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December 31, 2022

December diary

December diary

Dec 31st  Saturday

Fine and sunny, hot, Julieanne gardened, whelans for lunch, went and got supplies in Drouin, 8 people visited, went to Pakenham to put a package delivered to caleb in the garage, home for sausages in bread tea, watched 3 pines and

Dec 30th Friday

Fine and sunny to begin, finish peacock,added to just a couple of nuts, and started stripes,John came and worked,Mary came and dropped off plants, I did a bit but also rested a lot, snitzel for tea watched,

Dec 29th Thursday

Fine and overcast, coolish, M took em home, I started 2 peacocks one finished, 15 people visited cutting plasmacuts for lots of kids, corey and sandy came out, wayne came out, and mary and kids came out 2 or more naps during day, stuffed from dealing with so many people lady came and bought skinny, reading dirt town, M did chicken skewers for tea, using bbq as out of gas til Saturday, watched end of matilda, the recruit and irreverent watched royal variety performance, ok.

Dec 28th Wednesday

Fine and cloudy was supposed to be rain but only a few drops in the morning. I drove into Drouin for milk and some groceries, home to read Dark rooms linda la plante,( finished) and a bit of henry Lawson. M off to do some shopping in warragul. Out of gas fish and chip tea, watched glass onion good and

Dec 27th Tuesday

Fine and sunny hot very quiet day just sitting and reading finished shogun and also Myf Warhurst book, M showing em how to knit, did rice and sweet and sour for tea didn’t watch anything had an early night hot had a shower at 3.00 and slept well after

Dec 26th Monday

Fine and overcast bit muggy, hot, vacuumed gallery and used blower, rest taking stuff to gallery, collyer family xmas, K and D and family, sarina and david, fiona and ernie Stephen and Kristin, our family, nice dinner and lots of catching up,watched a bit of matilda the musical, and a bit of the recruit, Slept better but up every hour

Dec 25th Sunday

Fine and sunny, hot, mowed house block, tidying up put up more pieces in gallery, Kathleen family xmas,lots of presents for kids( who knew)caleb is great playing with kids, even David helps kids with lego, naps after edelmans leave watch 2 qi and start the recruit but m and em off to start for tomorrow cooking, I go to bed at 9.30, slept but up every hour

Dec 24th Saturday

Fine and mild sunny and gentle breeze, Julieanne gardened ,Cathy took down more of exhibition, I tidied up 2 small plasma cuts and read most of day, M shopped M did snitzels for tea, and most people tidied watched slumberland and abbott elementary didn’t sleep til 4.00

Dec 23rd Friday

Fine and sunny hottish, assembled “determined” and “bowler”, finished” long dog” and” mother and son echidnas” drs phone appt 10.00, sold a kooka on a stick and a flower and a pelican and a cat, em and caleb coming pizza tea, watched adam hills and

,Dec 22nd Thursday

Fine, showery but warm, did echidnas in shed assembled dog and painted started on the bowler, John came and worked, we went to drs appt all going well had flu shots m did sausages for tea watched last peripheral , hard quiz and wilty

Dec 21st Wednesday

Fine and sunny, assembled 6 flowers, plumber came and sorted leak in gallery put stuff in water tank, I cut out 6 plasmacuts, read book, cathy came and walked gracie and talked for a bit, couple came and I did rabbit plasmacut demo for them, Caleb came to get car pizza tea with caleb.watched the peripheral and

Dec 20th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, reading shogun, assembled 12 flowers and sold “leaving home” and a duck and a kooka, Joan came to talk and sue dropped in as well, M went swimming with kids, Caleb needed to borrow car while his was serviced, did tuna pasta tea, watched  semi restless night

Dec 19th Monday

Fine and sunny, not windy, the boys worked on their seat, I cut out 18 flowers and made a pelican, over stressed myself, had 2 and ½ naps in arvo went with M to pick up metal and do shopping, wore out doing shopping, Had joans lasagna tea, watched irreverent and National treasure series 1, didn’t sleep until 1.00, up every hour

