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July 3, 2022

June Diary

June diary

June 30th Thursday

Fine and grey,helped Maureen to set up exhibition, paint base of heart table and mermaid stand, did air cleaner character and started spider car, M has day off, did lasagne for tea, watched Lazarus, hacks,Qi, and

June 29th Wednesday

Fine and grey, cool, Noel started a bird feeder, I did a mermaid stand for mermaid,painted heart table again, Caleb to helped fix tv in gallery, Judy took rest of exhibition, I vacuumed here and in gallery shopping for book club and exhibition, M helped mind kids swimming while k helped naomi  and thai takeaway tea and bookclub movie night in gallery,watched hustle with adam sandler, ½ enjoyed it

June 28th Tuesday

Fine and cool to begin, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks , I do second side of heart table and put it on its stand, painted once, Judy took away about ½ her exhibition,Tim dropped off some gas bottles and talked for a bit 1 other visitor,M went an helped k after lunch, I dropped off mis delivered paper fixed car plate ,tried to get tv going, had nap, finished 3rd Visic book, did wraps for tea,pilates, M talked to caleb and em as air con and something had been removed from flat by caleb and Don, last trom then an early Qi

June 27th Monday

Cool and grey,fine in morning cold in arvo the boys worked on weathervane and carrier ,I work on heart table one side welded, also did 2 more spiders,got new mig gas in arvo and quick shop,did pasta tuna for tea, watched the boys who do you think you are simon, and trom,

June 26th Sunday

Fine and mild, turned cold and rainy in afternoon, did pick car, finished curly pen holder, finished the spiders, started a heart table, reading next joe picket book,did butterflied chicken for tea, watched cha cha real slow and sisi

June 25th Saturday

Fine and mild, M up early to pick up caleb and em and go see house I did signs and put them on sculptures, Julieanne gardened, I finish penguin and did air filter creature and 3 small spiders  M home at lunchtime, did chops for tea watched Lazarus project, eagles farewell and started 2 crap movies,lucy Worsley investigates

June 24th Friday

Rained overnight, grey and cool, Last day of term, M minds mae, I work on penguin, shop for welding rods and other sue dropped in also 5 others, I help with mae at 2.00, shop then home did pinwheels for tea, watched this is pop, dolly parton tribute, lockout movie good and the Lazarus project

June 23rd Thursday

Mild and sort of overcast ,I work on penguin nearly all covered except head, M has most of day off, lady picked up painting, Maureen dropped off info,M picks up kids from school and shops, did sausages for tea, Em rang up distraught again, Caleb passing through for final in volleyball, watched di Ray,some of hacks and midwich

June 22nd Wednesday

Grey and mild, showered overnight, M helps K with mae and twins,No Noel I continue covering penguin, over ½ done, painted other pieces again,sorted a bit of chaos, finished 2nd visic book, did snitzel for tea, M talked to em, watched last obi wan ,abbott elementary and bones

June 21st Tuesday

Rained most of night , clear now, grey, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did penguin frame and started covering it, put together bow saw scene, attached small hearts  6 people visited, pick up theo and take to speech at longwarry which wasn’t on, wraps for tea pilates, home to orville and end of queens concert party

June 20th Monday

Cool and grey then fined up, M has morning off,the boys worked on weathervane and trailer, I tidied up and  add heart to crown and paint base,start on small pieces, did lockie, girl and stars and  saw birds, as well as saw dog, saw fish saw the ballet and saw dragster, had chiropractic done, 4 people visited (lois and) shopped picked up wheels from recycler,grinding discs from bunnings,did red curry for tea, M talked to em for hours re another house, so much anxiety, watched Qi

June 19th Sunday

Fine and sunny, M to help mae and Eleanor with dance concert all day, I finish balustrade, did base for half flare piece, and orb,had 15 people visit, Judy sold a painting,repainted heart crown,finished c j box book, did chicken skewers for tea, watched bones and evans

June 18th Saturday

Cool and grey, M to go to melb to look at a house with Em.I modified info on website I work on crown piece and  balustrade also repaired wheelbarrow and did toaster boy, bill dropped off a seat for repair, peter came over to get a piece welded,stopped at 3.30 to read book, did rissoles for tea, watched ghost whisperer,soppy but ok, and some movie with reese witherspooon as a police person and the boys

June 17th Friday

Cool and grey, M to mind mae all day I work on heart  crown base stand, joined orb pieces and cleaned up , still needs details and painting, finished emma visic book, helped pick up kids in arvo, aldi shop, home for fish and chip oven tea, watched call to spy and something with Rupert grint started next joe picket books

June 16th Thursday

Cool and grey went and got metal from martin steel, fixed trolley to bigger solid wheels, M off to help with kids all day, blind people Glen vandelight  and jack coming to quote on café blinds, assembled heart and worked on noojee pamphlet in arvo, Caleb for tea Gary opening at Bradley hall saw lots of familiar faces, home to watch di ray and queens concert start.

