarecrow done and pirate head mounted on stand and block painted, 6 people visited , did 3 plasmacuts, pizza for tea watched Jason lasso sandhamm and bones and clone wars rained overnight

Sept 18th Saturday

Cool but fine, on and off during day, tried to finish off girl  but head is out of proportion had to cut it off and make a new head, cut out letters for raymonds,hinge people picked up hinges, did steak for tea, M talked to Pauli, watched rise of the black swan, silly but sort of involving and shadow and bone a fantasy series .

Sept 17th Friday

Fine and sunny, last day of term  took theo to bellbird park walked around oval and played on playground, home here to play and have morning tea, then to warragul to get lunch things and go to civic park to meet up with M and Mae after psychological assessment, played at playground saw carly price, home after shopping 5 people visited reading death of a murderer, did fish and chips for tea watched you tube music two traces, and 9 perfect strangers

Sept 16th Thursday

Fine and sunny, Belinda finished off fish, started on tool rack for fire,, Julieanne worked on back garden, M has day off due to David having Yom Kippur,she went and bought shoes, talked to JA, I worked on finishing covering girl head and cleaned up her chest,sorted Telstra bill and got a confirmation of both injections for covid, did prawn rice for tea, watched Rosehaven,bones,strong female lead

Sept 15th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, Noel and Brittany did shotgun and flower on stand,I work on sitting girls head, Bill and erin visited, M takes Eleanor to school and minds mae all day as david has to help parents,I help from 12.30 to 2.30,did spaghetti for tea, watched truth be told, hardquiz, sandhamm and you tube

Sept 14th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, mild, Belinda does her three flowers, M minds mae all day, I work on a small giraffe from a jack and then on the body of sitting girl, just up to head, Raymonds came out and gave me a series of pieces to do,I mowed house block, shopped for metal and basic shopping, did snitzel for tea in air fryer, watched clone wars, traces, bull and wilty and only murders in the building

Sept 13th  Monday

Fine day odd showers, cool at times,Last week of term, painted blue poles again, finished monorail, started sitting girl, the boys tony and pete, worked on kookaburras and a fence strainer, M looks after mae all day, mae has a uti,,did korma curry for tea, watched the newsreader,clone wars,and marco polo

Sept 12th Sunday

Fine and mild, sunny, rained a bit overnight, odd showers, do other side of blue poles piece and clean up assemble and paint, added gumnuts to other redgum pieces, started on monorail, helped caleb put bike back together, had roast lunch and scrambled egg tea, watched echo in the canyon, exc, bones and a bit of you tube.

Sept 11th Saturday

Fine and breezy windy at night, turned another base and top for a tube, assembled one, put gumnuts in part of another, assembled the feather bed, worked on one of the blue poles panels, sort of warm day with cloud,3 people visited sold bird on log and the buzz, M did papers all day, Chinese takeaway tea, watched blindspot , silly, traces and clone wars

Sept 10th Friday

Fine and mild, lovely day chasing kids all day,played at jacksons view park, saw ducklings and moor hen chick, Mae has ot at longwarry with M,, missed due to poor communication, fiona Jackson coming to get a bird.shopped did chow mien for tea watched kate rusby doco, then 9 perfect strangers and ted lasso and dangerous holidays on you tube,

Sept 9th Thursday

Fine and breezy, Belinda did glass beads on one side of fish,I did bed for feather bed, painted phils thing , also turned base and top for one of the tubes, and mowed sculpture garden, M helps caleb drop in car and get to school, then minds mae, Made chicken tacos for tea watched truth be told, rosehaven and hardquiz and sandhamm

Sept 8th  Wednesday

Fine and mild, sunny all day,theos birthday m went to Party, made the trainwreck cake, minded mae, no noel and Brittany, second jab at 1.30, chiro at 12, I paint various pieces in shed,added star to table top, phils, ians, hodgeys, whelans, and start on girl in spring dress,shopped at aldi, bought chook food, home for nap did lasagne for tea caleb for tea, watched last 2 hacks and traces

Sept 7th Tuesday

Showery, due for 2nd jab but had day wrong, M minds mae all day,no Belinda today, I worked on Macdonnells triangle, all welded and started painting one coat, cut up circle for table top, made chicken roast for tea, watched bull, clone wars,the chair and marco polo,

Sept 6th Monday

Rained overnight, finer at present,M minded mae all day, didn’t wake til 10, I paint phils thing, routed 1 whelan frame, fixed theos toy, do elise scarecrow,had tony and pete working on gate post tops and leveller,shopped for paint, tablets, dropped in chainsaw , groceries,, painted more on phils piece, did sausages for tea watched the newsreader, 2 clarice and hacks

Sept 5th Sunday

Rained overnight finer now, showered most of day on and off, went to warragul to buy grinding discs and welding rods and wire, worked on phils fire piece all welded started painting, found wood for top of hodgeys table,crowbarred log off road more, found pieces for elises scarecrow, M talked to Stephen and Emily, had roast lunch from caf, and frittata sandwiches for tea, watched becket, and qi and bones

Sept 4th Saturday

Rained overnight drizzly mist now,added to website  finished arrow piece and fencepost piece (the watcher) did small table frame for hodgey, demolished phils fire piece to remove rusted parts, shanahans (3) dropped in to buy ducks and chook,arrow people dropped in to approve, Phil brought around fire piece,did frittata for tea watched this way up sandhamm and cats and 1971

Sept 3rd  Friday

Breezy and cloudy showers around,mild, did heart monitor,chasing kids all day.went to Nangara reserve for a walk/run, tuckered me out, back to home to play until 3, assembled post on stand for sculpture, painted again,raining now and cool, reading the book of trespass, watched Cinderella on apple then Jason lasso then the good fight. And brian johnson with mark knopfler

Sept 2nd Thursday

Fine and sunny lovely day, 26? M took computer in to Jons, and finished share writeups, Belinda came and ground fish I fixed wire brush I did base of arrow piece, and made circles  painted the watcher( bird on log)  did neil bergmans letterbox slot and numbers, went to longwarry for 10mm rod, mowed around house for kids tomorrow, no caleb for tea, did salmon pasta, very sloppy recipe M talked to Caleb watched the chemical world, rosehaven marco polo finished Daley book

Sept 1st Wednesday

Fine and sunny lovely day M goes to help kids from 11.00, no Noel and Brittany, changed over mig gas  then finished division piece and started more on new big piece all welded and 1 coat of paint assembled grass studies, mowed edges of sculpture garden, started on arrow order and started cutting up old bed, did sausages bacon and beans for tea, watched hacks, clone wars, bull hardquiz and sandhamm

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