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November 30, 2022

October diary

October diary

Oct 31st Monday

Fine and sunny to begin showers predicted, helping cathy set up exhibition, the boys, Margie bear coming to visit and it all went wrong when Monash health rang up and said come in for a meeting. Marian drove me and we went to emergency and then were taken to adult short stay. This was noisy and they wanted to take blood pressure every hour. After 1.00 the next day they transferred me to ward 33 and bed 1 where I stayed all week.

Oct 30th Sunday

Fine and sunny to begin, walk dog at cricket ground, told sue and brian,em and caleb and k and d and kids all for lunch,cut out cat pieces from bumperbar, Helped kathy set up more of exhibition,5 people visited, sat in sun and enjoyed warmth, played with kids afternoon naps, showers in evening, watched the peripheral, qi,talked to jeff and jeanette and also cathy smith

Oct 29th Saturday

Grey and cool, showers, Help set up Cathy exhibition, talked to paddy, talked to grant , replied to most of comments left on social media, 2 people visited, Werner came and picked up enjoying the day, muddled in shed finding odd bits and pieces, painted pieces again, Julieanne gardened, M bought fish and chips for tea, watched drain the oceans, and the bad guys

Oct 28th Friday

Grey and breezy, slept a bit uneasily to begin with, cathy smith brought some of exhibition, M minds mae all day I help in afternoon, finished hoodie , did 10 flowers,made whizzy dizzy,helped with mae, shopped did leg of lamb for tea Em and caleb home,M had phone calls from sue, don, dave, fiona, watched louis Armstrong black and blue and all creatures

Oct 27th Thursday

Grey and mild ? sunny, M minds mae until 2.00 as David has conference, K takes over at 2.00, Julieanne didnt garden as kid is sick,I paint sculptures, start flying visit and hoodie, go to Berwick at 2.30 to see urologist, seems a bit grim with a 6 week timescale, Adam here  for a short while, home to do spaghetti for tea, Caleb visits, watched mr Mercedes, fisk and andor

Oct 26th Wednesday

Grey and mild showery, Noel worked on a raised flower ,I put feet on sitting figure, filled in the gaps and sanded, did a small landscape in a ring with rock, made character for industrial relics and finished a dragonfly, Wayne to take down exhibition, M to mind mae swimming, I pick up theo to take to music, bookclub tea at golf club to talk about love objects just Lyn and us, then home to watch hard quiz and fisk. Rain overnight very localised.

Oct 25th Tuesday

Grey and mild, Belinda, did 2 flowers( wants to drive the bus) I work on sitting figure and got both arms, head hands and legs attached,Adam working on hinge for bus, busload of people in arvo (20) ,M has mae all day I have nap, did skinless sausages for tea pilates mat class, home to watch silent witness.

Oct 24th Monday

Grey and breezy coolish, the boys were only Pete and Adam I swapped over gas bottle painted birdfeeder, assembled octopus, did some work on new big piece and made 2 more bases, drs appt at 2.45, M came with me then another ct scan re cancer, M has morning off did bacon wrapped meat for tea watched the capture,and bones

Oct 23rd Sunday

Fine and grey, mild M to melb to see em, I start octopus on roller skates, second fish and base for new big piece, mowed rest of sculpture garden, about 15 people through, adam worked on bus with friend, shopped at end of day for thai food and coles, watched the peripheral, making fun, derry girls,

Oct 22nd Saturday

Showers rain around, M to go with k to swimming, I finished a pelican, did a rooster and a small birdfeeder, also a fish order  and 10 flowers. Adam dropped in and anjie and trent picked up the bent seats 3 others visited. Did tuna pasta for tea watched music videos, Dan in real life and all creatures.

Oct 21st Friday

Fine and grey, maybe showers later, M with mae all day, assemble last seat, pick up mower mow part of house block and sculpture garden,and go to Pakenham to help wait for caleb new fridge, 2 people visited ,shop at aldi, back to have another ct scan as they had problems with yesterdays, went to visit mae/ pick up kids from school but M had it in hand, shopped a bit then home to mow more of across rd, house block and sculpture garden, did hamburgers for tea, watched aussie shipwreck hunters, great escapes,and bones

Oct 20th Thursday

Fine and sunny, Julieanne to garden, grind last seat do wood and paint,did 2 peacocks and started a pelican, busload of people 12.30 ( 20) wayne as well, did house numbers etc, cat scan at 3 took 2 hours did sausages and salads for tea caleb set up apple thing in agallery and helped m with printer, watched andor and league of their own

Oct 19th Wednesday

Fine and sunny,Noel worked on flowers, M helping k with swimming booba hurt back so has to help with twins as well, I finish welding  3rd seat assemble second seat and  ultrasound at 11, shop, 2 busloads here( 20) and 2 more after,went and took theo to music,did well home to do snitzel and rice for tea watched take 5 with tori amos and tom Gleeson at the museum and hard quiz, phone call from em distressed.

Oct 18th Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda did 2 flowers,M with mae all day, I work on seats more one mostly finished, one mostly welded and wood cut and one mostly begun, tried to fix mower but it wouldn’t start so took it in to mower shop, called in on mae and M , bought wood from hardware, nap did gozleme for tea reading love objects, pilates, then derry girls and mr mercedes

Oct 17th Monday

Fine and mild, M has part day off, the boys were tony who finished his bowl and pete who worked on his seat, I worked on one seat and nearly finished the welding and one coat on the wood, drs appt blood in urine,2 people visited, shopped then home tried to get mower to start, cleaned fuel filter, still no, talked to cousin Margaret, did honey mustard chicken for tea, watched drain the oceans, the good fight and silent witness

Oct 16th Sunday

Grey and showery to begin, mild, started on  3 twin seats, most of frames done, also finished off second flower muncher, 4 people visited, wayne and dalene came out for part of afternoon, m shopped and pizza tea, watched the capture, spicks and specks and great escapes

Oct 15th Saturday

Fine and grey, mild, work on elephant flat and girl all assembled with hair , did dragonfly and cut up big bits in pile so a bit more accessible,M went and helped k take kids to park for scooting and riding and play,julianne gardened, mower wouldn’t start,  2 people visited,did fish and chips for tea, watched mr brannigans phone and last bad sisters.