Dec 18th Sunday

Fine and mild windy, quiet day I assembled 6 kookas on sticks and tidied up horse and rider,finished enola holmes 3 book, scrambled egg tea, watched

Dec 17th Saturday

Fine and mild, kerrie, leonie and Eileen coming pre lunch, did a load of washing and hung out, talked to girls , rob and julie came and bought Magpie , leonie bought bottle bug and some one bought 6 flowers and a frog and the holder girl, naps in arvo, fish and chip tea watched irreverent,and jack ryan

Dec 16th Friday

Fine and mild, went to ks to pick up mae, then to heart dr appt found out about the turn I had, to maes speech with phoebe.home to lunch Jo Draisma in arvo, M did tea watched the peripheral talked to em after first day at new school,watched

Dec 15th Thursday

Fine and mild, sunny, add to diary, drs appt Julieanne to garden,Hodgey and tim after lunch,took night flyer, sat and read watched Wednesday last one, and Irreverant

Dec 14th Wednesday

Cool and showery, Updated the website now that computer is back from repair man.did a bit of grinding and plasma cutting in shed, felt a bit light headed, up to house for morn tea and lunch, reading bryan whelans book and the Romanovs, Joan price visited and left a lasagna, Marian home to see joan about 2.00, naps lasagna for tea watched Wednesday hard quiz and adam hills and abbott elementary slept quite well

Dec 13th Tuesday

Cool and rainy, Jeff came over while M and mae were here. Talked to him for a bit. I went down the shed and cut out some small plasma cuts. Talked to a family group that came and sold a couple of pieces. Wayne came to talk about dogs and Belinda came to pick up her money. I finished reading the gold seekers by Norman Bartlett. M was out chasing mae all day, I did tea of corned beef patties, we watched Wednesday and sandy Toksvig great escapes. Slept slightly better

Dec 12th Monday

Wild wet day, no fan installers, the boys worked down shed, I went and said hello, posted off piece reading the gray mirror, the gold seekers and the romanovs, watched the batman( dark and long) Cathy took gracie for a walk,M minds theo and picks up mae

Dec 11th Sunday

Quiet day at home reading,M went to visit Caleb and do some xmas shopping, watched Wednesday, the peripheral and derry girls

Dec 10th Saturday

Fineday, visitors to the gallery inc lady who bought through the obstacles, corey and sandy, French family car club man, M shopped and talked to em over facetime

Dec 9th Friday

Cool day, M took me to drop off computer and pump to be repaired, then went to pick up Caleb in arvo, I watched enola holmes, shehulk, Cathy came to visit and talk watched clone wars

Dec 8th Thursday

Fine but cool, John came to work in shed, talked for a bit ,sue visited read 2 enola holmes books finished the last mrs Parrish.

Dec 7th Wednesday

Watched Mr Mercedes last of series 1 and adam hills


Dec 3rd Saturday

Fine and clear, hot,

December 2nd Friday

Fine and cool, M off to chase mae, back here after 11.30,I read and slept, when mae came we had lunch and did jigsaw with her, went for another nap, M took mae to pick up kids, I went down shed to help people buying a kooka on a stick and another lady came to buy heart piece. Maureen came to visit too, now exhausted came up to watch guardians of the galaxy xmas special,Sue dropped in to say hello, M did chicken satay and cashews watched slow horses and andor and abbott elementary similar sleep to last night

December 1st Thursday

Fine and mild reading Caledonia australis, did 2 walks around sculpture garden, up anqd down a bit in feeling,have to go and have more staples out today,given some more tablets to fight a bit of inflammation, Julieanne to garden and mow.Cathy smith dropped in,did pasta and fish combo for tea, watched a bit of andor anqd drain the oceans, Pauline rang up for a good talk, broken sleep with a wee every hour.

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