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December 31, 2021

work done 2021

Work done 2021

Big pieces : nesting, modified birds over mountain, modified tripodium, frill ,wheel of industry, isolated, orbital, combined worlds, wedge  Dare,  across the divide, Mother and daughter, repair heart piece and reach piece, balloon, silver river, Yin yang, secret forest, colour bond landscape, Juggle, Kangaroo, Blooming, pole landscape, birds on pole, division, floral, scale, ’segmented canaries in the coalmine shield, the watcher( bird on log), ,triangular forms( exploding star/sandwich, renovated blue poles piece 1 and blue poles 2,,3 birds on pole, renovated football piece ,Leaf Duchess


Small pieces: perch 2, perch 1,hungry caterpillar, lost robot, 3 birds on wire birds in tree, giraffe, scottie, 2 scruffy cats, 3 vases nail flowers, 2 dancing girls,2 teapots, 2 ladybugs , scottie 2, hiding cat ,Ralph, shaggy dog stories horseshoe elephant,mum and daughter elephant, wire dancers, plane plane, 4 bigfooted dogs,dirt racer, scottie, superheroes, finish line,,offering, thrown caught heart, circle of flowers, bird above the clouds circle, going forward together heart flag girl,creature boxes on legs, load of bull, comfy ,dandelion time clock, 2 sketchy dogs,2 scribble dogs, nailer bird, lost robot 2, family circle, ermakovas scenes, trewalla hook, sphinx and absorbed. rooster family,fish course,wren, sofia sofia,striped dress flock, apprehensive, lion man, walking the dog, ball dress tree of love,piano player, cutlery bird in circle, cutlery bird in ½ circle, 2 wire knot pieces ,2 bird rings,4 square footed dogs, 5 octagon based vase shapes,1 big vase, ,girl and cat,4 small roosters, 3 teapots, 5 small tube vases, 3 cats,( sitting, standing and spiky), friends plasmacut, flying bird pc, and cat face, 2 singers,spotted cat spotted, geared ballerina,circle exercise piece, 3 horseshoe cats, Outing, mother and daughter 2, guitarist, horse rider, heads will roll, redbull , camouflage bug, catfish, 2 bird circles, the buzz ,Baw Baw tiger, tracker, tolerant, bird on branch, mother and daughter elephant, vase, small dog, windswept ,skipping girl 2, 4 teapots, door to my heart, nest egg, riding to hounds, 3 chooks, soar,thin vase,1 lighthouse, ballet girl, doublesided dress, 3 small boxfooted dogs,bowl of flowers crossed, horse in circle, trumpet,ugly vase, bird on branch, chicken dance and playing chicken, garden and house,friends in the garden, helping hands, 2 segmented vases. Birds on mirror circle, mechanical thoughts, feathered plane, dancing spoon, plane clamp, mae, springer spaniel, odd one out, empty cat, key bowl, herd,2 birds, birds at sea, I-ball, birds over rainbow, nailed dog, 2 rainbow birds, moon cat, the old pier, circle of wood pieces, Dancing girls 2,Composite creature,Rock High point, tall rainbow bird, leafchidna, colourbond vase and flowers, 2 girls inc uke player plasmacuts, blue bird, small elephant, flying cows and beetle power, 4 birds on logs,2 grass studies,ball cat, nightbirds, monorail, pirate,2 turned gumnut boxes,josie in her spring dress,2 grass studies,feather bed, wig, : 2 uboats,through the door, scrap bowl, skipping Eleanor, phoebe piece,echidna screws, house cat, nature goddess,bearing ballerina, on a different page, ups and downs, 2 bird vases, wire mae( young girl) ,Tallish dog, spiky dog, a fine bloom( coloured wire), house of stars, new bird on log, trampoline and the long pony tail, butterfly girl, bearing dancer 2,,


Garden art: 18 tall birds,1 bee,3 bicycle wheel flowers, 2 cats 12 chooks 6 chooks from springs, 2 dachshunds 16 dogs 8 dragonflys 17 ducks ,3 emu,185 flowers, 1 grasshopper , 29 kookas  11 owls, 14 peacock, 11 pelicans, 6 snail,  2 spring gardens,  sitting flat cat, horseshoe ring, horse in ring with horseshoes,2 love cats,2 love chooks,22 kookas on sticks ,country horse, radiator sheep, lyrebird, horseshoe chook, 3 horseshoe cats,mouse,5 horseshoe elephants 2 plasma chooks, big dog box foot, spring cat feathered pelican, small giraffe, 2 birds( thrushs) small dragon


Furniture: swirly seat, offcut seat segmented birdfeeder horseshoe seat, scrap birdfeeder, geometric birdfeeder,, 2 planters for me, 6 bird feeder, 3 dog plant holder, 2 cat plant holders ,Flower seat,1, flower seat 2 hexagonal birdfeeder


 Orders: train seat, 4 birds on wire, magpie cutout, mermaid, janets seats, furry heart, Rabbit ballet dancer,10 horse tie rings, cyclecross, heart seat, penguin letterbox, vickis screen,2 piglets horse, mandala, magnolia, bird stand, hexagon panel, hot rod seat, anitas seat, fire pit, Seahorse, clothes racks, bowl for les, panel of leaves, tawny frogmouth, magazine rack, fixed fishermans wharf, and lighter, horse in horseshoe ring,easle,2 lighthouses big pelican, Janes ship, 4 bees, 2 bees, golf trophy, house number, mermaid. pelican, truss for whirligig, horse shoe birdfeeder. whelans frame, man of letters, jen seat, Aprils horse, Raymond seat, letters a, moon and scarecrow, redo phils fire piece  ,Hodgeys table, Ians carport triangles, arrow direction piece, elises scarecrow, ccl seat order, sitting girl. Big lyrebird, leaf seat, sitting girl seat,2 balance birds,1 Bee,,bluewren birdbath, meandering path sign, Joys mini, offcut seat, rosedale piece, weight stand,parrot seat, 1 emu



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