June 15th Wednesday

Cool and grey did fine up a bit, Noel did planter and helped repair barrow I work on heart piece all 4 sides done still need to assemble,welded dome forms,unloaded wood exhausted me had morning tea , nap ,go to warragul to get tourist flyers, go to Pakenham to pick up heart piece to modify,home via Drouin for tablets and minor shopping, M off helping K with kids in arvo, did quiche for tea, watched obiwan, M had long talk to em watched Trom and wilty

June 14th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, cool to begin, Belinda did 2 flowers on sticks, I work on heart piece one heart finished started ½ of second heart, also put together tubes in semicircle and cut up white gas bottle, moved box inside shed,went to Ks to help with mae, didn’t need me picked up mower,did chores, wraps for tea , Pilates in new place, watched end of grand designs and,

June 13th Monday

Cool and queens birthday holiday finished n sth pamphlet , tidied up started on 4 heart sculpture gathered poles for next piece, tony worked on weathervane, Pete worked on sundial, 5 people visited, kids in arvo to give K some working time,M s car lights playing up I shopped and got pizza for tea watched the boys and bones, started to watch grand designs but both fell asleep

June 12th Sunday

Cool and showery, Murray and tom to spread mulch,M to go with K to watch Eleanor march at Bunyip for the queen, I assembled star gazer, fork lift, painted dancing robot, made 5 chooks, helped terry braze, 2 people visited did roast lamb patties for tea, watched the orville, midwich cookoos and hacks

June 11th Saturday

Cool and showery, murray and Tom have started with stones and path, start new work in shed, did leaf dreaming, star gazer, renovated outdoor fairy,people came and picked up porch surrounds, people came and picked up regrowth,5 people viewed exhibition, I delivered simones dragon seat, Long phone call from Paddy, sausage rolls for tea watched discovering chopin, why didnt they ask evans and Ms marvel

June 10th Friday

Cool and showery, deaf in one ear, cleared up, worked on tourist pamphlets sent off jindivick, M takes mae to dance , I go and help in afternoon,shopped at picking up grinder, getting money for weekend,getting wheels, helped with mae, home to light fire and put on roast, watched monkees biopic and local hero.

June 9th Thursday

Cool and showery, work on world part of sculpture assemble and paint, did fork lift and dancing robot, M has morning off,2 people visit, I shop in afternoon and gracie opens car window and wanders into coles, I had to pick her up from the vets after some searching, slow cooker for tea,M went to theos inauguration into joeys finished back of beyond and watched di ray, last cobra series 1 and qi

June 8th Wednesday,

Cool and showery, Noel worked on fire pit and wheelbarrow planter,I finish base of sculpture and start on orb world.did titanic piece for lauren   M Minds mae all day while K does reports etc, I go in in arvo for a bit, take theo to ot, called in at heater place and ordered heater,home to do pasta bake watched obi wan, the boys and.

June 7th Tuesday

Cool and rainy, Belinda came later and did 2 flowers,I started on a triangular pyramid base for a world sculpture, M minds mae all day,3 people visted I help in afternoon, wraps for tea pilates, bed stretching, ok, home to watch hacks and midwich cuckoos, slept well

June 6th Monday

Cool and showery, tidied up,the boys worked on weather vanes, I worked on finishing bird from yesterday, adding base to holy cow, doing flexible plasmacut , starting a theo plasmacut  and doing counting sheep, M has to pick up mae from kinder and I stayed home and got fire going, did sausages for tea watched sisi, lucy Worsley and witches and bones

June 5th Sunday

Cool and showery worked on leonies stand and delivered, small bird,6 people visited including 2 from Mirboo nth wanting to buy a big piece, did casserole for tea, watched the met, grand designs and trom and wilty

June 4th Saturday

Mild and cloudy, finished table base and assembled, work on last heart panel, some bits still not right, 5 people visited, stop at 3.00 reading blue heaven, fish and chip tea with caleb, watched orville, and derry girls

June 3rd  Friday

Cool and grey, heart appt 9.30, shop in warragul and pick up angle grinder,got petrol for mower, started mowing and broke belt took mower in,10 people visited help with kids in arvo, spaghetti for tea, watched Matthew reillys interceptor, good, Clapton documentary and qi

June 2nd Thursday

Cold and grey, did heart thing, julieanne gardened, start on other panel for heart fence,painted wood and some of table top, M minds mae, tumble gym and speech I help in arvo picking up kids from school,chicken kiev for tea, watched hard quiz, space 22 some silly thing with Patrick stewart,( blunt)and trom

June 1st Wednesday

Cold and rainy very bleak, no Noel, start on hearts fence panels 2 mostly done, angled one has some questions. M minds mae all day to help K with her reports.I went and helped in arvo, shopped made curry for tea watched obiwan, wilty and cobra

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