Oct 14th Friday

Fine and grey, maybe some showers, work on girl arms and head one side done second side tacked, started dragonflys, lady came and bought waynes pink photo, M minds mae all day, picked up repaired pump went to play with mae, Adam worked on bus, shopped, home to make cashew chicken watched rings of power final, started to watch switchgrass movie but fairly unpleasant, watched bones.

Oct 13th Thursday

Fine and grey showers later, M has day off , I work on girl dress, assembled flat dog, did flower muncher, shop for paint, aldi, did sausages for tea adam worked on bus in arvo, rained from about 4.00 heavily, watched shipwreck hunters Australia, hard quiz and mr mercedes

Oct 12th  Wednesday

Fine and grey showers later, M helping mae with swimming and helping K ,Noel working on flowers,Adam working on bus,5 people visit, I work on wood for seat, more on dress for girl,did one flattish cat and cut out a dog, rained,I pick up metal from longwarry, shower, nap  take theo to music after school did pie for tea watched drain the oceans, bad sisters and andor

Oct 11th Tuesday

Fine and grey, coolish, m with mae all day, Adam pillaging pile for bus, Belinda did 2 flowers and a swirl, I finish seat metal and painted, painted bird piece again and table frame, did more on bodice of girl, mowed more of sculpture garden, visited mae in arvo, shopped  and also bought wood for seat, home for quesiladas for tea  pilates, watched the capture and take 5 with tony armstrong

Oct 10th Monday

Fine and grey, became lovely and sunny, M has morning off, went and bought a keyboard then minded mae in arvo, I started girl bodice using old chair pieces also back of seat and small piece called night flier, the boys were tony and pete and Tony made another fridge trolley and stared a banksia bowl, pet did layout of the sundial, 3 ladies came to pick up the ballet dress girl and I mowed 1 part of sculpture garden.1 man came and looked at exhibition, Adam worked on bus,did mince on toast for tea watched the good fight and silent witness and drain the oceans.

Oct 9th Sunday

Fine and greyish, finish off small pieces pose and flower band,shopped for opening stuff, Leanne Clothier and friend Annette visited, M and me tidy up for  Wayne and dalenes opening 2.00 10 people also 2 others who came to buy stuff, nap had bought pizza frozen for tea added to it, watched a bit more everleys, mile 22 lots of shooting and spicks and specks

Oct 8th Saturday

Rained a bit overnight, fine and sunny, worked in shed on iran, pose,flower band and slide of death, bear came and worked on piece for blarney books while her workshop was being renovated, lance hatfield and Genevieve visited, 2 others,nap did chicken pinwheels for tea watched the greatest beer run ever and

Oct 7th Friday

Rained overnight now clear and mild, M to take mae to dance and phoebe I take sculptures to Harkaway, upwey and somers long drive with a rainstorm at Dandenong, fine and mild after, did lamb curry for tea watched drain the oceans and goldeneye and rings of power

Oct 6th  Thursday

Grey and showery, no wind, pump has died,swapped pump over took dead one in for fixing, met donna wood again, bunnings shopping, aldi and coles and dropped off robyns wood arms, home to have a nap do a seat frame and also 10 flowers, brought in sculptures to transport tomorrow, did steak for tea watched hard quiz and Sidney excellent Caleb dropped by with ralph

Oct 5th Wednesday

Grey and mildish but east wind and possible showers, M swimming and chasing kids, Noel started another pair of flowers, I adjust big bird and start small table also did 2 house pieces and a slide of death as well as 2 frogs, 3 people visited and I sent out email for wayne exhibition. Did mini chicken and cheese roasts for tea, watched andor and shipwreck hunters, then bad sisters and I literally just told you that

Oct 4th Tuesday

Fine and grey cloudy, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did 8 plant holders and finished other side of wing and assemble bird,lady came to buy a seat and a small table,2 came to buy flowers and rooster  M has a hectic day chasing kids til 5.30 wraps for tea pilates, watched mr Mercedes and take 5 with missy higgins

Oct 3rd Monday

Fine and mild grey and then  sunny, M has morning off, Tom coming to do gutters, I assembled 16 flowers did 2 horseshoe vases, did another wing for bird( only one side welded) , the boys did a water feature, started a seat and did a fridge trolley, M minds mae in afternoon, did lamb patties for tea, first tea outside on patio, then watched silent witness and cats countdown, Caleb and K rang up.

Oct 2nd Sunday

Daylight savings changeover Fine and sunny, worked on second side of new bird, cut out more flowers, lovely small family came and bought time out and another couple came , and were interested in welding(6 people), julieanne to garden, mowed across rd and house block,  did surprise bags from longwarry for tea, quite nice, watched spicks and specks, the good fight and

Oct 1st Saturday,

Fine and sunny, work on new bird body,got most of one side done. 20 people here bought over 1000 of stuff, m off to best and less with K and mae, theo at camp,did lots of plasmacuts, tired, had lunch nap, reading book, lamb roast for tea watched cook of castamar, hocus pocus 2, and making fun

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